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Comment 08 Jun 2017

5. Army vs Navy: History, paegentry, and tradition make this one of the best spectacles in the sport. The old school offenses, the students in their dress uniforms, and the post came singing of the alma maters is truly must see TV.

This is my #2.  If you go, i'd I'd suggest getting to Philly (or NY, or Baltimore, wherever) Tuesday or Wednesday on game week.  There's some much going on before the game. I've seen ships getting commissioned, small unit drills, air assault drills, just generally cool stuff.  the fans are some of the best, most respectful fans I've ever come across.  The pep rallies are tremendous.  Then everyone goes and closes down the bars.

Gameday, get there early (like 10:00am for a noon kick) to see the Corps of Cadets and the Brigade of Midshipman March On - this may be the coolest thing of the day.  

You also the trading of "prisoners" (Cadet doing a semester at USNA and vice versa), the delivery of the game ball from someone who ran it from West Point or Annapolis.  Then the Golden Knights and Navy Leap Frogs jumping in 

Then the flyover.

Then old time option football.  What's not to love?

Only complaint would be the piped-in music.  The Corps of Cadets and Brigade of Midshipman used to to cheers back and forth throughout the game that would go through the stadium.  They still do, but you can't hear them because somebody decided that music was more important.

Comment 18 May 2017

OU and Kansas

Those are the teams you choke down when you take Texas, not first choices.

Comment 17 May 2017

Old Fashioned

Fun fact - the old fashioned started as a method of making cocktails.  Pre-1800s, a "cocktail" used to be sugar muddled with a drop or two of water and bitters, then a spirit was added.  Fruit, usually lemon, was added in later years.  In the late 1800's, the bartender book of the day had references to "old-fashioned cocktails" with that recipe.  Eventually, people started asking for a whiskey old fashioned, which was shortened to the Old Fashioned drink we know and love today.

Long and short of it, you're old fashioned is keeping in line with the tradition of the drink.

Comment 14 Sep 2016

Y1, Y2, W and X are where I've had tickets directly from OSU previously.

RE: parking: The stadium is surrounded on 3 sides by campus and the 4th by a residential neighborhood. If you're lucky, you can find a spot at the hospital garage or other campus garages (there's no huge fields like you find at OSU, PSU or UM). Best bet is to park downtown and walk.  State street is closed to traffic and has lots of bars catering to pregame crowds.

Tailgating is different in Madison - it's bars and house parties because they don't have the aforementioned huge lots and fields that promote tailgating.  Should you walk down state street, just bar hop until you get to the stadium.  Worst case you eat a lot of brats and cheese curds; best case you eat a lot of brats and cheese curds.

Comment 24 Jan 2012

From a recent ESPN chat with Vince Doria:

Jake Schmal (Melbourne, FL)

How does ESPN decide how much attention to give to a particular NCAA scandal. As an Ohio State fan, I have been following that story closely and the stories ESPN has run multiple stories using old or false information while other colleges have gotten much less attention.
Vince Doria
  (12:53 PM)

I'll preface this by noting that I happen to be an Ohio State graduate (journalism, 1970). That said, I think we have reported fairly on a number stories involving violations in college football, including USC, Tennessee, North Carolina, Miami, so forth. No doubt we did perhaps more enterprise reporting on the problems at Ohio State. As in the case with most news entities, we feel an obligation to report the news, which I believe we have done with a variety of universities. When looking deeper, there are a combination of two variables. How important in the landscape is the offending party? In the case of Ohio State, it is arguably one of the two or three most prominent college football programs in the country. A second aspect is the type of information you have access to, the sources, the willingness of the sources to provide information, and so forth.