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Comment 15 Apr 2014

I don't know if I am missing something or what but you have no mention of Jamal Marcus when talking about the DL.  That kid performed so well when he got his chance last year and left a lot of people wondering why he didn't rotate in more often.  With Spence missing the first couple of games I think we will see him with the first line and push to get a lot of snaps for the season.

Comment 07 Apr 2014

The piss color yellow in scUM's spring game uniforms don't even match.  #FAIL

Comment 04 Apr 2014

I will be in Vegas for a bachelor party (RIP Justin) and do not get BTN in Youngstown (STILL! SERIOUSLY!!).  Hopefully there will be chances to watch the entire game online when (if) I return back to the Yo.

Comment 26 Mar 2014

No problem.  I can watch that 100 times a day and still laugh.  (No clue why it doesn't show up in the YouTube screen and just gives the link when I put it in the Embed YouTube Video box but oh well)

Comment 26 Mar 2014

Say what you want about Bobby Knight, he delivered one of the funniest videos I have ever seen in my life (NSFW)


Comment 07 Mar 2014

1 inch shorter isn't a huge gap... Coming out of high school I was 6 foot 185 lbs, signed to play baseball in college, redshirted my first year, played the next year at 6' 1" 205 lbs (not saying all of it was lean mass because we could down some beers where I was at).... But to say it can't be done is false.  I also just turned 18 going in to school and was still able to grow into my body.  He has plenty of body development left. 

Comment 06 Mar 2014

I disagree... With as young as he is and the strength program he is going in he could easily put on 20-30 lbs during his year of redshirting. Reggie Bush never played over 200 lbs at USC either.  Not an every down running back but still can be deadly back there.  Either way I think he will be a game changer.

Comment 06 Mar 2014

Is there no chance he stays at RB?? He will put on weight.  I would love to see him have a chance to carry it in the backfield after a year of redshirting.  The first time I saw him in the '12 State Championship game I immediately thought he runs like Reggie Bush.

Comment 28 Feb 2014

DJ is taking over all Skull Sessions???? We approve!


Comment 14 Feb 2014

Season 3 is the greatest season of a TV show IMO... And yes, the characters make the show.  Each one of them is fantastic.  Once you get done with it (can't remember if there are spoilers or not), go on YouTube and check out the auditions for it.  Would have been crazy if different people were in those characters but I think they got it perfect.  This discussion is forcing me to start at season 1 again, which will be my 6th time watching the entire series I believe. 

Quick top 5 characters for me:

5) Snoop Pearson

4) Jimmy McNulty

3) Avon Barksdale

2) Omar Little

1) Marlo Stanfield

-Would love to hear yours (up to where you are at in season 3) and DJ's or anyone elses for that matter

Comment 13 Feb 2014

Anything that has reference to The Wire is a 10/10 post to me...

"Cincinnati say what!? What they say about us? They usin our name? In the street!? TALK MF'ER! THEY CALL US A PUNK!?!? OUR NAME WAS ON THE STREET!? We bounce from this sh!t here you gonna go down on them corners and let them people know... Word did not get back to us! Let em know Buckeyes step to any mf'er... Cincinnati, OU, whoever! OUR NAME IS OUR NAME!"



Comment 11 Feb 2014

Not sure why I cared enough to do this (and not saying it is one of these schools for sure) but according to 247 here are South Carolina's commits and the other schools that were options from the B1G:


  • Chris Lammons, 4 Star CB, FL (Wisconsin)
  • Blake McClain, 3 Star DE, FL (Nebraska)
  • Michael Scarnecchia, 2 Star QB, FL (Iowa)


  • Chauncery Rivers, 4 Star DE, GA (Illinois & Michigan State)
  • Dexter Neal, 3 Star WR, GA (Illinois)

Seems like Urban's hands are clean on this one...


Comment 11 Feb 2014

Hahaha.. Unfortunately God did not gift me with the athletic ability to be able to say something like that in a post game interview.

*EDIT* On the old site there were not enough characters to quote TP, but now since there are it is there.