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Comment 19 Jan 2017

There is a huge difference between Lattimore and Hooker due to the position they play.  Historically safeties are drafted lots lower than corners, especially elite corners.  I was almost surprised to not see Conley in the first round somewhere.  I'm not real sure how deep the CB class is this year but Conley will have a nice NFL career as well.

Love McMillan but he won't stay on the field for 3 downs with today's wide open NFL offenses.  This diminishes his value quite a bit in my opinion.  I can still see him be a top half of round 2 guy, which is pretty dang good still.

Comment 17 Jan 2017

Cage and Garrett are 3 technique guys right now.  Wilson and probably Tufele are more 1 technique who need to be double teamed.  Really Wilson out of the bunch is the only true 1 tech DT but they are all highly rated for a reason.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Interesting article on the two Boiler QBs for 2017.  Alstott is not like his pops though.  The bruising RB that Mike was sounds like was not quite handed down to his son who is a DT QB.  Sipe also had some very impressive numbers so it will be interesting to see how Brohm utilizes these young talents moving forward.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Good take and I echo this sentiment.  Meyers while physically being a beast will have to hone his technique a lot if he wants to play on the edge at OT.  Wyatt Davis, another man child, looks like he is ready to beat some folks down and may be ready to hold his own against men in the B1G next season, although he will have to prove his worth in the off season and in the OL room.  Davis could provide good depth and not redshirt, while I believe that Meyers will definitely redshirt. 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

I agree 100% they didn't feed him enough.  Turned the game over to their true freshman and lost to a great Clemson defense.  Hell even if they would have run Hurts more I believe they may have won, not that I wanted Bama and little man to win another one.

Comment 20 Dec 2016

Clemson will present a great challenge with Watson and all the weapons around him. I feel like we haven't faced an offense with so many threats like this yet. Oklahoma was good, but really it was all Mayfield, Westbrook, and the RB combo.  Clemson has a 1K yard rusher (Gallman) and receiver (Williams), a stud TE (Leggett), and 4 other WR's that average out at 500yds rec for a combined 20TD's.  That's outstanding supplementary production which we haven't seen the likes of. Their ability to rotate guys in outside at receiver scares me a little. Between Cain, Scott, McCloud and Renfrow there is little to no drop off.

As great as Williams and Leggett are I am most concerned with the other inside receivers.  Webb, Arnette, and Ward have not shown to be consistently great in coverage.  Get pressure and hit Watson without letting him leak out for long runs will help.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

I think McCall takes over as somewhat of a Curtis Samuel replacement.  Super shifty but tiny.  Hit the weight room son!

I like Victor and Mack to show up big time next season.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

Love the red bull toten, high intensity, great character, and man that is coach Coombs but I don't think Urban would make him the DC at The Ohio State University.

I personally hope no one leaves but success breeds success.  Go get paid Fick.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

Here's the problem with losing to these types of teams, they are exactly why you get left out of the big dance come tourney time.  This can not happen anymore, period.  A week ago there were some radio pundits stating that OSU would be as high as a 6-7 seed.  They played good ball against a good Virginia squad but lost a close one.  Now two bad games and 1-1 over the past 2.  Not good.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

It really depends on the year.  Urban is fishing in the ocean, while most are fishing in a pond.  If the biggest fish are in your back yard in the pond then maybe you fish more for them.  I'm not saying that we aren't losing out on some great home grown talent but we're talking about guys that are some of the top players at their position in the country committing to play for our beloved Buckeyes.

Comment 20 Oct 2016

Man, let me tell you something.  I needed to hear or read that in a bad way today.  My wife and I have been in a year long court battle with my ex-wife over her putting my kid in private school just because she wanted to put the screws to me.  Mind you I think private school is great if one can afford it.  I am not able to so we are in the final week of this dispute before I have to go and spend another 15-20k over two days in court next week.  It has been terrible and a part of me wants to just quit and let her have what she is asking for.  However with that I would be unable to support my new family and keep my house.

This really makes my problems seem very insignificant in comparison.  Heal up Buckeye brother!  Thanks for your drive and time posting this.