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Comment 21 Oct 2014

I'd have to go with Kliff Kingsbury for sure.  Not sure he can coach but he sure is dreamy!

Comment 14 Oct 2014

Look how many mini helmets and jerseys are for sale on E-Bay with Winston's signature.  It's pretty clear whats going on.  You think he signed all that shit for free.  He got that money and went straight to Joe's Crab Shack.

Comment 09 Jan 2014

Guys like Curtis Grant, Josh Perry, and Doran Grant had better be working their tale's off this offseason because these RS Frosh and True Frosh coming in like McMillan, Mitchell, Lattimore, and Erik Smith(looked like a stud in the Army All American Game) are the real deal.  The key for the secondary is to be able to have the enough studs out there to play man coverage.  When you have to play zone coverage all the time your at a disadvantage.

Comment 09 Jan 2014

I really think you will begin to see improvement on D as more and more of Urban's commits begin to see the field.  Besides Roby, Shazier, and Bryant the talent just wasn't there this year in the secondary and lb's.  Tressel's last two recruiting classes on defense were crap.  You also need to have one D-Coordinator calling the shots.