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Comment 13 Jan 2017

The punt return ineffectiveness is crazy.  How is it with all of these hybrid, athlete types that we cannot find someone to return punts?  Last year, we had to have our most experience WR, H and TB (Samuel) do that job.  I know blocking is a factor too but still.  I know when Meyer first got here he was really big on punt blocks saying that a team that blocks punts has an extremely high chance of winning the game.  I dunno.  Just field the punt, block, and see what one of these athletes can do. 

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Noah Brown was a flexed TE for awhile.  Jake Stoneburner played that role here and in the NFL.  I believe that Noah Brown got a little bit of time at H-B in '14, but it was mostly due to the coaches wanting some extra blocking on the perimeter

Comment 10 Jan 2017
  • I do kind of like the idea of running up tempo on some of the weaker teams on the schedule just to get some extra practice time.
  • I like the combo of Leak and Tebow back in the day but I don't see anything right now.
  • BTW, I think one of the reason we didn't run up tempo in '16 was b/c the strength of the team was the defense
Comment 10 Jan 2017

I'd like to see Campbell move to the H-B permanently and maybe McLaurin.  In 14', Marshall and Wilson rotated and other guys got some reps there.  I think that is more ideal nowadays. 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Yeah, OSU did beat Oklahoma pretty easily.  I can understand being ranked #5......but whatever

Comment 03 Jan 2017
Anyone watch or know a lot about the 49ers? I know they were bad, but Colin Kap was not supposed to be an NFL QB once the NFL caught up with the read option. His college coach said so. The sidearm motion was a huge problem. I wonder if that was corrected.
Comment 01 Jan 2017
Big picture. The offense got worse as the season progressed. Other teams got the game film and this offense couldn't counter their counters
Comment 01 Jan 2017
Clemson did not force OSU to abandon the run. OSU said screw it we're not going to run. I had a lot of respect for their dline and thought they should attack the perimeter but this gameplan was stupid. They can't adjust either. They wanted to run behind the backup guard?!???
Comment 31 Dec 2016

I can't  believe  this.  I thought  they should attack the perimeter but this was crazy

Comment 29 Dec 2016

Even their 1 tech DT makes plays.  Extremely impressed with their DL.  It seems like they blitz their LBs just so they will occupy a blocker a forcing more one on one blocing on their DLmen especially since their LBs are not that good in pass coverage.

Comment 29 Dec 2016

Get Samuel the ball at least 20 times especially on the perimeter.  Explosive players can make an high risk  Cover 0 or Cover 1 pay.  Clemson's defense is not very good defending the flats also.