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Comment 16 Jan 2015

Unrelated: Sorry for hijacking this thread. I don't have enough helmet stickers to start a thread and din't know where to post it. But I thought this was cool. If someone wants to create a thread please go ahead.

A panaromic view of the whole CFP championship stadium. You can even zoom in and tag people. It's pretty cool (especially if you can find yourself in the group).

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Funny, how Leinart says, something third pick for 2016 playoff is Alabama, "even though they are in the SEC" they recruit well yada yada. Two weeks back it would have been "they are in the SEC and they recruit well". The "even though" in the front says a lot about how the perception is changing. In a matter of 2 weeks the B1G, with the good guys leading the way, brought the SEC down to the dust that now they have now become a "no choice" or a "low choice".

Comment 07 Dec 2014
Not only those two but nobody is giving us a chance against bama. Watching ESPNU now. They go on and on about how kiffin revamped offense and has to deal with qb issues but totally ignore our qb issues. They even laughed in a sarcastic way at one point about our chances. I am angry right now. I know I should stop watching ESPN. Sorry I hand to vent.
Comment 20 Nov 2014

I want to see how we play against Wisky and how our defense stops MG. So at this point I am not confident to say Yes. So No.

Comment 01 Nov 2014

+1 for FirstRow. Watch out of all the ads that will install malware on your computer. 

If firstrow does not work, there is more listed here: has worked for me once.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

There I corrected it for you:

"I hope we'll be ready (laughter) AND  Virginia Tech is a really good football team AND I haven't had a chance to look at them yet in depth, but Frank Beamer does a really great job down there with that staff, and so forth AND So we'll just have to wait and see two tough football teams playing on a Saturday night in the Horseshoe  AND  I know our guys are fired up."

Comment 07 Apr 2014

Moto G owner here. Pure Google and I absolutely love it. It is not an high end phone but it is the best low-end phone that can compete with some of the high end phones.

It has only 1 GB ram but I have about 70 apps installed and it runs smooth and battery lasts for at least 2 days for me. I do have Greenify installed to hibernate apps. Best part for contract and $40 a month for unlimited talk text and data with AirVoice (ATT MVNO).

That said, I have not tried ART yet. Frankly, I have not had the need as I have experienced 0 lags of any sort in the last 3 months.

Comment 06 Dec 2013

You are right. Lot of people do not know the reason behind him passing up good job offers to stay in the area. I get mad when I see comments from readers  and some of the ESPN analysts too that say he does not want to fight in the big leagues or something to that extent.

I lived in Boise for a year and from what I heard he is very loyal to the people who helped him through his son's cancer treatment. I believe his son is now cured.

Comment 15 Nov 2013

I see Urban's idea all over it. He knows how to get the attention. In today's CFB world it is not enough if you are good football coach but you should also know the business around it. I think Urban is better than any coach from that aspect (even better than Saban).

Comment 05 Aug 2013

Yes. I like that about Urban. But the question is: are the freshman ready? Are they ready enough to the level that we still have experience to take on the big boys at the bowl game. That's why I say, injuries could change the way the season goes.

I want a NC so bad. Not only would it would be the first since I became a buckeye (special to me) but it would be a punch in the face for many OSU haters. I guess I am a little bit too worried.

Comment 05 Aug 2013

Yes we have a relatively unproven defensive front 7. Yes the right tackle and other spots on the offense need to develop. But my biggest worry is injuries. Even one big injury to a key player couple potentially change the course of the season. I hope everybody gets through camp and the games safely.

Comment 02 Aug 2013

Holy Shit.....buckyes are going to be like Superheroes built by Marotti.

All signs pointing to the buckeyes dominating on field. 30 more days!

Comment 31 Jul 2013

Thanks for putting these together. Made my third-shift a bit easier :-)

I get the chills and goose bumps every time I watch Urban speaks. Its hard not to listen to the guy....I think its because of the tone, honesty, and to-the-point no-fluff answers. Colin almost sounds like he is in love with I like coach Tress but I could always predict how his answers would go.

I am sure Urban has been learning from his experiences and has changed his coaching ways....its too bad to see media exploit certain situations just to gain some visibility. Off-field issues with his current and ex-players have been beaten to more reason I cannot wait for the season to start.