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Comment 23 hours ago

I don’t know. Is Meyer talking about how they have to stay in their base 11 instead of motioning Samuel into a 21 formation because of a defensive adjustment?  If that is the case, one of the only solutions is to put Samuel at TB, but that takes Weber off the field and we lose one of our best WRs.  I do see Samuel getting at least a few more reps at TB though.

Comment 25 Oct 2016

I  haven't given up on this o-line.  They are struggling but they should get better w/ age.

Burrow will be a redshirt junior in '18 when he should take over which is ideal IMO

Comment 25 Oct 2016

I've said something like this.  That we could use another true X-WR.  I think Brown is good.  Campbell is more of a Z that should be getting a few reps at H.  Don't get me wrong.  I do not think we should scrap everything.  I like the playbook. 

Comment 24 Oct 2016

Well, A is true.  We have a lack of a true X-WR.  We don't have a guy that has been an X-WR his whole life except Austin Mack.  Noah Brown played a lot of flexed-TE before this season whether or not he was lining up at the H or the Y.

Samuel and Wilson have been pretty solid slot receivers

Comment 24 Oct 2016

More  two-back formations.  The most explosive offensive play this season happened Sat night with the Samuel TD run and they didn’t go back to it.  Go back to that and use it to set up some play action.

Motioning the H-B from the slot to the backfield to a 2-RB set is not some fancy new play, it is bread-and-butter.  I have no idea why they went away from that.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

The offense really doesn't need to be much more creative just find an identity and go with it. 

Biggest offensive play of the night was from the two back formation when Samuel had the long TD run.  Why didn';t they go back to that?  Maybe PSU can't hang with the speed on the outside.  Add in some play action passing to that.  Go back to the basics.  Motioning back and forth between the 11 personnel and 21 .  Getting the ball into the hands of Samuel more

Comment 23 Oct 2016

One good thing IMO that happened in the pass game was that Baugh got more involved in the pass game.  The TE can make up for our lack of a real X-WR in the short-intermediate passing game

Comment 23 Oct 2016

He recruited for screen passes on the perimeter and four verticals to attack the defense deep so it would open up the run game, but they really aren;t doing those things.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

It's not really 3rd and long that is the problem.  No college team is really good at converting 3rd and 9s.  The basic strategy on 3rd and mediums-to-longs is fairly solid during the PSU game either look for Samuel or throw a hook to Baugh underneath the coverage and hope he runs over someone for the first.  

The really bad thing now is why are they getting so behind schedule? It doesn't make sense when you have a really good run game.  I think they are abandoning the run game too much on 1st and 2nd downs.

This offense relies on explosive plays, so you need to get the ball to Samuel more

Comment 20 Oct 2016

I haven't broken down gamefilm, but Coach Meyer said that they played zone a little bit more than usual.  If I was facing a mobile QB and inexperienced WRs, I would play more zone also.  Fast but inexperienced WRs can probably outrun the corners but will have a harder time finding soft spots in the coverage.  Zone coverage allows LBs and DBs to keep an eye on a scrambling QB also

Comment 20 Oct 2016

The real problem in the passing game is on obvious passing downs not on 1st and 2nd downs.  You have to expect that with the lack of experienced Xs and the lack of experience/chemistry in general. 

--Screen passes won't do much on 3rd and 9.  Just a reminder that most of our screen passes are dive/screen RPOs.

--I wouldn't call this a square wheel like one reporter said earlier this week

Comment 20 Oct 2016

Was the KJ Hill catch wrong alignment or just regular 0-deep coverage? The 2-deep= run, 1 deep=run and 0 deep=pass on 1st and 2nd down is not really where this passing game is struggling. 

KJ Hill developing timing and chemistry w/ JT and then getting injured for a few week is one of the minor thing affecting JT's timing a little bit.