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Comment 15 Oct 2014

If Miss St & Auburn (lost to MSU) win out, both will go, Auburn will have wins over Ole Miss and Alabama (and Georgia) and a decent looking road OOC win at K-State.  Not likely that happens, but AU will be at worst #3 in that scenario.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Some pretty bad things have come out of it too, ranging from elimination of men's sports teams in the name of proportionality all the way to the erosion of due process and standards of evidence for the accused in campus sexual harassment hearings (something that really shouldn't fall under the original law).  I wouldn't call it silly, but I'd pop some champagne if it was repealed/redefined.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Wilner is a joke.  I spent a season about five years ago following his column which explained his ranking system, and it was just a mess.  Some credit for bucking the trend of keeping teams in the same order as the preseason poll, but his system in truth might be a monkey with a dartboard.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

VaTech is a perennial 10 win team (last year or so not-withstanding).  That transfer QB makes them like Wiscy with Russel Wilson, they should finish ranked just outside of the top 10.  (no, that still doesn't make it right).

Comment 23 Apr 2014

See also


I don't mind OSU cutting out most of the secondary market on a 7-8 game home season.  I do mind paying the same price for a ticket at the top of D deck as for A deck.  With the analytics available (especially partnered with Tickemaster) they should be doing a better job of variable pricing.

Comment 11 Mar 2014

Eh.  Browns were at 97% capacity last year, and they have a wait list for season tickets.  Filling seats is not the problem, keeping butts in the stadium past the third quarter is.  Former Buckeyes are great, but they haven't had a good track record with recent picks (Robiskie comes to mind).

Comment 25 Nov 2011

Best Christmas song ever...

Comment 24 Nov 2011

My friend, who works at the Citgo, said his mom heard that her neighbor's thrid cousin knows a grad assistant on the women's volleyball team who dates a guy in the cafeteria who brings meals to the janitor at Morril who runs a car cleaning service that Gene Smith's college roomate drives past on his way to Starbucks, said everyone is being fired BEFORE the game.


Sometimes you guys do not make me proud to be a Buckeye.


Luckily there's a game on Saturday, and my ass will be there...

Comment 08 Nov 2011
Kind of hard to compare defenses across years when so much more pressure is placed on this year's version due to a struggling offense. I liked Luck til I head them discussing him on Mike & Mike, taking about hiis slow release, which I then noticed on just about every play I saw from him. Peter King at SI also mentions it. Not sure how he can lose the #1 spot, but I now question whether he'll be a home run or just a 2-3 yr starter/bust.
Comment 01 Feb 2011

If Tress were a basketball coach, I could see him drooling at the thought of limiting a game to 49 possessions...

Comment 07 Dec 2010
Speaking of the ess e see, what are the odds Tebow is "working at the Citgo" next year now that McDaniels is out of Denver?