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Comment 24 Jun 2011

Thought Brady Hoke, as he looked beyond Bo's Big Ten Championship banners.... "Someday I, too, will have multiple heart attacks".

Comment 26 Nov 2010

So I'm at my parent's house for the Holidays watching the evening news with them.  There's a heart-warming story about an infant with heart disease that will get to go home for Thanksgiving.  They show the baby finally at home and he's got on a M*ch*gan onesie.  Before I could stop myself I yell out loud "ewww" at an infant that has heart disease.  Yeah.


Anyway, hopefully this game is a nice scrimmage for the team before the bowl season.


Comment 01 Sep 2010

I remember watching that Northwestern game in my dorm.  That was brutal.  Couldn't believe it.  But winning The Game took that pain away.

Comment 01 Sep 2010

Overall not bad.  Wouldn't mind seeing a grey stripe on the helmet, but as long as they don't put a number on the helmet, I think they're all right.