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Comment 01 Mar 2015
KRPWG, it seems the argument should end right there. Great point and game over. One of the most popular excuses among the anti-Matta lobby is, "sure he wins 20 games, but all those nonconference games against Tennessee Tech make that streak a joke." However, having a winning conference record every single season for a decade in one of, if not the toughest conference in the nation? Tough to argue with that one.
Comment 21 Feb 2015
This might be the most fun OSU women's basketball team I've seen play. Love the full court, coast to coast attacking pressure from start to finish. They look exactly like I picture a team coached by Samuel L Jackson in Coach Carter would look. Can't wait to see how they look with more than 7 uninjured players next year. Keep it up, Coach McGuff.
Comment 27 Jan 2015
Totally. I believe the Buckeyes are undefeated in games I've watched more than once. Something like 198-0. It's almost surprising to look through season records from the past and see numbers other than "0" under the loss column before thinking, "Oh yeah. We didn't win a national title that year."
Comment 29 Dec 2014
Barry Alvarez, upon hearing the Harbaugh to TTUN news: "They got who? Oh, crap. You mean we're allowed to actually do that? I thought we just had to 'be realistic' as Big Ten schools." Barry is like the college dude who actually has some things going for him, but keeps dating emotionally insecure mediocre looking girls because he is so afraid of getting shot down by the awesome chic he never asks. Come on, Big Ten. Be better than that guy. Aim higher!
Comment 06 Dec 2014
The Big Ten men's basketball tournament is one of the most entertaining sporting events to attend annually, but holding it a week before the selection special is a concern. I get making a strong play for New York City, but not the week before everyone is paying attention. This is the Big Ten, not some junior varsity conference whose championship is relegated to a sub prime time slot to fill cable content. We are the one who knocks!
Comment 02 Nov 2014
Remember what Ramzy said, "A loss to an SEC team is really a half win." So, a loss against a SEC team (assuming you are also a SEC team) is better than a win against a non-SEC team. Therefore, Alabama's half win against Mississippi is better than any actual win Oregon could have had this season as no SEC teams scheduled the Ducks in 2014.
Comment 02 Nov 2014
ManU has a ways to go to rebuild that defense without Vidic and Ferdinand. No matter how much firepower is added, no defense with Phil Jones as an anchor can win a championship. It's hard to continually win 4-3.
Comment 17 Oct 2014
We are Ohio freaking State. We've had how many players drafted since Thad got here, including a handful of lottery picks? Before this past season, we had been to the most Sweet 16s in a row of any program in the country. If Jared Sullinger, Greg Oden, BJ Mullens (was #1 recruit in his class), and a dozen other McDonald's all Americans pick OSU, how is any recruit out of our league?
Comment 17 Oct 2014
It looks like Thompson is playing schoolyard keep away and Shannon Scott is trying to jump to get his lunch box back.
Comment 16 Oct 2014
Ha! Exactly. That is something "just Rutgers" celebrates. I guess that is still their best win, more than at Washington State or Navy. Either way, people act as though they have acclimated to the Big Ten so well and they are only 1-1 in the conference, having played both games at home. Let's hold off judgement and see how well they acclimate to games at Ohio State, Nebraska, Michigan State, and Maryland. Wisconsin coming to town will be a tough one for them too, as would Indiana had Nate Sudfield not been lost for the season. They could easily still miss a bowl game this year. But as you said, FatPants, congratulations, I guess?
Comment 12 Oct 2014
Took the wife to the Michigan State at Northwestern game last year. The stadium was obviously not the shoe, but it had an energetic, if bipartisan, crowd. Aside of the literally freezing temperature (combined with my lovely bride's lack of a winter coat), it was a cool experience. Not to mention we sat 5 rows off the field in the endzone for a combined $20. If we lived in Chicago, I would go to multiple games a year.
Comment 10 Oct 2014
While the timing may not have been right before, Oklahoma is more of a Big Ten institution than people think. Large state flagship public research based university (tier-1 research university by Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching). National power football program with top end overall athletic department. Very broad academic catalog with well diversified and established graduate programs. A national brand in/near a major metropolitan area ( <20 miles from downtown Oklahoma City). They are not currently a member of the AAU. However, membership in organizations changes. Georgia Tech recently gained membership. Nebraska recently lost it. A decade from now, Oklahoma could be an AAU member. They have the programs in place. How attractive would Oklahoma be if they were an AAU member. Look at this as a 50 year move instead of a 5 year decision. Everything about Oklahoma (and Texas) says Big Ten. Good call, Buckeyeneer.
Comment 23 Sep 2014
In what universe is Wisconsin on the same level as Texas and USC? They are historically and currently closer to Cincinnati than they are to the big boys. I understand the argument night games typically involve bigger matchups, but let's not pretend Wisconsin is as big of a deal as Texas, Nebraska, USC, Penn State, or other traditional powers we'll see in coming years.
Comment 22 Sep 2014
Want to hear something really funny? Watch Big Ten team Indiana take it to SEC division champ Missouri at Missouri and listen to SEC ESPN Network announcers try to think of words to say. They can't say the SEC division champ is bad. They can't compliment the Big Ten team. The result was a lot of hilariously placed awkward silence right after plays followed by something along the lines of, "Hmmm, that's just, okay."
Comment 29 Aug 2014
Boise State is over like MySpace and flash mobs and Mississippi was still only up 7-6 with less than 7:00 to go in a game in SEC territory. They really should not get much credit for this win. And based on what information did South Carolina get ranked so highly this year? They lost their QB, 3/4 of their D line and half their secondary without having stud replacements ready to go. They realistically shouldn't even be ranked right now. Despite an inflated record against a pretty weak schedule the last 3 years, they are still just South Carolina.
Comment 10 Aug 2014
How many schools outside the Power 5 would be willing to accept a disadvantageous deal similar to Iowa State and Baylor in the mid-2000's Big XII? (Essentially, where the % of conference payout is based on national TV appearances) Schools like Cincinnati, UConn, and Houston might agree to basically any terms necessary to be allowed to participate. Second, there would likely be deep politics at play in any voting measure. The SEC and ACC wound not have to merge to form a voting bloc similar to the UN during the Cold War.
Comment 04 Aug 2014
Who dismissed actual rankings and made up their own? You accurately quoted Sagarin's rankings of Big Ten teams below East Carolina. Alabama (#3), Stanford (#5), Michigan State (#6), Oklahoma (#12), Florida (#53), Tennessee (#60), Arkansas (#77), and Kentucky (#104) were correctly cited as well. This is based on the final 2013 Jeff Sagarin college football rankings following the BCS National Championship Game. Which part of these rankings surprises you, the low rankings of bottom SEC teams or the inconsistencies of rankings following head to head matchups? Keep in mind, my point was simply that using Sagarin rankings as a determinant of team strength is not always accurate. Link: Or are you making a joke along the lines of "stupid logic backed up by facts..."? Also, yes I would take Illinois and/or Indiana over East Carolina on a neutral field. Might take Cincinnati too, and look what Illinois did to them. Both played far tougher non conference schedules (Cincinnati and Washington; Missouri, BG, Navy, respectively) than East Carolina. Not to mention the conference slate with OSU, Wisconsin, Michigan State, et al.
Comment 04 Aug 2014
The same Sagarin ratings have 11-3 Stanford ranked 5th and 13-1 Michigan State ranked 6th. And Sparty even beat Stanford while Stanford played Stanford football! A higher ranking in the Sagarin elo chess system does not unequivocally guarantee a superior football team. 11-2 Oklahoma beat 11-2 Alabama by 2 touchdowns. Yet, Sagarin had Alabama #3 and Oklahoma all the way down at #12 somehow. I would take 2013 Illinois, Northwestern (especially when healthy), Minnesota, or Indiana to beat 2013 East Carolina. For what it's worth, 2013 South Carolina opponents Tennessee (#60), Arkansas (#77), and Kentucky (#104) were ranked below East Carolina while Florida (#53) was somehow just above the Pirates. Which brings us back to Ramzy's classic "homogeneous death machine" comment.
Comment 04 Aug 2014
That ring is pretty and all, but let's not pretend everything said by someone who won one of those is beyond reproach. Gene Chizik won a ring once, too. And Larry Coker. The man said ECU is a lot tougher game than a bottom Big Ten team. With the exception of Purdue (who was maybe the worst Big Ten team in a decade last year), he is wrong. Furthermore, the entire bottom half of his division may be worse than even a Tim Beckman coached Illinois team (second worst in the Big Ten). It's trendy to say the SEC is one "homogeneous death machine," as Ramzy so eloquently pointed out. ( ) Equally trendy is the "Hurrr Big Ten sucks worse than Conference USA, Pawl" narrative. Mr Spurrier's comment is simply being challenged here, despite that shiny ring.