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Comment 06 Feb 2014

Spielman and Laurenaitis started as freshman at LB (althouigh I think Laurenaitis' only start was the bowl game because Carpenter was hurt).  What he should have written was that Katzenmoyer was the first true freshman to open up the season as a starting LB. 

Comment 07 Jan 2014

Mich st gets the win but ohio state, after an early season of easy games, got to see that  they are for real. They played a TERRIBLE game and almost won on the road against a decent MSU team. Hate to lose but let's face it, in basketball it doesn't matter till March. Hopefully the guys who brought them back get some confidence and hopefully Ross gets the wake up call he dearly needs. 

Comment 06 Jan 2014

Agreed. It's weird that the passing game can breakdown for a lot of different reasons, and probably the most unlikely of those is what people tend to believe. Do we have great receivers?  Not especially. But they were all big time recruits, they are all fast (some actual track stars), and they have all gone through two years of coaching from a coach we all have a lot of faith in. And yet people still believe that our passing woes are on the WRs.   On most pass plays we have 3 - 5 guys running routes. You can believe on the one hand that all 3 - 5 receivers are not able to run a route where sufficient space is created between the receiver and the defender for a pass to be completed.  And remember also what many football experts say: covering a receiver is the hardest thing to do in football because the QB and receivers have already preplanned the route. And on the other hand you have the possibility that the QB is not able to effectively read the defenses quick enough or to deliver the football into the Windows created.  

Comment 09 Aug 2013

The only reason I'm reading these comments is to understand why the poll didn't read: 100% defense, 0% offense.  Thank you for offering some clarity to that. 

That being said, I'm even more surprised that you're surprised that people think the defense has more to prove.  Sure, the offense was limited last year, and Miller as a throwing quarterback does have something to prove.  But the fact of the matter is that the offense won games last year and the defense managed to do just enough not to lose them.  I know, there are exceptions to that, but by and large that sums up last year.  Even if Miller's passing is not improved, our offensive scheme will not suffer dramatically.

The major point is that our offense went 12-0 last year.  Almost the whole unit is returning.  That is why people are comfortable.  We know we can win running the ball if we have to.  That it is simple doesn't necessarily negate its effectiveness.

Just to remind you about our defense from last year:  We had to steal a running back from the offense to fill out our linebacking corps.  That same defense is even thinner at linebacker this year, and it is behind a defensive line that is impressive on paper but short on experience. 


Comment 24 Apr 2013

He's almost a carbon copy of Miller except that he is somewhat stouter than Miller.  I saw them close up going through drills at the Spring game.  What was more interesting to me is how well he threw the ball.  Cardale is by far the best throwing QB on the roster but Barrett is not far behind.  Looked to have good spin and good touch on his throws.

Comment 28 Mar 2013

I think it, too, but I think that saying you haven't helped your team all that much is not giving a blocked shot, regardless of where the ball ends up, the credit it deserves.  A blocked shot is immediately effective in that it stops a ball from going into the basket.  It is also potentially disruptive for future shots altered because of a previous block.  Having the threat of a shot blocker in the paint also deters team from driving to the basket which typically breaks down a defense.  There's a reason why people like Nerlens Noel and Anthony Davis are so highly regarded. 

Comment 14 Mar 2013

These figures are nice and all but the main criticism against Meyer, at least while he was at Florida, was that he recruited on the basis of talent alone and didn't account enough for character -- not that he didn't run a tight ship.  The guys that he has recruited at Ohio State have only been there for a year and don't even make up half of the roster, so these numbers reflect more on the guys that Tressel recruited than on the guys Meyer goes after.  Same goes for Hoke.  I personally don't care what Michigan fans say on a Michigan board about Ohio State because I don't visit Michigan boards, which is probably true for a lot of people who frequent this site, so I consider this a non-issue until Michigan fans start to come on this site and make these kinds of accusations against Meyer.  This is probably better suited for the site where you heard people make these claims. 

Comment 01 Mar 2013

I like the "don't be critical cause it might hurt the players' feelings" angle.   For all I know you could be making a very valid point. I find it highly unlikely that Amir Williams reads the comments section on eleven warriors but what the hell do I know.  Amir, if u r reading this, u don't suck. Ur hands are terrible and u appear listless when u shouldn't be listless.  I'm not giving up on u though, buddy, so hang in there!

Comment 01 Mar 2013

I know my comment was entered under a recap of last night's game, so it's my fault that you thought I was talking about that game when I was actually referring more generally to the lineups Matta uses.   Obviously the smaller, quicker lineup will be advantageous at times, especially for teams like NW.  What I am sayinhg actually goes to your next point.  We have established that we can play defense to the point where we can compete at a high level.  What he have not established is a consistent scoring attack.  Craft, Scott, 3, 4, 5 is not going to do that, so why not try something new so that we can score with these high level teams that consistently beat us, so that we can go as far as possible in the tournament?  You say that he was playing different guys for that very reason, which is not something Matta has done very much of in the past, but if that's what his thinking was, I applaud him because you need to be prepared for a variety of scenarios come tournament time. 

Matta is not solely responsible for scoring droughts and inconsistencies, but because he is the coach and because he decides who is on the floor and who is not, he is always going to have something to do with the good times and the bad times.  He is a good coach and an improvement over pretty much anyone we have ever had, but he's not perfect.  He's not the best at making adjustments during a game and not the best at coaching offense.  I'll certainly take his shortcomings because of all the positives he brings to the table but I would expect to see a little growth out of him as a coach in areas where he has shown some deficiencies.  A commentor above said that Matta was complacent and fatalistic with the lack of scoring and I tend to agree.  Based on what I see, changes could be made that would foster more scoring, which will be essential for us to make it anywhere in the tournament.  

Comment 01 Mar 2013

They can't score because he insists on playing lineups heavy on non-scorers.  I absolutely hate the Craft-Scott guard tandem.  Add to that our ineptitude at the 5 and we basically have 3 guys on the court that are not consistent scorers.  That makes it kind of easy for the defense, even if 1 of the 2 scorers is one of the best in college basketball.  I know that this lineup improves our defense (at least when the 2 guard that Craft or Scott has to guard is not taller than 6'2), but this team needs to learn how to score.  My biggest critique on Matta is that he finds a formula that works  and there after develops tunnel vision.   For example, there has been zero development this year with the team's offense.  There are multiple reasons for this, clearly, but one of them has to be that Matta will not consistently play a lineup that features a clearly defined point guard, a two guard who can score (admittedly, this is hard, but it certainly is not Craft or Scott), Ross, Thomas, and a 5.  Instead he rides this lineup with Craft and Scott that does nothing but handicap our offense.  I don't think that he should never put them both on the court at the same time; it's just not productive for the growth of this team and should be used much less frequently.

Comment 15 Feb 2013

Thompson would destroy Oladipo in level of difficulty because of his jumping ability/hang time.  However, Oladipo would probably win out on style points because he can throw it down with a lot more panache.  Thompson is barely heavy enough or strong enough to make the rim breakaway.  His dunks are amazing nevertheless, just not always thunderous.

Sidepoint: Thomas had probably the most electric dunk of his career last night.  That fast break, two-hand behind the head pump was pretty sweet.  I'm surprised he is athletic enough to do that.  I'm talking to you national sportswriters.

Comment 11 Feb 2013

Most of the sophomores have not had a season and a half to develop.  They got playing time last year but it was never really significant.  Matta rode his starters as he usually does.  I have seen development with Thompson and Williams and obviously Ross.  Scott's growth is being stunted by Craft, otherwise I think he would be much farther along.  It's hard to argue FOR Lenzel at this point.  At times I think it would make more sense to put Thompson at the 2 and start Ross at the 3, and let Smith come off the bench.  He has athletic and does a lot of things well but his inconsistency is hurting us at key moments.  I think we have seen his ceiling.

Comment 06 Feb 2013

We shouldn't have marched the starting 5 back out there.  Ross should have been in the game at the tip in OT.  He played an excellent game and the team is better with him on the court than it is with Sam Thompson.  Thompson has showed tremendous growth in his game this year but you don't hand out playing time based on effort.  The team is simply better with Ross on the court.  You could argue that maybe Thompson should take Smith's spot and at times I would tend to agree.  That is actually kind of a toss up.

Comment 06 Feb 2013

Definitely a good choice.  He was a three star among a bunch of four stars.  He would have had a hard time seeing the field in any other capacity beyond returning kicks or punts.  The kid would definitely have been reason enough to stay and go to UM but Dontre Wilson and James Clark are ultimately what triggered this.  Best of luck to him.  We will probably run into him the next couple years.  Hopefully this doesn't come back to bite us.  Pretty sure we'll be alright.

Comment 06 Feb 2013

I'll be interested to see how Thomas measures up against all these other guys when it comes to strength, speed, quickness, jumping ability, etc.  He is a late first round, early second round pick and yet he is probably  one of the better pure scorers in the class that will eventually go pro, which would make you think that there is something that he is missing that these other guys have.  You hear people say he's not athletic as the other guys but I think that is baloney -- that is until I see something that proves there is a significant separation between him and the other guys.  I think the combine will dictate where Thomas ends up.  If he performs well in the athleticism tests, he will jump up the board.  If he doesn't, you'll see him stay in the late first or sometime in the early second.  People think that it was only the dr's red flag that made Sullinger's stock drop last year when it was a combination of that and his terrible performance in the athleticism tests.  One scout said you couldn't slide a sheet of paper between Sullinger's feet and the court when they tested his vertical.

Comment 06 Feb 2013

This is amazing.  Cannot wait to see these guys on the field.  Meyer gashed the Big Ten without these guys.  Imagine what the next couple of years is going to bring.