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Comment 23 Jan 2015

I would think that Dunn would at least go to a MAC school.  He is a pretty good back.  I think he would absolutely tear it up at YSU

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Given Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow in the backfield, I’d rather have Harvin run to the outside while the quarterback runs to the inside: hence the name, the “inverted veer.”

Comment 22 Jan 2015

With Jones, we run more inverted veer instead of the veer (dive-read). 

Complimenting a power run game with a vertical passing game is not Alabama football or SEC football.  It is a strategy that is older than most of us here.  Look into Al Davis or the Steelers in the 70's.  You basically go where they ain't.  If they put one or two safeties in the box/looking in the backfield, throw vertical

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Burrow has a good throwing motion, good accuracy, and he does a good job with his reads.

I wouldn't worry about the lack of competition with QB as much as other positions.  Yeah, the speed of the game is going to be faster and the windows will close quicker, but he is going to be on the bench for at least two years before he gets any serious time, so he will have some time to get accustomed to the speed


Comment 17 Jan 2015

I think Mariota is more polished, more accurate, and better at reading defenses than those guys.  Mariota is pretty well rounded

Comment 17 Jan 2015

To all the Braxton is injury prone people:  He was taking a lot of hits at QB in a very run-heavy, option offense.  Sometimes, he was probably taking more punishment than a TB

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Smart move, if you want to play in the NFL for 10-15 years.  Develop your skills, in college.  Very few teams are patient enough to really develop a QB on the sideline--there are exceptions like the Patriots or the Packers with Rodgers.  Most QBs who leave college early are not really that successful in the NFL.  If you have a long career in the NFL, the money will come.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

All three of these guys are athletic enough to win in this offense.  The offense needs a QB who can force the defense to cover the whole field and you do that with a QB's arm

Comment 15 Jan 2015

For argument sake, even if Cardale does not start another game at Ohio St, he could always work on his accuracy, S&C (Scary), and his mental game.  If he wants to have a long career in the NFL, he should probably take it slow.   The NFL will draft players that they consider "development", but the vast majority of the time, they do not have the patience

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Samuel is a natural running back.  Wilson is a natural slot receiver who can play some H and TB.  Marshall is a natural H.  I think that Samuel will get more playing time next year.  They are probably not that comfortable with a true freshman blocking

Comment 11 Jan 2015

Martinez did not have great throwing mechanics.

I think the spread option offense is at the point where you need to really develop QB, not just athletes who can throw the ball a little bit.  I do agree with a lot of posters who believe this is more about recruiting and keeping Warinner happy

Comment 11 Jan 2015

I am not seeing a lot of kick step blocking from Oregon this year.  Correct me if I am wrong.  In the Rose Bowl a few years ago, Ohio St's defense just dominated the line, but that Oregon offense tended to rely more on the read option and athletes. 

Comment 11 Jan 2015

MM can do everything Sims does; plus, he is a more accurate passer and better at reading defenses. 

I like how Ash simplified the schemes.  It is important against Oregon just to line up correctly and really know your assignments

Comment 11 Jan 2015

Personally, I think that, since you are not going to shut out Oregon or even hold them to under 20 points, be aggressive and take your chances. 

Playing a soft Cover-3 and just letting the team drive down the field will not work.  Oregon will have 80+ plays by the fourth quarter and this game could be decided by who has the ball last. 

Comment 10 Jan 2015

Having an alt uniform that pays tribute to a national championship team is cool, if you do it once in a while.  I don't like the changing uniform every game thing. 

Comment 04 Jan 2015

I was in NYC Thursday and Friday.  I met a few extremely nice Alabama fans, a couple of very slightly annoying fans, and one guy that was seriously mean mugging me because I was wearing an Ohio St hoodie.  It took some will power and the fact that I was late for meeting a girl for me not to go kick that guy's ass. 

There was a guy from Tennessee that wanted to rain on our after game celebration.  I called him a few names and the bouncer kind of came between us.  Yeah, four years of going to NYC and 6 out of the top 7 a**holes that I met there were from the South.