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Comment 02 Dec 2016
Gotta say that I respect JT for his moxy late in games. He relishes in "do or die" moments and never cracks. But if you are picking one QB from OSU, the only debate I see is between Joe Germaine and Troy Smith. Both guys had cannons and steel nerves in big moments. If I HAD to make a call, I'd say Troy but I'm biased towards that era.
Comment 01 Dec 2016
When I heard about the delay on his announcement, I thought we had done enough to "turn the tide" in his recruitment. No way ANY recruit at The Game wouldn't be swayed by that atmosphere. Been to plenty OSU games but that place was L-O-U-D. Meyer running around the sideline before OT started like he just mainlined some Red Bull with Coach Coombs had to leave a good impression!
Comment 01 Dec 2016
No it wouldn't. It pains me to give credit to that team any time, but that D is legit. I'm not claiming that we couldn't beat that team again, as I have complete faith in Urban to ID and fix the problems on offense we had, but let's not pretend that the home crowd played a significant role in most of the HUGE mishaps TTUN had. Having said that, F*ck *ichigan! We own those pansies in Columbus, Up north or on the damn moon! Bring it!
Comment 30 Nov 2016
Prince is who he is. Injuries, development or whatever the case is, the coaches have no better option or they would make a change. What's alarming to me is the offensive staff refusing to give him any help with a TE or RB staying home to block. Having an extra receiving option does no good when JT is getting that much pressure. He doesn't have time to go through all his progressions when Prince gets overwhelmed to find that "extra" receiver anyway. I would think he would be better used as an extra blocker
Comment 29 Nov 2016
All likely scenarios point to rematches of some of the most exciting games during Meyers tenure. I'd like to see Clemson get some payback from the Orange Bowl. (And not watching Sammy Watkins catch a bubble screen for 15 yards every other play!) If there is a NCG with an OSU-MICH rematch, I'm afraid I'll be paying off the credit card for a while! That's once in a lifetime
Comment 29 Nov 2016
Unfortunately I was in AA in 2003 and had to witness the bucks on the losing end. Since that stadium is a pit to hell and my seat was in row 1 of the end zone, I had to wait forever to climb out of said hell and listen to the endless smack talk from all the fans on the field (and elsewhere). Couple that memory along with a childhood growing up in the Cooper era and days like Saturday never get old!
Comment 28 Nov 2016
With his great athleticism, he has a bright future as an NFL player. Let's not forget that Malik has only played football for a few years now as opposed to guys in the league who have played throughout HS and college. That's a lot more time learning the nuances of the game. While Malik has unreal anticipation on his INTs, he also relies on his athleticism to recover any hesitation in his reaction time. That margin is slim in NFL where everyone is athletic. Another year at OSU is, literally, another year he is educating himself on the game and honing his skills. A steeper learning curve and less patience on development in the NFL could cut short his career before he is MENTALLY ready. So although there could be millions on the table now, by staying he could earn more if hes better prepared. Besides, there are worse ways to spend a year than playing football at OSU where he is a rock star on campus!
Comment 27 Nov 2016
Not to mention Harbaugh kept 2 timeouts in his pocket. Some clock management on his part could've left Michigan enough time to attempt a game winner to end regulation. That heart stopping return at the end would've set that up nicely.
Comment 26 Nov 2016
It's a beautiful *orning in Colu*bus, Ohio. Perfect conditions for another TTUN beatdown! Let's get the Shoe rocking today folks! If TTUN got rattled on the road in Iowa City, let's give the* a heart attack during their trip to Cbus! Go Bucks!!!
Comment 03 Sep 2014
I was pleased with the effort we saw on Saturday. The Bucks never rolled over or played discouraged when the offense was struggling early on. For a bunch of freshmen and sophmores, they handled themselves quite well. Sure, they made mistakes but they were mistakes that damn near every underclassman will make. Experience will fix those pesky mental errors. The o line needs some time to gel but there has never been a unit who goes out for the first time and operates like a well oiled machine. This will be a special group of guys after they mature. National pundits are quick to point out how OSU struggled against Navy yet fail to mention that overall Navy was the veteran team. A young Ohio State team went on the road and beat a squad who runs an extremely tough offense to defend. Not to mention said offense was lead by a QB in Reynolds who operates the option like a surgeon. But who wants to give credit where its due? It wouldn't suprise me at all if Navy only loses 1 more game the rest of the regular season
Comment 19 Aug 2014

I am trying to be as optimistic as poissible. Does losing Braxton hurt? Do I even need to ask that question? There are 10 other guys on the of. nse who have worked their asses off to have the privilege of playing for Ohio State. Urban has recruited a bevy explosive playmakers who have enough time in the program now to have the strength and knowledge of the offense to become impact players. Coqch Herman has alluded to the fact that the offense wants to utilize quick passes to get the ball to said playmakers in space, a pillar of Urban Meyers offensive philosophy. This takes some pressure of off the QB.

Secondly, Barrett has been taking plenty of snaps during Spring and Summer camp. While he is not the same player as Braxton, he is still a talented kid who was  hand picked by our staff. He isnt a Tressel holdover or a walk on. He might not be as dynamic as Braxton but according to the coaches, he is an accurate passer who seems to be making the correct reads. He facilitates and manages the game. Tell Craig Krenzel that a team cant win with a QB who is a game manager. He was going to take the reigns of this offense one day, it just showed up earlier than everyone expected. Now its time to see what he, and the rest of the team, is made of.

People are quick to forget that guys like Dontre Wilson, Ezekiel Elliot, Jeff Heuerman, Jàlin Marshall etc. are still going to play this year. Sure, some guys are unproven but the athletic ability is there and they haven't had the chance to showcase that ability yet. Urban has an eye for talent and these are all guys that he deemed able to play in his system. Point is, there is talent at other positions that are going to be able to put points on the board. Losing Braxton is a hard punch to the gut, but its not a knockout punch. There is still talent on offense. There is SPEED across the board on offense and speed is lethal. While the guy under center isnt Braxton Miller, he isnt Joe Bauserman either. Have faith BuckeyeNation. Great programs attack adversity and Urban will not these guys roll over.

Food for thought, the last two heisman winners were redshirt freshmen. I am not claiming that JT Barrett is akin to Johnny Manziel or Jameis Winston but it is possible for young guys to play with the big boys. Also, Ohio State's last 2 National Championship teams were led by QBs who were in their first season as a starter. Go Bucks!