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Comment 21 Mar 2017

Romero is a beast that hasn't focused 100% on wrestling.  He is an incredible multi-sport athlete and its crazy to think what he'll be in a year or two with only his focus on the mat.  That said he is at a little bit of a disadvantage because of it.  Gonna be fun seeing it all play out and awesome to see that Ryan is keeping the cupboard full!

Comment 20 Mar 2017

Went to a couple of O. Liberty games this season to watch a son of one of our friends who plays on the o-line.  White played mostly QB in those games and just showed crazy athleticism.  When he did play DB or LB he was always around the ball.  Will be interesting to see what position he ultimately settles into at OSU.

I was a few years behind his dad William White at Lima Senior High.  He was and still is a class act.

Comment 19 Mar 2017

I fell like Rodriguez can wrestle 125 again with some good nutritional help.  I don't see a way in the world that NaTo gets back to 125 in his final season.  He'll work hard and be back better than ever next year at 133.  Word is Hayes maybe able to wrestle 149 next year with Pletcher staying at 141, which would then mean a move for Micah to 149.  If that happens then one of Burcher/Cleary/Ryan will be at 165.

We'll see how it shakes out but hopefully it a season with no injuries and another National Chapionship, or two...

Comment 19 Mar 2017

Great season by the Bucks.  Penn State was on a mission this weekend.  No shame taking 2nd over some other crazy tough teams.  We'll be back better than ever next season.  Hard work, fixing a few holes in the lineup and this team will be in another battle with the Lions next season.


Comment 16 Mar 2017

Absolutely need the guys in the consolation bracket to make some noise tomorrow hopefully making it to Saturday.  While we do technically have a shot things need to fall in place for it to happen.

Comment 16 Mar 2017

Jose with a pin in the consolation bracket tonight.  Faces a familiar foe tomorrow in Lambert from Nebraska who beat Jose 8-0 in the B1G regular season.  Good job kid!  Keep up the hard work.

Comment 16 Mar 2017

Not a good round for the Bucks and will most likely end their bid for the championship unless PSU falters bigtime.  The other OSU is showing some life too but I believe PSU will do what was expected and with the whole thing.

Oh well, always next season.  Individual performances will be fun to watch the rest of the way out though.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Huge news out of Slappy Valley... 125lb. Nick Suriano is out!  I'm not celebrating a kid being hurt but the positive impact it will have on the chances for our Buckeyes to bring home the championship.

One less weight that PSU will be gaining points from toward their repeat.  

Comment 08 Mar 2017

Here are my thoughts...

125: Jose Rodriguez- Known to have trouble making 125; first match against Terao is tough. Jose probably goes 0-2, but could possibly steal a win.
133: I believe NaTo will see Parker in the quarter, not Richards but we'll see. Either way I think he will be okay. He will either have Clark or Micic in the semis. I think he takes it either way, but it will not be easy. I really hope he does not see Gross in the finals. Gross can put up points on anybody.
141: Pletcher will lose to Ashnault, and will probably see Carton on the backside, and then Gasca. I like him in both of those matches. That gives him Ward/Meredith in the R12. Definitely the underdog but it can be done. I would rather have Pletcher see Ward.
149: Terrible draw. A lot can happen here.
165: Burcher can pull an upset, but I don't not see it.
174: Very tough quarter against a very dangerous Preisch. If he can get through him, I like him in a rematch against Realbuto. I think Bo falls to Valencia in the finals but it should be a great match.
184: Tough draw with Brooks in the quarters though I think he learned what not to do in the B1G's; this gives him Nate Jackson/Jack Dechow in the R12. Hopefully it is Jackson.
197: Should be able to handle Weigel in the quarters. He'll get Pfarr again most likely, but loses to J'den in the finals.
285: 1st no questions...

Comment 08 Mar 2017

A couple draws that are somewhat unfavorable but those are the breaks.  Number 1 seed NaTo has some very tough hombres on his side of the draw in Richards, Parker, Micic, and Clark but I think he gets through to wrestle Saturday night for all the marbles again.  The toughest road to hoe is probably Micah.  His draw is incredibly tough and I don't see him or anyone else getting past Retherford.  Possibly able to wrestle for 3rd being the best outcome.   The team race will probably come down to bonus points so our heavy hitters need to get it done in the early rounds.  Not expecting a team championship but as the B1G tourney showed it is possible if everyone is wrestling like they can.

Comment 05 Mar 2017

Ridiculous tourney win!  Great work Bucks!

I didn't think it was possible to pull off the win in this tournament, thinking next season would be the better chance for both B1G and NCAA titles.  PSU is pretty dang stacked but the guys went out this weekend and wrestled their butts off.  Really looking forward to the way things shake out for the NCAA tourney.  Seeding could be critical for some of our guys.


Comment 01 Mar 2017

I agree 100%.  Word is that Jose was having a hard time getting to 125 and thus his issues in the 2nd part of the season.  No way he makes 125 next year, in a year that would be great to have at least an AA in that weight class to shore up a good chance for another National Championship run, not sure what Ryan is planning but we'll see I suppose.

On another note, welcome Malik.  Looking forward to you making noise at 125 for years to come.

Comment 01 Mar 2017

Last year it was just the finals but they showed a little action from the other mats if the 1st place match was finished.  Looking forward to a good finish by the Bucks but it's gonna take some great wrestling by guys that aren't seeded very high and bonus points by our heavy hitters to be in the same conversation as PSU.  The weak middle of the lineup doesn't help at all.  I hope next season more help comes because this could be a national championship caliber team again if everyone stays healthy.

Comment 26 Feb 2017

I wear OSU gear of some sort probably 4 days a week at least.  My Buckeye hats are a staple.  Sweatshirts, t-shirts, and my pj pants I lounge around the house in, all were gifts except possibly a real old sweatshirt that has to be 20+ years old I bought at Longs way back in the day.

I don't have any of the fancy OSU shoes but only because I am too cheap and have to many kids now to justify things I want just because.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

I have been pondering a lot about Mike Weber and him being the feature back.  I really like the guy but there are a few pieces he just doesn't have that some of our very great ones did. 

Break away speed being #1 to me.  Zeke had the track pedigree coming into the program and that second gear to hit after clearing the first level of defenders.  Not all great Ohio State running backs have had that same gear but were still plenty successful, ie El Guapo. 

Another difference being that it often seemed Weber went down on contact a lot easier than his elder statesman Hyde or even Zeke who doesn't have quite the same lower center of gravity.  Weber doesn't seem to run with his knees high driving through contact enough and when he does that seems to hurt his ball security.

Weber going over 1,000 yards last season was quite and accomplishment and I fully think he can even improve on those numbers going forward but he still has things to work on to becoming the next great feature back at The Ohio State University.

Comment 30 Jan 2017

Thermal blankets is a great suggestion and I'll give it a try this weekend with some ribs I'm gonna try.  Not supposed to be out of the 30s so I'll need it although keeping my smoke going is generally more of an issue than heat for my electric.