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Comment 16 Sep 2014

My oldest son, Joe, is tying the knot, with his 5-year, live-in girlfriend, Taylor.  I'm not quite sure where I went wrong with this child, but he likes that maize and blue team 40 minutes into Michigan from the Ohio state line....I would like to think that Joe looked at the football schedule and saw where the Bucks had an open date, and decided that would be a good day for ol' Pops, as he wouldn't be distracted, etc...but they picked this date over a year ago, so there goes that theory up the proverbial poop chute...poor kid, I think they're getting married about the time the Utes invade Ann Arbor...and Taylor loves that green team from East Lansing...Good Lord...Tell you what, girl can throw some trash talk out there...she never said a word last December; thinking Joe told her NOT to give me the raspberries because I don't take that shit very well...I don't, I admit it....stems back to my late Dad and I watching the Packers and Browns in the 60's and arguing so much during the game that Ma would hop in her '65 Galaxie with a 352 4-barrel Cleveland and peel rubber down the road trying to get away from us....I'd get so mad at him...anyways...praying for good weather and hoping these kids can begin to right all the wrongs that my hippie generation totally screwed up...and that they take care of each other, and love...and honor...and don't lie ...sniff....I gotta go... 

Comment 12 Sep 2014

My Dad, R.I.P., never thought twice about slapping me or yanking me out of the bathtub when he saw that I had painted the outer 1 inch of my new 24" Huffy bikes' back fender with Testor's white model paint...I only did it because I had just learned to ride and hadn't quite mastered slowing down/getting off/trying to avoid the handlebar-in-the-groin scenario...I guess he figured it was worthy of grabbing me out of the tub and knocking me down the hallway, then again into my Sister's room. and finally into the kitchen...buck naked...Thanks, Mom, for stepping in...seriously...I single-parented my three kids for 4 years, boys 10 and 6, daughter 4...I was never one to spare a spanking when the situation called for it, but in this day and age, one can find his/her self in boatloads of trouble for public displays of correcting an unruly child...each and every parent has their own set of rules regarding discipline.  I know parents who never touched a child for being spoiled, and the kids grew up fine....I can also tell you of similar children who spent time in juvenile institutions...In all honesty, I strongly believe it all begins with the family parents, we have the right to set the ground rules for what will be tolerated...a tougher job I have never come across, but it starts there...I made many mistakes, and my boys love to tell me about the time I pinned one up against the basement door for laziness and attitude...or the calm demeanor I displayed in a packed grocery store, explaining to 7 year old Luke that if he didn't stop being the rottenest tomato of all time, I was going to pull his jeans down and blister his ass in this checkout line, right now, in front of all these strangers, and I didn't care if I got sent to prison for doing so...I have personally "thumbs-upped" a guy when I saw him take some action against a buttmunch child....about may times have I been shopping in the grocery store and walked past a child screaming and bawling because Ma isn't giving in to his demand for that chinese truck on the other end of the store....and 5 minutes, and 6 aisles later, I can still hear him ?  Good thing the child wasn't the fruit of my loins...I have no problem with parents correcting/dealing/punishing their children.  BUT...there is a line in the sand, and in this day and age, your neighbor or stranger are just as likely to report you for what you might consider, appropriate action...each and every situation are different...I currently have a ...I don't know...bro-in-laws grandson who is almost three and needs to be drop-kicked to Casper WY...In Lonesome Dove, Woodrow Call made a comment along the lines of ..."Can't stand rude behavior in a man(child in this case)...won't tolerate it..."...Thanks, Woodrow...besides my Dad, I went to parochial school, and had the pleasure of sitting besides 19 year old Ruben Gonzales in the 4th grade.  HE made me laugh when I was reading aloud, and Sister Mary _ _ _ _ (just to protect myself), told me to sit down, then stood up, came around her desk to mine, grabbed my double chin, and hit me 4 times in the face with her fist...yea, Mom had to come to the convent that night and ask some probing questions....anyways, bottom line, I have seen/saw/heard/experienced/witnessed many types of parents and parenting, and as long as you are raising, or have raised children who know to behave in the public arena without drawing unwanted attention to themselves or their folks, God Bless Ya...

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Thank you Lomar...excellent read...maybe it comes with age, but letting  a n y t h i n g  dominate your life can lead to more problems than one can handle.  I had this uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my abdomen that this was not going to be our night....started with the Doug Flutie clone chucking balls to Dave Casper and VT answering every one of the fist-pumping-now-we're-rolling-here-we-go drives or plays...just wasn't meant to be...and by halftime, I had convinced myself that there goes my fall, my 13 weeks of hope and dreaming of the NC game...of course, like a teasing woman, we fight back and tie it up...I may have even gotten a bit stiff when Bosa sacked Flutie and we recovered the ball...but they answered...right down the field to go ahead, and I knew we were done...Unlike 20, 30 years ago, I let it go and called it a night...the sun rose Sunday morning, I was still breathing, the wife still snoring, the old dog begging for a treat, my bowels telling me it was time to go drop a is good, Buckeye fans, the best is yet to come...

Comment 08 Sep 2014

You is full of "What if......."....but I remember thinking at the time about Corey's dropped TD pass...would have tied the game at that point if I'm not mistaken...could have made a difference in the long we go for the field goal that clanked....for two years in the fall, my Bucks have given me hope and Yankees suck...the Browns haven't been relevant since '86-'87...and Saturday night could have been a 4-day downer...but it's Monday...reality has set in, and I am just hoping that they continue to improve...the talent is there...the coaches are top-notch, now we get to see if the extremely well-paid staff can pick this team up and get them heading up the ranks where we like to see them...if this would have happened in '96, I would have ended my life by now...but it's only a game (repeat 38 times....or until you actually believe it....)

Comment 04 Sep 2014

tOSU, 63, VT, 3.....I had a dream, O-K ?????????????????....Any down votes and I'm burning my tie-dyed BVD's....

Comment 24 Jun 2014

...rumor has it that Nick Bosa was sitting in a park by the bay one day, lifted a cheek, broke wind, and capsized a 32' catamaran...

Comment 18 Mar 2014

...and although Robert E. Lee took the Army of Northern Virginia into Pennsylvania to feed his army and draw the north away from Washington DC, due to the ravaged landscape of Virginia, we now know that this was not one of his better offensive tactics....uh....oh wait...sorry...I thought this was a discussion about that worthless Gen.Dan Fickell at bad....

Comment 10 Feb 2014

....I can't wait to see #16 in action...all of this based on what I've read, but "they" say he is a natural born leader, vocal in regards to what he needs to do and those around him, and a tremendous passer....I salivate with anticipation....I just want to see him in game situations and how he reacts to whatever he sees across the line of scrimmage...he can motor with his legs when needed, and someone spoke of him throwing in pre-game at Purdue and hitting receivers in stride and placing that ball in a tight it too much to think of Troy and his exploits when he was a senior ?....Good Lord, I'm moist just thinking about it....

Comment 10 Dec 2013

God bless you, young man !  Heartwarming to read...almost a deja-vu moment for me...

"...we have all been here before....we have all been here bbbbeeeEEEEforeeee......"