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Comment 07 Mar 2017

Only way to go from here is up. Let's see what happens next season. If there is no upward trend, then so be it. It has to get better, but hold the line. Do you play the stock market? I ask because I'm not a wall street guy. I would be interested to see what someone like that has to say about this situation. It would be cool to see what an investor would have to say about this situation.

Comment 09 Dec 2016

Congrats on that! That's the goal in the end. 

One of the hardest (and I believe to be one of the most important) lessons that I am learning as a parent is that I cannot control everything. I have a hard time accepting that fact, but I'm working on getting better with it. The difficulty seems to be compounded by the fact that my children are girls!

Comment 08 Dec 2016

My wife and three daughters. I treasure every second I spend with them. They are my inspiration for some lifestyle changes I'm working on right now as well. I want as much time and as many memories as possible with them. 

Comment 06 Oct 2016

In 1997, my best friend fell into two tickets for the Tennessee - Kentucky football game. It was Peyton Manning's senior year, facing another pretty good quarterback in Tim Couch. We had a place to crash on campus for the weekend. We woke up and pre-gamed Saturday morning, and as things moved along, I couldn't shake the gnawing feeling of having to miss The Game so I could watch Manning in person. When the time came to leave to walk to the stadium, I sent my friend along with the rest of the group and I stayed at the apartment to watch the Buckeyes lose yet another heartbreaker to the team up north, 20-14. Peyton Manning went off that day, in one of his best individual performances of his college career. My buddy said the atmosphere was awesome and it was a great game to watch.

I regret choosing to watch the Buckeyes on TV only because they lost that day. Had they have beat ttun, there would be no regret. The Cooper era was an annual late November KICK IN THE BALLS.........

Comment 08 Mar 2016

I prefer my Oreos blended into vanilla soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt. 

Comment 28 Jan 2016

Good points. I don't disagree with your analysis of the use of H. We'll continue to keep H involved in the run game. It's just too easy to run jet sweep. Not a lot of practice time invested to keep that wrinkle in the offense. Also, while we're talking about winning 1 on 1 battles vs. Cover 0, matching up your H with a safety can give you an advantage with H being a quicker route runner (whips, option route, etc). 

As for your prediction of more multiple TE sets, it looks like that is the case with recent recruiting. To me, it fits right in with moving away from the Option run game. In a traditional double tight formation, you have just added another gap to the backside of your inside zone. With that, you are pretty much guaranteeing that the QB will not have to pull the football and run. It goes from zone read to just inside zone essentially. I think the future of our QB run game (post JT era) will be limited to scrambles and designed runs (q draw, q counter). 

Taking the option out of the run game allows more time to spend working on throwing the football. An improvement in the passing game would provide better balance, which has been a stated goal of UFM. The question in my mind is when do we see the transition? Does it start while JT is still in the saddle, or is that wasting his skill set?

Comment 27 Jan 2016

I think it depends on what you define as "read option". Will the zone read stay in the playbook? I could see that lasting longer than any other option concept based on who we have recruited at QB, but even that seemed to be phased out when Cardale was our QB. The more advanced QB option concepts (Power Read, Stretch Zone Option, Stretch QB counter, etc) are probably on their way out based on our future QBs. I agree 100% that developing the passing game will take the place of those QB runs. A sound rule of offensive structure is that you have to have 2 out of 3 to be solid: Option Football, Power Running Game, and Drop Back Passing Game. It can be done in multiple combinations, but you have to have 2 of the 3. I see our offense moving to more of a drop back passing and power running game. What we had previously was a little of all three, but Option running game when it came down to crunch time. Putting the emphasis on recruiting stud receivers on the outside leads me to believe that the passing game will take the place of option football in the future when the chips are on the table.

Comment 27 Jan 2016

Harden Long........was an elderly gentleman that lived in my hometown when I was a kid. He was on the receiving end of a few prank phone calls.