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Grew up in Columbus, left in 1993 for college and have been an Army gypsy ever since. Now the Chair of the Military Science Department and Army ROTC at Niagara University in Niagara Falls, NY.


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Comment 22 Mar 2015

Blaine Wilson (gymnastics)

But this goes back to the "At OSU accomplishments vs other/post-OSU accomplishments" question.

Comment 16 Oct 2014

If you have any interest in Fantasy, the "Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan is amazing.  It's a 14 book series, I just finished reading it the second time.

Another set that is very good is "The Sword of Truth" series by Terry Goodkind.  He's a scientologist, and occasionally some of the philosophy shines through, but it's rare enough that I never got irritated by it.

Of course, there's always the Harry Potter series, actually all very good reads.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Start the toast with something like... "I was planning to prepare a toast ahead of time, but I spent the last 2 weeks trying to get signed up for a DVR package on my cable plan, so bear with me..."

Comment 19 Mar 2014

Never fear you "sky is falling" Buckeye fans, the most common reason for people to get a torn meniscus is to stand up out of a chair.  I have had more than one surgery to repair this fun and exciting condition, and it's not too hard to be back at 100% later in a couple months.

Comment 14 Mar 2014

Shaq's highlight video might be my favorite of any so far.  I love a sense of humor, music without a foul theme or language, and just a fun loving attitude.  Combine that with solid play and being well spoken, and he looks like a great kid.  Might be the first highlight video I watched all the way to the end in the last year and a half.

Comment 15 Nov 2013

Dear Noah Spence, I just watched this great mid-season highlight compilation.  Joey Bosa, the true freshman, was in on 3 plays, you showed up on 1.  I know you're really happy for Joey and all, but I just had to ask... you cool with that?  Time to do some work.

Comment 10 Sep 2013

They actually do for a certain period of time.   Their diets are strictly regulated because within a couple months of the season ending, they have to get their bodyfat back down within regulation.  For a kid that age it's 20% or less, but the measurement system is seriously flawed.  It is based off of measuring your neck and your waste and then doing a mathematical calculation where your height and weight is considered.  I've seen guys with single digit bodyfat be told they were over at 22% because they had thick trunks (with 6 packs) and small necks.