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Comment 11 Nov 2014

I love noon kickoffs. I like waking up, eating a little breakfast, and then immediately getting down to the business of watching the Buckeyes put a hurting on somebody- when that's Michigan, it's even better.

Moving the Michigan game to 8 PM is even worse than normal because it is the Saturday after Thanksgiving now- how many people will be making strange travel arrangements so that they can watch The Game, or will be stuck traveling instead of being able to watch?

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I hate night games. I want to watch OSU pound somebody, and then spend the rest of the day watching other games while basking in the Buckeye glow.

Night games are a pain to get in and out of, and mean that I can't fully enjoy the full slate of college football, because my mind is elsewhere.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

I'd love to see that too- but, let's remember that Fickell's defense is going to see a lot more snaps than Heacock's ever did, even if both play at the same "elite" level. Meyer and Herman want to go much faster on offense than Tressel and Co. did, and that's going to mean more explosive offensive plays, but also more time and snaps on the field for the defense.

Because of that, I'm much more comfortable measuring a defense in yards per play and points per drive than points per game - because a 24-10 win under Tressel and a 35-17 win under Meyer are basically equivalent.

Comment 31 Jul 2014

This Kenyon alumnus knew that fact ;-).

And I don't want OSU-Michigan to be any other time than noon, the last week of the season. There is something just right about it being a cold-ish, gray day in late November when the Buckeyes and skunkbears square off. Moving it would make it feel off. I feel like there's been already too much chipping away at what makes The Game so special, and I don't want any more to happen to that.

Comment 28 May 2014

Any teacher or coach worth a dime tries to mold those in their classroom or on their team. There are a lot of different approaches to doing so, but to think otherwise is, quite frankly, insulting.

Comment 22 May 2014

I hate this new rule - let's look at a Columbus example, since I'm a Columbus resident - compare Bishop Watterson to Bexley High School (both in D4). With how the rule works, Watterson can designate one school as a feeder school, and not have those athletes double counted. The largest 8th grade class from any of Watterson's feeder schools is right about 50 kids a year. So, at most 25 boys could play without being double-counted. Anyone in a different Catholic grade school that has been there since 7th grade and goes to Watterson will be double-counted, and anyone that moves into the district in 7th or 8th grade, or goes to public elementary before Catholic HS will be triple-counted.

Meanwhile, Bexley has one middle school, with 150 kids moving to Bexley High School each year, none of whom will be double-counted. But sure, Watterson is the school that has all the advantages in this situation...

Comment 22 May 2014

That's not true. Student-athletes who show up before 7th grade, but are from a different school are double counted. Student-athletes who show up after 7th grade and are from a different school are triple counted.

Comment 09 May 2014

I'm not done because I think he's a bad pick, who will likely fail(though I do think that). I'm done because I think he's a bad person. Same reason I suspended the fandom when they brought on Jamal Lewis.

Comment 09 May 2014

I have a friend who went to school in the next town over from Manziel when he was there. Johnny shit in the showers after a game between the schools. Between that, and how he treated his family in the interview and the way he carries himself, I won't root for him.

Comment 09 May 2014

No, it won't. I won't root for them again until he's gone.

Comment 09 May 2014

Some of us still do. I have suspended my Browns fandom until he is gone, because I still think he's a piece of trash.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Ross- I didn't get a chance to watch the Spring Game, but I have watched a fair bit of Sparty's film from last year, and went to Mike Tressel's talk at the Coaches' Clinic here in Columbus - did you see OSU's LBs coming downhill much more aggressively in the run game? Watching MSU, their LBs look like they are almost blitzing once they get the read.

Comment 04 Apr 2014

A rival is a team you want to beat above all others, and said team feels the same way about you. Most teams don't actually have a rival, and by definition no team has more than one. Penn State is not OSU's rival- that is Michigan.


Comment 16 Mar 2014

Nobody is disputing that he struggled in Columbus, nor is anyone insinuating he got a less-than-fair chance. However, he's a college-aged kid, and a competitor. What people are saying is that, perhaps, in his mind, he has a chance to "show all those Buckeye haters" and "prove all of those people wrong," even if that isn't the case and people aren't saying that.

Comment 21 Jan 2014

"Sitting around and waiting for a spring graduation, after you've met all the requirements a semester early" is something that should not nearly as easy as it is. That it is is a sign that high school requirements are too low.

Comment 20 Oct 2013

You are missing it. The rule is not "leading with the head", it's "hitting at or above the shoulder." Roby's hit was too high- he should have aimed for the solar plexus.

Comment 20 Oct 2013

Because it was against the rules. A photograph is not appropriate evidence here- all it will do is show what is happening at an exact snapshot in time.

http://imgur.com/6VDw5XZ Shows the hit- this is clearly a targeting penalty and an ejection according to the rule.

Debate the rule all you like, but this was a correct and proper application of the rule as it is in place now.

Comment 23 Sep 2010

My favorite game in this vein is the 2002 San Jose State game....I woke up very early, worked parking until about 5 minutes before kick-off, made my way into the stadium, and with three of my best friends from high school, watched OSU dominate the Spartans. 

That game featured OSU allowing 0 rushing yards on 13 carries and forcing and recovering fumbles on 4 consecutive drives, winning 50-7 and pushing the Buckeyes to 7-0.  It was so much of a beat down that I got to see one of my former HS teammates, a walk-on named Steve Moore, get some time in the defensive backfield.  Just a great day.