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I moved from Ohio to Las Vegas in 2005 out of boredom. You should ask me about it.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: I scored this pretty sweet header in to the far upper 90 off a corner kick when I played soccer in college.

    Also the 2002 Buckeye National Championship (duh DOY).
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: All time? Probably David Boston. Currently? Why Braxton Miller of course.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: All time? Sconnie Penn. Currently? TANK.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns (sigh...)
  • NHL TEAM: Bluejackets (I guess)
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs (sigh again...)
  • MLB TEAM: (biggest sigh) Cleveland Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Tottenham Hotspur. COYS.

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Comment 10 Oct 2012

I feel like every week a new guy steps up to make a huge play to change the game. Philly's big punt return this week, Smith's catch the previous week. Not to mention everything Braxton does every week. Its crazy to think how dangerous this team will be next year, there won't be one single guy you can key in on to win the game. There will be so many options to make so many big plays. 2013 is gonna be exciting.

Comment 10 Oct 2012

The debriefing is seriously my favorite article week in and week out, keep em coming!

Comment 26 Sep 2012

If he gained a little weight it would be kind of cool to see him as an RB in the NFL. If that happened he may overtake Barry Sanders as my all time favorite NFLer.

Comment 25 Sep 2012

Well said.

I think one of the things we all forget is that the majority of these guys are freshmen, sophmores, or juniors getting their first real shot at playing time. Add that to the fact we've gone from #WALRUSBALL to a competent offense, and I think we can give the guys some leeway.

Comment 25 Sep 2012

I'm hoping we see these two things:

1) Load up the box, keep Bell in (relative) check and try to pick off an errant Maxwell pass or two. 

2) Get Miller, Hall, and Hyde all in there together, maybe run a little triple option here and there. I think, in the end, it could be too much for Sparty to handle.

Comment 25 Sep 2012

I agree with you. Outside of the UCF game, we were heavy favorites to win all of them. I know that whenever Tressel played Michigan, it alway seemed he had 2-3 plays drawn up that were unlike anything else we'd see the rest of the season. I'd love it if Meyer had been playing it close to his vest (jacket?) these last four weeks and opened up the entire playbook to blow out Sparty.

Comment 25 Sep 2012

I still think something strange happened on that XP. It looked like the D Lineman one the outside left either timed the snap count perfectly or might have jumped offside. It almost looked as if Basil stutter stepped thinking there was a penatly coming and then realized he still had to kick the ball. I feel it was more than just shanking the kick.

I'm not using it as an excuse, just wondering if anyone else saw it the way I did.

Comment 29 Mar 2012

I'm glad Meyer has chosen to bring in coaches who all have philosophies that differ slightly from his.  I think it provides an opportunity to complicate our offensive and defensive shcemes, epsecially, as stated, when things get "stale."

Comment 15 Oct 2011

Yay defense, you were great!  I heart you.  But in order to beat a Wisconsin or *gasp* possibly even a Michigan we're gonna need more than four forward pass attempts.  At least an occassional play action or something.

That or become Georgia Tech north.

Comment 06 Oct 2011

Good read Thoma.  Perspective.  I guess that's key.