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Comment 11 hours ago

Yea, we really will never know. It's weird that you don't hear too many horror stories from the kids who were pushed out (at any school, not just Ohio State). You would think that those kids would have no incentive to protect their former coach/program so it makes me wonder why they don't share their stories.

Comment 11 hours ago

To be fair, that was regarding the 2016 class. Weighing in on who might leave the program after this coming season would be kind of ridiculous.

Comment 11 hours ago

Rational people far outweigh the irrational people on this site. If you express your concerns in a reasonable manner, you will be fine.

Comment 11 hours ago

When did Birm dodge questions about roster management? Do you have specific examples of this? Not trying to be snarky- just a legitimate question.

Comment 12 hours ago

He looks like that douche Rob Dyrdek

Comment 15 hours ago

Do you know what is worse than a Grammar Nazi? 

An actual Nazi?

Comment 15 hours ago

This site's obsession with Harbaugh is reaching Michigan State levels.

Comment 29 Mar 2015

He seems to sacrifice early season wins for important, valuable experience for his younger guys. Something I wish we would have done with KBD this year.

Comment 29 Mar 2015

There are obviously exceptions but more often than not a team typically doesn't have more than one or two true freshman contribute immediately. The blue bloods are exceptions as they usually have 2-3 top 20 guys each coming in but for the most part teams like Ohio State who are on that next level of recruiting behind the Dukes, UKs, Kansas' of the world can expect a major contributor with a few other guys getting some time.

Given the size of the class, and the lack of depth of the current roster, I would imagine that Ohio State is one of the exceptions that I mentioned above. My guess is that Harris, Lyle and Giddens all see significant minutes with Lyle and Giddens being the most probable starters. I hope we can work in Grandstaff and Mitchell as well but expecting 5 true freshman to contribute is very, very far-fetched. I also wouldn't mind sacrificing possible wins next year in order to gain experience for the younger guys considering how young we will be.

Comment 29 Mar 2015

Prince isn't your typical high school football player, though. He just started playing the game a few years ago and he hasn't even been in this country for long so his priorities differ from most top recruits. Also, other schools- including Vandy, have shown real interest in offering a basketball scholarship that has also piqued his interest.

Comment 28 Mar 2015

I'm not so sure Prince ends up at Ohio State. Academics are very important to him and I have heard first hand that he wants to go somewhere south. Would not be surprised if he ends up at Vandy or Duke.

Comment 27 Mar 2015

Idk, if by some miracle UK went undefeated and won the SEC championship game and we played them and won by 50, it may be as gratifying as our win last year. Their fans could use a dose of their own medicine. 

Comment 27 Mar 2015

Hahaha, I think it was this part:

football innovation. Competitive fire. Recruiting. Swaggernaut.  Organizational management. Donor relations.

It's not too far from:

management, financial portfolios, insurance, computers, black leather gloves, research and development.