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Comment 10 Feb 2016

Nice compilation Union.  I agree the top 5 are interchangeable for sure.  I only saw Eddie play live but have read much about each of these guys.  The highlights of the Assassin crushing folks and throwing his body around like he did was amazing.  It was unfortunate that the hit on Stingley paralyzed him.  I agree with NewPhil about the hit being bad luck.  It wasn't even close to the worst lick he put on a guy but it just didn't end right.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

This team is really playing well.  A buddy of mine said early in the season how both the men's and women's teams were horrible.  I countered with the fact that the Lady's had just lost to the top 3 teams in the country and two of the three were close.  UCONN is on another level on the women's side.  They totally smashed #2 South Carolina tonight, even though the scoreboard only showed a 12 point win.  I believe that this team will make a good run in the NCAA tourney for once maybe elite 8 or final 4 if they are playing well.


Comment 04 Feb 2016

Mensa Man was on fire yesterday on twitter.  He was retweeting and tweeting a TON.  They managed to do better than 3/4 of the B1G in recruiting too, which was not a shocker to me.