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Comment 12 Jan 2015
I am surprised they had the players in the Atrium rooms. The Anatole has two room locations. The atrium rooms are near the front of the hotel, surrounding the food and bar options. The tower rooms are located at the back of the hotel, near the conference rooms, and are configured as normal hotel floors. If they were concerned about noise, they should have put them in the tower rooms.
Comment 09 Jan 2015

It is/was probably a bad Google Adsense ad that contained some sort of redirect. Looks like it happened on multiple sites:

  • https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=165804&st=0&#entry8576172
  • http://neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?p=146574668
  • http://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?p=11246618

You should be fine, Google is usually pretty quick about removing these kinds of intrusions.

Comment 03 Mar 2014

Have you guys possibly thought of having all content fall in the main column but highlighting the top stories in the marquee?

It is kind of a weird user experience seeing stories change positions depending on browsing session.

Comment 03 Mar 2014

I'm confused about the story flows and where the newest content on 11W is first displayed.

Right now the three marquee stories are "Bucks Fall in Bloomington" (Mar 2 @ 6pm), "Time to Flush the Rush?" (Mar 2 @ 8:15am) and "Can Buckeyes Beam Up Kirk?" (Mar 2 @ 5am).

These all seemingly fall in line in chronological order, but the first story in the main column is "Net-Cutting Lessons Sold Separately" (Mar 2 @ 6am).

I'm also fairly confident that earlier today, the Christian Kirk story was not one of the three marquee stories, but rather, the first story in the main column.

Do new stories begin in the marquee, then funnel down to the main column? Or are the marquee stories the three "biggest" articles currently relevant? I'm just trying to figure out how I'm supposed to be navigating the site.

Comment 30 Jan 2014

San Diego is good, but Irvine, Santa Barbara and Davis are all very much run-of-the-mill.

Santa Cruz, Riverside and Merced are all sub-par. When I graduated from HS (2005), Riverside was guaranteeing admission to anyone with decent grades/test scores and Merced was taking anyone with a degree.

Comment 03 Jan 2014

Damn, Wayne Gretzky is crunk

While still funny, this picture was taken back in May.


Comment 09 Dec 2013

The only way I will be sad after this season is if we slaughter Clemson (similar to what FSU did) and Auburn demolishes FSU.

Any other combination and I think it just proves that we were not the best team in the nation this year and were probably not going to win the NCG.

Comment 25 Nov 2013

Auburn and Mizzou's only wins against ranked opponents are both against Texas A&M (now #21).

Mizzou actually has a common opponent with Ohio State, as they both played Indiana. Mizzou won 45-28, Ohio State won 42-14.

I'm all for SOS, but it should only help when you win games. A bunch of "quality losses" doesn't really do anything for me.

Comment 14 Nov 2013

Given the stated emphasis on the "fathers and sons" theme, I think it will be less about the transgressions and more about why they occurred.

Tressel is the "father" who wants to protect his kids, Clarett is the "son" who was welcomed into the first stable family unit of his life, only to be outcast a year later. I'm hoping this documentary focuses more on the relationship between player and coach, rather than rehashing the past.

Comment 27 Oct 2013

I think the biggest take-away is 5/5 in the Red Zone, especially since they were all TDs.

Comment 26 Oct 2013

USC and Texas were both Top 5 ranked teams and both are easily two of the top football universities of all time. Plus, both games were back-and-forth from start to finish.

It's hard to generate that same excitement against Cal and Miami (in a down year). 

The decline of talent in the Big Ten (regardless of real or perceived) certainly hasn't helped. When was the last time we were the underdogs at home? It's no longer a great success to beat Wisconsin or Penn State, it's an expectation. Close games against lesser opponents (e.g. last week against Iowa) are viewed as disappointments rather than accomplishments.

The fan base is spoiled, but I don't think it's solely attributed to the relocation of the students to the south stands.

Comment 14 Oct 2013

Blood feud with Michigan aside, however, the "you need to sit down" people at football games are the absolute worst, and it's a shame those people were able to claim a victory over this poor sap, especially since he was apparently assaulted first. THIS AIN'T A CHURCH SERMON, SISTER. If you want to sit down and be orderly, then just stay home. You have no place during a big-time football contest. 

On two separate occasions I've had security called on me for standing during a football game. Once during the 2008 NC game against LSU and then just recently at this year's Ohio State at Cal game.

Both times security has rightfully sided with me, but it's absolutely ridiculous that people think you need to sit throughout the entire game. Against LSU, I was only standing during Ohio State drives.

Unless you're legs are broken, I'm going to stand in front of you.

Comment 05 Oct 2013

Most QBs would have fumbled that ball. That's not on Braxton, that's on the entire offense for not picking up the coverage.

Braxton missed that open throw, but we got a FG, so he only cost us 4 points.

Comment 24 Sep 2013

Penn State received:

  • Four year post-season ban
  • A decrease of 10 scholarships per year for four years (now decreasing)
  • Five years probation.

USC received:

  • Three year post-season ban
  • A decrease of 10 scholarships per year for three years
  • Four years probation.

If I'm a USC fan, I'm absolutely livid right now.