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Comment 11 hours ago

I love watching this and remembering a time when the NFL was fun.  Players running around with their helmets off, fans going crazy and not wanting to fight each other, celebrations without the refs throwing flags.  Man I miss this NFL...

Comment 11 hours ago

Noel Devine's is great... but you can't mention it in the same sentence as Clowney's high school tape.  NOTHING compares to that.

Comment 14 Oct 2014

Not sure if it was because on the other sideline was Maurice Clarett, Prescott Burgess, and David Herron... But Mollenkopf Stadium was very intimidating to play in before they tore the school down that blocked off the one end zone (right side in picture).

Comment 13 Oct 2014

Can we see a new kick or punt returner please?  I know Dontre has electricity in his veins but he hasn't been able to bust anything yet which could speak to his vision... Who knows?  I'd love to see Samuel or Marshall or Clark or yada yada yada back there more with opportunities.  If they accidently built the flag pole at the 20 yard line more often than not Dontre would run into it.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

Listening to SVP and Russillo makes me forget I am listening to ESPN radio.  Those two are good. 

Comment 10 Oct 2014

Hopefully the advice he is giving EGW isn't the same advice he gave to his star running back in 2001 at Warren G Harding High School.  That didn't end well...

Comment 08 Oct 2014

As crazy and delusional us Buckeye fans can be, especially after a loss, I sure am glad our former players don't rip the current team or coaches in the media.  That's AJ trying to relive his glory days and think he is on a pedestal in my opinion.

Bo is a hypocrite when it comes to the clapping because that is exactly what his defense did 2 years ago when they came into the shoe and Braxton and company used their "black shirt defense" as toilet paper. 

Comment 07 Oct 2014

Terrible time for the bye-week and here is why:

11(!) teams ahead of us in the polls lost last week and only one of them was before our noon game.  This is not the same team that the voters saw against VT but the scores we have posted doesn't do us justice.  The team has been looking and showing up better and is continuing to grow.  If we played this week and beat someone's brain in like we have the last 3 weeks and some of these voters actually sat down to watch JT tearing it up, Zeke running like a madman, Bosa giving QBs fits, Kwon showing why he was the top LB in high school, and the DBs making plays... We would start to climb a little bit higher and get right back into the thick of things before the battle in East Lansing. 

Comment 03 Oct 2014

Whoever voted for Corey Smith, or wants to plead a case for Corey Smith, at the moment just.... no.... NO! 

I'm sorry if that is harsh and I hate disliking Buckeyes, but so far there isn't one thing he has done on the field that is to be liked.
Comment 02 Oct 2014

We are well aware of the glass ceiling a noon game can be for a crowd...

Comment 02 Oct 2014

I said to some friends yesterday "How great would it be if they hired Kiffin and Urban got another go at owning him"... I would love nothing more. 

Coach Tressel is very happy in his life as the President of Youngstown State University.  Michigan trying to pry him away from that would only cause embarrassment for them.  Hasn't he done that enough to that university already?

Comment 02 Oct 2014

Gotta pray that he wants to play one year with his brother... Although by the looks of it, and the way NFL Defensive Line play is at a premium right now, he will be a top 15 pick come April of 2016.

Comment 30 Sep 2014

It doesn't look as good as the old Steve Wallace helmet... That's for sure

Comment 29 Sep 2014

I was thinking Little Kevin... Only because he doesn't have the brains to be Prop Joe


Hoke is clearly Thomas "Horseface" Pakusa

Comment 26 Sep 2014

Jeter did not go to Michigan by the way... He signed straight out of high school after being drafted 6th overall.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

I believe he signed with scUM but after being taken at #6 he went pro so he never attended.  Big supporter regardless so I agree, another reason to want to not like him, but he never actually attended school there. 

On a side note, I hate the Yankees as well, and was compelled by how poetic baseball was last night for one of the last of the one's who do it the right way.  After being mobbed and celebrated by his teammates, the first thing the guy does?  TUCK HIS JERSEY IN!  Our generation has seen numerous sporting events that have stopped time in it's place... That one last night ranks right up there with any of them.  Baseball is my life's work and I felt like a little kid sitting on the edge of my couch last night watching the baseball God's create the final chapter in a spectacular career.  Farewell, Captain.