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Comment 15 Mar 2017
I always felt like he built around one big post player and the point shooter(s). But it worked well with Evan Turner and then DeShaun Thomas, so who knows.
Comment 10 Feb 2017

The play ins are usually for 2 16 seeds (auto qualifiers) and for 2 11 or 12 seeds (at large).  We'd be in a play in, then face a 5 or 6 seed, which isn't a bad place to make a run. LaSalle (2013, as 13 seed) and Tennessee (2014, as 11 seed) both went to the sweet sixteen from the play in round, and VCU (2011, as an 11 seed), reached the Final 4.  Each year one and only one of the play in round teams has advanced during the rest of the tourney.

Comment 01 Jun 2016

scheduling gets ugly if you don't do all or nothing, unless you have the teams play home and home over the two years, despite changes in record.

I like neutral sites - perhaps a dual jamboree event (Georgia Dome and Indy with 7 games each over Labor day, one each Thu/Fri night, two each Sat & Sun, one on Mon)

Comment 30 Mar 2016

What people don't realize - and I didn't til I did some bracket research this year - is that aside from a handful of teams, *everyone* misses the tourney once a decade.  Kansas, Duke, Michigan St, Wisconsin, and Gonzaga all have 18+ year streaks going.  After that?  VCU, Cinci, and UNC with 6.  Prior to this year OSU was ahead of that crew with 7.  Let that sink in a little before your expectations of making the tournament every year color your vision.

That being said, three players from one class exiting is cause for extreme concern, especially when at least one of those players was becoming a fan favorite for his frenetic play.  Was it the writing on the wall, or a deeper issue?

Many have talked about Matta's health being a factor in the decline of play (my dad has also noticed on Matta's weight relative to a few years ago).  Today the Plain Dealer has an article about needed to make some changes with the assistant coaches, and how the good ones in the past have moved on to head coaching jobs, but the "rest" have been hanging around for a while without similar expectations.  Matta was known to be good with centers and big men.  Now that he's coaching from the bench instead of on the court, he probably needs to think about getting someone in who can be more hands on in the post.