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Comment 13 May 2016

And Lindsey will probably end up in this class... 

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Just ignore this thread, Kijana. Most of us on 11W are actually B1G employees and this is just one of the thousands of examples of us, as a conference, trying to keep Penn State down so that we can keep it the Big 2 and Little 12. You are much better off moving to an ACC blog... I got your back.  

Comment 19 Apr 2016

Dear Jason Begley,

Stop creeping on high school boys. 



Comment 15 Apr 2016

Depends. If I were Sibley and I was told when I committed that I would continue to be evaluated, that the coaching staff was going to continue to recruit highly rated prospects at my position and that they would accept my commitment but that it does not guarantee my spot in this year's class at this moment, then I really wouldn't have any reason to be insulted. 

I would hope this is how Urban recruits and there have been examples, most recently being the UK player, that suggests that he does in fact have these type of real, difficult conversations with recruits. 

The days of taking a kid just because he is from Ohio and grew a Buckeye fan are over. We demand national championships from Urban and he is delivering the only way he knows how- recruit the absolute best from all of the country. We, unfortunately, can't have it both ways. 

Comment 13 Apr 2016

Similar if you look at just those few seconds. Even if Zeppelin took that segment, they certainly expanded upon it and added a great deal to it. Curious as to which bands you do like, Mizzer? 

Comment 13 Apr 2016

I disagree.  

22-24 regular season wins would be a significant improvement and should easily be reachable.

Getting out of the first round of the NCAA tourney would still be pretty iffy unless they do significantly better 24 wins, because they'll be in a game that's essentially a toss-up (whichever end of 8 vs 9, 7 vs 10, or even 6 vs 11 they might be on), but still likely 50/50.

Lol you said you disagree but pretty much go on to agree with everything I said. I said I don't think we will be "much" better, as I do not think the overall talent is there, but we should still make the tourney. If we end up with 22-24 wins, that is 2-4 more wins than we had this year which really isn't that much better. You place our chances of getting out of the first weekend at 50/50 where I think we probably have about a 33% chance of getting to the Sweet 16 so I guess we disagree slightly there. 

Comment 12 Apr 2016

Saying that "Cardale Jones is undefeated as a starter" is not the same as saying "Ohio State was undefeated because Cardale started." The former is a fact. The latter is an opinion- one in which I did not express. I am impressed with your drawing capability, though. 

Comment 12 Apr 2016

Yes, opinions are welcome. But if you are going to create a forum topic to express an opinion, at least bring more to the table than just "I don't think he is going to be good in the NFL. Just my opinion." Maybe offer up a little more substance as to why you don't think he will be good in the NFL, cite other critics of his game, provide some evidence, etc.