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Comment 10 hours ago

Really, that loss the VT was really good for this team.  It woke up the players and the coaches.  VT fans were right before the game, the Buckeye offense was pretty much just dive read, inverted veer, or throw deep.  The defense had a really good game plan with the 46 and VT came to play.  I like the changes the Bucks have made since the VT game

Comment 13 hours ago

I think you need to be born with a great arm; however, arm strength can be improved.   Throwing is too much about transferring your body weight explosively.  This can be improved with technique and putting on size while retaining elasticity, but to do this on an elite level it to be an inate ability

Comment 23 Oct 2014

There are tons of SEC fans who believe that 1st round draft choices out of Ohio State were really not good players.   A first round draft choice out of Ohio State would be a backup on any team in the SEC.  I have heard that numerous times.  They are not even talking smack.  They really believe that

Comment 18 Oct 2014
It sounds like he is auditioning for an ESPN job
Comment 18 Oct 2014
Rutgers thought he was more of a throwing QB than Braxton, so JT ran.
Comment 18 Oct 2014

This is good advise.  Just get into the habit of doing these things and you will be alright.  I need to get out of the Red Bull and lots of beer habit myself.  Putting on muscle will pay dividends when it comes to fat loss.

When it comes to cardio, I like to either do HIT or LISS.  I like to do HIT, because, if I am going to put my body in a catabolic state, I might as well do it right.  LISS is really long but really easy training.  I have went on a treadmill, at a really low speed, for 45-60 minutes while listening to audiobooks on my iPod for my LISS training. 

Comment 18 Oct 2014

If a stopped drinking Red Bull and beer, I would get my six pack back

Comment 18 Oct 2014

He has the tall guy attributes--straight line speed, stiff arm.  That was really what was impressive.  I never thought he was that great at running the option.  Sure, someone will pull up a video of him getting a huge gain off of the option, but he did not do it consistently and there was probably a huge hole.  He was not as strong of a runner as Newton, but he did have more speed.  Scrambling was his biggest strength especially when he could use his straight line speed.

His shiftiness and agility were pretty average.  If he can't catch, that is another huge strike against him.  Plenty of hall of fame WRs did not have good 40 times.  Plenty of WR busts had great 40 times.

All this being said, I would still take a chance on the guy and put him on the practice squad.  It is just not that much of a risk and it has huge upside.  Pryor's size/speed ratio is definitely on an elite level

Comment 17 Oct 2014

Bukowski has some great stuff.  His books are real easy reads, but they have some profound insight in them.

BTW, I love Californication but I do not think the show was based on Chinaski.  I don't think based is the right word  I think Kapinos took his own experiences, when he moved from NY to Cali, and wrote about them.  I think he stole a lot of Bukowski's style and pretty much admitted it.  Even Moody's daughter called him a "poor man's Bukowski"  Really, Californication is more of a kindler, gentler Chinaski with a traditional love story.

Comment 14 Oct 2014

I am probably boring some people w/ this but the '86 Bears defense, w/o Buddy Ryan, that played mostly a 4-3 was better than the '84 or '85 defense.

A team has to have some real players to run this defense not just corners.  The O-Line had to do a lot of one-on-one blocking w/ very little help--The Bears had 3 Pro Bowl D-Linemen and William Perry over the center.  Hampton and McMicheal were rarely double teamed while someone like Randy White in a regular 4-3 was double teamed most of the time. 

  In a lot of ways, when you learn how to block it, the 46 is just backyard football.  It might be a good thing that our young QB has really just been concentrating on getting the ball out quicker, the WRs on beating man coverage, and the O-Linemen have been getting very little help.