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Comment 26 Nov 2011

OSU down year? Are you kidding?

1. B Miller, in this game, just lacked timing with his WR, or he would have been deadly. A true freshman tossed in to The Game on the road. Excellent performance most B1G schools would take.

2. You beat Wiscy and small loses to MSU and PSU and Neb was a great game that was in the bag. OSU has nothing to be ashamed of.

3. Those early season losses were sans Herron and Posey, etc.

4. Fickell was hamstrung the entire year. He coached with what he had. He should get a shot at another school asap.

5. Those 5 loses were NOT respective of what OSU's skills are.

OSU didn't play, execution or effort, like they were in a down year, Herron, Posey, Shazier and Miller played well in defeat. It was, and will be, a great rivalry game. Granted, I hate you all with a passion, and I am  sure you hate me, but The Game is the best around.

Comment 26 Nov 2011

Feels good. However, to downplay your own team (oh we really never had a chance, we lost player A, B and C; our HC was dismissed due to stupid charges, etc) is surprising given all the strong feelings expressed on this site prior to The Game, that OSU would rise up and beat UM.

I sense you picked your team - OSU - to lose based on all the barriers you presented. However, your football team seemed to think differently and played a tough game, start to finish.  As to sticking by your team and rooting them on despite the obstacles, well... your comments are self-evident. I applaud all the OSU fans who didn't make excuses, victory or loss.

Comment 26 Nov 2011

I was magnanimous below, and highly critical of Rodriguez and Robinson, but you have to admit whilst Tressel did a great job but he also caused a decade of critical problems.

OSU was a much better team than 6-5 heading in to THEGAME, no one denies that: You beat Wisconsin, almost beat PSU and MSU. If you had not had suspended players this season, this would have been another great 8 win team versus 9 win team in THE GAME.

Yes, Tress was a great coach. Also, Lloyd Carr fell down on the job the last few years. Rodriguez was a disaster. The issue that sullies the rivalry the past decade, and I believe divides folks, is the nature of what Tress did. I think what happened with Mo C, Troy and Tat sullied the rivalry. Did we get outcoached? Yes at certain points. Otherwise, we had 2 years of Rodriguez (that 3rd year he should have had his recruits / program in).

But what is important is the future. And I would guard the fanfare re UM. Yes, UM  had a great program, but Tebow was a Zook guy and Greg Mattison was UM's D coordinator. Second, UM needs to keep Fickell, for recruiting and institutional memory/consistency, but also needs to keep, I shudder to say this, ties to Tress. UM can't come in and think "this is my team now my way" or "i am Woody's true heir". Tress was a complicated man, and it didn't end up well. But UM needs to be careful until year 3 re putting his stamp/control on the program.

Till next year. Oh yes, all the snark / condemnation in whatever form that may follow hereto, is self-indicting. Let's be honorable in win or defeat.

Comment 26 Nov 2011

Thanks for coming up North OSU. We appreciated your company today.  You played well in defeat.