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Comment 22 May 2015

I'm watching Peaky Blinders right now, in season 2, which is pretty decent.  Not close to Breaking Bad but worth a watch anyhow.

Comment 21 May 2015

Did someone say MD?

Dellie is a good fit for the Cavs.  Craft will find a role in the NBA in time hopefully.

Comment 17 May 2015

Breaking Bad is awesome.  I liked Walking Dead but sometimes the zombie thing got old.  Sons of Anarchy was good.  I liked Bloodlines but haven't finished it.  Peaky Blinders is good.

Comment 17 May 2015

Interesting conversation with a friend of mine today who happens to have been born up there and likes TTUN, although his lovely wife is a Buckeye, anyway... he believes Harbaugh will only be there for 5 years MAX.  I agreed fully.  He was very unrealistic in that he doesn't think MSU will be much of a problem for them now or in the future.  I told him about their recruiting this year and reminded him how dominant Dino has been over them recently.  In his defense a little though, he doesn't follow recruiting that much so I gave him a pass.

Comment 15 May 2015

Going to be interesting to see how much the jersey's get up to.  May 30th is a bit away...

Comment 14 May 2015

I have a punch card as well from 02'.  It's in my collectables bin... sitting idle until I get the $$$ to finish my man cave.

Comment 14 May 2015

I just don't understand how you would be optimistic concerning our beloved Buckeye hoops team next season.  The talent and experience the teams that the teams expected to contend for more that a conference championship is way to much to ignore, in my opinion.  Our young Bucks will play these teams tough for sure but let's be realistic and take a look at the tentative scheduled teams.

Only playing these B1G teams once and at home:  Iowa (W), Minnesota (W), *Bichigan (50/50), Penn St (W)

Only playing these B1G teams once but on the road:  Indiana (L), *Wisconsin (L), Purdue (L), Nebraska (W)

The rest B1G home and home games: Illinois (W/W), Maryland (L/L), Rutgers (W/W), Northwestern (W/L), MSU (W/L)

Non-conference games:  Mount St. Mary's (W), Memphis (L), VMI (W), Air Force (W), UConn (L), Kentucky (L), Virginia (L)

So let's just say maybe 15 wins (even thought that's more than I predicted above)... that's not going to get our Bucks in the NCAA tourney.  I hope I'm wrong but the inexperience this team will have is going to be tough to over come.

Comment 14 May 2015

Agree it is a very good non conference schedule, beating any of them will be the challenge.  I don't have a lot of confidence in the young guys with out seeing them, but being that we have never seen them in S&G together, there's always a chance.

Comment 12 May 2015

Like Ohio State, Michigan has a bit of a QB conundrum on its hands. Unlike Ohio State, Michigan's QB choices range from "couldn't start at Iowa" to "a QB named Shane that's not Shane Falco."

Am I a bad person for having so much joy out of this?

nah...  nicely done DJ.

Comment 11 May 2015

I'm the same as SlumLord... used to be Bucknuts but after 4-5 years or so I just couldn't shell out the $$$ for it as it often rubbed me the wrong way with some of the posters/contributors who thought they were better than everyone else.  Still wasn't bad but 11W till death!!!

Ozone and LGHG gets a little traffic from me but not all that much.  Usually only if work is super slow or someone here recommends something over there.

Comment 04 May 2015

Nice way to start the morning DJ.

One quick thing though... Derek Jeter was my favorite Yankee of the recent era since he came up through the Clippers organization years ago.  I can remember slugging beers and eating dime a dogs watching him do his thing on the field.  Plus you have to recognize the dude can flat out score any piece of ... he wants at any time.

I'm sure the 2016 draft will be littered with Buckeyes but it's still hard to understand why Michael Bennett, who most thought was at least a 2nd round pick, fell to the 6th.  He's going to be one angry fella and show GM's they made a mistake by not drafting him.  I too am glad he didn't get drafted by one of the other ACF north teams I can't stand.

Comment 29 Apr 2015

I said that after they took Manziel but still root for them for some reason.  My love for NFL football has waned quite a bit in the last 10 or so years.  I spend quite a bit of my Saturdays in the fall watching so Sunday I tend to spend more time following fantasy stats and doing family things.

Comment 20 Apr 2015

Craft looked okay defensively but still looked offensive on the offensive end of the court going 0-5 from deep.  In the second half the other team was giving him any deep look he wanted but he couldn't make them fall.

Go Craft!  Win game 3!

If they win they would play the Ft. Wayne Mad Ants in the Finals.

Comment 14 Apr 2015

Always enjoy The Hurry Up ... BUT I almost threw up a little when I read...

which – if Urban Meyer were to retire at the end of his newly signed contract extension – could be the last group to play four years for the current Buckeye head coach.


Ok, I'm done.  So a few other things, when I heard that Nygel Edmonds last night would be committing and possibly to the good guys I was completely caught off guard but wish him will on the west coast.  Next, who in their right mind would take The Ohio State University off their list for Duke and PSU?  Really... Duke?  Good luck Mr. Menet wherever you choose to matriculate.

The last thing that stuck out was the size and speed of young Mr. Grimes.  WOW

Nice work Birm!

Comment 08 Apr 2015

SCW forced a nice 5 second call and Craft hit 2 free throws to go up 11 with 42.7 left...

Comment 02 Apr 2015

One BIG key to grilling steaks... set them out and let them get to room temp before you put them on the grill.