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Comment 22 Jun 2016

We like Coach Mick but Scott Cochran is a very good S&C coach.  Some of the Alabama players went a little overboard with their dirty bulks, but I think that was by design.  They wanted really big guys in their defensive front seven.

Comment 16 Jun 2016

The Qbs' mechanics and timing seemed to regress last year.  Now, whether that was Beck or those guys splitting reps, losing 2 WRs in the two-deep, or a combination of those things, we really don't know. 

When it comes to making in-game adjustments, it's mostly on the guy up in the booth, but we really don't need to worry about that this year.

Comment 10 Jun 2016

Here is a pretty candid interview w/ Dorian Yates.  He talks about how, once you start doing steroids, your body stops producing a lot of testosterone on its own and you are pretty much forced to either continue or take TRT

Comment 10 Jun 2016

That is my concern, but with a TE set-back and a slot off the line, both WRs are on the line

Comment 10 Jun 2016

Yeah, Brown is at the X.  Brown has played Flexed-TE before.  That's mostly what he has played up to this point.  The big question would be if Smith could work at the X

Comment 10 Jun 2016

Honestly, I will consider legal TRT therapy when I get a little bit older.  However, taking steroids just to get big is just not worth it.  If you aren't making decent gains naturally you are doing something wrong. 

Comment 10 Jun 2016

My pet theory on offense

Moving Corey Smith to X is questionable.  Have Noah Brown continue to get reps at Flexed-TE.  Get Campbell and Gibson on the field more. 

Z-Campbell, Gibson, Wilson

X-Brown, Smith

Flexed-TE-Baugh or Brown


H-Samuel, Wilson

Comment 10 Jun 2016

--I could see more 4-WR double slot formation, if you want to give Baugh a break and the TE depth is questionable.  Also, you could put Wilson or Samuel at Z-WR, if you want to get both of them on the field.  I would prefer Wilson at the Z.

--I don’t think confusing the defense would mean that much in terms of both Samuel and Wilson in the backfield at the same time.  When the H-WR motioned into the backfield, Elliot would assume the role of a fullback and the H-WR would be the TB.  Samuel or Wilson would really not be that effective as a lead blocker. 

Comment 09 Jun 2016

I think it is "Curls for the Girls" not "Curls are for Girls......different meanings

Comment 03 Jun 2016

For most of the TTUN game last year, either Samuel (H-WR) or Vannett (the flexed TE) was in the slot.  If TTUN wants to keep Peppers at SLB, I would keep Baugh flexed out more and Samuel in the slot less.  I think Baugh matches up better.  When Samuel is in the game, motion him into the backfield, so TTUN is basically in a Nickel and we are in a 2RB set. 

The best way to counter these hybrid-TEs and these hybrid-WR is to recruit guys that are as big as LBs and as fast as a safety.

--In regards to TTUN moving Peppers to a hybrid-LB position, I think it is a little bit of a reach.  He will have to do some serious bulking up--it is possible--to really be effective.  I would just put the guy at safety.

--I think Jerome Baker is still in competition w/ Worley for the walk-out LB job unless some news came out that didn't hear about. 

Comment 31 May 2016

With Thomas gone and with this group of WRs, I could see the TE being used more as the go-to, move-the-chains, possession receiver like we saw in the spring game.

Coach Meyer is starting to refer to the TEs and Hybrid TEs now.  The TEs we have can be one the line, set-back or flexed.  There has to be more personnel mismatches that can be created with the H and the Y.   I like the TTUN game where there was either an H-WR (Samuel) or a flexed-TE(Vannett) in the slot.  That has to be difficult for the defense. 

Comment 31 May 2016

The kid is lucky that he did not sneak into a lion's den.  This situation is really unfortunate because it looks like the gorilla was trying to protect or shelter the kid.  Now, the gorilla does not know its strength and probably would have wound up killing the kid, so you have to shoot the gorilla, but it is a shame.

Comment 24 May 2016

I took a handful of English classes and a few design classes online which were great, because it didn't matter if it was open book.  I took some other courses online but they totally sucked.  I would rather have taken an on-site class.  Instead of learning the stuff and taking a test, I was being tested on semantics, attention to detail, and just whether or not the professor liked how I answered the essay question.  Now, you may say that they were trying to test my understanding and comprehension, but not really.  Sometimes, it was political which is kind of funny since I'm not partisan.