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Comment 29 Jan 2015

How is it that Georgia pulls in these amazing recruits and never does anything of consequence with them in the way of SEC/BCS/national titles?  Blows my mind.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

The spacing with that starting lineup is just awful; Tate/Scott/Lee/Thompson cannot shoot the rock, and only Loving/Williams offers dependable spacing options.  The fact that D-Russ can go off like he did with those kind of spacing problems tells me that he's going to be a legit NBA starter.  I look for him to compete for NBA Rookie of the Year next season.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Which service rated Webb as a 5 star?  247 rated him 4 and the 247 composite is a 4.  I think Conley puts on some size and starts at the other corner spot opposite Apple.  He can be a good one if he learns how to tackle.  Webb could overtake him, but I have my doubts.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

It's the right move for him.  No doubt that Braxton will stay now, and I think he'll regain the starting position from JT if his shoulder recovers.  We'll be in a great position where JT can spell Braxton in the second half of games, and keep our guys fresh leading up to the stretch run/CFP.  Would love to see the rushing yardage that OSU could pile up with Elliot and Braxton running the read option.  Would be nutes.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

I think you're right, in that it hurts them most on depth; their other cover corner will do fine against our No. 1 receiver (Thomas as possession, Smith as deep threat).  But the fall-off will be more significant when they have to use their #3 and #4 cover men in our 5-wide sets.  Corey Smith could benefit the most -- his speed is legit and he's becoming increasingly physical in kick coverage.  If he can put it all together this game and start to hang onto the ball on deep routes, he could have a huge impact on this game.

Comment 06 Jan 2015

I agree that last year's line was better, but I'm not yet convinced that they were miles better.  For me, the biggest difference is the emergence of effective passing and constraint plays, both of which was absent last year.  The only constraint on the defense last year was Braxton keeping which, while effective, still keeps the box packed.  Zeke hits those home run rushes almost always after Barret/Jones establishes the vertical passing game and takes safeties out of the box, which last year's passing game almost uniformly failed to do.  Hyde was hercules last year.

Comment 06 Jan 2015

Much respect to Zeke this season, but I think Hyde's season last year was more impressive.  There's so many more developed weapons this season, and Zeke's YPC number is still a bit below Hyde's (who also had more TDs in far fewer games).  The entire opposing defense was keyed in on Hyde -- it was one of the best season long rushing performances in OSU history.

Comment 05 Jan 2015

Spencer's block was so good that he actually takes out Hamilton and Depriest, who trips over the pile as he's trying to make a play.  But I disagree re: the un-importance of Price's block on Perry; there was a decent chance that Perry could have stuck Elliot or at least slowed him down for Cyrus Jones to make a play on him from across the field.  Jones had some good closing speed and who knows how we would have fared against Bama's goal line defense.  Huge blocks by Spencer and Price.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Grant played well in run support and filling his gaps against Wisky to create a pile; I think you have to give him the nod and let him try to slow down Bama's run game.  If that isn't working, put in Kwon and get after the QB.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

The real question is how large his buyout is.  I bet he bargained for a small one and will be out of there to a Power 5 school by this time in 2016.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

Don't burn Collier's redshirt; it's not fair to him.  He deserves the extra year of eligibility to develop further.  If we lose Jones we're down to our 4th string QB, and there's no way in hell the CFP puts us into the playoff under those circumstances.  My two cents -- give Darron Lee a look at QB, and keep Jalin in the slot.

Comment 18 Nov 2014

TP would have put up insane numbers, assuming he had legitimate WR options, which he mostly lacked.  Would have loved to see Ginn in that offense, too -- he would have killed with shovel passes and sweeps.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Re: "three wins over ranked opponents for OSU" -- CFP committee will look at whether the teams are ranked at the end of the regular season, not whether they were ranked at the time they've played, and a one-loss NU means that they would have beaten Minny after we did, which would give Minny 4 losses at least (with a likely 5th loss from Wisky); UM won't be ranked, if that's the case, leaving OSU with just two victories over ranked teams by year's end.  

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Looking forward to seeing Spencer as the other return man -- he's the best skill player blocker on the team, and I think he could do some damage on kick returns to help spring Marshall for long gains.  

Comment 05 Nov 2014

I hear what you're saying, and it'd be a medical red-shirt (he played in 2 games) but it's irrelevant.  He won't be around for more than 2 more years anyway, and then he'll go the NFL.  All the medical redshirt would do is allow him to stay a 5th year, and there's no way he's hanging around for that long.