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Comment 18 Jun 2014
I mentioned this to Jason last night, but I preemptively planned several Rose Bowl gatherings last year, effectively jinxing the B1G championship game. Dammit.
Comment 26 Feb 2014

He's always been Bert, dude. Calling him that since 2009 has been my one public good contributed to college football.

I'm pretty sure, as I mentioned on the ol' twitters, that you also brought #Swoon to Buckeye Nation as the only appropriate homage to Aaron Craft, and know for a fact that your "Drive Thru" videos are amongst the finest in the land.

So... yeah. #AllHailKingVico

Comment 04 Apr 2013

Nebraska gashed Ohio State in the second half of the game in Lincoln with this formation... yeah, bad times.

Ross- Oklahoma State has used this formation for a while now, and includes it in their "packaged plays" philosophy (each play being a run/pass read).  Do you see Ohio State exploring that possibility as well?

Thanks for the great work...

Comment 19 Mar 2013

Great article, and great question... as someone who works in Higher Ed, I've been trying to figure out the answer to this one for a while-

How does "big time" college athletics help the University meet its academic mission?

Granted, you can also ask this question about the "research/publish" wing of the academy, but there aren't a whole lot of blogs about that element.

Our Big Ten brethren at the University of Chicago did away with athletics a long time ago (they're back now, as D3 programs), and it didn't ding their academics much, if at all. I'm not saying schools should go that far, particularly given the current money and so forth involved.

Another thought- Could Delaney's comments re: D3 also be pointing to an eventual "split" with "big time" football and basketball becoming disassociated with their "host" universities?


Again, great work.

Comment 29 Oct 2012

Gerd pointed out "He Who Walks Behind The Rows" on Saturday...

Comment 23 Oct 2012

Great work, Ross... thanks for adding this to our collective conversation.

One additional thing I would add that impacted the OSU offense was the Purdue offense. While not a ton of scoring on Saturday, they were able to eat a ton of clock and keep the Buckeyes on the sidelines.


Thanks again!

Comment 03 Aug 2012

Great article, Ramzy- I agree that this is a HUGE scandal, since it gets at the very heart of the "Student Athlete" ideal.  If the University's very mission is compromised, what is left then?

Another frustration is that this lends credence to those who hold that "African American Studies" programs (and the like) are illegitimate across the board, while not acknowledging the national work of faculty and scholars in this field.

Thanks for shining some light on this.

Comment 28 Mar 2012

Thanks for your time with 11W and for all you've brought from the basement.


Blessings on your next endeavor!

Comment 27 Oct 2011

So, I'm proposing a "Naked Out for Breast Awareness".... Who's with me?


On second thought, many male Wisconsin fans may actually bring more cuppage than some of my exes, so... nevermind.

Comment 08 Sep 2011

My vote is for the "Shock The World" one...

I'd submit one but a) I suck at photoshop, and you don't want MSPaint and b) for some reason I keep typing "Elven Warriors".

If you're interested in a version that includes Legolas, though... say the word.

Comment 26 May 2011

Whoo hoo!! tBBC finally gets linked (kinda') by Ramzy!! :)

As always, amazing work.

Comment 15 Apr 2011

Another option: Student athletes at BYU are less invested in the "mission" of the University, and as such might be more inclined to disregard the Honor Code.

Deadspin talks about this a bit, in regards to how athletes are told about the Code in ways that seem to gloss over it.

While not automatically a race issue, race does play an issue in this to some degree.

Comment 08 Feb 2011

The perceived strength of the entire SEC places it above the rest of the conferences. (Of course, the SEC East is conveniently ignored when this argument is made.)

Three quick beatings of a dead horse-

  1. The strength of the SEC, while valid, is also propped up by the circular argument that "they beat up on each other every week". When that happens in the B1G, it's because the conference is week.  We see what we want to see (or broadcast what we want to broadcast, eh ESECPN?).
  2. It also doesn't hurt the SEC strength argument that they get home games for the postseason.
  3. The SEC East phenomenon is interesting, given that there was a ton of concern regarding having Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia in the same division when the conference was formed. Everything's cyclical...
Comment 08 Feb 2011

The exploitation of the (poor) black athlete goes much further than oversigning

Agreed. But since oversigning is the flavor of the month, it's hard to not make the connection.

A HS student has a better chance of being a doctor than a professional athlete in the NBA/MLB/or NFL.

Comment 08 Feb 2011

Jake, this is a phenomenal article... great work.

I'm particularly glad you discussed the possibility of latent racism in this issue, which is something that troubles me a bit even as we discuss the oversigning phenomenon.  There seems to be a mindset that these students who sign LOIs and don't qualify or are only at an SEC school for a year or so are just another example of "poor, uneducated minority students" that these institutions are exploiting for profit and so forth.

While it may be true that student athletes are being "exploited" by oversigning (a debate I'll leave to another website), language that implies that students of color are inherently less qualified for the academic community is troublesome and often overlooked.

Again, great article...