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Comment 03 Jan 2013

Shortly after OSU beat scUM to go to the NCG my father was diagnosed with brain cancer and was hospitalized. After going through one bout of chemo he decided he did not want to go through that pain again. Since we could not afford for him to receive medical care at their home my mother who works at a nursing home was able to get him transferred to the same home she worked at. On the day of the game I was able to take him over to his brothers house where his four brothers were there to watch the game with him. After the buckeyes won that game we all hugged & cried for quite some time. Two weeks later my father who was only 48yrs old passed away. He was cremated wearing the Buckeyes National Championship T-Shirt I bought him. For that game being the last Buckeye game my father was able to see made it all the better. I will always remember that glorious game!!

Comment 18 Sep 2012

1. Script Ohio

2. Barney Stinson (NPH!!!)

3. Pass...