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Comment 05 Nov 2013

Classic @OsuCoachCoombs #bringingthejuice in the very last frame of the vid. I'd love to know what #thebestdamnfootballwifeinthecountry feeds her hubby

Comment 01 Jul 2013

I may be in the minority about last year's pro combat jerseys, but I thought the concept art was much better than the on-field look. The black lettering, green helmet stickers, and different "finishes" of grey (pants, numbers, helmet) didn't quite flow the way I thought they would. Too bad, bc when I first saw pics I thought they were easily Nike's best effort yet...

Comment 24 May 2013

Is it a weird camera angle, or is the ball 3 feet above the rim in that pic? Didn't know Clark had those kind of ups...

Comment 24 Apr 2013

One of two things is going on here...

Based on what I'm looking at, there's a good chance the only software available to the logo design team was NCAA 2004's Create-A-Team logo generator from Dynasty Mode. If so, we should cut them some slack. The options are really pretty limited compared to more recent releases.

Second, I see a little XFL Birmingham Thunderbolts in logo #4. The logical explanation here is that 12 years later, the WWE's logo design  focus group is now in their mid to late twenties and have mellowed out just enough to do some freelance work for Mr. Emmert and the NCAA.

Either way, I say we applaud the effort coming out of Indianapolis.

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