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Comment 03 Jan 2016

Probably comes down to the potential early playing time.  With scum being the dumpster fire as it is, elite recruits probably figure they can come in and start right away.  If they choose tOSU, odds are they will redshirt their first year because of the depth of talent Urban has stockpiled.  Also, all of these elite recruits more than likely are being told that they are the missing piece to a championship team and since they have been dominant on the field so far, they believe it without hesitation.   

Comment 02 Jan 2016

i woludnt expand to 8 teams but i would expand to 6.  all conference champs get in along with a wild card or the group of 5  champ as long as they were ranked in the top 15.  the commitee could seed the teams and the top 2 would get a bye the first week.  winning your conference has to matter otherwise why not do away with conferences and have every team go independent?  some say it would dilute the regular season (especially the non conference schedule) but i dont think so.  the nonconference schedule is pretty weak for most teams as it is.  we could actually do away with one of the non conference games in order to expand the playoffs. also, if winning the conference gets you in, why wouldnt teams schedule marquee matchups.  it would be great for recruiting and tv ratings and get the team and the fanbase pumped up prior to conference play.  dont think niu, hawaii, etc.. tells you anything about your team.  playing alabama or oregon preseason would give you a much better read on your teams potential.  also, disqualify any team from being eligible for the playoffs if they schedule and FCS team. 

Comment 02 Jan 2016

conference championships should be the most important criteria in selecting teams for the playoffs.  otherwise, you are really going to go off the deep end when they select 2-3 SEC teams for the playoffs.  the sec teams already get a head start on the rest of the teams due to the preseason rankings (and dont say they do not have any bearing on the selection committee because they do).  if you cant win your conference thats on you.  we had our chance but came up short.  

Comment 01 Jan 2016

I think we are one of the best 4 teams in the country, but we did not take care of our business so we didnt deserve to be in the playoff.  However, after watching the beginning of the Rose Bowl, we should have been the BIG representative there.  That would have been a great game.  Iowa is going to get housed like Northwestern did earlier today. Would like to see what we could have done against Stanford. 

Comment 31 Dec 2015

For everyone complaining that conference championships should not be regarded as a major selection criteria, be careful what you ask for.  How would you feel about a playoff with 2-3 SEC teams??  If you cannot win your own conference, why should you get a shot at the championship?  I dont care if the conference champion has 2 or 3 losses. It would be better than having a group of people deciding who "deserved" to go to the playoff.  Win your conference and you have a good shot at getting in.  The way it should be. 

Comment 28 Dec 2015

I see your point, but if Urban is trying to cement a culture of leadership and doing the right thing, their have to be consequences every time a player runs afoul of the law no matter how trivial you or I think it is.  Thats part of being a good leader.  If he starts letting things go for one player, where does it stop?

Comment 26 Dec 2015

Dont see the BIG doing any better than 4-6 or 3-7.  Watching Indiana right now.  They cant stop "Hoosiering"their pants.  Just when they seem to start to take control of the game, they give up a home run.  Dont see them winning this game.  I also see Nebraska getting beat down later tonight as well.  Up in the air in regards to Minnesota/CMU.  I am picking Minnesota for no particular reason.  Dont see Wisconsin getting enough stops to beat USC out in CA.  I have not been impressed with Wisconsin all year.  they suck.  Bama is going to jailsex sparty and Butch Davis and the boys will destroy the fighting Fitzgeralds.  We will beat ND in a close one and ttun should beat a pathetic Gators team in a field goal fest.  McCaffery will run all over Iowa and Penn State is Penn State so they will stink up the joint.  Unless Indiana survives, I see a 3-7 record this bowl season.  The BIG is back baby!!

Comment 12 Dec 2015

I was flipping channels and came across this game and watched for about 5 minutes.  They looked awful.  I saw players yelling back at an assistant coach after he was talking to them about a blown defensive assignment.  This team reminds me of those dreadful teams I used to have to watch growing up.  the Eldon Miller, Randy Ayers, etc.  teams.  I know they are young, but holy shit they look awful.  Hopefully Thad can hold them together this year as they take their lumps because it is going to be an ugly ride.