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Comment 03 Sep 2014
I was pleased with the effort we saw on Saturday. The Bucks never rolled over or played discouraged when the offense was struggling early on. For a bunch of freshmen and sophmores, they handled themselves quite well. Sure, they made mistakes but they were mistakes that damn near every underclassman will make. Experience will fix those pesky mental errors. The o line needs some time to gel but there has never been a unit who goes out for the first time and operates like a well oiled machine. This will be a special group of guys after they mature. National pundits are quick to point out how OSU struggled against Navy yet fail to mention that overall Navy was the veteran team. A young Ohio State team went on the road and beat a squad who runs an extremely tough offense to defend. Not to mention said offense was lead by a QB in Reynolds who operates the option like a surgeon. But who wants to give credit where its due? It wouldn't suprise me at all if Navy only loses 1 more game the rest of the regular season
Comment 19 Aug 2014

I am trying to be as optimistic as poissible. Does losing Braxton hurt? Do I even need to ask that question? There are 10 other guys on the of. nse who have worked their asses off to have the privilege of playing for Ohio State. Urban has recruited a bevy explosive playmakers who have enough time in the program now to have the strength and knowledge of the offense to become impact players. Coqch Herman has alluded to the fact that the offense wants to utilize quick passes to get the ball to said playmakers in space, a pillar of Urban Meyers offensive philosophy. This takes some pressure of off the QB.

Secondly, Barrett has been taking plenty of snaps during Spring and Summer camp. While he is not the same player as Braxton, he is still a talented kid who was  hand picked by our staff. He isnt a Tressel holdover or a walk on. He might not be as dynamic as Braxton but according to the coaches, he is an accurate passer who seems to be making the correct reads. He facilitates and manages the game. Tell Craig Krenzel that a team cant win with a QB who is a game manager. He was going to take the reigns of this offense one day, it just showed up earlier than everyone expected. Now its time to see what he, and the rest of the team, is made of.

People are quick to forget that guys like Dontre Wilson, Ezekiel Elliot, Jeff Heuerman, Jàlin Marshall etc. are still going to play this year. Sure, some guys are unproven but the athletic ability is there and they haven't had the chance to showcase that ability yet. Urban has an eye for talent and these are all guys that he deemed able to play in his system. Point is, there is talent at other positions that are going to be able to put points on the board. Losing Braxton is a hard punch to the gut, but its not a knockout punch. There is still talent on offense. There is SPEED across the board on offense and speed is lethal. While the guy under center isnt Braxton Miller, he isnt Joe Bauserman either. Have faith BuckeyeNation. Great programs attack adversity and Urban will not these guys roll over.

Food for thought, the last two heisman winners were redshirt freshmen. I am not claiming that JT Barrett is akin to Johnny Manziel or Jameis Winston but it is possible for young guys to play with the big boys. Also, Ohio State's last 2 National Championship teams were led by QBs who were in their first season as a starter. Go Bucks!

Comment 19 Aug 2014

First off, I feel horrible for's to a speedy recovery.  A dislocated shoulder is a toukeyegh injury to recover from as it typically becomes a recurring problem. I hope that this doesn't become a career ending disaster for him and he is able to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL. Whether he uses a redshirt and comes back next year or enters the draft and never suits up for the Bucks again remains to be seen. 

My gut instinct is that he will not want to risk another injury in college and will test the NFL waters after rehabbing that shoulder this year. However, his draft stock will take a significant blow as it will be uncertain whether that shoulder has properly healed and there will be question marks since he is so accident prone. The selfish fan in me wants him to take a redshirt, give that shoulder the proper time it needs and comes back next year to lead a more experienced Buckeye squad. (Given the amount of young players that will take the field this year,  its logical that next year's team will better than this year after a season of maturing) Returning will also give him a chance to show that his shoulder has healed and that he is able to throw the football, assuming that he recovers properly.

Whatever happens, thank you for your hard work and for showcasing your talent in Columbus Braxton. I hope to see you suit up for the good guys again but more importantly I hope you recover and are able to fulfill your dream. You have earned that right!

Comment 30 Jun 2014
Agree. Especially if we are able to land two of the top five RBs in 2015 in LJ Scott and Damien Harris. Scott is a workhorse who has the frame to withstand a B1G season long pounding, essentially the same role as Dunn. If he or Ball cant get on the field consistently this year then their ship has sailed. We have pups that are biters on this team and are about to add more young talent. Tress isnt the coach so there wont be any upper classmen loyalty. The best players will play
Comment 30 Jun 2014
I think part of his recruitment was about Michigan NOT landing him. It was safer for Urban to sign him and see if he pans out as opposed to Michigan coming in and landing one of Ohios best players during Urbans first recruiting cycle for the Bucks. Dunn really didnt fit the mold as a typical Urban Meyer RB
Comment 30 Jun 2014
Our offense last year was record setting and one of the most integral spots in Meyer's offense was basically irrelevant. Imagine the celing for our offense now that the players who were hand picked for the h back have learned and grown into the position. The ink in the record books won't even have time to dry if they pick up where they left off and Wilson and Marshall become the playmakers the coaches believe they are! Defenses should be worried. Urban has more weapons than an arms dealer!
Comment 27 Jun 2014
I'm sure Larry Johnson would love to coach him as well. I didnt think we had any chance of landing him a few weeks ago, but his statement shows that he is interested in the Bucks. Now its up to the staff to build on said interest. With Coach Meyer and Coach Johnson recruiting him, our chances are just as good as anyone. Gonna be hard for another school to top that recruiting duo. His highlight tape is nothing short of remarkable. I can see why analysts are calling him to best defensive player since Clowney. Excellent speed and devastating tackling ability! He even has a one handed grab on offense. Elite athleticism at its finest. I really hope he ends up in Columbus. Regardless, he will be an exciting player to watch.
Comment 26 Jun 2014
Another big hitting DB from Glenville. Theres another former safety hailing from there that workes out quite well for usn I think alot of people, myself included, took Donte Whitner for granted when he played for OSU. Ill be sure not to make the same mistake with Smith. Cant wait to watch this kid!
Comment 25 Jun 2014
While I want to see Spence,.Washington, Bennett and Bosa decimating the backfield as much as possible, having talented backups will not only decrease fatigue in our starters but risk of injury as well. Getting younger backups more quality snaps will only speed up their development IMO. If the 2s are capable of stepping in with little drop off and if morale stays high, I am ok with it. Something tells me that at least 1 or 2 starters will be on the field at all times anyway. I dont think its gonna be like a line change in hockey
Comment 25 Jun 2014
Refer to.Rudy. Able and willing students who are willing to get their heads kicked in so the real team.can get reps without risking injury to scholly players. Best thing about walk on practice squad guys, the coaches dont care if they get hurt...line straight outta Rudy
Comment 25 Jun 2014
Guess Ive been in the dark. 16 hr work days will do that I guess. If theres already a thread on this I apologize
Comment 21 Jun 2014
If we keep "waiting for next year," we will be starting true freshmen at tight end. For example, if the next TEs we land are Hausmann amd Farrell, Baugh will be a RS JR when both those guys enroll. We need more depth than that. IMO I see the staff looking for a JUCO player for said depth
Comment 21 Jun 2014
I guess "neglect" was a poor choice of words. The point I was trying to make is that maybe the staff recruits other positions a little harder than TE. However, there are far more WRs and RBs out there than TEs so I understand that it makes it a little more difficult to pull in elite guys on a regular basis when the number of such players is relatively low. You are right when you say Urban has used the TE in his offense in past years. Problem being, the last time he had a great TE in his offense, the current targets were barely in middle school and more than likely have no recollection of them. Urban can show film of how he has used his TEs, but it is over 6 years old. Other coaches are probably quick to point out the lapse in time. Thats one of the few negative pitches they can make.
Comment 21 Jun 2014
Pretty sweet graphic. I am glad that the Bucks are the assumed favorite. It would be nice if he pulled the trigger soon. Its all good andwell that we are his leader, but its June. The longer the recruitment process goes on, the more nervous I get. Alot of time for other programs to get in his ear. I have faith in our staff though. Lets lock up another top guy from Ohio!
Comment 20 Jun 2014
Just watched Denzel Ward's highlights and I'm excited to see where his career goes. Should be a good player after some quality time with Coach Mick. He has killer speed and once he adds some weight, look out. I wonder if he will stay at CB cuz he looked pretty shifting running the football.He could be pretty deadly with his speed and elusiveness on WR screens. As a CB I cant see many receivers blowing by him. Seems like he could also be an exciting return man. Glad to see you bringing your speed and talent to Columbus. Welcome home Denzel Ward!
Comment 20 Jun 2014
Tell A.J. Hawk, James Lauranitis, Malcolm Jenkins (shall I go on?) that settling on 3*s doesn't work out. Kudos to the kid for working hard and earning his offer. Its not like the staff offered Ward solely on his camp performance. They got to coach him first hand and obviously liked what they saw. If the staff deems a kid worthy of an offer, I'm pretty sure the fans should be happy with his commitment. Stop obsessing over the rankings and look forward to what this kid can bring to the team