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Comment 21 Oct 2012

This is exactly the post-game song we needed...wait, make it mid-game.  Finally, something to replace the song from a band up north.  And it's for-us-by-us.  Let's make it happen!


Comment 25 Feb 2012



Comment 22 Feb 2012

I have this tendency to question what Coach Matta is doing from time to time.  This article set me straight.  So it seems to me that it simply comes down to players resisting the urge to chuck it?

Comment 21 Feb 2012

Seriously, if Urbz wins tOSU a natl title, I don't care if he decorates his football-coach-office-suite-at-home and his Ohio-mandatory basement tavern area with daffodil, lilac, and sunflower print wallpaper, complete with print wallpaper bumblebees happily buzzing from flower to flower doing their pollination thing.

We didn't hire him--or his wife--or his designer--to redo a bathroom.  We hired him to beat Nick Saban and Les Miles in a mid-January bowl game.  If the bumblebee wallpaper puts him in the zen place he needs at home to get it done, I'll help him hang the paper myself!

Go Bucks!

Comment 23 Dec 2011


All the discussion of what the punishment should have been really is moot at this point.  The important takeaway of the USC comparison is that USC remains competitive and squished Oregon's national championship dreams in Eugene.  This model of doubling-down on what personifies USC Trojan football has gotten HUGE results in the last year.  Hiring Kiffin made absolutely no sense in my mind at the time ("why would you bring one of the cheaters in to shepherd the school out of the woods?" kind of thing), and now it appears to be brilliant, as USC has said that they just simply don't care what anybody thinks, as long as they have continuity on the scoreboard, the recruiting, the attitude, and the style of play.

We have it worse off than USC in some regards, but OSU is the same in others.  Unlike USC, the media is not our friends.  But like USC, the NCAA is not our friends.  Like USC, the fans of other schools/teams in the B1G are not our friends.  USC appears to have living in purgatory figured out.  Why not adopt this model (sans the perpetuation of the cheating that USC probably has continued)?  The sooner we adopt the us-versus-the-world attitude that USC brings to the sport every week, the more we adopt that swagger in the face of those who hate us, the better off we'll be.

They hated OSU, Coach Tress, and the fans before all this happened.  With Urban Meyer getting hired and now cleaning up in recruiting, this has only getten worse, and the crying and wailing over "the cheaters" will only get louder, our enemies will only get more obnoxious and spiteful.  All this garbage is only going to escalate, and Mark May's stupid face will only spew more diarrhea by the day, with each win OSU gets in 2012.  I say the best way to counter it is to adopt more of the attitude Barkley shows when he's got that stupid sword in his hand.  I hate USC, but you have to respect how good they are in the face of adversity.  These guys have being hated by the world all figured out.  Us OSU fans are pretty good at the same, but I think there's another level to be reached, given our predicament.

In short, this is exactly how I want it to look after TSUN comes into Ohio Stadium with big BCS aspirations, and proceeds to get it handed to them:


Comment 20 Dec 2011

Not comparing OSU to USC in terms of crimes, but there are pages to be pulled from the USC playbook.  OSU is going to bring a talented football team to the stadium this November to play a team from up north that will probably be thinking about BCS games and B1G titles.  More than what USC did to UCLA, I say we make the USC win over Oregon the framework for The Game.  Oregon was looking at going to the national championship until they got Trojaned.  Let's do the same to those dirtbags from up north.  Crush their every little hope or dream for the year with a humiliating defeat.  2012 is a one-game season...maybe we can't go bowling, but can sure as can be do our part to keep TSUN away from their adorable little hopes and dreams.  Run the score.  Show them up north how worthless they still are.

Go Bucks. Now more than ever.  Let's cut down some nets in April for good measure as well.

Comment 17 Dec 2011

This is without question my favorite and most-visited website.  I'm personally a politics junkie when I'm not watching OSU...or working or family-ing, I guess.  But one of the things I've appreciated about 11W is that the site has been a safe haven that's been completely free from politics (unless it involves the NCAA).  When people out themselves on their political beliefs on this website, it taints my fan experience and my interactions with others, because I tend to take some of these political positions personally.  When people express their disagreement on various issues, it colors my thinking on what they have to say.

This issue is different however, it needs emphasis, it's appropriate to point it out here, and it's not a "conservative"/"liberal" issue, it's a liberty/tyranny issue.  "Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble"  Seems like electronic assembly should be protected as well.

All the same, I think it would be good if people refrained from endorsements...I don't know who anybody else is voting for, and I don't want to know.  Unless it's an endorsement for Urban for Governor.  He'd have my vote immediately.

Comment 07 Dec 2011

I love Coach Tress, despite all the intrigue.  But I always felt like he was a PG-13 recruiter...nice guy who we could cheer for and feel good about, but he always struggled closing out on the big national fish (MoC and the deuce of whom I won't speak).  With Coach Meyer, looks like Ohio State has itself a rated R guy.  To paraphrase Swingers (, at this point with all the garbage that's swirling around, I want the R guy, both on the field and in recruiting.

Comment 28 Nov 2011!/DispatchAlerts/status/141197985504694272

If it's not true, then I'll just choose to live in fantasy for awhile.  Really like Fickelly, think it would be neat to have him stay on.

Comment 28 Nov 2011

Definitely will miss Tress.  Guy was born for the job.  If not for one form he shouldn't have signed (sigh).

Comment 28 Nov 2011!/jrLaurinaitis/status/141200836255690754

Looks like Fickell stays on the staff!  Love it.  Great Buckeye, thought he did an admirable job, and hope the staff meshes fast.

Comment 19 Nov 2011

While I appreciate the sentiments of the tOSU athletic department in putting together the montage of player clips asking for civility vis a vis the PSU scandal, and I agree with the players on what they say in the video...I wish the athletic department staff itself would worry less about making videos on sportsmanship and us being Buckeye Nation.  And worry more about what they're actually paid to do.  You know, compliance with NCAA rules.  Maybe if compliance were emphasized more over the last five years, this season would have gone differently?

Comment 19 Nov 2011

Anybody remember when Frosted Tips of EsPN was 100% certain Les Miles was going to be the next coach at Michigan?  That was in December 2007.  Or how Dan Rather lost his job with less than 100% confirmed "hard facts" reporting?  Talk about throwing bricks from Origami houses...

Comment 14 Nov 2011

Thanks, Chief.  It's ok on #2 jersey; my kids mean the best for me, they didn't anticipate a huge scandal when they bought it.  I wear it anyway, because they love it.  But right now, I would be all kinds of primed for a Sully #0.  Went to game against Wright State last Friday.  Timeout is called, Sully goes to bench, fives for head coach, assistant coaches, players, grad assistants, towel boys....and turn the corner and give five to cheerleader, cheerleader, cheerleader, Brutus, cheerleader.  Crafty does the same thing.  Team culture being built there.  If Sully stays for 3-4 years...

Comment 14 Nov 2011

Chief, I'm a fan of what you post on the site, and I agree with you on other great #2s, but everybody on the planet--that little, old lady in Kroger--knows who wore that commemorative jersey, and will ask me if I'm ok with what Pryor did to Ohio State.  I don't hate TP, but he lied to Ohio State and to the NCAA when he signed forms as an incoming freshman that said he wouldn't do what he wound up doing, and his legacy will last for years as a blemish for Ohio State.

Comment 14 Nov 2011

The failure is not that it was a male who walked into the locker room shower, versus a woman, it's that the male did not choose to act as a man.  Bill Maher says at least 17 different chauvenistic...or filthy (c---, for example)...words to describe various women he doesn't like, don't know if that's the right example to hold up for the virtues of women.  Maher must feel like he needs to get some redemption with the ladies or something.

Comment 14 Nov 2011

This really is simply fantastic writing.  11W top to bottom does the best sports coverage of anything I read, lucky to have them cover my school, rather than scUM.  All the writers are talented, and bring different things to the table, but being a (albeit sucky) philosopher myself, Ramzy's stuff is what gets my attention.

This article is so true on how the sports crowd (bundle everything in entertainment-sized morsels, rather than real information...i.e., espn) cried bloody murder over OSU, but appeared not to have any time for any sorts of allegations of funny stuff at PSU.  There's no proportionality at all.  Media has had their hate on for tOSU since Woody, I believe.

But the more important point:  I suffered my way through MoC, Troy Smith, other players who were in the doghouse, got in trouble, and eventually through Coach Tress.  Over 10 years, I found myself taking up for my team because I was a fan, and because I really believed (and still do, in comparison) that what OSU had was special, and there was a measure of integrity on the part of my school and the football program at my school.  I still don't know how I feel about it now, having gone back and forth, but Ramzy has properly educated me:  no more blind eye to the funny business.  No more making legalistic arguments or petty excuses for when you see TPeezy pull up in his seventh car to have transportation around a campus that's very heavily trafficked by the campus bus system.  No more blind eye to what lengths administrators, coaches, and players will go to in order to cast a blind eye upon the little problems.  Enough little problems, and you start letting big stuff slide, so long as the wins keep coming.

I don't want this to come off as preaching, but I think there's a lesson for us fans here as well:  out of love for our school, our team, our state, and our own personal reputations as fans, I say that we stop accepting anything less than excellence in the conduct of our athletic department. It might be a big job for them, but this is why administrators get paid the big bucks.  At the end of the day, I don't give a flip about how much money the school makes on jersey sales.  I care that the jersey is something I can be proud to wear in front of my kids.  My children bought me a 1942 #2 for last Christmas.  On Christmas day, it was humiliating for all involved, because of what Terrelle Pryor had done.  I'm still upset about this.

Wins are great, especially against Michigan, but integrity--having a program and a team we can cherish for the positives, without lowering our eyes when others point out our crimes--matters a lot more.  College football at large needs a lot more accountability.  It won't happen until the bad actors are punished to the point where they can't afford to be in the business if they don't do it right.  It starts with our choices to buy tickets and merchandise.  Whatever tOSU does with its coaching decision, we should insist on integrity before all else.

Comment 12 Nov 2011

This is a tough exercise in compare/contrast between the nature of scandals.  I will still laugh when the Auburns and Alabamas of the world get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.  But the Penn State scandal isn't about violations of the club rules, as those with Auburn or Alabama, with the inevitable accompanying arguments decrying the breach of integrity and degradation of sports society going on over at the other schools at the same time that we ourselves go on ebay to get merch that's been autographed by our favorite players.  The Penn State scandal, on the other hand, is about child rape and a subsequent shocking, revolting breakdown in leadership and accountability.  So the little games that programs play with the NCAA rules are just that:  fun and games.  Every reader also knows the following:  the Penn State stuff is not a game, and not fun for anybody.  NCAA violations are exclusive to sports teams.  Penn State's stuff can happen anywhere, particularly among people who are more interested in protecting their organizations than protecting people--it's the abu Ghraib of sports.  I think I will always have another seed of doubt in my head if I trust my kids to stay overnight at some other kid's house because of this.

The sad, horrific irony is that the same time the full scope of nastiness at Penn State was being exposed, it was Ohio State getting tagged for "failure to monitor."  Penn State still doesn't have a single NCAA violation to be found, and yet, if there was ever an instance in the history of sports where there was a clear "failure to monitor," Joe Paterno lived it.  I don't ever want to hear any moral relativism that draws comparisons between Tressel and Paterno, or equates the two men, because there isn't a reasonable comparison, and the actions of the two will never be in the same galaxy with each other.  One broke the NCAA boys club rules, the other presided over and enabled a climate where the devil incarnate had free run with children in the showers of the Penn State locker room.

So to summarize my rambling:  I still thought there was some degree of innocence left in college football, even with USC, OSU, Auburn, etc..  The stuff with Tressel only hurt my view of high-dollar major college sports.  The stuff with Paterno hurts my view of mankind altogether.

Comment 29 Oct 2011

Dare I say it?  Braxton Miller just stepped into manhood right now!  Just like #2 3 years ago aganst Bucky, the last minute drive by the frosh QB for the monster win.  Just for tonight, I'm going to savor this one...sweeter than most.

Comment 10 Oct 2011

While I agree with the premise of this article, the following statement seems harsh:  "Tressel, like a blustery woman who chooses a meek spouse she can walk all over, assembled a coaching staff that he could effectively coach through. The ones capable of leading on their own would leave to take promotions elsewhere all throughout his tenure."  Doesn't this happen EVERYWHERE in sports?  The guys who have their own takes, their own opinions, their own styles go off to showcase those qualities, while other guys are content to stick to the head coach's knitting, aren't they?  Look at Penn State's staff or Iowa's staff.  All those assistant coaches at their respective schools have been in those jobs for forever and a day, and they keep finding ways to perform at a decent to high level.  Other programs have assistant coaches who bolt, and they're never the same; USC comes to mind after Chow and, to a lesser degree, Kiffin and Sarkisian left.  Same for Florida once Meyer started bleeding assistants.  So while there may be a big bunch of sycophants in the ranks of the assistant coaches, I'm betting most staffs that stick together for awhile are the same way as what Tressel ran.  I'm also betting that the decline for Penn State if Paterno suddenly left his job would be similar to that suffered by Ohio State.  So, in short, I view these guys (both head and assistant coaches) as a package deal.  Once the boss is gone, nobody knows what to do.  Just like how, without captains, there aren't on-field leaders.

Go Bucks!

Comment 09 Oct 2011

I live 10 miles from where Braxton Miller went to high school, I'm in an opposing school district to Huber Heights (think Kurt Coleman).  A few of my co-workers have children who went to high school with Miller.  I remember the Monday at work after the event described in the link above happened, as a couple of my co-workers came in late and depressed (football's kind of a big deal around here).  The star quarterback for Wayne in Huber had gotten hurt badly.  1/3 of my office was miserable about it.

Tonight was like watching a flashback of some of that.  To see the story in this link reinforces it.  Miller is a special guy, great talent, really mobile.  Really like him.  Want him to succeed very badly and to wash away all the residual Pryor.  But the reality is that I suspect injuries are going to challenge this young man, and this team, significantly.  If we are going to make this work, it might really be safer to just commit to a 2-headed QB system with Miller and Graham today.  Build them up together for the future.  If Guiton isn't getting played ahead of Bauserman, you have to wonder about the deal.

I'm sorry for putting this down, but Miller has fought injuries for much of his career.  We have to have more durability at the QB position than this, if the Buckeyes will play at the expected level.  It might be time to commit to a Leak/Tebow sort of combination up front, rather than holding off on it and being in a jam down the road.

Comment 09 Oct 2011

Bellisari.  Bellisari was a math major who didn't have at one point a ridiculous beard.  The DUI hurts the cause, but that does happen to college kids sometimes.  Bauserman's beard is strictly a case of him looking in the mirror and not having the awareness that he looked homeless.  Bellisari threw for 1599 yards in 2001.  The 2001 team went what, 7-5, with Bellisari out for 1 game, if I remember.  This is a more talented team that's headed to 5-7 or so.

Bellisari.  Hands down.

Comment 09 Oct 2011

Does anybody have a strong opinion on Pelini wanting the Ohio State job?  I'm not saying I want him, or that I don't.  My reaction is "meh."  I'm just asking.  Seemed to be awfully friendly and gracious after the game...

Is there anybody out there who thinks he is a good candidate, or feels strongly about him?