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Comment 02 Dec 2011

This. F that guy. He and the devil Pat Riley have prevented the NBA from growing into a competitive league for 10 or more years.

Comment 18 Sep 2011

I think an important thing to remember is that this team that played against Miami is not the same team that will be playing against the bulk of the big ten schedule, especially scUM. A few games of experience for Miller (please) and the return of the tat5 will change this team significantly.

Comment 17 Sep 2011

List of the last 10 years, but that one was indeed devastating. On my list for sure.

Comment 17 Sep 2011

I look forward to every game.

Comment 17 Sep 2011

I think leave in Miller, Hall/Berry and Boren and run Navy's playbook.

Comment 17 Sep 2011

Braxton Miller must start the rest of the season.

Comment 13 Sep 2010

Scientific method....learn it.

Comment 12 Sep 2010

"African-Americans are superior athletes with greater amounts of fast twitch muscle fibers."


You're dumb.

Comment 12 Sep 2010

First of all, the word is dominant. To dominate is a verb, and a word that describes a noun like defense is an adjective, which would be dominant.

Secondly, we weren't simply waiting for Harris to make those mistakes. While I agree that the D-Line probably should have gotten more pressure on Harris and done it more consistently during this game, most of Harris' turnovers were because there was a Buckeye breathing down his neck in the pocket. I'm not really sure what game you watched, but Harris made plays when he had plenty of time in the pocket, and made mistakes when we our D-Line finally got some pressure.

Heacock's defense gave up just 10 points yesterday. Against a talented Miami team, that is dominaNt defense. 

Stop blaming the defense for the special teams touchdowns, and you'll see the defense did play well.

Comment 05 Sep 2010

"Let's assume that both OSU and that other team are going into the contest (formally know as The Game) with the foreknowledge that both teams have locked up their respective divisions and will meet each other in the title game."

How often is this going to happen? How many more times are we or they going to play spoiler against the other's undefeated season or potential bowl berth?

Just because we have a conference championship doesn't make it any less important to win every single game of the season. What the hell kind of Buckeye fan says "I don't mind that we lost to Michigan, because we get to play them again next week." Do you think Mich fans would say the same thing?

When it comes to championships, EVERY GAME MATTERS. If/when the situation that you present happens, you can stay away from my party and my games, because people like you that can come up with any situation to say "It's okay to lose this game" are the ones that are going to kill the tradition of The Game. Don't blame Delaney or the Big X or divisional alignment. Blame yourself for not caring.

Comment 01 Sep 2010

I think these look badass, even the helmets. I agree it's a bit lame that we keep doing this against TSUN, but I could handle this for one game a year if it were closer to the middle of the season. The pants are especially kick ass. I think they'll make us look a little like football playing robots. And I can't think of a team out there that could score on a team comprised of robots.