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Comment 24 Dec 2011

In my opinion (a Hawkeye fan, cheering for the Big 10 while living in Los Angeles), the Ohio State sanctions are fair.  Ted Miller's original editorial was simply trying to point out how the fairness of the Ohio State sanctions prove the unfairness of the USC sanctions.


Ted Miller's responds to Eleven Warriors.




Ted Miller's original editorial was hyperbole, but he was right that most people are unaware of the facts regarding the case against USC.  Most people believe that USC administrators/coaches paid their players, brought agents to practice, covered up incriminating information, or in some other way intentionally broke rules.  But the NCAA investigation only found that USC had failed to know that a player was breaking rules when USC should have known.


Now, if Ohio State under Meyer can take down an SEC Champion in the next 5 years, I will be celebrating.