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Comment 18 hours ago

Obviously a biased ESPiN index.  OSU has the toughest schedule in the B1G, which doesn't surprise me much really but still only ranked as the 31st toughest schedule.

Comment 18 hours ago

Caps need to find the net tonight.  Tough loss having out shot and out hit the Penguins in game 2.  Can't keep giving the puck away either, that hurt bad.  Playoff hockey always has a goaltender standing on their head, unfortunately for the Caps Murray has been just that for the most part.

Let's GO CAPS! 

Comment 02 May 2016

The problem is that a lot of these kids are put on that pedestal in HS and during summer AAU ball and have this mindset that they deserve to come right into a program and have a spot given to them.  I believe that was the case with several of the transfers OSU had this past season.  Being successful in major D1 sports takes a lot of hard work and I'm not sure these youngsters understand that and feel entitled coming in.

With that being said I hope OSU can lock up Markell and he can come in and make the team better with his contributions.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Tank you very much.  Good work this week!

I was thinking of the 2 biggest plays I have personally witnessed from Buckeye players and both are on this list with Mo Clarrett's strip of Taylor in the 2002 NC and Zeke's 85yds through the heart play against Bammer.  Both totally game changers.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Gant is very good.  Against my old alma mater, Lima Senior High, he really stood out on a night where TSJ was outclassed at most other positions on the field.  Kid flies to the ball and is a sure tackler.  One would guess he will get that offer but not sure why he hasn't as of yet.  The offer from Sparty may put a little pressure on the Bucks to extend one.

Comment 24 Apr 2016

I've been thinking the same about the Browns and their recent slide to #8 and all the picks they are getting.  I would take Cook twice before Hackenberg though, he didn't really show much improvement after his Freshman year and he has the yips.

Nice work Bass

Comment 20 Apr 2016

The long throw "competition" on Saturday showcased the incredible strength of Cardale.  He didn't even step into his throw and lobbed it over 65yards.

Joe Burrow really impressed me with the touch he had on his throws.  Again not the sheer strength or even close to Cardale but really showed promise as the backup and after JT leaves.

Comment 13 Apr 2016

Lived in the DC metro for about 10yrs between my time back here in the great state of Ohio.  I became a hockey fan and embraced the Caps but was always heartbroken during the playoffs.  They just haven't seemed to be able to get out of their own way even when they are predicted to win.  Either that or the Flyers/Penguins dash their dreams with unbelievable goal tenders standing on their heads making it nearly impossible to score and shutting out Ovi.  Still follow the Caps but trying to root for the home team just hasn't taken shape much since they stink.

Comment 24 Mar 2016

I've been meaning to comment on this thread since it was posted.  Let me jump in here.  Nate's loss to Gilman was almost like our championship win with Myles Martin, both matches were won or lost with great scrambles and good timing.  Nate was tenths of a second away from taking Gilman down when the period ended.  Gilman is a great defensive wrestler.  Myles was in an incredible battle with Nikal the entire match and almost ended on his back but rolled Nikal for a 6pt move that was the game changer in the match.

I really like Stieber and the hire but some close to the ORTC feel like he wasn't the correct move for that assistant position because of different reasons but to me he wasn't a bad choice what so ever due to what he has done for this program.

I wonder what Kyle Snyder will do moving forward.  He just beat a guy who was a previous National Champ that had won 88 straight matches and was quite a bit heavier than he is.  He's a World Champion and will most likely be an Olympic medalist if things fall right.  One of the other recent big names in collegiate wrestling stated after Snyder won that he wouldn't go back to OSU but go pro, since he's won everything he can at this level.  Is that something that is being talked about and considered by Tom Ryan and his assistants?

Thanks Curt!  Appreciated the twitter chat during the tourney as well.