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Comment 23 Jan 2015

Good for him if its true. Even though he never really seen the field he was one of my favorite players based on potential alone. Here's hoping he gets the state of Ohio another ring at YSU!

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Thank you, Vico. I still got chills and grinned from ear to ear watching Zeke break his 85'r off!

Comment 23 Jan 2015

Regular Season- its gotta be TTUN. The way the game has been played when they were "coached" by Hoke was close enough. Now they have someone who knows what they're doing so I'm sure it'll be a battle. With that being said I chose OTHER because Im assuming our National Championship game opponent will be even tougher!

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Used to love Nascar. Then everyone became free agents changing teams, sponsors, numbers, you name it. Between that and the constant product placement I just couldnt tolerate it anymore. I do miss my Sunday afternoon naps between laps 31 and 140 though.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

The one time in my life I'll ever disagree with Coach. I think we all know the best Friday night football is played in the Great State of Ohio!

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Have to scroll to the bottom of the page.

And for what its worth, coach could've worn that Houston hat the whole night. After bringing home the trophy he can do no wrong in my eyes!

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Love it. As a Toledo grad I was one of the 71,000 in Cleveland that day wearing a solid mix of gear for both teams. I would love nothing more than to be able to drive 2 miles to campus, tailgate, attend the game, then call my wife and have her drive pick me up so I can come back to sleep in my own bed....or couch depending on how good of a day it was. As much as I love a trip to Cbus, logistically I'd love to watch the Bucks in my own town.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

Agreed, Dunn was that big bruiser back that I was looking forward to the second he signed with OSU. That being said with his fumbles and off the field issues its a stretch to say he'd get more touches than Samuel who looked really good this year.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Thanks. Thats what I was hoping to hear but couldnt find any update on that quote. Didnt want to make the 11W panic or stone me for starting a thread on it.

Thanks again