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Comment 19 Dec 2014

Ohio State outscored _ichigan State for 3 quarters.  Did this doosh even watch the game?

  • Q1: MSU 14, OSU 7 (with a turnover and a missed fieldgoal)
  • Q2: MSU 7, OSU 21 (with a turnover)
  • Q3: MSU 3, OSU 7
  • Q4: MSU 13, OSU 14

How did he feel about Nebraska almost coming back for the victory (27-22)?  Or giving up 31 points to Purdue (45-31)?

Comment 19 Dec 2014

Watching Aaron Craft play was like watching a Jim Tressel coached football team (non-2006 version).  Sure it was painful to watch the offense, but man the defense was excellent!  Also both won a TON of games. 

Additionally, watching this year's basketball team, is a lot like watching an Urban Meyer coached football team.  Lots of fun watching the offense, but the defense hasn't been to my liking all the time (non-2014 B1G CG version).

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Okay, root against Ohio State...

But this is part that makes no sense: _ichigan fans and others wanted OSU to get waxed.  Its one thing to not want us to win, but if we get beat bad, how does that make you look?  We hung 40+ points on you!

These other fans are so misguided and delusional, you have to respect the order:

  • Root for your household to win
  • Root for your neighborhood to win
  • Root for your school to win
  • Root for your city to win
  • Root for your state to win
  • Root for your conference to win
  • Root for your region of the country to win
  • Root for your country to win
  • Root for your planet to win

Most brothers have rivalries, but you aren't going to root for some kid down the street to beat your brother.  You might not like the kid that is preventing you from starting on your team, but are you going to room against your teammate?  C'mon.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I too, have 3 watchings in.  Once time-delayed during the broadcast, on DVR Sunday afternoon, and the first BTN 60 they ran, Monday or Tuesday.  I will keep in on the DVR along with the Sparty beatdown until the start of the 2015 season. 

Comment 09 Dec 2014

This is one of the big differences between the SEC and the B1G.  I was reading the live game threads on Sunday of the B1GCG on PSU, _ichigan, Whisky, Minnesota, and Nebraska sites.  Only Nebraska fans gave us any love.  All the rest were straight up hating like crazy.  Literally screaming there is no way we get in the playoffs, and wishing for an OSU beatdown if we did make it.  Several people went into great detail of how much our conference sucks, and how OSU isn't very good.  Despite constant posts of #OSUScoresAgain! lol

Sure there is hate in the SEC between teams, but they have that stupid chant which means they at least want their teams to beat other conferences' teams.  Not in the B1G.  People just have to hate based on jealousy.  There is no way I would root against _ichigan in a bowl game.

Now excuse me while I go wash my hands for typing that.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

"4 point underdogs...3rd string quarterback...can't score on the #2 defense...can't stop the Heisman hopeful running back..." That's all we heard all week and all day long. Now all I read is how overrated Wisconsin was.  Well which was it?

Of all the people who doubted to Buckeyes, I'm most disappointed in Las Vegas.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

It was a definite difference from last year.  Devin being pretty much the only constant between the two games.  Evan Spencer didn't really get targeted in either game.  I remember Philly Brown running the routes and Braxton's passes being just slightly underthrown, so that MSU was able to knock them down.  Cardale threw 3 deep strikes that were underthrown, but Wisky couldn't seem to defend them (2 TDs to Devin Smith, 1 dropped on a pass interference to Michael Thomas). 

But to your point, just throwing those balls and giving your WRs a chance to grab them is a big difference.  Lets also face the fact that last season MSU's defenders were way better than Wisconsin's.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Great game by Cardale!  

One could argue that Devin Smith's "Jump Ball Skill" displayed this game (and seldom seen previously) was the real MVP.  You could also have given the MVP to EzE and you wouldn't get any complaint from me.  I think Cardale getting further downplays the narrative "the playoff committee considers injuries." lol

Comment 04 Dec 2014
  1. Hyde
  2. Beanie
  3. Pittman
  4. Elliott

I would not put Boom Herron on this list.  Loved Beanie, but he had a fumbling problem one year, which IMHO puts Hyde on top.  Both had a year that they missed multiple games with injury.  Fickell didn't give Hyde enough touches, wasted some player talent when he needed it most. 

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Ohio State should have used him better." - NFC North scout

I have to agree with this statement.  By "use him better" I think they expect him to have many more catches per game.  He should have 6-8 100 yard games.  I love that we get many guys involved, but he is an elite receiver (Michael Thomas will soon be).  I love Evan Spencer, and he could use more touches per game, too.

Going out on a limb, I believe Devin got passed because he didn't fight better for more 50/50 balls, and he has been know to cut off some routes, which look lazy on film. His production in the Michigan State game was outstanding.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

5 losses in 2013, 4 losses in 2014 with 1 bowl game to go.  Yep, there is a guy deserving of being the COY.  I bet Jerry and BoB are gonna toast champagne at a strip club Saturday night during the B1G CG.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

Given that Noah broke a rule that was set before he ever got on scholarship means that he would lose in court.  See Maurice Clarett. Different rule, but I'm sure the results would be the same.  Now I can see the B1G changing the rule in the future (limiting the suspensions to PEDs only), but Noah has nothing to gain.

I want Noah back on the team, and think it's great he's getting his "medical illness" under control.  But if you are on probation for something, you can't do that thing when you know you're going to get retested.  If you're on probation/parole for DUI/theft/voyuerism, you can't get caught doing any of those things while you're waiting to go to court.