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From the Midwest to the Northwest, from SoCal to Seattle... life is always an adventure.
If I'm not watching the Buckeyes, I'd rather be on the trail


  • SPORTS MOMENT: First game as a defensive lineman at a D3 school: 3 sacks and 15 tackles.
    It only went downhill from there.

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Comment 28 Apr 2017

This certainly seems to be asking  for a "cupping" series of photos, but I'm neither clever enough nor photoshop savvy enough to put it together.

Plus, this is still a family friendly website.

Comment 10 Apr 2017
I know, right? And the eldest is driving.... Shudder.
Comment 10 Apr 2017
I was in town for a conference a few weeks ago and rented and apartment in Clintonville via VRBO. Clean and relaxing and less expensive than the conference hotel partnership rates.
Comment 10 Apr 2017

I've been informed by my daughters (10 and 16) that they're doing the egg hunt (plastic, filled with goodies) for my wife and I this year.

While I'm not expecting any "big goodies", I'm thankful that they know my chocolate preference- Dark and bitter, like my soul.

Comment 23 Feb 2017

Wait- Hugh Freeze might be sketchy?

The guy who got hired to a college job from his high school coaching gig in order to ensure that his high school player would sign with his new employer? 

That guy??

Comment 28 Jan 2017

The challenge is that the Department of Education/Office of Civil Rights have a different definition of "sexual assault/rape" than the Department of Justice/Local Law enforcement.

The former is working to figure out how Title IX applies (and may arguably have an overly expansive definition), while the former sometimes leads to moments like this: Oklahoma court rules that forced oral sex isn't rape if the victim is passed out drunk

Comment 17 Dec 2016
Good article. Think about the OJ trials... Different evidentiary standards found him not guilty in the criminal court and guilty in the civil trial. Criminal standard is beyond a reasonable doubt (100%) Civil is "clear and convincing" (75%) DoE uses preponderance of evidence or "More likely than not" (50.1%), but many schools are being encouraged to use the higher standard in these types of situations in order to ensure fundamental fairness.