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Retired U.S. Army. Recently returned from 15 years in The Netherlands. Enjoying life in New Port Richey, Florida.


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Comment 02 Jun 2017

While you're waiting for your phree shirt, why don't you run down to Dunkin Donuts and get your phree donut? It's National Donut Day and you get a free classic donut with any beverage purchase.

Comment 29 May 2017

I'll second your nomination, Grateful. I'm sure we all have a "Grandpa" or an "Uncle Bob" in our lives that we can relate to. Men like them are common threads in the fabric of America and we owe them a debt of gratitude.

Comment 28 May 2017

I just read the messages from the past 2 years and I am moved by the sentiments so eloquently posted. Thanks to all who shared their memories and feelings.

When I lived in the Netherlands, I was a Boy Scout leader for about three years. Every Memorial Day, the American Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts would gather a few days beforehand and place American and Dutch flags on all of the 8000+ graves. Then on Memorial Day there would be a big service to honor those buried there and the names of the missing that are on the walls leading into the cemetery area. There would be Dutch and American dignitaries as well as civilian leaders. They would place about 50 -60 wreathes in honor of the fallen. There would usually be a fly-over by jets in the missing man formation.

What is most interesting, is the fact that all 8000+ American graves have been adopted by local Dutch citizens! This started when the cemetery was first started and the families will visit "their" grave several times a year to place flowers. Holidays, the service members' birthday, and any other day they can, they come to pay their respects. My wife asked an elderly Dutch lady why she did this and she said, "Because we are in debt." The adoption of these graves passes through the families when the older members die. On the rare occasion there is no one to pass the adoption on to, there is a waiting list at the cemetery.

A few years ago, the cemetery started a program where they tried to locate pictures of the persons buried there and place them by the graves. Many of the pictures were obtained from the adopted families who had done research on their service member and often corresponded with their families in the U.S. It gives a very unique experience to see a face by the grave, instead of just the stone.

As much fun as it is to have a three-day weekend, take time out to remember those who have fallen for our beloved country. Honor their sacrifice.

Comment 26 May 2017

Miami, your creativity is still spot on. I bet you have hairball and his *ichigan flunkies Googling "cheetah blood for performance enhancing" as I type this!

Comment 24 May 2017

Well that covers Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday afternoon tell your boss that you think you caught something from coworker and you'll be out sick Friday! There you go, all squared away. You avoid the sick guy for the rest of the week and get a day to rest up for your vacation. Did you ever say what beach you're going to?

Comment 24 May 2017

What? You asked her more than once?  Are you a glutton for punishment? Asking her once was too much for me.

Siri should not venture off into the realm of comedy. Stick with her day job.

Comment 23 May 2017

Thanks a lot Siri. You could have just said, "I don't know when Michael Jordan retired," but noooooo, you had to go there.

Bad girl, Siri.