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Comment 14 Mar 2014
Ever since Meyer took the head coaching gig the buckeye faithful were quick to place a timeline on when he would hoist the crystal ball in Columbus. Yes Year 2 was successful for Urbz at every one off his former coaching stops. Past successes do not correlate to future seasons. Year 2 of his OSU career did not bring home a NC but it was far from unsuccessful. Year 3 looks promising but will also have its own obstqclesvas every year will. The upcoming season will field ateam looking for a new o line and of course a lb uni competent enough to satisfy what Urbz is looking for in a defense. In 2015 thet bucks will need to teplace a QB and several talented D linemen. Point is, every season will have its obstacles and just because Urban has won at other schools doest mean that its guaranteed in Columbus. It falls on xurrent players to work hard and put all the pieces together. The right players are commiting to the program. Will they put in the work thats necessary? Urbans past stats wont tell us the answer. Its up to Buckeyes to ensure Buckeye success...not the Utes or Gators. I feel we are in good hamds. Good coaches and good players should yield GREAT results. Go get that title Bucks!
Comment 07 Mar 2014
I thought that Kenny G wasnt interested in testing the NFL waters and was more concerned about starting a career in coaching. But I am sure that if an NFL team shows interest it will change his mind. Best of luck Kenny. I hope to see you back on the OSU sidelines wearing headset after your playing days are over. Evenvif Kenny makes an NFL squad and never sees thr field, its still a nice payday for him. I wish him nothing but the best
Comment 11 Feb 2014
Being raised in the Ohio Valley, I'll always pull for guys from the small OVAC schools. There are talented guys in that area (Michael Ferns, a 2014 Commit to tsun, goes to high school about 20 miles from Austin Dorris and Shadyside) but due to the overall competetion, it's hard to judge just "how good" a prospect really is. Hopefully Austin can impress at his upcoming camps and turn a few heads from the big boys. With TE being a high priority in 2015, I doubt that Dorris will be on OSUs board unless we strike out on a few guys. No matter where he commits, I wish Austin the best of luck. Sounds like he has a good work ethic, hopefully his efforts pay off for him. Great to see Birm and 11w showing my old stompin' grounds. some love!You guys TRULY are everywhere. Great read as always!
Comment 29 Sep 2013
Thats what happens when you throw millions of dollars at a coach who hasnt proven himself at all. The only thing that Kiffin ever accomplished waa riding Daddys name into a "career" in coaching. Dude is nothing but an arrogant ass hat who is nothing but a cancer to every program he encounters. Lets all share in a chuckle with Urban this morning. I think there might be a pop warner team in search of a coach somewhere up in Idaho, Lane. Make sure to include references on that application. Im sure all of your former employers with have glowing reviews for you
Comment 22 Jul 2013
looks like urban will still be without a 1000 YRD disappointed. Rod Smith I believe your time has come. Now hang on to that damn ball! Truth be told Im excited to see what Warren Ball can do
Comment 22 Jul 2013
Roby will not be dismissed. Maybe miss 3 games and some extra time with Mariotti. Getting intobit with a bar bouncer doesnt sound as bad as punching a female. Urban has a strict policy on violence against women a la storm klein. IMO roby will still play but el guapo is el gone-o...c!mon guys grow up...ensue media circus
Comment 10 Jul 2013
attriton happens every year. im sure a couple players will see the writing on the wall and transfer...not sure who but one of our rbs will probably seek more PT somewhere
Comment 09 Jul 2013
we bleed scarlet through and through the buckeye faith fresh renewed. A man named Urban leads the way From August's end until The Game. We all will cheer our Buckeyes on through thick and thin, right and wrong. If January, a championship brings the cheers will rise, the victory bell rings. We all will wait for our warriors bold through summer's heat and winter's cold. That team up North will always suck should they win, I call it luck Our rooted passion will never die for those who sing The Buckeye Battle Cry! thank you for starting this blog and its great to read everyones creative thoughts
Comment 08 Jul 2013
What is there to like about summer if you're not half-naked and in the immediate vicinity of a cool body of water and a hot grill?...or a hot girl
Comment 30 Jun 2013
welcome to your new home lonnie. looking forward to seeing what you can do in the upcoming years. you get an honorary upvote for referencing our rival as that team up north. urban has already taught you well
Comment 26 Jun 2013
Although Offensive Line is the top priority in this class, would it be wise for our staff to accept 7 linemen when we are likely to welcome more in next years class? We are running low on schollies and with guys like Marshon Lattimore and Raekwon McMillan reserving spots unless they commit elsewhere, it kind of worries me to see so many scholarships going out to OLs albeit very talented ones. McMillan and Lattimore are players we cant say no to.
Comment 26 Jun 2013
My kids will never want to go to TSUN. Seeing Michigan is the only time they will be allowed to fly the bird without punishment so Im sure they will hate them well before entering grade school (Im sure everyone would support their children no matter what. I honestly dont think anyone would disown their children for anything let alone something as trivial as a college choice. Take this blog for what it
Comment 26 Jun 2013
If tOSU loses any game this season they will be an upset victim. Im sure we will be favored in every game this year. TTUN is a tossup at this point. Lets see the records in November
Comment 26 Jun 2013
I feel your pain for road losses. I havent traveled to an away game since 06 because the bucks are 0-4 during my away game outtings. Witnessed Tressels only loss to ttun in 03, a meltdown in West LaFayette, as well as losses at Penn State and Wisky. Ive often thought about going to Indiana to break my curse but knowing my luck, IU would pull off the upset. But I digress...the shoe is the best place to watch a football game anyway
Comment 26 Jun 2013
Although we dont typically play well on the west coast I think we should be able to take care of Cal. Northwestern is a quality team with a great young coach. Factor in a night game, homecoming weekend and NU having two weeks to prepare, yeah Evanston worries me
Comment 25 Jun 2013
Once a buckeye always a buckeye. I think as fans most of us think if we had the opportunity to play.c college football we would suit up for the bucks without question. But none of us had that chance so we are very biased in our opinion. I hope you choose to come to Columbus but its the biggest decision of your life and its completely justifiable that you want to explore all options. Best of luck in your recruitment. Columbus will always welcome you
Comment 25 Jun 2013
I got a chuckle reading your response as it had an Allen Iverson vibe imo."We're talking about practice...err...helmet stickers. Not a game...practice...wait stickers." Damn you Iverson