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Comment 5 hours ago

Two good French places in NYC that I liked.  Raoul's in SoHo and Le Singe Verte in Chelsea.  I loved Le Sing Verte  four-five years ago.  The Steak TarTar was awesome.  It was a great hangout, also.  The bartender I liked left; and, at one time, the place became a gay bar a few years ago, so I stopped going.  Raoul's was awesome.  I am going to have to figure out what I had though.  I was pretty drunk and this girl I was seeing took me there.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

I sounds like you're in the LES.  You might want to try out Sauce and tell me what you think.  IMO, it's pretty good inexpensive food.  I eat at a lot of Pho places when I am in the city, also.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

Samuel starts at TB.  Wilson gets more reps at TB.  I could see them running inverted veers a little bit more and dive reads a little bit less.

Going off on a bit of a tangent here, but I kind of hope someone besides Samuel is returning kicks this year.  Too many athletes.  One of those guys should be able to do the job returning kicks.  Samuel is our most experienced TB, H, and WR we have.  Let him concentrate on offense.  It is possible that Samuel will have to start at TB.  You don't want your starting TB returning kicks.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

:)  It's just one of my favorite dive bars.  Kinda a running joke that I have w/ two other people.  We tell tourist that they have to go to Iggys.   The tourists would wonder why anyone would suggest such a place and they would complain that the place kinda smelled.  Cheap PBRs and shots of Jager though.  Tell'em Garry sent you.

Comment 19 Aug 2016

I'm also assuming that he will play the Viper/Leo instead of SSDE.  Looks more like a Viper which might have been one of the reasons he was rated so low.  Huge find.  My sleeper pick of this class

Comment 19 Aug 2016

Cooper would open up his playbook and blow his load beating weaker teams on the schedule by the widest margin possible and have nothing left for the TTUN game.  He was the anti- M******n surprise, sandbagging JT

Here’s another thing.  The NFL considered most of the guys coming out of the Cooper era to be extremely raw.  One of the examples would be when Parcells called Derek Ross a “street player”  I also heard that the Rams could not believe how little technique Orlando Pace had when he came in as a rookie. 

JT’s strength coach, Allan Johnson, put more of an emphasis on preparing for football than the combine. 

Comment 18 Aug 2016

At first, coach really liked his haircut because it looked like he was all business, but, then he turned around and coach noticed that there was a party going on in the back

Comment 16 Aug 2016

I think that Thomas will be the hardest guy to replace.  His short and intermediate catches moved the chains a lot of the time.  His skills took time and experience to develop.  I think Noah Brown is definitely a football player.  Can he be that go-to, possession WR though?  We will see. 

Comment 10 Aug 2016

Mark Dantonio would not have been the D-Coordinator.  I doubt Gamble would have been a two-way star. Clarrett would have went to ND.  The B1G was actually tough that year.  Ohio St would have lost 2-3 games

Comment 06 Aug 2016

Bloomberg writer claims he has been short cargo pants for at least two years.