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Comment 22 hours ago

Is wireless networking a good idea?  I had a lot of RF theory in the Navy, so I thought that might be a good choice to specialize in.

Would it be a good idea to get a CCNP and go looking for a job with no real experience in IT?  I worked on mainframe computers before but that technology is obsolete. 

Comment 22 hours ago

Is the IT field hiring?  In the 2010-2011 timeframe, I had an A+, Net+ and CCNA and I couldn't get jobs as an intern.  People in HR told me that IT was ridiculously over manned. I lived in Columbus at the time, also.  I went into a different field.

Comment 27 Sep 2016

Two negatives equal a positive? 

Les Miles spending the rest of the season breaking down game film on their rivals and making suggestions would be nice for any coach

Comment 27 Sep 2016

He's not a drummer's drummer that is for sure, but the guy co-wrote most of their songs.  A lot of drummers like to rip on him b/c there are fanboys that can play his stuff better than he can but can those fanboys create that music in the first place?

Comment 20 Sep 2016

3rd and long is when the offense has to get away from its “2 or 1 deep=run the ball and 0 deep=pass” foundation and philosophy.  It may be a good idea to throw the ball against 2 deep coverage more, when the team gets up on points, to try to develop Barrett and the WRs a little bit more

Comment 16 Sep 2016

If the Sooners play the way that they way they played against Houston, Baugh, Wilson and Samuel could become huge factors.  We should be able to create some mismatches.  Most teams, when facing Ohio St, will stack the box and play 0 or 1 deep coverage, so that forces the TE to stay in to block and once in a while even the H will be motioned into the backfield to provide pass pro.  I didn't see Ok do that against Houston.  They put a lot of guys close to the line but only rushed 3-4 guys. 

The bad news is that Barrett and the WRs seem to do better against single coverage and 0-1 deep. Barrett seems to do a really good job adjusting to the 0 deep=throw and 2 deep=run base philosophy of this offense, but he struggles standing in the pocket and going thru his progressions when facing good coverage.  It is important to stay ahead of schedule and not get into 3rd and long situations

Comment 16 Sep 2016


Your mercenaries are better than my mercenaries......who cares

Bengals=let's produce an above average team and keep expenditures down

If you don't play fantasy football and completely obsess about it you're a freak.  These same people do not know what a slant route is however....true story on multiple occasions.

People in Connecticut who slap the bar and scream at the TV because their Steelers threw an incomplete pass in the 2nd quarter.  I tell them that real Steeler fans call them the Stillers. 

Comment 15 Sep 2016

I have not watched that much from the Sooners yet, but it seems that, when they are in a 3-man front, that they do not blitz more than three which causes them to get very little pressure on the QB.  I would think that, if the Sooners are in a 3-man front, that they would send multiple blitzes from the LBs to try to confuse a young offensive line.

Oklahoma's defense seemed to play better in the 2nd half when they put 4-down at least they got some pressure on the QB

Comment 15 Sep 2016

The Sooners looked like they wanted to defend Houston’s attack with a 3-3-5 at the beginning of the game.  I guess that their strategy was that it would do a better job at defending the perimeter and a running QB, but  they usually only blitzed three and the QB had a lot of time to throw deeper passes .  The Sooner’s D did a lot better in the 2nd half with four D-Linemen.  The strength of their D is the D-Line.  They might as well put four down linemen and get some pressure on the QB.

If the Sooners are only blitzing three, attack more with four vertical