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Comment 05 Feb 2016

You couldn't have possibly thought that I was insinuating that Thad should be perfect. It is clear that I was pointing out that it is, in fact, possible that he makes mistakes. I personally think he is mishandling Loving. 

I don't know what "character assassination" means. I don't agree with booing him or calling him names but pointing out his weaknesses is far, far from personally attacking the kid. 

And, yes. I expected more from the team two years ago, last year, and I expect better effort than what I have seen at times this year. I even said before the season that I didn't expect this team to make the tourney. So, my expectations were not high to begin with. But I honestly think this would be the third year in a row that Thad has not maximized the ability of the team. That is alarming to me.

Quite frankly- if your effort, or lack thereof, causes you to turn into an Internet meme and that in turn causes you to crumble and not perform well, then, yes, maybe big time college basketball isn't for you. 

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Can you answer this question: What is it about Loving that Matta plays him for so many minutes? 

I have absolutely no clue why he plays so much. As the above stats show, it looks like he should play far fewer minutes. He also does not appear to play hard. Do you know why Thad plays him so much? 

If you assume that Thad doesn't know what he's doing, then that's clueless in my view, especially when other knowledgeable, experienced college coaches praise Matta and the job he's doing this year.

Thad has proven to be far from perfect as a head coach. If the stats and the eyeball tests show that Loving should not play as much, it is perfectly reasonable to question his strategy. 

Have talented Ohio players recently recruited by OSU, passed on the Buckeyes and decided to attend other schools? Do you want this to continue?

Ohio kids leaving Ohio to play at other schools is now the fault of anonymous internet posters criticizing the play of the team? I wonder how UK, Duke, UNC, Kansas, etc. win all of those games and continue to recruit all of those great players... Lord knows those schools have a much larger and much louder contingent of unruly fans.

Call me crazy but I expect better effort and better results than what we have seen from Thad's teams over the last three years. He has earned some patience so I am not in the "Fire Thad" corner, yet. And if anonymous people pointing out stats and making observations about a player's performance cripples said player, I'm sorry, but maybe big time collegiate sports isn't for him... 

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Matta places defensive capability very high in his criteria to decide who plays or starts.

If that is true, why does Loving get a pass? His defensive rating has gotten worse each year at Ohio State. He allows more points per 100 possessions than anyone else on the team except Kam Williams and Joey Lane. He is also fourth on the team in turnovers per 100 possessions with 3 freshman ahead of him. Despite being 6'7, he only rebounds better than Kam, Harris, and Lyle. He has the third worst +/- per 100 possessions better only than Harris and Mitchell. I mean, I could understand him playing more if he had off the charts offensive numbers but he is in the middle of the pack in every offensive category. How's that for cluelessness? 

If pointing all of that out and coupling it with the fact that Loving's body language is terrible means that I am committing "character assassination", then so be it. We are fans. We are allowed to critique and criticize. 

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Why can't we criticize Loving? He certainly deserves it. He has been a selfish player his entire career- including hurting the team by getting suspended last year, he pouts, he rarely makes hustle plays, he plays ATROCIOUS defense, he takes awful shots outside of the rhythm of the offense, yet, he is the guy who has been with the program the longest and continues to see more minutes than anyone else. Yes, outside of Kam and Lyle, no one played well last night, but it was Loving's two mindblowingly dumb mental letdowns on defense that lead to easy buckets last night that essentially sealed their fate. Those mistakes should not be acceptable coming from a junior. The guy acts like he doesn't want to be out there. It is incredible to me that Thad continues to play him. 

Also, why so condescending? You called out the freshman for making mental errors and being emotional and BSK called out Loving for not performing in league play. Just because he named one person in particular rather than calling out the "youngsters" that means he doesn't have a grasp on the game on the basketball? 

Comment 29 Jan 2016

We will only be favored against Northwestern, Rutgers, and then possibly Nebraska and Michigan. I would be surprised if this team can win all four. We probably won't win any games outside of those four. The leaves us needing 2+ wins in the B1G/NIT to get to 20. It may happen.

It's a cool streak but this is the third year in a row in which we won't even sniff a conference title. Granted, they are young and will improve but unless there is a serious drop off from the MSU's, Maryland's and UM's of the world, I'm not so sure we will compete for a conference championship next year, either. Four years of that will (should) get even the staunchest Matta supporters a little uneasy.