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Comment 18 May 2015

Can we please stop with the 1969 comparisons. it's getting old. That was literally 50 years ago. CFB, and OSU, have changed. Between scUM fans seeking some sort of mythical rallying point and 'cautious' OSU fans reminding us to not count our unhatched chickens, I think I wanna vomit.

If the Buckeyes happen to lose this season, and if by chance it was to scUM, we won't hear the end of it. It wouldn't be the first time a great team didn't repeat but that won't matter because of some team that suited up a million years ago.

Comment 29 Apr 2015

The gap OSU and PSU are putting on the rest of the

That game @ Sparty wasn't as close as the final score. Spartan fans don't wanna admit that but it's true.  Their defense was manhandled and they were much too slow to keep up with our WR core. OSU spotted them 2-3 turnovers and still beat em by double their place at night! 

I don't know if PSU will be nearly as dominate as the Buckeyes but I suspect a noticeable uptick in their win percentage in the next couple of years. I don't know if they have the proper coaching to edge the Spartans.

Comment 26 Apr 2015

I'm not so sure that's the case. Braxton doesn't progress through his reads as well as the other QBs (Guiton included) and he tends to favor his safety valves when he is under pressure. He takes off before he should and that hurts his passing numbers. perhaps if he stayed in the pocket we would see an improvement.  It just so happens that our safety valves are excellent playmakers for ALL of our QBs ;)  I think we exaggerate the level of competition Braxton faced. I would take Braxton's WR core over every secondary we face in the B1G (outside of Sparty). One last thing about Guiton...Guiton was able to break the single game TD record with Braxton's weapons. Not bad.  I will admit that we need to see more of Guiton to make a complete judgment.

I did a similar comparison between JT and Braxton's last year. I compiled these stats awhile ago. I'll just leave the summary.


Games 11
Avg # receivers with completed passes: 6
9 best games avg: 6.4
Subtracting the best and worst: 5.67
of the 172 passes, 59 were thrown to his top receiver. that's about 34%


Games 10
Avg # of receivers with completed passes: 7.9
9 best games: 8.3
subtract best and worst: 7.1

of the 172 passes, 47 were thrown to his #1 receiver. that's about 27%.

I was in the stands during much of Braxton's career. I can tell you that he missed a good number of wide receivers and you could hear the crowd react as well. I haven't been to a game for awhile so maybe JTB was just as bad.....but I don't get that impression on the tele. When I watch Guiton or JTB, you can see them check the field in a way Braxton never did and make passes that require a higher level of anticipation and timing. I know, we can try to fit numbers to make our arguments but I don't think it's an accident that coaches and sports writers/commentators arrive at similar conclusions.

Thanks for the exchange.

Comment 26 Apr 2015

Nice post. I don't dispute that Braxton put up comparable/better numbers than Kenny wrt total yards/completions. His numbers are comparable to JT's. That's never been a question. However, total yards and completion numbers don't tell the entire story. Total yardage/completion stats can be misleading...especially QB numbers. For example, JT has a 79 yard TD pass against Sparty....but it was actually short yardage slant that Thomas took to the house.

Kenny Guiton distributed the ball better than Braxton. On that plane, Kenny ran the offense better because he opens up the playbook and our offense's possibilities more than Braxton. He also executes the read option better.  Let's not forget that Ohio State has some pretty darn good skill position players. Many of the teams that we play against, our patsies in OOC and the B1G, don't match up well. We have to discern which QB is best by how well they make their reads and the types of throws they can/can't make.  I think we can have a good indicator for how well they execute the offense when we examine ball distribution.  We could pour over film but I don't think either of us have time (or motivation) for that.

Braxton often favored one receiver in any given game.

Vs. Wisconsin: 17 completed passes. 8 of them to Philly Brown and 4 to Smith.

Vs. Iowa: out of 22, 7 to Smith and next was our TE with 5.

Vs. NW: out of 15, 6 to brown. Next closest was Hyde with 4.

Vs. PSU: pretty good distribution

Vs. Illinois: out of 13, 7 to closest had 2.

For Guiton:

vs Cal: 21 completed passes. Two receivers at top with 5, and the next three have 3 receptions.

vs SDSU: Out of 19 completed passes, 7 went to Smith, 5 went to brown.

vs FAM: 24 completed passes, two receivers with 4, the next three have 3 receptions.

Kenny took over the SDSU game for Braxton in the 1st qtr and did fairly well for his first "full game".  Kenny isn't called a ball distributor for nothing.  I think what made our offense deadly last year was a) as nick saban mentioned, we have amazing WRs and TEs running routes and b) a QB that goes through his progressions, finds, and (can) connects to the open man. As i mentioned before, Braxton is the better choice over Guiton because of his athleticism, and I would include his arm strength.

If we could merge Braxton and Kenny, then I don't think there would ever be a debate between Braxton, JT, and Cardale.  Braxton obviously has the physical tools to compete with all 3 of those QBs, but I think his 'mental' game is a bit behind the other guys.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

The popular argument for Braxton vs JT/Cardale is that Braxton didn't have the weapons JT/Cardale had. That's true but that doesn't make Braxton any better at reading defenses, any more consistent with going through his progressions, or any more confident in making a tight throw.

We DO have another point of reference to compare with Braxton. Kenny Guiton had the same weapons as Braxton. Kenny ran the offense a little better than Braxton. He didn't have the athletic ability so he probably wouldn't beat Braxton for the position, but he gave you a glimpse of what JT showed us last year.  I know i know, Kenny didn't play anyone good. Well....neither did Braxton that year. When we did..we lost. Moreover, Braxton never put up those kind of numbers against his patsies. I will grant that perhaps the coaches didn't call the same game for each QB....but I can assure you that if Braxton was a better passer that might have changed.

I think Braxton is a great athlete and QB....but I think JT/Cardale are more effective for our offense.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

I don't think he would have done as much damage. If the Buckeyes keyed in on the run then I think Bama would have had the rougher end of it. His running was successful because Kiffin setup the run with the pass.

Comment 20 Apr 2015

Obama gets the honor to meet the national champs. Cool.

Boone's comments tell me two things:

1) Harabaugh will do good things for scUM. He will push push push. That's what they need in college.

2) Too many egos in the NFL. Wtf does "‘Dude, we got over the mountain. Stop" mean? What's wrong with striving to work hard and not being complacent. I see why they regressed.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

I clicked on the linked article you posted about how the Buckeyes reached their 85 schollie limit. I found this:

And one other member listed as part of the 27-member Class of 2015 in February is expected to grayshirt. That move would have the player enroll in the winter, after the season, and not count against the scholarship total now.

Do we know which player took the gray shirt? Why would a kid enroll late? Is said kid still in HS and needs an extra semester (I know life happens so it could be a possibility)?

In the worst case, It seems to me to be a clear case of oversigning and asking a kid and his family to do your coaching staff a solid.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

I'm for it as long as they don't forget we are a RUN FIRST team.

I want our QB to throw it 25ish times a game....but I also want the running backs to have 40 carries. I  think Ohio State averages about 70-75ish plays a game so that's doable.

I checked out the sparty game in 2014 and we had 26 passes with 41 runs. 14 of those runs were QB runs.

Against the gumps, we had 35 passes and 42 runs. 17 of those were by the QB.

Again the ducks, we had 23 passes and 61 runs. Cardale had 21 carries.

Perhaps we can limit the QB carries to <10 and hand the rock to our talented RBs few more times.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

I like what you are saying. However, I don't think we will be able to find an elite coach to take over at Ohio State. The only way that happens is if we offer a proven winner a Nick Saban esque salary....but that coach is probably already coaching at a destination school.  Not only that, but you gotta find someone that will want to take this job after firing a successful coach like Matta.

Perhaps you have some candidates in mind?

Given Matta's health, we might not have to worry about firing him.