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Comment 02 Jun 2012

There are a lot of good arguments here, and I, for the longest time, found myself completely torn. However, I think they should continue to not pay players. I understand that the universities are making a killing off of "community service work" being put in by student athletes, but they are still what they are. Not semi-pro athletes, but college players. The deal with being a college athlete is "you do your work, keep your gpa up, perform admirably, and you might get a chance to get paid for this in the future." I have plenty reasons why I feel this way, but i'll only name a few. If the NCAA does give the OK, money will be flowing and causing problems. All of a sudden, you get the feeling that some stud quarterback at Oklahoma will be holding because he's making the same amount as the 3rd string back. That means that you will have to pay everyone. Football, basketball, base, lacrosse, archery, gymnastics, whatever... Everyone gets paid, and with all that being said, it would be way too much to keep up with in terms of paperwork. Also, the big bank will definitely take the little bank. Teams like Stanford or UCLA wont even be able to compete with the USC's of their areas. Phil Knight, the owner of Nike, is in charge of the department at Oregon U. PHIL FREAKIN KNIGHT! Do you have any backdoor deals could be made? If you think things are out of control now, payment will surely only increase the problems. Maybe that's why everyone seems to agree that there is so much passion in college athletics than the pros. If someone is doing horrible, you bench them! No need to keep him in because he's getting paid a certain amount and you feel you have to play him because of such. Student athletes are more humble and dedicated than pros, for the most part.

Comment 04 May 2012

This is soooooo creepy. Just his looks are really creepy, not to mention the way he's hanging on to these guys in the photos are just... idk. I jump to conclusions a lot, so I pray to god that what I think is going on isn't really going on... Ugh.