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Comment 23 Jan 2015

To be fair, the reason we did so well this year is because the defense made huge strides forward. We had just as explosive an offense last year, but the trainwreck that was our secondary cost us the two biggest games of the season (MSU, Clemson) and almost blew The Game. I'm in agreement with Johnny that the general trend in CFB is away from under-center run-first clock-suffocating Tresselball (RIP Senator) as even evidenced in Tuscaloosa. As such, these offenses have been putting their counterpart defenses in tougher positions (the hurry-up means that the D sees the field longer, as drives no longer kill clock as before, the proliferation of larger holes in spread-out formations increase the chances of explosive plays and cutback lanes, bigger point leads mean teams will pass with impunity as the game goes on, etc etc). 

In response, defenses have adapted to increasing takeaways, bending-not-breaking, and limiting big plays, rather than shutting down opponents completely (apologies to Wisconsin). That mentality shift means that the definition of a good defense has changed as well, given the limitations they have to work with. When statistically measured against their comparison cohorts from yesteryear, it may appear that this version of the Silver Bullets has been hemorrhaging yards, but with what they've had to work with, they've been simply outstanding. Though they gave up 465 total yards to the Ducks, along with 4 turnovers gifted by the O, holding Oregon to only 20 points is a minor miracle in my eyes and worthy of standing among some of the great historic Buckeye defenses.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

I agree. Don't know if it's because Oregon's new to winning, but most UO fans I know are actually quite mild-mannered. They don't take winning as a given, aren't particularly obnoxious after victories, and take friendly ribbing well.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Case is an excellent program, and their ties to Cleveland Clinic make them pretty well-respected in the medicine and BME field. That said, Oregon is an entire academic tier below OSU in pretty much every program across the board. Hell, they don't have a medical school, and their engineering dept was pretty much outsourced to Oregon State!

Comment 19 Jan 2015

As someone who lives outside the Buckeye geographical footprint, I do have to say that our fans are incredibly present and unafraid to rep our colors. I live in Northern California, and the bar I watch most of my games from will have as many OSU fans as Oregon fans on any given Saturday, no small feat given we're only a state down from Eugene. Ended up watching the Championship from home, but during the Sugar Bowl, the ratio of good guys to Bama fans was on the order of 90-10. Blessed to be a part of such a great national fanbase!

Comment 16 Dec 2014
FSU's front seven has shown itself extremely porous against the run. Which of course happens to be Oregon's forte. 24-7 by the half, then the blowout complete by the end of the 3rd quarter.
Comment 01 Dec 2014

We've got the weapons on the outside with Marshall, Thomas, and Smith. Samuel can potentially take it to the house on even the most pedestrian run play. EZE can both pound you down the middle or burn you off the edge. We don't need Cardale to make dazzling bombs into tiny windows--we just need him to get the ball consistently and reliably into the hands of our playmakers.

Also, anyone else think Meyer should be dusting off his old Florida Tebow-era playbook? I say we hammer 'em with Jones.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Unbelievable. In one conference, we have rapists, hit-and-run drunk drivers, and misogynistic sociopaths running scot-free, while in the B1G, they practically end a kid's career for testing positive for a party drug twice. I'm not condoning Spence's actions in any way, but addiction is a true medical disease (source: I'm an MD), while the decision to force yourself onto a woman or get behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated is a conscious choice which could kill a person or devastate another's life. Shame on the media for refusing to highlight the deplorable standards of the ACC and SEC. Shame on the NCAA for not setting and enforcing any meaningful cross-conference regulations (instead crushing people who dare question Emperor Emmert's authority). 

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Wow. That game should have ended on a Miami fumble recovery. Goddamn ACC refs saving their conference favorites. It's the fucking Atlantic Cheaters Conference, that's what it is.