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Comment 18 Sep 2013

Don't hit the panic button just yet brother... we still have 8 games to be played between now and then, and if Roby isn't stepping up to the plate, we have a lot of young talent itching to prove they deserve the chance. In the snaps that Armani Reeves has had he's looked much improved from last year and he's directly slated as Roby's backup... Roby is going to notice the pressure to perform very soon, or else Urban is going to decide he's not one of the top 11 and park him on the bench.

Either way, it's a half moot point because Wishagain's O-Line better not play that sloppy in The Game or Gardner won't have the time to throw the ball to Gallon (or anyone else) any ways.

Comment 15 Sep 2013

Nothing personal... but my opinion is not only no, but HELL no. That's blasphemy to even think of allowing that no-talent hack performing with TBDBITL... the toolbag plays a frigging soprano sax... and just like the soprano sax is a polished up, shiny, nasally, gay cousin of the clarinet, the same is true of Kenny G and real jazz musicians. Besides... how dare you even consider sullying TBDBITL by suggesting a dirty woodwind instrument sully the sound of and share the field with the most famous and talented all brass marching band in the world!?


Comment 18 Mar 2013

To be honest, Columbus also has more than it's fair share of drug and party culture, so saying that it's more of a problem in Gainesville is just not the case. My uncle was a corrections officer at the county jail in Gainesville for about 15 years before moving back home to Ohio and getting a job at the prison over in London, just west of Columbus. His next door neighbor in London is a dealer and 2/3 of his inmates at London are there on various drug charges. He said there's just as much if not more drugs and party culture in Columbus than Gainesville.

I do believe, however, that Ohio State as a whole institution expects more from and holds all of it's students and faculty, and especially it's student athletes, to a higher standard than UF.

Comment 18 Mar 2013

In defense of Meyer, one of the things he has seemingly changed is the evaluation on a recruit's personality and character and how it bears on whether or not he offers and/or accepts a commitment from a recruit. I think that's part of why he's passed on Davonte Neal's commitment attempt and backed off of Stefon Diggs last minute last season and also why he slowed up on and/or didn't pursue some recruits in this year's class like Robert Foster. Meyer seems like he's avoiding the arrogant, cocky, and brash personalities in his recruits more at OSU than he did at Florida.

That being said, young men will still do dumb things and make some dumb decisions. It's hard not to let it get to your head and decision making when you're treated like a rock star on campus and play most of your games on national television. For the most part, OSU has always maintained a fairly high standard and had few serious problems with student athletes over the years, and Meyer surely doesn't want to be the coach to let that standard fail, especially in the wake of the scandal that ultimately opened up the opportunity for him to coach here in the first place.