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Born in Detroit Michigan but was raised right as my father was born and raised in Canton Ohio. Always watched games with him but become die hard in 97 when I started playing football myself for Cass Tech in Detroit. I currently reside in Milwaukee where I'm raising my two kids that same way and constantly reminding these folks here who the king of the hill is. Go bucks!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ezekiel Elliott 85 yard touchdown to put the Sugar bowl game away for good.
  • NFL TEAM: Detroit lions
  • NHL TEAM: Red Wings
  • NBA TEAM: Pistons
  • MLB TEAM: Tigers

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Comment 28 Sep 2016
Also ,special teams for Colorado kept Michigan in the game for the first half. Tressell would have blown a gasket if our special teams ever looked like that. Blocked punt and field goal will do that.
Comment 18 Sep 2016
I saw a good 3 qtrs of the game and turned away after a few stalled Colorado series after their qb went down. I saw nothing to that point that gave me pause. If he did something after that, then good for him, but before that, the continual hyping of someone with 2 career touchdowns, at the time I was watching, was a bit much.
Comment 18 Sep 2016
Special teams for Michigan kept them in the game. Not impressed by their overall team at all. Peppers is the most hyped player with no substance behind it.
Comment 17 Sep 2016
My family came up from Michigan spend time with me and my family. I will be slow cooking some chilli and hotdogs for the kids and waiting for the Buckeyes to demolish the sooners, enjoying my dad's company.
Comment 26 Aug 2016
Missing in action 2 Indiana Jones and the last crusade Shrek 2 Xmen 2 Captain America: winter soldier 28 weeks later Desperado
Comment 10 Aug 2016
Welllllll it will a different version of ghost rider. Im holding out hope that Netflix spins off of the street level marvel and produce a midnight sons show, with johnny blaze, blade and Moon knight.
Comment 09 Aug 2016
If you are talking about Jessica Jones, she has her own series on Netflix and Cage is introduced there first
Comment 09 Aug 2016
The only reason I still have Netflix is because of the deal with original marvel TV shows. This looks like another classic. Hopefully danny rand makes an appearance and I can get a heroes for hire TV show preview!!