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Comment 19 Jun 2014

Yes the man in charge of the crew now certainly deserves it, huge fan and the hardest worker there.

I guess I misused the term 'cleaned', meaning it as a verb not an adjective. I certainly would not eat off the toilet seats or urinals, they are not clean. I was just saying, for the insane amount of bathrooms that need to be cleaned in a week, they do get a decent scrubbing.

Haha I guess I also shouldn't have used 'squeaky clean' for row 41. It's just that I've put a lot of sweat into those shit covered benches, gotta be proud of your work!

That's the most epic dog toss I've ever heard of.

The bucket game is still alive and well. Somehow, after 3 years, I was only person that I was aware of on my crew who didn't get bucketed. Just got lucky. The best was when people would get so pissed about it, it just made it more funny and they would get it more often. To explain the bucket game to those who are unaware, basically there are buckets stashed throughout the upper decks of the stadium, so as people are walking or doing work on the lower decks, you try to sneakily dump a bucket of water on them from high up.

You did a good job of confessing for the shoe crew.

Comment 18 Jun 2014

Also a former athletic facilities employee here, just wanted to give my take as it is a little different

- The bathrooms are actually pretty thoroughly cleaned during the season, considering the massive amount that are cleaned between each home game or event. Toilets are scrubbed, floors are swept and rinsed or powerwashed, sinks and mirrors are windexed. Some of the bathrooms just maintain that urine smell no matter what you do to them.

-Row 41 as well as the 10 or 15 rows below it are wiped down by hand with rags once during the week and once immediately before gates open. That pigeon shit does build up during the week, but row 41 is squeaky clean on gameday.

-I have thrown many hot dogs during Sunday cleanup.

-"Zero Waste" might not be 100% true, but on every Sunday, we would separate all compost/recycle bags and a small crew would individually sort through the recycling bags, and further sorting is done at the recycling facility. I saw a pamphlet with waste percentages and I forget the numbers, but they were pretty impressive.

-I concur, NEVER use a drinking fountain.

-I wasn't there when AJ Hawk was there, can't say I know of any other superstitions.

-Gate 23 is open at those times during the offseason so feel free to walk around, just not during the season they won't let you in.

-My crew was originally suspected to be responsible for the missing equipment from the locker room before tatgate broke out. Our locker room keys were taken away.

Sorry to be contradictory on some of those, I just wanted to give the crew some credit for what they do, at least nowadays. New boss in charge of the Shoe Crew.