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Comment 10 Jun 2011

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! now you will tell me everything SBB says is a lie and Santa isnt real.

Comment 08 Mar 2011

If the NCAA didnt agree with OSUs findings they would have told them during the process as OSU and NCAA investigators were involved from day one when they found about this part of the case. I highly doubt OSU would give themselves these particular punishments if they didnt fully understand from the NCAA that these were just and fair punishments. There is ZERO chance the NCAA now comes back and says we disagree with you and find even more punishments for OSU. OSU and the NCAA worked together on this entire investigation over the last 2 months and I am certain that they are on the same page with these punishments. the NCAA investigation is over and all is left to do is for the infractions committee to look at the OSU self-report and vote on accepting it and considering any other penalties. Which again I dont think there will be any.

Comment 08 Mar 2011


The world is not coming to an end :)

Comment 08 Mar 2011

Who the source may be and why.....

Darrell Hazell- If it is a coach who is the source it would have to be one that is no longer depending on Jim Tressel for a job....

Urban Meyer- He may be setting up Tressel to get fired so he can swoop in to take over the program....

Kirk Herbstriet- He clearly has been trying to bring down OSU lately and this could be his best attempt......

Maurice Clarett- Did he make a deal to get released from prison in return to set up Tressel?

George Bush- Isnt everything his fault anyhow?

Charlie Sheen- I hear he is looking for a new job as well.

Comment 08 Mar 2011

If this story is true and Tressel knew about it in April and didnt report it to anyone then OSU then the players who played al season would be deemed Inelgible by the NCAA and hence OSU would have to vacate the entire season. Sad but true.....