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Comment 29 Jan 2014

With allegations of a Hoke cover up, this Gibbons case becomes more interesting. The Hoke honeymoon is over in Ann Arbor and it looks like UM could be having some buyers remorse. Hoke has never won anywhere, boasting just 2 more wins than Urban Meyer (with an extra season under his belt), an overall record of 76-63 and a bowl record of 2-3. After his 11-1 season, UM has gone 15-11. 

After finishing a career worst 5th in the Legends, UM takes their dirty secret out from under their carpet. What else? Hoke is said to be the one with the broom. 

Likely, UM has a clause in Hoke's contract allowing for termination without compensation for this type of situation. Coincidence Gibbons is allowed to kick until Hoke's worst season and the UM-Hike honeymoon has ended? I think not. 

Comment 14 Jan 2014

I think the larger point in all of this is being missed. It's less about propping up the ACC as it is about taking down the B1G. Other conferences, Big 12 with the Longhorn network and the SEC network, have signed on to have their network affiliated with ESPN. I don't know the extent of the affiliation, but my guess is these networks use ESPN's infrastructure to get their product to the masses. The B1G took a different route. They started a network from scratch and created the gold standard for conference networks. Likely, they are viewed as credible competition by ESPN. ESPN's response? Back their conferences and bolster others (it wouldn't be a stretch to say ESPN one day gets in bed with the ACC and creates an ACC network too). 

Now, I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist, but these facts make it harder and harder not to be at least skeptical. First, it was the talk of Baylor jumping OSU after OSU beat Illinois by nearly the same margin as Baylor beat Texas Tech. Then it was the talk of a one loss AQ school (Auburn) being more deserving of a shot at the NT than an unbeaten AQ school (would have been a first for the BCS). Now the news of ESPN attempting to help poach B1G schools and ship them to the ACC comes out and it appears to make ESPN's intent more evident, take down the B1G, ruin their network, put more money in ESPN's pockets.