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Comment 16 Jan 2017
Good God, BJ Foster can lay the lumber when he tackles! What an amazing player! I hope Meyer and Schiano can work their magic again in Texas and bring in that state's best DB (again). I always love seeing local kids fulfill their dreams of being Buckeyes and hope Ellison gets the oppurtunity. However, I would think his history of injuries and the plethora of elite backs in 2018 with OSU interest would have our coaches passing on him. Should be interesting to see what unfolds until NSD.
Comment 09 Jan 2017
I've been hoping to see EGW make the switch as well. Assuming Eric Smith is healthy, he will most likely get the nod to start beside Damon Webb. That's leaving one of the fastest players on the roster watching the game. EGW is too good of an athlete to be on the sidelines. Our WR group has struggled to make plays and has lacked a deep threat since Devin Smith. Maybe EGW wouldn't be the answer for the missing deep threat, but he could be deadly on screens or operating in space. Chris Worley raved about his agility during practice and if he was giving a loaded Ohio State defense issues, imagine what he can do against our opponents. We are getting a competent OC (FINALLY!) and I have no doubt that Wilson could utilize EGWs athleticism. Our secondary is ready to reload. Sure, EGW might snag a starting role this off season to replace Hooker. But look at the players behind him if that happens. We have recruited the hell out of the secondary the past few years and we are adding the best group of DBs in history this year! There are plenty of able bodies in our secondary, but at WR the same cannot be said. It makes more sense to move him to a thin position where he can help bolster a struggling unit. He wouldn't be missed as a DB as much as he would help as a WR. Fingers crossed...
Comment 08 Jan 2017
I've been hoping that EGW makes the move to offense. I'm sure that he can become a great defensive back but it looks like it may take another year based on last season's 2 deep. Not to mention the fact OSU is signing perhaps the best group of DBs ever, certainly at OSU, he could get buried on the depth chart by the incoming class. EGW is far too athletic to be watching from the sidelines. After reading Worley's comments about his elusiveness during bowl practices, it only cemented my wants for him on offense. The WR group has struggled and with the addition of Kevin Wilson its time to start letting EGW do work with the ball. H Back is in good hands. Samuel may return as a heisman contender and Demario McCall will fill in nicely should Samuel declare. EGW could emerge as the missing deep threat, but I think he could be dangerous on screens or a quick hit out in space. If he was making our defense miss, he can do it to anyone!
Comment 07 Jan 2017
I wanted Okudah in this class more than any other player after the first time I saw him play footbal because of his talent. After reading this, I am more impressed of his mindset and humility than his talent, as impossible as that sounds. I am proud that this young man will be an ambassador for my beloved university. With this kind of attitude, I have no doubt that he will be a great success, football or not. They might as well get his tree ready in Buckeye Grove. Great pickup by Urban and his staff!
Comment 07 Jan 2017
Okudah was probably #1 on my most wanted list for this class after I got to watch a game of his during his Junior season. Elite in man coverage, but what impressed me the most was his tackling. Flies around like a missile and definitely isn't afraid to lay the wood. Jeff Okudah and Shaun Wade would be a scary duo for an opposing QB. Add in Amir Riep, Marcus Williamson and Isaiah Pryor and that's one helluva secondary. No, its a LEGENDARY SECONDARY!
Comment 04 Jan 2017
I would love to see Samuel return and see what he can do with a competent OC, but if he decides its time to get paid then best of luck. He gave me one of my favorite memories at the Shoe when he stabbed ttun through the heart with the Brooklyn Dagger! Demario McCall is on deck and should fill in nicely should Samuel declare
Comment 04 Jan 2017
I don't see how most of the blame for the OL deficiencies can be pinned on Studrawa. He had to replace a 1st round draft pick and returned only a couple starters. Michael Jordan played well for a freshman, but it was obvious that depth is the most glaring issue when Knox came in to replace him on Saturday night. Studrawa did fine with what he was dealt with in my eyes. Is he as good as Warriner was? I'm not so sure. We don't have a large enough sample to compare the two yet. Did Studrawa under perform enough to justify losing his job? I don't see how that conclusion can be reached just yet
Comment 02 Jan 2017
Speaking of getting paid, Schiano better be receiving a hefty pay raise. He replaced 3 starters in the secondary and turned 2 of those guys into 1st rounders- possibly top 10 picks. Malik and Marshon Lattimore are special talents, no doubt. However, they had a brilliant coach who DEVELOPED their skills. Nonetheless, Congrats Mr. Hooker! What you did in 1 short season is nothing short of amazing. You will be missed and remembered! Let's reload! Go Bucks!
Comment 31 Dec 2016
I am over being positive watching the ineptitude of thjs offensive staff. Once Herman left, any creativity or growth went with it. Say what you will about JT being a warrior or winning games, he has had little growth at best since his freshman season. Sure he can read a defense and can pick up a couple yards on the ground, but to be elite a QB has got to throw the damn ball. JT constantly reverts to bad habits with his feet, his delivery and his confidence throwing a guy open. Who's fault is the lack of technique on? Did anyone look at Becks hire and sya "Wow, look how great his Nebraska QBs were?" I'll take Warriner back on the O Line, but the rest gotta go. Zach Smith has done absolutely nothing with the blue chip guys he has brought in. Recruiting may be a lifeline for your program, but what good is it when that talent goes wasted? Go Bucks
Comment 17 Dec 2016
He sucks? C'Mon man, you're better than that! The injury bug is hard to shake sometimes. If anyone remembers Mike D'Andrea from the class of 02 (I believe 02?) he was a very highly sought after recruit- a "can't miss" linebacker.However, he got hurt early on and his career never materialized. Was he a bust? Did HE suck? No, he caught a bad break and there's nothing anyone can do about that. Injuries are a part of football. You think Hillard isn't upset that he can't stay healthy? Talent has nothing to do with health. I hope he bounces back. Even if he doesn't, its not because "he sucks." Bush league comment...
Comment 15 Dec 2016
It's like I've said, Prince is who he is right now. He can work all he wants and that's great he's putting in the time. But for God sakes, give him some help with a RB or TE. Lose the extra receiver for a blocker and give JT the time to throw. He won't go through 4 or 5 progressions getting pressured in under 3 seconds after the snap!
Comment 10 Dec 2016
Although I've been critical of him at times, I've always respected Fickell for what he has done for OSU and the blood, sweat and tears he has shed. I hate to see such a Buckeye mainstay leave but he has more than earned the right to run his own program. Best of luck Coach Fickell. You will be missed, yet always cherished in Columbus. Once a Buckeye...
Comment 07 Dec 2016
I (selfishly) always want to see Luke Fickell on Ohio State's sidelines and Kerry Coombs fervorously helmet slapping a deserving DB coming off the field. But in Urban Meyer's culture at OSU, we reload. Players start one season and head for the NFL. Great assistants become hot commodities for other programs in need. If any coaches leave, I wish them the best and thank them everything they've done for this football team and fine university. In Urban we trust.
Comment 06 Dec 2016
I look forward to a game against Clemson with their offense taking shots down field. Hell I'll even settle for a couple completions over 10 yards! Maybe that will stifle the nightmares I have of a scarlet-clad Orange Bowl screaming, "SCREEN!!!" only to watch Sammy Watkins pick up another 15 yards... I think our secondary is a little more polished for this matchup. Go Bucks!