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Comment 11 Nov 2015

Preach it, Coach! 

It doesn't take a MENSA member to see this truth.

Comment 06 Nov 2015

Not to discount your scenario, but your single account being hacked does not really compare to the entire Playstation Network being hacked and offline for 3 weeks.  Microsoft was not put in front of congress to explain why they didn't alert users sooner.

Off topic, but I've had my Facebook account hacked twice, yet I use complex passwords.  They did lose my business, so I understand your point.  I am surprised Microsoft did not offer you an alternative Gamertag while they were trying to resolve you situation.

Comment 05 Nov 2015

I'm at the same crossroads as you, Earle.  I have had almost every home video game system released up until the 360/PS3/Wii.  Had 360 and Wii.  I traded the Wii for a Wii U (great system if you like Nintendo characters).  Now I want an XboxOne or PS4. 

I conducted a poll with four coworkers that each both systems.  Here was the breakdown:

  1. "Get PS4, The Show (baseball game) is amazing!  That's all I ever play, plus Destiny (multiplatform)."
  2. "Get Xbox One, I love playing Forza and Halo, plus the backwards compatibility is coming!"
  3. "You can't really go wrong with either one, as there are very few exclusive titles this generation."
  4. "Get Xbox One, we play Kinect games as a family all the time."

Not really anything to sway someone who has no game system at all.  I will likely go with an Xbox One, this weekend.  Here are my reasons:

  1. Xbox Live (online system) is superior to Nintendo's and Sony's. I won't even get into the infamous Playstation Network hacks (2011, 2015). I also have had an account since beta testing in 2005.
  2. Backwards Compatibility. I have 20 Xbox 360 games, of which 5 we play several times a month.  This is kinda like the Apple / Android debate, where once you are invested in their ecosystem, it is tough to switch.
  3. Kinect. My 10 year old needs his exercise, and he does enjoy playing video games.  Microsoft supports their camera more than Sony does, IMO.
  4. Exclusive Games.  The PS4 games I want to play: Uncharted Series, The Last Of Us Remastered.  The Xbox One games I want to play: Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Forza.

I think you can't go wrong with either system, if you don't have the concerns that I do.  Most games this generation are multi-platform (Wii U excluded).  Both systems come in black, and game-specific colors.  Both play Bluray movies, and both can watch Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Comment 26 Oct 2015

The good news is the combo-breaker of Michigan State/Michigan/B1G Championship is going to be the Carl Pelini pick-me-up the schedule needed.

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!!!!!!

Comment 19 Oct 2015

I see what you're saying, and you're not wrong. Dantonio only have one card at Michigan State: "We are underdogs! Nobody else thinks we can win!"

Concerning MSU, I have been saying this for 7 weeks now, "they have done nothing to justify their lofty position in the polls, other than go 10-2 in 2014 with losses to Ohio State and Oregon."

  1. Western Michigan W 37 - 24
  2. Oregon W 28 - 3 (last possession win)
  3. Air Force W 21 - 35
  4. Central Michigan W 10 - 30
  5. Purdue W 21 - 24 (last possession win)
  6. Rutgers W 31 - 24 (last possession win)
  7. Michigan W 27 - 23 (last second win)
Comment 19 Oct 2015

Should you care how they are handling it on their message board.  A quick scan had them being divided:

  • 25% say, "it's exactly the same as Urban, and we (they) are hypocrites."
  • 25% say, "it's nothing like what Urban did. That OSU kid was already enrolled! Its cool if we do it before he's enrolled." 
  • 25% say, "well he gets a full scholarship at _ichigan. Can't beat that!"
  • 25% say, "I don't see what the problem is. Part of getting an athletic scholly is that you have to be healthy enough to play!"
Comment 19 Oct 2015

No questions about this at all.  Way back in 1990, my roommate and I walked by Jim Jackson 3 times a week.  We both did a spin move around him with a behind the back pass, after a big game (I think it was after the Georgetown win).  He seemed amused.  It's not like we were trying to hang or even hold him up. 

Sometimes student athletes enjoy being students.

Comment 19 Oct 2015

I think Cardale is a big fragile, emotionally.  JT obviously is not.  So with that, I think the coaching staff is handling things delicately as possible. 

I couldn't believe that Cardale won the job after following both QBs all summer.  While Cardale was tweeting about Ronda Rousey and making numerous appearances at non-football related locations (hospitals, food drives, Glenville, etc.), JT was only seen at football camps, and on the practice field. 

Combined with JT's legendary "leadership qualities," I was very surprised Cardale got the start at Virginia Tech.  I just assumed he was best equipped to throw over the Bear Zero defense.  Then watching Cardale be so sloppy with his mechanics and with the ball, I was further surprised. 

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I thought they were awesome!  Obviously the players liked them.  Oh, and The Internet was pretty positive about them.  I thought those ruby Buckeye leaves were the cherry on top of the sundae (pun intended)!