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Comment 2 minutes ago

Me, too, 2204, a Samsung 2" x 4" flip-top conduit to the world...I'm over the embarrassment of my girls laughing at me as I text an 8-word message to someone that takes me 93 seconds...the picture above, for me, would be like going from a Chevy Chevette to an El Dorado.. at least I have something to look forward to....besides Sept. 5th, Sept 12th, 19th and 26th, October 3rd, etc...

Comment 18 hours ago

I totally agree with TheButcher; 2014 was one for the ages.  I have watched the MSU game, and the last three games numerous times, sometimes on the Drive-Through, others all the way through...and the weird thing is, I still raise my fist in the air when Zeke goes 85 yards...or stand up and raise both of them when Devon hauls in that perfectly thrown bomb right before halftime in East Lansing... It is hard to admit that I would be considered a senior citizen at my age, but you never know when your time is up.  To be able to witness what we all saw last fall and this January....well, it is something I will cherish the rest of my life.  Thanks for reading, it's time for my nap...

Comment 26 May 2015

....yawn....MeatChicken still sucks, right ?

Comment 26 May 2015

Excellent point, D1145F...I used to work with a guy whose son was 6'2", 285 by the time he was a junior in HS here in Ohio.  He played center and nose tackle, all conference 3 years, 3rd team all state as a junior and 1st team as a senior...loved lifting weights, parents took him to camps all over the tri-state area, was an animal, had that "edge" to his game, and wanted to play DI so bad...Toledo and BG sniffed a bit, but nothing ever concrete, so again, the spring of his senior year, he concentrated on the shot put, and won State.  I also believe he had the best distance in the country at the shot.  Anyways, Western Kentucky offered up a full ride for track, and he took it. The reason I mention this is that his HS head coach rarely, if ever, bragged him up. All the hard work the young man did, and to me, it is pretty sad when your own coach doesn't get your name out there to be recognized.

Comment 26 May 2015

All I'm going to say is I'm glad HE IS on my team.

Comment 26 May 2015

I agree, DM, and Thanks, DJ, for digging this up from the archives.  I can NEVER read enough about the millions of Americans who gave the ultimate in life, for believing in what they do so that the rest of us can enjoy the fruits of the greatest country on Earth... 

Comment 21 May 2015


Comment 21 May 2015

Thanks, AP614...puts things in perspective.  I get irritated when the step-daughter takes up too much parking space, or the co-worker asks for help with a copy machine malfunction, or the douche-bag in the Ford van on the Turnpike believes he owns the passing lane...that ain't shit compared to what this family went through...99% of us are so damn fortunate we don't realize it until a story like this slaps you in the face... I needed to be slapped...

Comment 20 May 2015

BBFD, my sister and her husband did last summer, flew to Alaska from Detroit, spent time on a train while there, on a glacier boat, etc, then cruised down to Vancouver or Seattle, then flew home.  She said it was mind-boggling beautiful everywhere they went.

Comment 20 May 2015

Love them Smoky Mountains...Gatlinburg used to be a blast, but the foreigners running the t-shirt shacks have ruined it for me...nothing against foreigners, but G-Burg always had locals working the stores and shops and they were a hoot once you got them talking about the old times....Dammit, I miss the 60's and 70's...

Comment 14 May 2015

Nailed it Wargor...I can recall my Sister crying before bed one night, and Mom asking why, and she was all upset about hearing Nikita Kruschev's (sp)  repeating the line, We Will Bury You...As a ten year old, she took that comment at face value...Russia was not to be trusted in any manner...I was only 7..8?, when the Cuban Missile crisis occurred, could you imagine that scenario playing out in today's world ?

Comment 14 May 2015

Overwhelmingly, the 11W folks who responded basically said to relax.  But as I look at the 9 groups, as Urban has called them, the WR corp is what stands out as the only group with a question mark.  Is there talent there ?  YES, unbelievable talent !  Do we have speed ? Oh yea !  CB12, you typed the overall mentality of everyone being worried about replacing Devin and how you think we'll replace it by "committee".  I can agree somewhat, but Devin's game had to be a nightmare for the opposing defensive co-ordinator's every single week.  Just the threat of him on a fly pattern a 1/2 dozen times a game had to increase the sales of Tums and Maalox in the B1G.  He was a proven warrior, battle tested, and his void this coming year hopefully will be replaced by the stable of young stallions in the WHC. That is my hope, anyways..  I SURE hope the deep ball is a big part of our offense this season.  I absolutely loved it last year, and thought we used it at the most opportune times. It's a great weapon to have in our arsenal, and another thing that our opponents have to prepare for.  Bottom line, I think I took #9 for granted last year.  He had monster games in the games we needed him most, and now that he's in the process of ca$hing that $2.5M check at the next level, I am apprehensive about who will step up and fill those shoes.  All is good... I could relax a little easier if I hadn't quit the hemp many years ago...I'm trying to stay humble, but in all honesty, and this will probably be the one and only time you'll read it from my fingertips, as I am a superstitious type, but my expectations for 2015 are off the charts.  2014 was a dream season, all one could ever hope for, after Sept. 7th. BUT 2015...well, barring any catastrophic crap, we should be there again....and we will need all 9 groups again.

Comment 14 May 2015

The Miracle On Ice...wasn't there, and didn't see it on TV, but I was in the old basketball gym in Edgerton Ohio that Friday night, watching my old high school, the Tinora Rams, battle the Bulldogs in a Green Meadows conference game.  At the end of the 3rd, or beginning of the 4th quarter, the announcer, during a time out, turned the mic on, and with some excitement in his voice, announced the final score of the hockey game.  There was a split second of silence, then the gymnasium erupted into a crescendo of noise and cheering that I have never before witnessed in any sporting event I have ever attended....If there were 900 people in the gym that night, I would bet money that 600 of them had never watched or witnessed a hockey game in their lives, but it was one of the most incredible experiences in my life...I still get goose bumps thinking about it...

Comment 12 May 2015

...The Christmas photograph Elaine took of herself that showed the "nip", and later in the episode, a female relative? complained to Elaine that her "Billy" took the card and wouldn't give it back.....

The other one was the one where the 4 of them went and bought a window air conditioner, got lost in the parking garage, Jerry got caught urinating....there were like 5 storylines in the 22 minute episode....seems like most of them were like that....

Jerry and Elaine visiting his folks in Florida, she slept on the pull-out couch, screwed her back up, took meds, went to a dinner at the retirement center, sunglasses on, and loopy on drugs, kept repeating Mona's name.....I laugh just thinking about these.... 

Comment 11 May 2015

The possibilities are limitless.  To HAVE a presence in the middle that can block, intimidate, rebound, and Oh My Lord, be able to drain a 15 footer ?  It seems like a lifetime since we had such a player at that position....Sully was as close as we got, and yet, I don't know if I considered him a "true" center.  I just want to see some mean son-of-a-gun running the floor and playing with a passion and making his presence felt on the floor every time he leaves the scorers that too much to ask ?

Comment 07 May 2015

What's 80' long, has 96 legs and is toothless ?....front row at a Willie Nelson concert   section MM, row one at Bryant-Denny Stadium...

Comment 07 May 2015

I WILL MENTION one person who didn't stay too long and was nearly as effective as he was 15 years earlier, and that is the last player to wear # 42 in baseball, Mariano Rivera. Yes, I am a Yankee fan, and biased, I suppose.  But bottom line, the Man was still doing what he was supposed to do at the age of 42, and doing it as well or better than his many peers.  I work with Tiger fans, who throw up in their mouth and produce major flatulence in my office when they hear the word "Yankees", but all three of them have told me over and over again, besides being the best reliever in the history of baseball, he was a class act as a human being.  In my eyes, it doesn't get any better than that.  I will now remove myself from the room....

Comment 06 May 2015

I love rock and roll, always have, always will.  To each his own, as far as I am concerned.  I remember seeing the Beatles the 1st time they were on Ed Sullivan.  THAT was all we talked about the next day at my parochial school back in Defiance.  From that moment forward, music became an increasingly larger part of my life.  My father sold insurance, and he won a few trips when my Sister and I were 9-13 years of age.  I recall long trips to NJ, Boston, NY, Florida, the Smokies, where we listened to Top 40 AM stations all day long. That is likely the reason I can still sing Summer In The City by the Lovin' Spoonful, word for word ; you would hear these songs 6 times a day.  AM radio back then was a wonderful mix of genre's, Motown was a huge part of it, Dave Clark 5, Hollies, The Beach Boys, Mama's & Papa's, the Byrds, Tommy James and the Shondells, Gary Puckett, Paul Revere & the Raiders, the Doors, the J. Airplane, Dylan and CCR.  It was such a great time because music was evolving daily.  CKLW out of the Detroit area was a huge influence in this area of the nation.  They were told to shut their broadcasting power by half at 8:00 pm, because the youth of this area wouldn't do their homework; we'd just listen to the radio (any old-timers out there who can back me up on this?) all night long. Radio station WOWO out of Ft. Wayne used to do their "Double-Dozen + 1" (top 25) every Saturday morning, and I can recall feigning sickness with my dad so I could lay in bed, listening to my 9 volt transistor radio to hear who was number 1 this week... a surprising number of my peers' lives evolved around the music we had at our disposal...

The late 60's brought a "different" edge to the music, which I attribute to the times we were living in.  Drugs had a large influence, but so did racial tensions and Vietnam and social inequality.  We witnessed JFK, Martin and Bobby get assassinated.  This troubling period of history provided plenty of ammo to the songwriters and musicians.  When I went to TU in the fall of '72, this new thing called FM radio was giving birth, and spreading like a wild fire in popularity.  What I wouldn't give for those FM station in downtown Detroit, WWWW (W4), would advertise how they played 52 minutes of music per hour....YEAH !!  FM stations would play the entire 17 minute long In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, WE had never experienced this !!  We used to laugh that the DJ's were likley on the roof firing up a big phatty while this was playing...

BUT, like everything else, Big Money grabs a hold, and after they got their claws into the industry, nothing was the same.  I, like many others who have already mentioned it, love Sirius Radio.  That is what FM USED to be like, back in the day...I love the older stuff for the most part, I love the guitar, so my musical tastes are swayed by the players who do it best...Jimmy Page, Pete Townsend, Jimi, Neil Young, Dave Grohl, Steve Howe, Mick Taylor, Dylan, Joe Perry, Roger McGuinn, EVH, Alex Lifeson, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, Kenny Wayne, Robin Trower, David Gilmour, Neal Schon, Steve Stills...

I, much like my parents before me, don't understand a lot of the shit I hear today.  I guess I really don't care, nor would I invest the time, to try to. Shame on me ?  Maybe, but it's personal decision.  Jobs, marriage, children, grandbabies, age, and just trying to live life factor in to this decision.  Am I missing out on the next possible Edward Van Halen ?  Probably, but my afore-mentioned musical tastes will keep me entertained the rest of my life, and I am happy with that. 

So, carry on, you young stallions and princesses. Keep the music alive and a part of your life, and never ever forget that LIVE MUSIC is better.  Like Neil Young said many moons ago, he and Crazy Horse were the 3rd best garage band ever.  First was the Stones, and second was that unknown band playing in Tomball, Texas, or Paducah, Illinois, or wherever, they just hadn't hit it big yet.

Comment 06 May 2015

#7, Mickey hanging around the last two years, he brought his lifetime BA down to .298.  I know the Mick was a womanizing, hard drinking Okie, but he never thought he'd make it past 40 years of age.  Baseball historians always say what a player he was to watch.  Before he tore up his knee on that !@#$%&* sprinkler (uh, Thanks Joe Dimaggio, for waiting to call him off at the  L A S T  possible second !!!...Douche...), his speed was second to none.  If memory serves me correctly, I believe Mickey still has the longest recorded home-run in the history of baseball, 565' at an old ballpark where the Senators used to play.  Putting that in perspective, coming a decade or two after the steroid era, it is beyond belief that not one of the players on roids ever hit one that far...#7 was pretty special in my eyes....