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Born and raised a Buckeye in Marion, Ohio. Graduate of The Ohio State University class of 2013 and currently graduate school at TOSU seeking my second degree.


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Comment 21 May 2015

My biggest beef with them is the amount of privileges they get. My junior year in 2011 was the first year I was able to get season basketball tickets. I walk into the Florida game and Big Nut is in the front row of the student section. How? Why? It's the student section. Did he even go to OSU? It seems like he gets special treatment because he wears makeup. I don't get it. 

Comment 31 May 2013

I think with Urban we're going to see more players transfer. Urban and the staff are bringing in top players at every position. DL is about the only position that I would consider is ran with a constant rotation. Just look at the DB's we have hauled in the last year and more to possibly come this year. Wouldn't shock me if we get a few transfers from that group.Urbans job is to get the best players and he is pitching to kids that if your good enough you will play. With that will come some transfers.  Also he is recruiting more national and the farther kids get away from home the easier it is for them to change their minds. My freshman year of school I left Ohio and went to University of Wyoming. It was a big deal and not every kid can handle it ( like O'Connor).

Comment 11 Apr 2013

I bet the concussion is from the collision with Curtis Grant at practice last Saturday. Rod picked him up on a blitz and it was one hell of a hit.

Comment 23 Feb 2013

I totally agree. I hate noon games. I really think OSU, Nebraska, Penn St,and  scUM could get away with having all games at 3:30 or later. Let the smaller schools have the noon slots and get tv time they may not normally get. TV networks will put the big 4 on tv no matter what time they decide to play. Better for the conference and better for OSU.

Comment 07 Feb 2013

I'm really becoming a big fan of this guy. What him and Meyer were able to with a offense that was basically Braxton for most of the season was really impressive.  I cant wait to see what they can do in the future. Sadly I wouldn't be shocked if he is one of the first coaches to leave for a HC job. I hope he sticks around two more years and gets to hoist a crystal ball.

Comment 30 Jan 2013

Yeah i agree, but the staff cut ties with Green before EZE visited Mizzou. Its not like they knew that was going to happen. I prefer they tell a player "hey man were done recruiting you" then do what they are doing to Timmons and string him along.

Comment 30 Jan 2013

Well I think the Staff thinks EZE fits their system better, and they evaluate that based on film not just on stars that recruiting agencies give them. Is Derek Green a good recruit with the potential to be great ? Yes. But just because EZE is a 4 star doesn't mean that he will not be just as good or turn out even better. I also think that OSU has a log game at the RB position. Say Hyde goes pro this year and we don't have scholarship reduction I think that they go after him more aggressively. EZE committed early and filled the role they were looking for. We cant have them all.

Comment 30 Jan 2013

We're way deeper based on what? We have very comparable recruiting classes last year and this year, and the last two games were very close (I refuse to discount 2011 because of the off the field drama, Those boys gave scum their best shot in 2011). This year we won but it was 26-21. Its not like our depth and talent blew them away. I wont pretend I know alot about the junior and senior class for scum coming back next year but I venture to say they are comparable. Compared to the Rich Rod years where there was a night and day difference between the two schools they are quite equal as of now.

Comment 13 Jan 2013

Thought you guys might enjoy seeing the reaction over at MGoblog haha

Comment 01 Dec 2012

After reading that all I can say is that if adding a southern (confederate school if that means more to you in the year 2012) helps the BIG in recruiting, competition, and image im all for it. I think limiting  expansion to schools on that basis is completely irrational and for lack of better words stupid. IMO

Comment 30 Nov 2012

I am a Elgin Grad (09) so i dont have much like for the Spartans either but its cool to see someone from the area play for the Bucks. Wish him well.

Comment 09 Nov 2012

Your ignoring the fact that our pass defense is horrendous. Take you buckeye blinders off for a second lol Yeah could we win a one game bowl .. Yeah. but the chances are not good. The 2002 national championship team was the best defense OSU has had in my lifetime. You can win a game with good Defense. Its had to when you have a below average pass defense against one of the best spread offenses in the country

Comment 09 Nov 2012

Oregon is the best in the country at the things our defense is worse at defending. I think our offense would put up some points but our chance of winning would be very low. If we played ten times OSU wins 3 this year. This based on linebacking cores inability to to play in space and our constant defensive breakdowns (even though we have had a lot less in the last 2 games). Our only chance would be if our defensive line dominated like it did in 09.

Comment 19 Oct 2012

I did my first two years of undergrad at UW and I'm pretty embarrassed. That was just completely uncalled for.