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Comment 27 Nov 2016

We are not a lock.  Bama, Clemson, and Washington are in if they win next weekend.  That leaves one spot.  If PSU wins the BIG championship, they will have two metrics on their side (conference  championship and head to head) we will have strength of schedule (which PSU will bite into since they will have beaten a top 10 Wisconsin team).  Also, dont forget that the human element in this.  The committee can/does change their minds.  No way two BIG teams get in without upsets next week.  If UW wins no way they get left out and have all playoff teams coming from East of the Mississippi.  I think we have about a 51% chance of getting in, but in now way are we a lock to get in. 

Comment 25 Nov 2016

washington making a statement.  28-3 end of 1Q.  if this keeps up and they win the PAC12 championship, i dont see them getting left out.  dont think we;re a lock if we beat scum, but we shall see.

Comment 16 Nov 2016

calm down there superfan. all i am saying is that once you take a non-conference champ over a conference champ, the flood gates are open and when the SEC does it many of you will be flipping out.  

Comment 16 Nov 2016
If we were to lose multiple games, and yet still win the B1G Championship I would have no problem whatsoever with being excluded from the CFP

you would be the bigger man, because most would have a complete melt down if we won the BIG championship, but a second SEC team got the nod over us. 

Why do you want to treat a conference championships as this magical/golden ticket that guarantees admittance to the playoffs

Because they won their conference???  it is the closest way we have to arrive at the playoff teams without bias.  settle it on the field. by your logic, lets disband all conferences and have a computer do the schedule.  the conference championship means something.  

Under your way of thinking, why would anyone even bother scheduling tough out-of-conference games? It would make more sense to simply schedule 3 or 4 cream-puffs that you can defeat in your sleep and concentrate only on winning your own conference.

if it was truly only conference champs, why would you not schedule a tough slate of opponents?  what do you have to lose?  if you lose in the non-conference so what? you can still go to the playoffs by winning the conference.  plus, scheduling Alabama, USC, Clemson, etc. would put you in prime time every week.  great for recruiting.  We've seen the cupcake scheduling by Baylor does not work. 

Comment 16 Nov 2016

Not meaningless, but there are only 4 slots in the playoff and there are 5 power conferences.  that criteria can be used to select the best conference champions.  it could also come into play if there were ever a 3 loss conference champ.  All I am saying is that this will come back and bite us in the ass down the road.  The only reason this conversation is happening is because the SEC is down this year.  If LSU's only loss is to Bama, who do you think would get a second team in?  In a perfect world, the playoff would be expanded to 6 teams, (but that aint happening any time soon).

Comment 16 Nov 2016
Do you want a playoff composed of the 4 best teams in the nation, or do you want a playoff consisting of 4 conference champions?

If you can't win your own conference are you truly one of the best 4 teams?  Everyone hated the old way of doing things (polls) and the BCS because it brought in the human element (bias).  If you handle your business, you don't have to worry about what others think about you.  Win and your in.  I agree that UWs schedule is not very good, but if they win out, it will get much better (WSU, PAC12 champ, etc.).  All I am saying is that in the recent past, the SEC had multiple teams ranked fairly high towards the end of the year.  How would you feel about it if we had a loss or two, but were BIG champs and got left out for a 1 loss LSU?  Or a 1 loss A&M?  Don't fool yourself into thinking that this could not happen.  Ask the PAC12 and the BIG12 what its like to be left out of the playoff.  

Comment 16 Nov 2016

I think we need to be careful here.  Pushing a team that did not win its conference championship over a team that did, will come back to bite us in the ass.  We know Bama and Clemson are in provided they win out.  More than likely the BIG champ is in even with 2 lossess because the committee realized the BIG was the toughest conference this year.  That leaves one spot.  If UW wins out they would be a conference champ with one loss.  I don't see them getting left out.  If they did put us in over UW or the BIG champ, that would be a bad precedent because how long do you think it will take before the mighty SEC will get in multiple teams due to the strength of their conference?  If they set this precedent,   you will see more SEC teams get in down the road. if they stick with conference champs, that will at least keep the playoff from getting too SEC heavy.

Comment 14 Nov 2016

same people who are down voting this idea would be losing their freakin minds if the SEC got multiple teams in over a BIG champ because the committee felt they were better teams.  Be careful for what you ask for. 

Comment 02 Nov 2016
What if I told you we rank ahead of Wisconsin in total defense? (we are #7 in country, they are #9) 

Be careful when utilizing statistics.  Who is ranked #3 in total defense in the country?  Army.  San Diego state is #5 and a terrible Boston College team is #7.  Alabama comes in at #4 by the way.  I don't think our defense is bad, but the stats do not always tell the whole story.