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Comment 26 Apr 2012

Obviously hoping Williams will be back, you could really tell the change in scheme without him in last year.  Simon tried to fill the role but I don't kow if that plays to his strengths.  Miller got a ton of reps this spring at this spot and there are a few talented freshmen coming. I hate to count on freshman though.

Comment 21 Mar 2012

I don't feel I'm taking a jab at Tressel or his record, just stating some facts as everyone could see.  I think it would be hard to find someone to argue that JB and NS were not "dead weight" in the offensive scheme.  It was Tress's offense and he ran it and ran the QB position.  JT's record is impressive and but as fans we need to not pretend that the B1G was a dominant conference over the past decade.  When we got on the big stage (where we belong) more times than not we were not up to the task. Check out the B1G record in bowl games and non-conference games over the past decade and I don't think it will light your fire.

 Maybe its my attitude, but I don't see losing to anyone by a close margin as admirable and Tress's style of keep it close and hope the bounces go our way in the end just wasn't for me personally. That said I think he was and is a good coach and a good person.

Thanks for all the support and I will try to give more insight when I can!

Comment 20 Mar 2012

One of the things I liked best about Coop was that he would hang 50 pts on you and if you had a problem with it at the post game hand were the a$$hole.  It has frustrated me since Tress took over.  The Lou Holtz "aw schucks", we'll squeak this one out against a very good (3-8) Navy squad killed me every time!  Or when we have a 7 pt lead with 12 min to go in the 3rd, it was time to shut the offense down.  Joe Pa had no problem hanging 63 on us in '94.  I know the mentality on that team now will be "when we get you down we are gonna stand on your neck till you stop twitching".  That's how it should be. 

Comment 04 Nov 2011

I have had alot of people argue with me about the idea of Luke keeping the job and here is my (only slightly slanted) opinion.  If Luke wins out and plays in the B1G Champ game (where he would have a better than average chance of beating whoever it is), how do you let him go?  After all that has transpired out of his control and dealing with it the way he has of not making excuses (ala Obama, "What a terrible hand I've been dealt! How can you expect me to fix this, lets go golf!"), I think he deserves a major nod just for that.  Also, they have improved every week.  This is a young team, young teams struggle historically in major college football.  The upside for next year is growing every day and I think will be huge.

Secondly, no matter what happens with Luke, I don't believe you go out and hire the flavor of the week.  I have a real issue with the arguement of "if Urban Meyer is available you go get him."  Urban's head coaching stints have consisted of 2yrs, 2 yrs, 5 yrs.  At a program like OSU, you need to find someone who is in it for the long haul, that means for the next 12-15 yrs.  Turmoil and turnover is a program killer, just ask Michigan, Notre Dame or Tennessee.  Everyone's coaches dream job is OSU...or Notre Dame...or Michigan...or the NFL....or commentating for ESPN.  There are guys who want to retire after 20 yrs of coaching at the same school and guys looking for the next best thing or paycheck, we want the former.