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Comment 26 Jun 2017

Why is that though?  Can OSU not hire a great coach or is it just location and inability of a Midwest team to play baseball all year long?

Comment 25 Jun 2017

Up until what seems like this recruiting seasons slide with Bama, the PAC12 is a ton easier to recruit in than the SEC.  Bama pulls anyone from the region normally that they want.  Since their rise under Saban Tennessee hasn't been able to get the best kids their direction.  Recruiting pool though, yes it's better in the south even with all the talent in Cali.  Tougher standards?  Nah, neither school has that tough of standards.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

Me too... sitting in that endzone about 15 rows up.  As soon as Ginn went down I turned to my step brother and told him I felt like we were done.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

The Florida DE's kicked our ass all game.  That and the damn short passes we didn't come up to defend.  That was the worst game I have ever experienced live.  A fat out of shape Troy Smith didn't help anything either.  Damn it why did I have to go there!  Give me a beer!

Comment 21 Jun 2017

You know I'm not sure why I feel that way but just do.  Wrestling isn't a sport in which the participants are nationally known, although I wish it was and I think if anyone would be it has to be Snyder.  There are lots of other sports like football and basketball in which I would expect a winner to come from.  That said I haven't even seen the list of nominations, and I'm not planning to go looking, besides Retherford and not Snyder.

What about DeShaun Watson?  If he were nominated I would guess a run away win.  All that guy did was win.  I'm not sure how it will translate to the NFL but he was a hell of a college athlete.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

One day LeBron will be gone from Cleveland and when that day comes the Cavs will become irrelevant to the NBA, just like Stellar stated above me.  Hell the man couldn't even sit for 10 minutes a game without the team taking a nose dive.  Did he play good defense in the Finals?  Nope but his offensive prowess and assists far made up for those blunders.  Still the best player in the NBA right now hands down.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

Honestly I don't like the nomination of any wrestler for male college athlete of the year and I am a HUGE fan of the Buckeye grapplers.  Retherford is legit but no way in the world is he a better nomination than Snyderman would have been.  The only possible factor would be he only wrestled 17 matches total for the season for the Bucks, despite smashing everyone in grand fashion.  Snyder just fits into so many categories those dumbasses didn't know where to nominate him, is my guess.  Just give him all the damn trophies and be done with it! 

Comment 20 Jun 2017

Tribe is killing it in June for sure.  Seems like most hits are extra bases or dingers.  Edwin smoked that thing into the upper deck tonight.  Granted left field at Camden yards is short but that one would have been long gone anywhere.

Comment 18 Jun 2017

Word is PG wants to go back home to Cali.  It won't be the Warriors so it will be interesting to see where he ends up.  I'd like it to be Believeland but not sure that happens.

Comment 14 Jun 2017

Stats say otherwise.  Frye is at best a 40% 3pt shooter to Korvers 44% average.  Crazy tough situation that he wasn't ready for IMO.

I don't know what the answer is but either one of the main GS players are going to have to be hurt or something else miraculous will have to happen for the Cavs to with another with Durant at GS.

Comment 07 Jun 2017

LeBron needed keep the ball himself and not pass.  Been his downfall and never a trait of the best player ever, Michael Cryin' Jordan.

Comment 07 Jun 2017

I still have a tough time believing if Ohio State came calling for Chris Mack he would at least listen to what they have to say.  Billy D would by my #1 by a large margin but is he realistic? Probably not with his 6mil salary.  Archie just took the IU gig so that's a no go and his brother Sean has a top 3 class this season and his teams have been top 10 a ton in the past 10 years.  Holtmann is the smart pick of this group but it could be none of the above just as well.

Comment 21 May 2017

Thanks for taking some questions Kyle.

Does Larry Johnson get 5 DL on the field at any point this season?  If so, what teams would be the most likely to be against?  Who would fill what roles if that were to happen?

Comment 16 May 2017

Not sure which moment was better for me with dad.  Dad took me to my first game at the Shoe in the early 80s.  I don't remember the game but the atmosphere in the Shoe was electric.

The other memory was something I will never forget.  In 1976 when I was merely 4 years old dad took me to see the Big Red Machine.  I got a ball signed by Davey Concepcion.  That year they swept the Yankees 4-0 to win the World Series.

Comment 16 May 2017

Saw a little blurb on this before and Tee Martin has another son who is a freshman WR at Clemson, Amari Rogers.  Kaden supposedly throws an 80mph fastball already and stands 5'11 175lbs.  Kid is 3 sport athlete and may well be a stud by the time his recruitment, by real schools, heats up.  Of course Kiffin may not be employed by then. 

Comment 14 May 2017

My son runs for Delaware Hayes and they had several meets with Olentangy Orange.  I saw Harrison run and I had no words.  Seeing a kid that big running that fast was ridiculous.