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Comment 02 Jul 2015

I personally like the fact that Cardale puts a shoulder into their all-star safety (Collins?), plants him on his ass, and then he slides for three yards from the force of the contact. And I agree with most everyone else here: 'Bama just flat got out-coached and out-played. Respect the Champs!!

Edit: CC and Buckeye read my mind and beat me to the punch...

Comment 19 Jun 2015

Or when Urban retires and Ed takes the reins as Head Coach... Providing he hasn't left by then for another head coaching job elsewhere.

Having attended a coaching clinic where Bentley spoke, and having used a ton of his videos as resources for my own O-line drills, I can fully get behind the idea of him coming on staff. His philosophy on O-line play seems to me to be a great fit for how Ed runs the unit and the offensive philosophy as a whole.

Certainly either of them are light-years ahead of the Walrus...

Comment 16 Jan 2015

I personally don't want to hear anything from Oregon about not being as effective because they lost a few people. Boo hoo. Everyone knows what we lost with regard to QBs... but we also had Spense suspended, Rod Smith got the boot halfway through the season, Dontre Wilson got hurt, Heuermann was playing hurt... and as you said, FOUR turnovers from us in that game. Oregon should just count themselves lucky that we turned it over at all. Three of those lost balls were on the plus side of the field and at the very least, we would of <likely> scored on the next play if Thomas hadn't fumbled the ball inside the 10. The scoreboard could have been a lot more lopsided for them.

Now, they need to spend some time visiting the Midwest and South, and learn how *real* defense it played...

Comment 02 Jan 2015

These offensive coordinators -- sometimes, they get too enthralled with their sexy spread offensive schemes and forget that, sometimes, football is just blood and guts and line up under center and destroy the guys in front of you, man-to-man. So many of them get stars in their eyes thinking about the motion and the matchups, and leverage on the edge/over the top/to the outside, and forget that you can just ask your big guys to move their big guys and drive the ball.

It makes me crazy.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

They were definitely allowing a lot of holding, but at least they were being (relatively) even-handed about it. There were a number of plays where they could have flagged our O-line for holding, too...

Still, on the whole, not great officiating. I hope that the crew we get for the championship is a good one...

Comment 28 Mar 2012

^ + 1,000,000

I don't see how anyone can NOT like Aaron Craft, and I agree -- I see him stretching his game and becoming a solid (probably not spectacular, but solid) scoring threat. We had so many scoring weapons last year, I'm confident it was a conscious decision for him to focus on defense and moving the ball to his teammates -- but this year, he has been far more willing to drive the lane or take an outside shot when it's been needed, or when someone has peeled off to help-D someone else instread of keeping him honest.

Between that and the way he is running this team on the court, I don't know if the BBall team does the whole "captain" thing, but if they do, you're looking at him -- that kid is the real deal.

Comment 27 Mar 2012

I had heard hiim speak previously to some local (Columbus) sportsradio guys about dealing with the back injury and hoping for the nerves to regenerate in his leg -- but no, I don't think there was ever any indication that his problem with THIS significant.

Comment 27 Mar 2012

My kid LOVES football. The day after his basketball team lost in the sectionals, he told me "football season started today, Pops". He's been lifting and conditioning like mad since, and while the coaches can do that -- they can't do *football* drills. Only conditioning. 10 days in the Spring -- right now -- would be enough for them to do some basic work with the guys and talk to them about where they might fit come August, and what they need to focus on, AND show them some basic drills to work on their football skills. Even at a small school like ours, we've got a lot of boys that are not running track or playing baseball -- just working out and waiting for July.

Spring football would be AWESOME.

Comment 10 Jan 2012
+1000000 Total complacency on a 10 point lead, and they let the Illini walk right back into the game. Hey, guys, maybe after Paul hits his 3rd or 4th 3 someone should be picking him up in transition, you think? Maybe we can exercise a little better shot selection instead of going for and missing 3s of our own. Maybe we can do a little better feeding Sully on the block and put some pressure on their big man, who is creeping into foul trouble... Or maybe you can crap yourselves again and show the world how you're still a freakin' year away. Unless there is some major change, mark my word, this team gets bounced again in the sweet sixteen. Pathetic.
Comment 09 Jan 2012
I'm sorry -are you a Buckeye fan, or paid any attention whatsoever to the line play from this team? If so, have you noticed the ridiculous number of bad penalties they've received? These are 4 and 5 star guys-our line has (had) major problems; to me, that's definitely on Bollman.
Comment 02 Jan 2012
Urban needs to handle special teams here like he did at Florida...
Comment 06 Dec 2011


The first game wasn't all that good, in any regard. There were a few individual players going balls-to-the-wall that were doing work, but the defenses didn't impress me in that game any more than the QBs or the special teams -- and I'm a defensive guy. Hell, I coach defense and I didn't like the first meeting. There is nothing about a rematch that appeals to me, at all--and these are the only two SEC teams I really care for!

Comment 29 Nov 2011

I'm not sure about Martinez, but I know Birkhead will be back at Nebraska -- he's only a freshman, if I'm not mistaken. I think Wisky will have problems replacing Wilson; I don't think either Penn St. quarterback can beat us again; unless Michigan steps it up on Defense, we could easily see a repeat of Saturday's game, and it could easily go either way.

It's going to be a lot of fun to see how things develop :)

Comment 28 Nov 2011
The Cam Newton thing should bother *everybody* -- particularly anybody with the misapprehension that the NCAA is any kind of moral compass/higher authority for amateur college sports. Bet your ass, if that kid was a Buckeye, or -gag- Trojan, or played outside the dreaded SEC, for that matter, he would have been declared ineligible. Period.
Comment 28 Nov 2011
100% agreed with both of you... Neither Klein nor Sabino lived up to their billing, let alone their predecessors, all season long. Sweat, to give him credit, WAS the leading tackler on this team, but it was seldom in the hole and almost always trailing... They need help. I'm heartened that Luke and Urban have already talked about that problem.
Comment 28 Nov 2011
Wow. What? I didn't get that vibe AT ALL. What did -- How did he remotely allude to that? The gist that I got from his comments had more to do with the sleeping-in-his-office/missing family/lack of "balance" stuff...
Comment 28 Nov 2011

Out of curiosity, why? I'm not disagreeing, however -- this was Klein's first shot at making an impact, and it's possible he just didn't handle it too well. Sabino was HIGHLY touted when he came in, and went so far as to take a redshirt in order to stay and make a name for himself (without, I might add, having to compete directly against Homan and Rolle, who were either one MILES ahead of him ability-wise). For that reason alone (taking the redshirt), I'd have to agree with you -- he's had an extra year to learn and grow, and we got very little to show for it.

Comment 28 Nov 2011

We HAVE to mix it up in the Linebacker corps. Sabino and Klein both underperformed horribly this season, for no good reason that I can see.  They were practically invisible, and you can't put in on Vrabel -- they were bad in space, they were bad at tackling, they were bad stepping downhill and filling holes. Bad. Either they step it up, or the coaches need to find someone who will do the job with the kind of ferocity and speed that Shazier brings to the game. There is no excuse for weak linebackers at OSU -- this is the REAL Linebacker U, dammit!

Comment 28 Nov 2011

I see where you're coming from -- but I have the advantage (maybe?) of having seen him play a few times (granted, there is a huge difference between HS and Div 1 college football, no matter how big the division you play in) -- I thought he was plenty fast enough -- so much so that he doesn't *usually* have to be able to move laterally. He just goes downhill to the ball, and BOOM. It will depend heavily on where they are thinking of playing him in the LB scheme...