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Comment 27 Jan 2017
“I would have a consistent running game to up the passing game,” he said

sounds good as long as the defense has no fear of a pass and can stack the box with 8-9 guys.  that was the issue last year.  no fear, by any decent team, of a pass going down field.  until they can at least have defenses respect the threat of a pass, the run game will suffer as well.   

Comment 17 Jan 2017

agree, but even with a better scheme, I have serious reservations on whether or not JT can stretch the field.  his wind up is "tebowesque" and his accuracy/touch is questionable.  a senior qb should be able to throw the receiver open at this stage of his career.  granted, his wr corps leaves a lot to be desired, but his experience should allow him to compensate for that to an extent.  on the replays that show the play from behind the offense, you can see wr/te/hb getting open, but he hesitates instead of throwing the ball which allows the defenders to close.  the o-line was suspect as well, but when the defense does not respect your ability to stretch the field, that allows them to stack the box and blitz from everywhere.  also, I'm not sure his mechanics can be corrected in one off season to allow him to take a big step forward. 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

no one is saying toss JT to the side, but you have to open up the qb competition to ensure that the best player plays.  should be that way across the board every single year.  keep hearing about how competition breeds excellence, lets see it put into practice.  if JT can turn things around with proper scheme and coaching great, but if not, don't keep him in their because he's a senior.  tressell did that and it impacted the team. 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

agree 100%. I don't think we win the CFP in 2014 with JT at the helm.  Cardale stretched the field which opened up the lanes for Zeke to run through.  the dink and  dunk passing game can get you through most of the BIG schedule as long as you have a solid defense.  When you play against elite defenses, you get exposed like this year.  the qb has to be able to stretch the field in order to have success.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

if JT played, there would have been no 2014 NC.  can't be one dimensional against good defenses.  Cardale stretched the field which opened it up for Zeke.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

this offense with jt at the helm, does not strike fear in the heart of any of the elite defenses.  he cannot stretch the field.  that is why cardale was so effective.  defenses could not cheat up and sit in the box.  everyone jokes about the "weenie arm" comment, but I think it is actually true.  watching the Clemson game, I was struck by how fluid and easy Watson made the same passes look compared to jt.  the flare routes to weber or Samuel looked so slow compared to Watson.  it was almost like he was exaggerating the throwing motion and by the time the ball got there (if it was on target) the defense was already on top of the receiver.  if the defense has 10 defenders within 10-15 yards of the line of scrimmage, those short throws are not going to work.  the couple of times we tried going deep in the second half were underthrown.  need a qb that can stretch the field which will open up the underneath routes.  saban was probably praying for a matchup with us in the final.  can you imagine what that defense would have done??  negative yards for the game anyone??

Comment 03 Jan 2017

you bench any player if it is in the best interest of the team.  nothing wrong with competition.  open it up and let the best qb win.  jt would have a leg up due to his past experience, but there should be no "locked in" positions.  Pete Carroll used to do this every year.  if you want to start/play, compete and earn it.  jt may be better off competing for the job anyway.  he will be looking over his shoulder all year if the job is his without question.  we all know how that works out.  if he wins the completion in camp, he is the man. if not, he should be a big enough leader to accept it and do whatever is necessary to help the team. 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

when you play the elite teams like clemson, bama, etc.. your qb better be able to throw a receiver open because the windows are too small.  watching the play unfold from behind the line, many times the recievers had a step on the db, but jt held on to the ball until they were wide open and turned around.  i know urban does not want to take chances in the passing game, but the qb runs and the dink and dunk garbage will not work at the elite level most of the time.   even if we pulled off a miracle and squeaked past clemson, bama would have beaten this team so bad it would have set the program back a decade. 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

100% agree.  urban needs to tell everyone coming back next year, that no positions are safe.  everyone will have to compete for a starting spot next season.  i think pete carroll used to do this every year and it made sure upperclassmen were working hard in the offseason t prepare for the next year.  he really needs to look at the offensive line (mainly the backups).  knox looked totally unprepared out there and he was a heralded recruit.  was he over rated or did the o line coach not develop him like he should have.  if knox is the best back up, the rest must be a dumpster fire and urban should tell them they may want to look elsewhere to pursue playing opportunities which would open up a roster position for someone else.  dont think we need to do too much on the defensive side of the ball.  they played well last night, but were unable to contain clemson with short fields and multiple 3 and outs by the offense.  urban needs to clean house on the offensive side of the ball.  cut beck loose (and maybe stradwa) and demote wariner back to offensive line coach and smith to some kind of recruiting position.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

hats off to the defense.  they were put in short field situations and were on the field for a long time last night due to our offensive debacle.  we produced turnovers and pressured watson most of the night.  if we had an offense, we might have kept this one close. 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

"built in tendencies"???  i think everyone watching the game knew what was going to happen when JT went under center (jet sweep), empty backfield (90% chance QB run), etc..  With over a month to prepare, you would have thought that they could have come up with a couple of variations on the same old playcalls.  way to predictable.  has been all year.  when we finally did start taking some deep shots in the second half, we were getting some PI calls because the they were underthrown.  should be taking shots more often so JT gets used to it.  cant expect him to hit a 40+ yard throw in a huge game when he doesnt do it all season.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

hey, at least we wont have to watch bama jail sex this team on the national stage.....