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Comment 11 Feb 2014

Only 2nd post on your fantastic sight... one of your founding fathers sent me the invite. For transparency, I am a Spartan grad, who grew up a mich fan in the 70's/80's in a2. We grew up 1/2 mile from the stadium and were fanatic, and never understand anyone rooting for MSU or going there. Until I became older and found it to be a better cultural fit. Ironically, my folks moved to dublin, and i spend all my breaks in C-bus, and worked as a developer for 3 yrs in cbus in the early 90's and even married a buckeye.

Back to reason for the post...From a few of my southfield buddies, MM mom was the same as all of us who grew up in the shadow of the school and never ever changed her opin. For the past 3-4 years she always believed her son would don the mazie and blue. The fact that um has been a mess and msu has had upward trajectory has obviously impacted the your man. MM recruitment is not just about this young man, but a signal in SE Mich that um has lost the foothold of their top 5 pipeline schools. I will give credit to um and their surrogates; webb, beaver,huge, etc. They have better relationships with the parents than any other local or national especially Webb. There ultimate goal is to get the kid to um, and if does not go there um folks would hope he goes to FSU, and finally a stocked OSU would be livable. Webb has successfully played the academic wedge, and the bad element cards. The academic card is laughable if you are playing div 1a football and you are not at Stanford, Duke, etc - most schools are similar. Further the questionable r/ships are based in Detroit, thus my gps shows a closer drive to a2 than el.  Dantonio like Tressell , focuses on very few kids that will be a good fit from all areas: football, cultural, academic as well personal relationships, and would drop a kid if one of following would be a risk. From msu insiders there is a quiet comfort that he still ends up there.

My personal op only - I hope the kid ends up where he is happy and can repair the relationship with the parents.

Best of luck .. And this is easily one of the best sports blogs on web.


Comment 15 Jan 2014

Living here in ATL.... the counter suit seems just a way to get the ACC suit thrown out and seem like the victim. During the purging and extending of conferences.. the ACC and Big12 were on there proverbial deathbeds.

Sounds hardly plausible that swofford with absolutely nothing to offer is going to steal from the BIG of SEC. All the talk was how many and who would gut the league. There biggest fight was outliers(football faction) fighting with the southern gentlman(hoops faction in carolina), about TV rights and controlling power, and if this should only be a Hoop league.

Within the power brokers inside the Atlanta Sports Council there was strong talk that the BIG is coming full steam after Gtech, and possibly Mia as those two would never fit in the SEC footprint.


Comment 15 Jan 2014

Agree on Sharp 100% his distaste for MSU, Michigan and most of the BIG is pathetic. Thank god the AP has no impact on anything. Wondering if he is jockeying for a position in Birmingham or Lake City FL. 

Many ppl in BIG worry about National Bias.. Sheesh with AP writers in your old backyard killing you.. what difference does it make.

Regarding Jerry Canham Whoops I mean Brandon. Sorry about that. Brandon definitely patterns himself after the Marketing guru as well as an astute Football guy. The reality that Canham and guys like Foley and Hollis realize that a strongest positive reflection is when the coach becomes the big kahunna and smartest guy in the room...

Currently he is stuck with Hoke, and I think 8 wins is ceiling next year, and whether the  big money donors will accept that.. remains to be seen.

Going to the near future- the one item that will save mich and Brandon is that for the first time in forever, they are willing to pay market on coaches, and once the experiment with hoke ends in 14 or 15. He will have an open checkbook, but more importantly the pressure to succeed since his behind will be scorching. He will abandon the mich playbook.. stating that "This is michigan and everyone is desperate to coach here".. that does not exist anywhere except in the Vatican. With a aggressive sales process, pressure to succeed and a willing to pay - Mich will get a very good coach for the 2015/2016 season....