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Comment 24 Jun 2015

JH is dirty. That's some shady recruiting if I ever done seen it. I'm surprised he didn't join an SEC club.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

Arkansas was the worst team in the SEC West. They went 2-6 in conference.

The Aggies were next with a 3-5 conference record.

He honestly believes these two teams could beat Sparty and Wisconsin?  I will admit Arkansas was better than their record...much better. There is a reason they lost so many games. Close losses are still losses. Their offense was putrid. There is no way they move the ball against Sparty or Wisky.

The Spartans and Wisky would score 70 points on the aggie defense by the 3rd qtr. I'm not joking either.

We haven't even discussed Nebraska, Minny, or the SEC East champ Indiana.

I'm gonna chalk his statement up as hyperbole.

Comment 27 May 2015

This list can't be in order. Even still, some of the names shouldn't be on the list.

#11 is gone and didnt play on our title run team. I think he was awesome but his impact was missed imo.
#10 hasn't actually played a game. Why is he on the list?
#9 saved his best games for our biggest games last year...and he's only ranked 9?
#8 shattered numerous QB records and gutted out a win at PSU. Surely he should be higher? This one and (9) proved there is no order lol.
#7 Hasn't played a snap. Has he even practiced lol. I guess a win vs JH is enough to make the list? I'll wait to see if he pans out first.
#5 hasn't played either.
#1 is well deserved. Victory over Saban on and off the field. Probably the only thing Coach Withers did right lol.

Obviously Bosa and Decker should be higher...but that's why I can't imagine the order has relevance.

" Let's take a look at who we here at 11W think have made the biggest impact on the future of Buckeye football. "

^^Any of the players that directly helped win the NC should occupy the top spots. That is probably our biggest recruiting tool in the future. We probably don't land Mike Weber without it....what better way to distinguish from the scUM snake oil than with a NC?

JT Barret's performance has to have helped us in the future with QB recruiting. he should be higher imo.

"When you're collecting talent at that pace, it's not easy to know exactly who's going to pan out and who is going to flame out, but the Buckeyes have had incredible success since Meyer took over. Ohio State has had far more hits than misses thanks to incredible player development, "

Then why the heck are we talking about kids that haven't even played lol.

Comment 18 May 2015

Can we please stop with the 1969 comparisons. it's getting old. That was literally 50 years ago. CFB, and OSU, have changed. Between scUM fans seeking some sort of mythical rallying point and 'cautious' OSU fans reminding us to not count our unhatched chickens, I think I wanna vomit.

If the Buckeyes happen to lose this season, and if by chance it was to scUM, we won't hear the end of it. It wouldn't be the first time a great team didn't repeat but that won't matter because of some team that suited up a million years ago.

Comment 29 Apr 2015

The gap OSU and PSU are putting on the rest of the

That game @ Sparty wasn't as close as the final score. Spartan fans don't wanna admit that but it's true.  Their defense was manhandled and they were much too slow to keep up with our WR core. OSU spotted them 2-3 turnovers and still beat em by double their place at night! 

I don't know if PSU will be nearly as dominate as the Buckeyes but I suspect a noticeable uptick in their win percentage in the next couple of years. I don't know if they have the proper coaching to edge the Spartans.

Comment 26 Apr 2015

I'm not so sure that's the case. Braxton doesn't progress through his reads as well as the other QBs (Guiton included) and he tends to favor his safety valves when he is under pressure. He takes off before he should and that hurts his passing numbers. perhaps if he stayed in the pocket we would see an improvement.  It just so happens that our safety valves are excellent playmakers for ALL of our QBs ;)  I think we exaggerate the level of competition Braxton faced. I would take Braxton's WR core over every secondary we face in the B1G (outside of Sparty). One last thing about Guiton...Guiton was able to break the single game TD record with Braxton's weapons. Not bad.  I will admit that we need to see more of Guiton to make a complete judgment.

I did a similar comparison between JT and Braxton's last year. I compiled these stats awhile ago. I'll just leave the summary.


Games 11
Avg # receivers with completed passes: 6
9 best games avg: 6.4
Subtracting the best and worst: 5.67
of the 172 passes, 59 were thrown to his top receiver. that's about 34%


Games 10
Avg # of receivers with completed passes: 7.9
9 best games: 8.3
subtract best and worst: 7.1

of the 172 passes, 47 were thrown to his #1 receiver. that's about 27%.

I was in the stands during much of Braxton's career. I can tell you that he missed a good number of wide receivers and you could hear the crowd react as well. I haven't been to a game for awhile so maybe JTB was just as bad.....but I don't get that impression on the tele. When I watch Guiton or JTB, you can see them check the field in a way Braxton never did and make passes that require a higher level of anticipation and timing. I know, we can try to fit numbers to make our arguments but I don't think it's an accident that coaches and sports writers/commentators arrive at similar conclusions.

Thanks for the exchange.