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Comment 30 Nov 2015

I agree 100% and I think it was the edge that we needed going into the most important game of the year. Of every year

Comment 23 Nov 2015

 Yeah I can't say that I really hate him personally.  I do hate the team and the program as a whole. He's around my age and he knows what all of us from that time know.....that this game was everything back then and still is. I actually get a good laugh at some of the answers that he gives. I can tell you one thing his team will be ready to play, actually he's ready to play himself.  I think the loss to Michigan State was exactly what we needed to get in the proper mindset for this game. If we would've won that one close and still played the ugly game that we played, I think we would be in for a big struggle in the GAME.  As much as it sucked  last week,  it's going to give us an edge going up there to play to ruin their little fairytale party.  I just want to see Elliot truck peppers one time.  This is the one game that we have to win, I haven't felt this jacked up since  2006. I really don't care about last week's game  or national championships or really any  other game  compared to this game.   That might sound crazy but that's how I feel, and I can guarantee you that's how Harbaugh feels. I remember as a kid probably around 12 years old when we lost to them, and my uncle who always had to watch the game by himself in his garage on his little portable TV,  got a little upset at the end of the game and shot his TV with a 12 gauge.  Every time Cardale takes the field I think of my uncle. so this year I'm going to do what I do every year, I'm gonna take some time by myself and I'm gonna watch that great Ohio State Michigan rivalry documentary from HBO, and I will shed a few tears  thinking about my now long gone Dad...  Who used to say" there he goes!" every time Archie Griffin would break off one of those long runs.  I'm glad Harbaugh's there, it's about time the game is back to what  it should be. Let's go BUCKEYES.   OH..... 

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Exactly right..I dont give 2 fucks about todays game or The Nat. Champ last year compared to next week....... 11 scrimmages and 1 game. BEAT MICHIGAN

Comment 21 Nov 2015

it sucks...but it had to end. now i hope they are pissed off next week