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Comment 24 Sep 2012

My TV take on this team so far:  They are children of the summer...and winter is coming. - Game of Thrones

Comment 22 Feb 2012

What was encouraging about last night's game was the amount of movement away from the ball on offense.  This freed up lanes to drive to the basket or find the open shooter.  The Michigan/Michigan State games featured the Mike Brown/Chris Jent stand around and watch the dribbler do something with the ball offense.

If they can keep moving and setting picks, this offense will be fine.  Not great... but with the D, they don't have to be.

Comment 12 Feb 2012

Thad Matta has won the Big Ten 4 times in 7 years including the last 2 B1G and B1G Tournament titles...yet some people want to get rid of him?  Matta has owned the Big Ten the past 2 years.  What coach would want to come to a school when winning consecutive conference championships gets you shown the door? 

I agree that his in-game plans and substitutions are frustrating as hell...and he getts out-coached every once in a while...but give him a break.  These types of losses suck, but in college bb you can afford them (UCONN lost 9 games last year and won the title). 

On the bright side, they are still in 1st and as far as I know they still control their own destiny.  The Big Ten is the toughest conference in America...it's not gonna to be easy. The season is far from over.

Comment 01 Feb 2012

The 6 early enrollees from this year's class can count towards last years #

Comment 23 Jan 2012

Well done, Ramzy...as always!

IMO, the reason for the excess in coverage regarding the Tat5 is that Ohio State is the perfect storm of College Football Powerhouse + Large, Vocal Fanbase + Extremely Polarizing + Ratings Juggernaut + Competing Network + "Flyover Country"

Comment 31 Dec 2011

Badgers lose at home to the Hawkeyes...yikes!  That's not good for the old resume.

Now let's beat those pesky Hoosiers!

Comment 22 Dec 2011

Buford reminds me a lot of Jamar Butler...both with solid careers and record book type numbers.  Yet at no point do I trust Buford (just like with Butler) to take the big shot in the big game...and it seems that his shot selection often causes more harm than good. 

Luckily, WB's career has some valuable time left...here's to hoping I'm wrong!

Comment 09 Nov 2011

Joe Pa won't last the season.

The only people I feel for in this mess are the kids who's lives are ruined.  I don't feel the least bit sorry for Joe Pa or anyone involved with Penn State athletics.  The Penn State fans don't deserve this, only because no fan base deserves this.  But let's remember, they were the loudest critics vilifying Tressel for doing far less while preaching from their pedestal about the "moral high ground."

Lastly, at the root of this is a fundamental difference between Ohio State and Penn State.  Tressel and Buckeye Nation at least understood that nobody is bigger than Ohio State.  With Joe Pa refusing to step down after being asked by the board, and delaying his retirement to the end of the year, proves that Penn State IS Joe Paterno.  They will struggle with the aftermath of this scandal for a long time.

Comment 17 Oct 2011

Making money off the backs of free/low wage labor...that doesn't sound like something OSU or the NCAA would do (/sarcasm).

Just more bad decisions and bad PR under Gene Smith...

Comment 14 Sep 2011

Whoever gets the long term head coaching job, I am on the Anyone But Bollman train...It seems to me Fickell is content to let Bollman run the offense, which is why it's no surprise that Miller didn't see any time in the last game.  Anyone else notice the similarities between Toledo '11 and Ohio U '08 (http://espn.go.com/blog/bigten/tag/_/name/jim-bollman/count/31)?


Comment 03 Aug 2011

Edwardo's deep dish is strong to quite strong.  Similar to Giordano's, just better all around.  Dearborn and Division

Also, La Pasadita for late night taco's on Ashland and Division

Comment 21 Jun 2011

The Big Chill is weak sauce...the only thing good about it is the soundtrack.  All the characters are whiny and went to Michigan.

Recently, I've been enjoying all the old Alfred Hitchcock movies on the netflix.  Those are top notch.

Comment 03 Jun 2011

Who watches the watchmen?

Comment 03 Jun 2011

The ideal situation, imo, goes like this:  Urban Meyer takes the gig in 2012.  He coaches for however long he can.  Fickell makes his bones at a MAC school, then a BCS school.  Meyer steps down.  Fickell steps in for the long term.

Comment 04 Oct 2010

Illinois ALWAYS plays OSU tough, especially at home.  They took the 2002 to overtime and the 2006 team to the brink.  Not to mention that Big Ten weather conditions + a scary injury to the star player = full-on Tressel mode.

Are there concerns?  Yes.  Is it panic time? No.