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  • SPORTS MOMENT: First game as a defensive lineman at a D3 school: 3 sacks and 15 tackles.
    It only went downhill from there.

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Comment 30 Jun 2016

Sounds like the best "clean profanity" exclamation phrase ever...

"Jerry Lucas on a TREADMILL!!"

Comment 19 May 2016

I agree that MForce is #1, but 1A has got to be the X2 at Magic Mountain out in Los Angeles... when the Buckeyes go to the Rose Bowl, skip the crowds (and cost) of Disney Land and head to MM... the only park in America that comes close to Cedar Point and Kings Island:

Comment 08 Mar 2016

We've all been sold a lie:

Wake up, sheeple!!!

Comment 15 Feb 2016
Great list, all... Let me go in a bit of a different direction with Ohio's own (well, Cincinnati) Bootsy Collins. Foundational funk-master from James Brown to Parliament Funkadelic...
Comment 31 Dec 2015

My favorite part of the Rudy Fap-Fest is the way it conveniently skips over his service in the Navy after high school.

I guess that portraying him as an out of shape loser rather than a former serviceman helps their narrative... and proves that this movie hates 'Merica.

Comment 13 Dec 2015

Congrats, Grant... I'm so glad you've found a "home" for your amazing work!

Couldn't have joined a better bunch of guys, too...

Comment 07 Dec 2015

Nice work, Kyle- enjoy the insight.

Didn't OSU try this against Michigan State as well? I seem to remember (in the haze of anger that still lurks with memories of that game) a pitch to Vannett that got crushed pretty easily...

Comment 03 Dec 2015

It's interesting to see how so many of these gigs are just re-shuffles.

And, how there seem to be very few African American candidates considered for these positions (or rumored to be interviewed), in spite of the fact that there are quite a few African American assistant coaches across the country.

Without getting into the politics/affirmative action discussion- does the NCAA need a "Rooney Rule"? Would it matter?

Comment 18 Oct 2015

I think the Rutgers pick is a good one, but it might also be worth pointing to the Illinois game...

I can see the Buckeyes struggling after what's (hopefully) a big post-bye win at home against Minnesota, and then looking past illinois to MSU and UM, while playing in Champaign (where they've often struggled). That, and the Illini have found a little chippyness under their new coach.

Comment 29 Sep 2015

Not necessarily... Violations of Title IX (sexual stuff falls under this category) can be investigated and dealt with at the University level without also involving law enforcement. It depends on the wishes of the complainant and the circumstances of the situation. If that is indeed what the issue is.

Comment 17 Jul 2015

And there are mixed reviews about this effect (which also includes alumni giving in some discussions of it).

It doesn't really help major programs (like Ohio State), it only tends to assist recruitment/branding for a limited time, there are very particular demographics who are most easily influenced in this way (some not ideal college candidates), and can be counterbalanced by negative publicity (NCAA infractions, academic scandals, significant on-field losses, etc.)

It's all a matter of priorities and choices... and, given that for most people "sports" is the word that automatically follows "college" in their minds, it's an easier way of publicity than increased academic prowess.

Or, as The Bear used to say- "It’s kind of hard to rally around a math class."

Comment 17 Jul 2015

Really nice work- I just finished a 30 page paper on Athletic Finance for my coursework (humblest of brags), and you've hit the basics pretty hard.

What's even more interesting is when you start looking at other decisions that the University is making as well. Take our pals in Eugene, for instance- while there's a student fee (in spite of the bucket ton of money that Ohio State fans help to send their way by buying the latest pro-combat gear), the University is also raising tuition and cutting majors as the state reduces funding percentages (not total dollars, but dollars per student).

When you also factor in that there's but 1K student tickets available each football game in the "Student section" at that $52 a piece... and realizing that your student fee doesn't let you use any of the facilities that you're helping to subsidize... man, that's enough to make a Duck nice and salty.

The other thing to keep an eye on, particularly as the "power 5" conversation heats up, is that schools like Rutgers are financially killing themselves to keep up with Ohio State. You point out the subsidy and other financial woes in New Jersey... if Rutgers or Purdue or Northwestern is challenged by the Conference to spend a certain amount (say, as a part of the BTN revenue sharing), or leave the conference... it might not be unrealistic to see them take a step back. This is particularly true in the current "what's a college education really worth"? conversation... at some point, I imagine that the spending model for semi-professional athletics will be untenable, particularly if the NCAA loses another lawsuit and the "amateur" model disappears.

And we haven't even talked about Title IX... 

Great work!

Comment 12 Jun 2015

This. My god... THIS. I still haven't figured out how having a semi-professional football and basketball program affiliated with the institution (ANY institution) is instrumental in that institution's academic mission.  Stupid higher education classes with their learning and changing perspectives and so forth.

With each passing year, I think I enjoy college football less and less. It's definitely not for lack of recent titles for Ohio State. The older I get, the more difficult it is to reconcile that preposterous facade of amateurism and why many prestigious institutions of higher education should be so concerned with this peculiar (albeit multi-million-dollar) entertainment package it now feels compelled to offer. The sport seems to be becoming faster (and more brutal) for young athletes still growing into their body. Notwithstanding recent efforts to promote player longevity through safety initiatives, there is nevertheless no real impetus behind promoting player longevity as long as there exists a large talent pool of high school players that can push oft-injured college athletes to pasture.

A quick stop-gap would be to pay players, though universities clearly do not want to do that and compensation (however justified) creates additional headaches for athletic departments who have to teach an entire roster on how to file taxes and report taxable benefits. Urban Meyer should get a lot of credit for his Real Life Wednesday program. I've heard player parents (almost to a person) speak highly of it. But, contrast that with low graduation rates at other universities for football players. Contrast that with Ole Miss bragging about a team GPA below a 3.0. Heck, contrast that with what happened at UNC, which---seriously---is the most ambitious case of academic fraud committed in American university history and no one fucking cared when it was first reported. College football can be a lot of fun, but at what societal cost? I struggle with this.

Comment 18 Jun 2014
I mentioned this to Jason last night, but I preemptively planned several Rose Bowl gatherings last year, effectively jinxing the B1G championship game. Dammit.