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Comment 22 Apr 2014

I'm 42, and I love the Nike Pro Combat Uniforms used in 2013!  I have no issue with them being used as the full time gear.  It would separate us from the other red teams like Wisconsin.  I respect that lots of people like tradition, but if you look at the history, we didn't have the "traditional" uniforms for 100 years or something. 

Designs change over time.  I don't see anyone complaining about the 2001 Ohio Stadium seating upgrades.  While people do complain about the red endzones (seriously?), nobody is fighting the FieldTurf.

Comment 18 Apr 2014

Man, that is some major smack talk there, Urban! 

I wonder how Jim Tressel would feel about that?  Obviously he would never say stuff like that, but I really wonder how he would feel after reading it?  Looking for some jokes about glasses of milk and easy chairs.... lol

Comment 16 Apr 2014

Certainly we want our offense to dominate, but putting up 24 points on an elite defense is reasonable.  At least 2 really nice TD throws were within our grasp, but Sparty's defenders had excellent plays to deflect.  Putting up 35 points against Clemsom is not what I'd call "didn't get it done." Our defense should not have given up 40 points.

Unless you're playing a multiple overtime game, your defense should not be giving up a touchdown per quarter.  I would argue that if you give up more than 24 points in a regulation game, you failed as a defense. (special teams TDs excluded)

Giving up 34 to Cal, 30 to NW, 35 to Illinois, 41 to _ichgan, really tells the tale of why we lost the last two games more than our offensive "woes."

Comment 09 Apr 2014

If your backup QB is not better than your TE, WR, or RB, why risk injury to him and why remove the other player from the field?  Do you really want a situation where your backup gets injured, then XBrax goes out for a series or two? 


Comment 07 Apr 2014

LOL!  I think they had 15,000.   I'm looking for us to have that number times four, but hopefully five (60,000 - 75,000).

Comment 03 Apr 2014
  1. Illinois got a obvious strip/fumble handed back to them with amazing field position.  This resulted in a TD 4-5 plays later.
  2. I remember the obvious illegal pick on the OSU DB that resulted directly in a touchdown.
  3. Illinois won 28-20.

How did The Illini deserve to win this game?  Cause they played hard?  Every team plays hard against OSU.  When you get 14 points you didn't earn, then win by 7, I say you stole a victory you DID NOT deserve.  Not that it mattered, we still got into the MNC game and lost.


Comment 25 Mar 2014

Killer highlight reel.  TeddyBallGame, indeed.  Some of those games Ginn outscored the opponent with just his contributions.  He just destroyed _ichigan and _ichigan State.  If you had an injured linebacker, don't even play him against OSU, Ginn is just going to abuse him.  I think he had 1 receiving, 1 rushing and 1 punt return for touchdown against MSU in that reel.

Comment 21 Mar 2014

I agree with all of your points.

I have said the same about Amir for two years.  Was hoping he would figure it out this year.  On the football team, he would have been benched.

I definitely think the officiating was very one sided, particularly in the second half.  One play stands out where LSJ is guarding one of Dayton's forwards about the 3-point line and the guy slips/trips on his own feet and they whistle LSJ.  Since they were in the double bonus, two made free-throws were the result.

It's not like Dayton was playing that well.  If we had even one more shooter on the floor, it would have been a 10-15 point victory.

Comment 17 Mar 2014

I'm a CB fan.  However he had a season-ending injury at the END of his 5th game in his senior year. (um, close out the game strong guys, _ire _ickell!)  On a year by year basis, you usually have to play in at most 4 games to get a medical redshirt for the year.  

Somehow Jordan Hall was able to score one after getting injured in the first half of his 5th game in 2012 (_ichgan State).  I guess you can infer where the cut off point is.