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Comment 21 Apr 2015

I don't think he would have done as much damage. If the Buckeyes keyed in on the run then I think Bama would have had the rougher end of it. His running was successful because Kiffin setup the run with the pass.

Comment 20 Apr 2015

Obama gets the honor to meet the national champs. Cool.

Boone's comments tell me two things:

1) Harabaugh will do good things for scUM. He will push push push. That's what they need in college.

2) Too many egos in the NFL. Wtf does "‘Dude, we got over the mountain. Stop" mean? What's wrong with striving to work hard and not being complacent. I see why they regressed.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

I clicked on the linked article you posted about how the Buckeyes reached their 85 schollie limit. I found this:

And one other member listed as part of the 27-member Class of 2015 in February is expected to grayshirt. That move would have the player enroll in the winter, after the season, and not count against the scholarship total now.

Do we know which player took the gray shirt? Why would a kid enroll late? Is said kid still in HS and needs an extra semester (I know life happens so it could be a possibility)?

In the worst case, It seems to me to be a clear case of oversigning and asking a kid and his family to do your coaching staff a solid.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

I'm for it as long as they don't forget we are a RUN FIRST team.

I want our QB to throw it 25ish times a game....but I also want the running backs to have 40 carries. I  think Ohio State averages about 70-75ish plays a game so that's doable.

I checked out the sparty game in 2014 and we had 26 passes with 41 runs. 14 of those runs were QB runs.

Against the gumps, we had 35 passes and 42 runs. 17 of those were by the QB.

Again the ducks, we had 23 passes and 61 runs. Cardale had 21 carries.

Perhaps we can limit the QB carries to <10 and hand the rock to our talented RBs few more times.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

I like what you are saying. However, I don't think we will be able to find an elite coach to take over at Ohio State. The only way that happens is if we offer a proven winner a Nick Saban esque salary....but that coach is probably already coaching at a destination school.  Not only that, but you gotta find someone that will want to take this job after firing a successful coach like Matta.

Perhaps you have some candidates in mind?

Given Matta's health, we might not have to worry about firing him.

Comment 20 Feb 2015

My starting five:

Conley, Oden, Sully, Diebler, and......Craft. I chose Craft because of his defense and effort. He's a shutdown defender.  I like Evan Turner but I think our team was better without him tbh. I think he tried to do too much.

I'm not sold on Russel. He's got some good talent but I need to see more consistency against top teams.

Comment 31 Jan 2015

The population shift argument is nonsense.

The big ten states have more population than the SEC SEC SEC states.

More importantly, There are more high school players in the BIG ten states than there are in the SEC SEC SEC states. The SEC leads the way in total number of kids signed, as well as a higher per capita of blue chippers (by a wide margin), but the total number of kids belongs to the Big Ten. I'd wager not many people knew that cold frosty Ohio has more kids playing HS football than sunny FLA.

the difference is cultural. whether that be focus by the kids (starts with their desire), coaching (stronger fundamentals and weight programs), spring ball (more games), funding (feed the beast), etc. they get more out of their kids than we do. if at least one other populous big ten state could elevate their football near Ohio's standards, the Big ten would easily jump to the second best conference. heck if ohio produced as much as fla the big ten might see the same bump.

On the bright side, we signed NJ and Maryland to the conference. they produce a nice amount of top end talent. the big ten schools need to recruit that area hard.

Here is where I got the total numbers from:

it's a cached article written in 2011 by Rivals. titled: Talent pool: Where the DI signees come from