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Grew up in Columbus, left in 1993 for college and have been an Army gypsy ever since. Now the Chair of the Military Science Department and Army ROTC at Niagara University in Niagara Falls, NY.


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Comment 22 Mar 2015

Blaine Wilson (gymnastics)

But this goes back to the "At OSU accomplishments vs other/post-OSU accomplishments" question.

Comment 16 Oct 2014

If you have any interest in Fantasy, the "Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan is amazing.  It's a 14 book series, I just finished reading it the second time.

Another set that is very good is "The Sword of Truth" series by Terry Goodkind.  He's a scientologist, and occasionally some of the philosophy shines through, but it's rare enough that I never got irritated by it.

Of course, there's always the Harry Potter series, actually all very good reads.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

Start the toast with something like... "I was planning to prepare a toast ahead of time, but I spent the last 2 weeks trying to get signed up for a DVR package on my cable plan, so bear with me..."

Comment 19 Mar 2014

Never fear you "sky is falling" Buckeye fans, the most common reason for people to get a torn meniscus is to stand up out of a chair.  I have had more than one surgery to repair this fun and exciting condition, and it's not too hard to be back at 100% later in a couple months.

Comment 14 Mar 2014

Shaq's highlight video might be my favorite of any so far.  I love a sense of humor, music without a foul theme or language, and just a fun loving attitude.  Combine that with solid play and being well spoken, and he looks like a great kid.  Might be the first highlight video I watched all the way to the end in the last year and a half.

Comment 16 Nov 2013

That spin move was killer!

Reminds me of my freshman year of college.  I was an assistant coach for the 7th grade team at the catholic school across the street (Gesu?).  Since we lacked enough folks, I filled in as the scout team running back and let all those little hellians go full tackle on me.  For a 7th grader to face a 6'2" 210 lb back, even without pads, was a tall order.  However, it tought them pursuit angles, team tackling, and when games arrived, they were absolutely unimpressed with a 7th grade "power back".  Plus, my girlfriend (now wife) thought it was hilarious the collection of bruises I always came home with.

Comment 15 Nov 2013

Dear Noah Spence, I just watched this great mid-season highlight compilation.  Joey Bosa, the true freshman, was in on 3 plays, you showed up on 1.  I know you're really happy for Joey and all, but I just had to ask... you cool with that?  Time to do some work.

Comment 14 Oct 2013

DJ, while I treasure the Michigan Man photo, and completely agree with your views on standing during games, I have to offer a counterpoint.  My son and I were at the PSU game this week and rarely did anyone sit in our section other than halftime.  It was, hands down, the most fun atmosphere I've ever seen at a football game, and I am an OSU lifer and Columbus native.  I took advantage of the long weekend to let my son tour a top research university after a co-worker offered to sell me their tickets this past summer.   We had the same seats at last years OSU vs PSU game and I came away impressed with how well we were treated by the PSU fans despite being fully garbed in scarlet & grey.  I talked to a few M*ch*gan fans this year and all said the same thing.  Short version is, don't act like an ass and people will let you cheer for your team with a little friendly harassment for fun.

Comment 10 Sep 2013

They actually do for a certain period of time.   Their diets are strictly regulated because within a couple months of the season ending, they have to get their bodyfat back down within regulation.  For a kid that age it's 20% or less, but the measurement system is seriously flawed.  It is based off of measuring your neck and your waste and then doing a mathematical calculation where your height and weight is considered.  I've seen guys with single digit bodyfat be told they were over at 22% because they had thick trunks (with 6 packs) and small necks. 

Comment 04 Aug 2013

VITAMINB, good stuff man, appreciate it. 

How can you get bored on deployment, that doesn't happen?

Seriously, I never got to do the AFG thing, but did multiple OIF trips.  Tons of gym time, always came back a BEAST.  Hope you're doing well and staying safe. 

Worst part of deployment is staying up all dang night just to watch the games... Damn you AFN, where's a DVR!!  Stayed up all night in 2005 watching the season progress, the loss to Texas was heartbreaking at 5:30 am with a full day of mission fun ahead.

Comment 04 Aug 2013

After rewatching last year's games on BTN this past week, the one thing that stood out to me was that Spence and Washington got a HUGE amount of playing time later in the season.  Not just in blowout wins either.  It was obvious that as true freshman, they could compete with their peers at the position.  Spence was as good of a pass rusher as Williams, and Washington was arguably as good as Goebel, although probably not in run support.  The potential for those 2 plus a healthy Bennet is huge.  Tommy Schutt looked very good in the time he had in as well. 

Comment 03 Jul 2013

The one player that you didn't mention was Jordan Scarlett.  Are we legitimately in the mix for him?  How would you stack him against the others?  The game I saw him have against Trotwood Madison last year made me a believer.  I can't imagine how good that guy will be as a senior.

Comment 25 Jun 2013

I agree 100%.  In some ways, that news means more to me than the great news about the Freshman.  If the family is settled and happy, his stress level is reduced, and the likelihood he stays longer increases exponentially. 

Comment 28 Oct 2012

Seriously?  No one has mentioned   St. Francis DeSales vs Bishop Watterson  Wow, might be the best rivalry in central OH!

Although I will say that I enjoyed the 2007 Hilliard Davidson vs Hilliard Darby game that was out at Crew Stadium.  Jeremy Eberts was QB for Darby and ran a tough to stop spread.  Had to cheer for Coach White though since I played for him his first years coaching HS after he got out of college.

Comment 28 Oct 2012

The best thing I heard all night, as we were exiting the stadium was... "your offensive line was really solid".  How many of us thought we'd here that after this game back during the spring? 

Comment 28 Oct 2012

I was at the game, agreed, the first 3 quarters were some of the loudest I've seen.  Right after the blocked punt, I actually looked around to make sure the stadium was stable, the floor was moving up and down a couple inches.  Fantastic atmosphere!  However, I have to admit, just after Brax's PS3 style TD, I texted my sister and said "... and the crowd just went quiet"

Comment 03 Aug 2012

The line about whether Miller would tell Simon that the offense played fine against the defense was hilarious... you can just see his face "Uh... no."