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Comment 17 Aug 2015
Since when is zach smiths kids face timing with ND LBers? Kelly trying to get pay back by getting the kids involved? New low IMO
Comment 10 Aug 2015

seeing brax make the move is gonna make it easier for him to transition to that role to help his draft stock. He could be a star at WR

Comment 25 Nov 2014
PC police came out in full force today. Dont listen to their drubble Wez
Comment 21 Nov 2014
Athleticism is half the NBA and was the reason Wiggins was such a highly rated prospect. There were better shooters than wiggins, but none were as explosive
Comment 21 Nov 2014
There was only 1 dude that big to ever play point and idk if that will ever happen again. He'd be a big SG or a small SF, either way he wouldve been 1 and done
Comment 14 Nov 2014
Its amazing how much they truly dont care if the athletes get in trouble. They KNOW the media will attack them and they just dont care
Comment 14 Nov 2014
Yes because defending a kid playing football who made a terrible decision means that im ok with rape and that ive raped people myself. Im defending him against the people who dont think he deserves a shot to live as normal a life as possible, that he should be stripped of any chance to make a difference or positively affect anyone. I never defended his actions, only his rights. I think you have a comprehension problem
Comment 14 Nov 2014
Because that is the general idea of rape. You wouldn't think it is fingering a girl while she is blacked out drunk. My point is that he isnt some predator looking for high school girls to take them home against their will. There are different levels of each type of crime and this would be on the very low end of rape. NOT saying it is ok, justifying his actions, saying it wasnt really rape, or condoning his actions in the slightest, however the punishment DOES fit the crime in thise case IMO
Comment 14 Nov 2014
WHERE HAS ANYONE SAID ITS OK?!?! you people are illiterate. Not one person has said its ok, not one person has ever said what did was right and everyone agrees that it was wrong. However, the degree of what happened was not the same as some of you are portraying. That is where we disagree, and that is why his punishment was the length it was and that is why i will defend him playing football and contributing to society
Comment 13 Nov 2014
Yeah you're right, we should ship him off to north Korea, he shouldnt even be allowed to be an American anymore. Lets make sure that he stays isolated by himself for the rest of his life. If you have a problem that this kid is trying to live life after committing the dumbest decision he will ever make, then take that up with the judicial syatem. Take that up with the jury, THEY are the ones who sentenced him to 18 months, THEY are the ones who allowed him to be released. We might as well go back to medieval times and hang people for committing crimes cause you people would like to rob him of living life so why dont you just take it completely?
Comment 13 Nov 2014
I disagree. We have a penitentiary system that is in place so that those who do commit crimes will be released back to society in hopes that they will be productive, normal citizens. To say that after he was punished that he should never be recognized for his accomplishments is ridiculous. I highly doubt the media wouls give him the award cause he was a "brave person" through this, i bet he won cause he earned it. If he truly learned his lesson and how what he did was wrong, the worst thing you can do is constantly remind him of that and continue to throw that in his face because that would drive most people crazy and some to harm those who do that. I dont condone his actions one bit and im disgusted by them, but if someone were to pay their punishment and try to live a normal life, i would not rob them of that. He will forever have to remember what he did and will always have to register a sex offender, which will put him at a disadvantage in life. Im all for him given the opportunity to make the most of what he has and be a lesson for those who are young and stupid that despite what others tell you, you can change and you can make a positive impact. Most people that go to prison end up going back because they are lazy and thats all they know, its refreshing to hear of someone making good use of their second chance at life.
Comment 13 Nov 2014
Why cant both teams be extremely overrated? I hope MSU wins and then loses both to Ole Miss and the SECCG that way there are no SEC teams in the playoff. I dont trust auburn to beat Bama if bama wins saturday