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Comment 12 hours ago

Pretty awesome watching these plays from here  to the 12:10 mark.  The 49ers get a hat-on-a-hat, but, since the Bears are sending so many talented pass rushers, one of them is bound to get the QB.  Singletary gets through untouched on one play, but still mostly it is just beating the guy in front of you.  Roger Craig tries to run to the C-gap but he is unsuccessful but Hampton beats his man

Comment 16 hours ago

The 46 never really caught on w/ the rest of the NFL b/c they no other team had the personnel.  The '86 Bears, without Ryan and less 46, were statistically better than the 84 or 85 Bears.

I do like the modern interpretation of the 46 against the spread. 

Comment 17 hours ago

A lot of it comes to the Jimmie and Joes when it comes to beating the 46.  Yes, the 46 overwhelms the O-line with confusion and numbers, but a lot of the success comes from the fact that blockers have less help blocking good pass rushers.  Last year, Billy Price could have gotten more help against a regular 4-3, but he was mano-mano against his man most of the night.  A lot of Buddy Ryan's success was the fact  Hampton, Wilson, Marshall, McMicheal, Dent, Brown, Simmons and Reggie White were rarely getting double teamed.  He took Pro-Bowl caliber pass rushers and got them double teamed less.   A guy like Randy White would have gotten more sacks in a 46 defense b/c he would have been double teamed less

Comment 01 Sep 2015

I think OSU's defense will be playing more 46, since Bosa will not be playing.  As you can see in the first picture in the hyper link, the formation can easily be seen as a 5 man front with two vipers.  I think that Josh Perry will be playing one of those viper positions.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

The main way our offense, when we had Braxton at QB, attacked the C-gap with a counter play was with the QB counter trey. This one huge thing missing during the Va Tech game last year.   By the end of the season Meyer and Herman adjusted their offense

Comment 28 Aug 2015

"This is the base of Urban Meyer's offense--to gain a numbers' advantage to run the football inside."

Basic strategy

2 deep=run because you are up an extra blocker

1 deep=run because you are even in blockers

0 deep= pass

Having a QB that throws the ball well enough to force 2 deep coverage improves the run game.  In the last three losses, Va Tech, Clemson and Mich St played a lot of zero deep but our passing game did not make them pay for it in the air.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Spread Option 101

2 deep=run because you have a numbers advantage in the box

1 deep=run because you are equal in the box

0 deep=pass

This is one of the reasons the deep pass helped the running game. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I do think that JT is better at running the option, but it is really not by that much.  The fact that Cardale throws the ball well enough down the field that he gets safeties out of the box helps the run game out tremendously.  The fact that 95% of the time the run game is 11 vs 11 with JT and only 90% of the time the run game is 11 vs 11 with Cardale is not that big of a deal when you get safeties out of the box.  Tom Brady's spread offense is 0% 11 vs 11 with safeties out of the box. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Both will get a lot of playing time this year. Marshall was going to spend a lot more time outside anyways--look at spring--but Brown's injury will cause him to spend even more time out there.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Terminology is a problem here.  Cj should not be faking if it is an option.  What you are thinking about--I think--is an inside zone read, aka dive or veer.

Barrett is better than Braxton or Jones at reading whether he should give or pull the ball.  Sometimes, Braxton and CJ will predetermine what they are doing before the ball is snapped.  Barrett does an excellent job of waiting for the last split second to pull the ball and really make the defender bite on the dive