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Comment 7 hours ago

Yes, it was ugly, but we did win.  I don't understand comments like UFM not showing emotion...what do you want him to do ?  Get upset and rant and rave ?  He'll leave this game and coaching before he does that again.  I don't want that...does anybody ?  IU has played us lights out for the past 3 years, every opponent we meet is playing with house money, they have nothing to lose, so why not throw the book at us ?  We DO make great halftime adjustments, and we did gain 500+ yards.  The announcers (is anyone else ready to vomit on Mike Patrick's shirt ?) commented on our last couple of drives that it appears the coaching staff didn't want 12 Gauge to put it in the air, and I have to agree...It's like we were playing NOT to lose....put a ton of pressure on the defense.  We ever get this offense in gear, with the way the D is playing, we could be very dangerous in the next couple of months...we lose the turnover battle AGAIN....commit 100+ yards in penalties, 7? MAJOR ones, have the ball for 10 minutes less than IU....AND WE STILL WIN...Good job, Bucks, remember, you got to win the battles to win the more down, just keep grinding to get better....

Comment 30 Sep 2015

OB, close, but not quite.  The sad thing is, at this age, without medical bennies, you're one catastrophic illness away from bankruptcy.  I am in pretty good health for 60, but my wife, who is 16 years my junior, is a mess.  Then, I also have my two step-daughters who rely on my insurance, too.  The youngest one is preggers, also.  Many years ago, I was given the opportunity to move from one branch to the "main" branch, 55 miles away.  That meant moving from family, all of our best friends, the hometown, etc.  I was really torn about this decision.  I decided to "clear" my head for a couple of days, and just let all thoughts flow freely, pros and cons, and hopefully a decision would be decided upon.  And it did, so I moved...I left that asshole company within three years to begin with who now employs me, but I have no regrets, none.  Seems like it's time to clear the head again and see what happens...but still, today, what a blow to one's self-esteem...

Comment 29 Sep 2015

Worst sales call ever...trying to earn some extra buck$ at college, year 3, got my Associates, heading for the Bachelors...take a job in Toledo with this firm who sold Channel 100, a box that was the precursor to cable TV.  Earlier that same week, I pounded on doors for 3- days trying to sell this lil' gem....doors slammed in my face, one lady even hollered at her neighbor who was raking her yard, and said, "Alice, what do you think ?  This kid is trying to sell me that porn channel !! "  It started to get personal with me...across the street from that old bitch, I knocked on a door, no answer, but there was a humongous German Shepherd that wanted my buttocks bad, so I headed over to the picture window, where he jumped up, leaning on the window, barking and slobbering and growling beyond belief, so I teased IT a bit, where he knocked the lamp off the table, shattering it on the wood floor...this was full commission job; don't sell a box, don't get paid.  I get a call to go to Oregon, Ohio (suburb) on Saturday night; these folks wanted Channel 100 bad!  A different tv hook-up than I had ever seen, so I clipped the wrong probe on the round connector trying to make things work, and now they couldn't even get the local channels....GOD were they pissed...I didn't get the sale...I quit Monday morning...

Comment 24 Sep 2015

Gotta say this is enjoyable to read all of these posts regarding little ones.  It brought back many memories of the times I spent with my three.  Barbie BeerBreath walked out on the kids and I when they were 10, 6 and 4.  She has no idea what she missed.  The oldest went and lived with her when he was 15, and due to her absent style of parenting, he got into all kinds of trouble, including two different stints in Ohio Juvie facilities.  The younger two were with me when I married Miss Alanea and her two girls, and the way the 4 of them grew up together under our roof is so drastically different compared to what the older son went through.  Love them all immensely, and wouldn't trade them for the moon, but I sure wish I could have kept the oldest in our house.  He missed out on a lot of great times.  I used to love my beer (and herb), but like someone typed earlier, parenting is the most important and difficult thing you will do for the rest of your life. Hopefully, one realizes what is the number one priority is when little ones are in your house... I did....the ex couldn't let go of her many vices...she lost out...too bad for her.  She regrets it today, and we get along O-K...but man, you talk about a painful period in our lives...when you're sitting in the huge recliner with your 4-year old daughter, and get up to go to the bathroom, and she screams out Where are you going, Daddy ? because she fears that you "may" just walk hurts... so love them little ones and shower them with all the love and affection they can handle, then pile on some more because the life they live and breathe at home during these young years will have an effect on them the rest of their lives... I know... I learned the hard way...

Comment 17 Sep 2015

Attababy, Airbuckeye...18+ years with 'ol BarbieBeerBreath, and coming up on 16 with Miss Alanea...of course, I first got married when I was 7...

Comment 17 Sep 2015

KBonay, I have never been to Chavez, but am curious as to why you hate the stadium ?  Is it the parking ?  laid-back atmosphere ? Again, just curious... I'm not a Dodger fan, but a Yankee, so I've always loved Mattingly, and followed them a bit when my hometown boy, Billingsley, was pitching there.  I guess I have always heard good things about C. Ravine...

Comment 16 Sep 2015

Thanks, Whoa would think Bruce would be up there....Zevon was brilliant but lacked that "appeal" that generated the buzz around so many others....and the Eagles, too...Love Henley, could take or leave the rest of the band, but they've sold millions, too...glad you mentioned some Motown acts.  Growing up in Defiance OH, during the 60's and 70's, CKLW played tons of Motown and myself and my peers grew up with that music...Man that was good stuff...AM radio...then in '72 it was off to college and this new thing called FM....used to have stations that bragged about playing 52 minutes of music every hour...THAT was the true FM....not this bullshit they throw at us nowadays...since I've hooked up with Sirius XM, I haven't sniffed FM in a year...many many fond memories of listening to WIOT Toledo and WWWW out of Detroit "back in the day".... I believe they may have been an herb involved somewhere, and I don't mean the neighbor... 

Comment 16 Sep 2015

You are so correct, JCL, had another brain fart, quite common for folks born during Ike's administration, it just seems like Neil is an American since he's lived in California since the mid 60's and has dual citizenship and pays taxes here...once a Canadian, always a Canadian...

Comment 16 Sep 2015

Somehow, this just makes me sad.  I guess I would like to think that the greatest bands and solo acts of the 60's on up to the current music industry, would have sold more...I have nothing against Kiss, I've never saw them live, never wanted to, never bought an album... It would be safe to assume that they appealed to a broader base... just my opinion... I guess I'll go out and purchase some more Bob Dylan, CS&N, Neil Young (with and without the Horse), Foo Fighters, Jefferson Airplane and Pearl Jam records and see if we can narrow that gap....sigh... who else am I missing ?

Comment 12 Sep 2015

Thanks, Hove, for that quick reality check...whew...look at what the hometown Rockets did to Bloat Bulima's boys in R-Kansas......AND THEY'RE NOT EVEN IN THE SEC !!!!!    Hahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahha....

Comment 11 Sep 2015

I work for an electrical wholesale company in a suburb of Toledo.  Tuesday the 11th was a glorious early fall day in northern Ohio.  Just Denny, my co-worker and I in the office.  Denny had the boom box on top of his cubicle, and as usual, he was listening to Bob and Tom. About 8:50? he mentioned that an airplane had hit the World Trade Center...I remember not giving it a whole lot of thought, for a couple of reasons.  First, the Yankees BB game had been rained out Monday night, and maybe that weather front was still in the area, and I also recalled that B-25 Mitchell running into the Empire State Building during the WW II years on a cloudy and rainy day, and I assumed it was something similar to that.  Maybe 10 minutes later, I went back into our small conference room and turned on the TV.  One just got the feeling, listening to the radio, that something more was going on, possibly something ominous ?...we didn't have cable on the office TV, so I kept playing with the rabbit ears until the local ABC station came in the best, but still snow-y...Denny came back and watched with me, in silence...we didn't speak...we watched the 2nd plane hit Tower 2, and a feeling like I never had experienced before, came over me...a dread that engulfed me...where would I be, my family, in 12 hours, tomorrow ?  Peter Jennings and the ABC network were showing split screens because the Pentagon had been hit by that time also...the speculation of what the hell was happening was overwhelming, but we all had a good idea of where this originated...I noticed WTC1 starting to crumble, and I remember Peter saying, ...we seem to have something going on here in NY right now"....Denny and I did not speak for a couple of moments, and the first thing I recall saying was, "Denny, there could be 20,000 people in that building", and him, being a volunteer fireman, said, "Think of how many firemen are in there, too..."

I don't believe we had another phone call the rest of the day.  We had a wonderful gal from our Atlanta Financial Services Division, Cherrie, that had flown up the day before to go visit some of our customers with our douche-bag Branch Manager at the the time.  They, he and Cherrie, got back to the office mid-afternoon, and he was half-irritated because some of the customers they had appointments with were no longer in the mood to sit down and talk net 30 terms or freight allowed shit, Ramon ? Get a clue, pal...

I agree with what others have already stated, that there was an aura with this country and it's citizen's right after this mass murder.  I wish we still had it.  I was never a big fan of George Dubya, but when he stood at Ground Zero and shouted through that microphone, "I hear you !  America hears you !  AND the people that did this are going to hear from us !!"....I was never more proud of this country and its inhabitants.  God Bless those that lost their life that day, and those who have paid the ultimate in protecting this Great Country.

Comment 11 Sep 2015

Amazing, UrbanBuck...Hats off, and Thanks for many of these stories...

Comment 01 Sep 2015

perfectly stated...You have three? weeks to prepare to play a semifinal college football game, for a chance to play for the National Championship 10 days later, in the first BCS playoffs of it's kind, and you can't get motivated ?  If that thought doesn't get your blood pressure pumping, and your coaches cannot light a fire under your scrotum, then I'm sorry, young man, this is not for ARE NOT who I thought you were...unbelievable bullshit, no two ways about it...

Comment 27 Aug 2015 long as they weren't fraternizing, I guess it's O-K....

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Old school here, but Gales Sayers short career with the Bears was beyond belief back in the 60's.  I was a Packer fan back then, and I hated it when Chicago was our opponent.  He did things on the field that defied logic, like stopping on a dime on a sweep, then cutting back across the field.  He was like a quarter horse; he was at top speed in 2-3 steps, and Lord, he was fast. Tore his knee up at Wrigley when he tried to cut, end of the season back in those day.  Nowadays, he'd be back on the field in a month.  Somewhat amazing how far the medical field has grown in that time span. Gale played 7 years total, the last two a total wash, and in 5 years he rushed for just shy of 5000 yards and scored 58 touchdowns...he was truly one of those guys who could score anytime the pigskin was in his hands. 

Comment 27 Aug 2015

FP, which makes me wonder, where's BamaMike been ?  I'd like to hear his latest take on everything from Tuscaloosa to Columbus and in between....C'mon, BM, make your presence known !

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Early 70's, my buddy and I drop windowpane at his upstairs apartment.  We take a whole hit when we knew a 1/2 would get us to LaLa Land...two hours in, he's losing it, so he calls a female co-worker from the cafeteria to help him out....we're listening to Pink Floyd's Meddle, and I closed my eyes and all I see is exactly what the big screen showed when Hans Solo and Chewie put the spaceship into warp speed in Star Wars....I think I'm going to sue George Lucas, come to think of it.....

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Freshman year, U of Toledo, reside in Carter Hall East, the jock dorm...a Friday night.  The roomie and I just had an "herbal" excursion, and decided, that between us, since we had almost $3.00 in change, we were going to head to the Brass Bell for a $1.50 pitcher of beer. So we ride down the elevator with a couple of jocks, no words spoken, I felt like they "thought" they were better than us...just the vibe in the air.  We exit the elevator and start heading down towards the main campus, walking the road behind the visitor's side of the Glass Bowl.  Jocks A and B, meanwhile, had gotten into their car, and headed the same way we were...I didn't realize it was them in the car.  I stick my thumb out for a ride as they go by, and they slow down to a stop 60 feet away.  "Cool", Doug says, and I run up to the passenger side back door.  As soon as I put my hand on the handle to open it, he stomps the accelerator, and peels out down the

Sophomore year, still at Carter East.  I get a part-time job 3 days a week running the mail desk in the lobby.  All the mail comes in a huge USPS bag, I distribute it into the boxes.  Jocks A and B still reside there....them poor sons-of-bitches never got their mail on time, it was pitiful.  Ebony and Popular Mechanix and Playboys and the 8-track tapes they ordered always showed up days, weeks after everyone else's...God did they get pissed off....what could I say ?  You all know how the US Snail was pathetic to see the grovelling and anger they sad...sometimes the 8-tracks came in broken packages, if they came at all, and usually the "best" ones had gotten destroyed in the mail and were nowhere to be found besides under the desk or in my room.  And one time, when Playboy did finally arrive in Jock B's box, the centerfold was "glued" together....can you imagine that ?  Who would be so sick as to do that ?  At least he thought it was "glue"....OMG, you don't think some sick bastard!!!

Hopefully, the statute of limitations has passed and I can't be thrown into jail for messing with the mail....I mean, it was 1973 !!!!  There is a moral here somewhere...

Comment 25 Aug 2015

TV has changed so much since the early 60's...grew up on Lassie and 12 o' Clock High and Combat and the Rifleman and Ed Sullivan     ....nowadays, pick a topic of interest and you can find it   s o m e w h e r e   on TV.

Here's my vote for The Spader and his character in this...only someone with OCB could play this role...and Chicago PD... in two years I have counted only two stinkers...I love the concept of "lawmen" doing things outside the law to get justice...imagine that !