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Comment 08 Dec 2013

first vent thread in about two years so that's good bad that we even need a vent thread after this game. when you stumble and make bad plays on both sides of the ball it comes down to one play, and i am not talking about the 4th down play the 3rd down play was the one that they needed. on the bright side urban get to focus his team for 2014 and is probably gonna get what he wants a very angry team with an edge

Comment 24 Nov 2013

? if winston gets a felony and kicked off the team will voters move them down in the polls prior to the last bcs ratings?

also its hate week people eff that toilet jvs school up north

Comment 07 Jan 2013

sec the "goodest" confernce in college "goodest" used by Richardson from there last year who was there for 3 years

also  bama qb girlfriend hot but you know dude is gonna bang all of sorority row when he gets back to campus

Comment 02 Dec 2012

i dont get the root for the conference thing it really doesnt matter even in as bad a year as the bigten had tv and what not still say osu may have been number two which puts them in the champ game

also i refuse to root for anyone but nerdwestern minnesota when it comes to our conference for example u actually want beliema to win ahhh no!, ttun nope, sparty nope, maybe the cornpeople ehh  purdont no

Comment 26 Nov 2012

with OSU 12-0 and the season over am i the only one who is rooting for kent st with one more spot  they are in the bcs maction !!!!!! take that espn u cant get rid of ohio !!!!!

Comment 23 Nov 2012

prediction "PAIN"  yes meyer runs up the score and sends a statement 62-21

Comment 19 Nov 2012

thanks for grabbing the cash again delany! really maryland and rutgers probably tommarow hopefully this wont go into next years conference also many ?s

this mean we play 9 conference games?

is there a total realignment? if so tOSU and scum same division ...

final question just why the f*ck u doing this the big ten really didnt need it 12 was good 14 is crap

Comment 20 Oct 2012

that was a horsecollar tackle should have been a penalty look like braxton got knocked out by the turf probably not gonna be back next week my opinion

also ggod to see this team not giving up unlike the bauserbomb last year


Comment 14 Oct 2012

this thing was 4 hours of ehhhhhhh other thing can the buckeyes just play nightgames against godd teams this sucked felt like a noon game vs uab also no more big ten network please a man can only watch so many state farm and case ih commerials

Comment 22 Jul 2012

 good job by the ncaa on this dont let this last over the next year etc the old dead guy was not a saint look at the time table 2000 2001 seasons they were down losing records and if he let this out the board would have been able  to shit can him right then. he let it slip under the radar so tear the statue down etc hit them with big sanctions hope the school and fan base enjoy what their smugness gets them monday 0900 

p.s. miami alabama and auburn your time will come as well

Comment 23 Mar 2012

3 things

1. glad to see the buckeyes win and advance

2. cincy no matter how hard you try this is not 1992 please do not try to rock your zumbas

3. bring on the cuse

Comment 09 Mar 2012

please original big ten kick those elf rightious smug bastards at state college to the curb and nothing against nebraska but u belong in the big12