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Comment 45 minutes ago

Michael Brewer, who was injured in the season-opener against Ohio State, is clear to practice and may appear in this game.

Wow, you can play football 32 days after breaking a collarbone?  Does any other bone break heal in under 6 weeks?

Comment 18 Sep 2015

The only thing I ever liked about Mike Hart was that he beat Tebow.  Though he did fumble inside the 5 yard line in that game.

Comment 17 Sep 2015

I still say it's Cardale being the QB that has shelved the Read-Option.  We all know that JT reads it better, and JT's first few steps are much faster than Cardale's.  That is the reason JT can come in the game and hit a 40 yard run play.  Sure Cardale is a load to bring down, but when reaching the second level, he's not outrunning many LBs, and few CBs or safeties.

Comment 17 Sep 2015

I say it's a Wildcat formation if the primary QB stays on the field.  I really wish they would stop doing this, and just bring in another blocker. 

Urban is always talking about having an extra blocker and "the numbers game" with respect to our primary QB being a runner.  But if Cardale or JT just jog to the outside of the formation, they are barely being decoys.  Now if we were to toss a pass to said QB every once in a while, I would expect the defense to respect the decoy to be a credible threat.

Comment 16 Sep 2015

True, but you have to consider the young receiving core.  How many dropped likely touchdowns in the first two games?  By my count, 4: two from Parris Campbell, one from Jalin Marshall, two from Michael Thomas (both called as Pass Interference, but could have been caught).  One from Parris, one from Jalin were each in the Hawai'i game.

Comment 09 Sep 2015

I thought that "honored" comment was a poor choice of words, as well.  Let's assume he meant to say "Hokie fans appreciated playing the Buckeyes."

I can tell you this, Hokie Fireman: a portion of the B1G teams' fans HATE seeing the Buckeyes in town.  (Looking at you Wisconsin, Penn State. I've been treated better in Ann Arbor than either of these two.)  Despite the fact that every stadium sells out when they host OSU, and all of the revenue these cities/towns get from the extra people, our presence doesn't feel appreciated.  That's why we comment so much when visiting California, Texas or Virginia Tech (or Maryland).

Comment 08 Sep 2015

That guy has a TON of guts.  Last year, and to an extent this game, he was super-clutch on third down.  And I was impressed both games how he got up after big hits. 

I HATE seeing guys get injured.  Sure I want the opponent to feel pain and hurt, but not break bones or tear ligaments.  I hope Brewer makes a nice recovery and he gets a medical red shirt.

Now that Brenden Motley kid...whoa!  He looks like he will be good, with those WRs.  Best of luck this season.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

So much this! ^^^^

Penn State fans could learn a lot from Virginia Tech fans.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

I know it can be frustrating when the Bucks don't succeed on every play.  But you have to understand that Urban is a mastermind of this offense.  He may not have invented it, but he perfected a way of just plain confusing defenses.  I always assume they are setting stuff up for later, or the lineman got beat when you see those types of plays stopped.  On at least two of the stuffs, Vannett runs right by the defender that blows up the play.  Another couple of times the snap was high, and it disrupted the timing of the play.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

Braxton is electrifying as ever, but after those long passing routes, guys are gassed.  So trot to the sideline and have Jalin Marshall come in for you and do his thing.  Oh, Jalin is taking Wildcat snaps?  Trot Dontre out to the H-back or slot WR spot!!!  So much talent.  Don't forget how fast #4 Curtis Samuel is!