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Comment 17 hours ago

DJB, again, I applaud you for bringing forth exceedingly interesting stories. The Innocent Man is thought-provoking, I can't-believe-this-shit-happens-in-America tale of one man's tragedy.  Many of us, in life, get labels put on us. This poor man, because he argued with his wife, was labeled incorrectly, and spent years in prison, due to a couple of individuals who felt empowered to pass judgement on a totally innocent individual.  I appreciate your insight, DJ, in finding these stories for us, and sharing them. 

Comment 30 Jun 2015

I totally agree, BA, the man was amazing.  If he could put joy into someone's life, if only for a moment, it validated his reason to be on earth.  His brother, Tom Jr.,  co-wrote a book a few years back, that was equally sad and outrageously funny.  He wrote about Chris being on the rugby team in college, and how, after every home game, they'd retire to this bar in Milwaukee.  Fifty cent beers only added to the mayhem, and Chris started this thing called "beer slides", where many would pour their beer on the top of the now vacated bar, CF would strip naked, get a running start, and then slide across the bar.  I, personally have saw many things in bars, but that would be a show-stopper for me.

Recently, I just came across, by accident, something that I had been looking for, for years.  Adam Sandler and Chris did this little 4-minute sketch on SNL.  Sandler, in his childish and impaired intelligence "voice", asked the camera if he could get get these people's mail, then it progressed to staying at their house, sleeping in their bed, etc.  And after each request, the camera would pan to Chris, dressed in a sweater, who would embellish Adam's request with his own sense of duty, and angst-ridden voice...The Herlihy Boy, another item that is part of the Chris Farley portfolio...Man, it felt good to laugh like that again...Poor Adam could barely keep it together.

I think the comment that pretty much sums up the way I feel about Farley, came from Dave Letterman.  It might have been Chris's first visit on Late Night, back during the NBC era.  After about 9 minutes of stories and cartwheels and falling backwards over in the chair, Dave was telling him to come back anytime, and said something to the effect of; there are a lot of talented people in that show, but you, my Friend, are worth the price of admission.

Comment 27 Jun 2015

I have had the pleasure of seeing them twice.  The first time, they opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd at the old, now demolished, Toledo Sports Aroma, circa 1975 ?.  That was the last time I worked my way down to the front of the stage.  Between the jostling, beer getting spilled down your back, and the idiots who rely on strangers as lamp posts so they don't fall over, yea, that was the tipping point for me.  I'll just grab a seat and enjoy my binocs, Thanks.  Lost a watch down there at that show, too.  I didn't know much about Rush that night.  I recall thinking they were quite good, but I was really there for the main act.  The last time was Roll The Bones tour at Savage Hall, '92-'93 time frame.  By that time, I owned 80% of all their albums.  From the late 70's onward, I think they became an absolute legend in R&R.  The wall of music they project, Neil's lyrical content, Geddy's voice and bass playing, and Alex's guitar virtuosity, is second to none in my eyes.  As an amateur axe player, what Alex does with his Gibson's is not an easy thing to replicate. I have yet to find a Rush 4-chord song that I could master... Alex is my favorite, because he is the guitar man.  Favorite song would be Time Stand Still.  "Those" lyrics reveal a lot of my personal feelings on life and getting older.  Favorite album ? Anything from the late 70's to ?  I was glad to see they finally made it into the R&RHOF...long overdue, in my eyes, you piece of shit voting board members.

Comment 24 Jun 2015

O-K, you are talking with a complete male stranger at a wedding reception.  You can tell by talking with him that he is "one plane short of a squadron".  As he is speaking with you, those annoying little white globules of spittle/LordKnowsWhatElse form at the corners of his mouth.  Tuf, do you politely tell him he should wipe his mouth, wipe YOUR own mouth in a way that you hope he catches on to what you are doing, or wait until a flying white astroid nails you on your upper lip ?

Sorry, Birm....

Comment 24 Jun 2015

WCB....but it broke the relationship in ways that only showed up much later......  Ouch !  I hope that you and her are still happy... yes ?  no ?

Comment 23 Jun 2015

AirBuck, Thanks...and I agree with you whole-heartedly.  I never hit my ex, either, although there were a couple of times towards the end that I really wanted to bust her in the chops.  I almost lost one of my best friends due to the fact that he would knock his wife around, and I don't tolerate that shit.  But there is always two sides to the story, too.  I am the first to admit I am not an angel from God, perfect in all ways and manners.  I remember sitting there thinking, What in the hell did I do to deserve this ?  That went on for months, but slowly, those thoughts start to evaporate over time.. I grieved over losing my Mom for a long time when I was 25, but time does heal things.  So I had similar experiences in getting over something that I loved and cherished.  There was also a sense of humiliation that bombarded me,, you cheated on me with that overgrown, long-haired, buck-toothed low-life ?  What the hell am I, a package of pickle pimento loaf ?  Your case is tough, too, because one doesn't  just step forward and say, Yea, the lil' woman has been abusing me for years... Some would question why you didn't stick up for yourself and put an end to it.  You know, that would have been the man'ly thing to do, and yet, I applaud you for never giving in to the urge to becoming violent with her.  You do it once, and that can follow you around like an STD...Thanks for sharing AirBuck, not an easy thing to discuss by far.  I wish you the best in future endeavors.  Your story should be an example for those that like to ball up their fist and hit first, then talk later....way too many of them Bozo's around...

Comment 23 Jun 2015

BHJC, I hear you...I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.  I don't know your specifics, it's not important that I DO know, but be sure to watch out for yourself, and kids, if there are any involved.  Make sure you have someone to talk to, a good listener, because there are days you just have to vent.  Two months into the separation, I was doing O-K, felt like I had turned a corner, made some progress...and then her co-worker calls me and starts telling me of her addictions and behavior, and like a snap of the fingers, I'm right back into it again.  I spent many a night in my recliner, asking myself and my Higher Power just what in the hell has happened here...this was a woman who rarely took a hit of weed....and now she's needling up coke ?  This is the woman who told me the very first time we EVER talked that she hoped to get married someday and raise kids ?  WTH.... and now she walks when they are at an age when their lives are going to be formed and influenced by family and their surroundings ?  I lost to the environment of bars and the contents of an aluminum can...We get along today, speak every whipstitch.  Her family still asks me to come around all the time, but Brute, he died in an accident, and her new hubby, he thinks after divorce, you cut all ties with the past life and start anew...sorry, ShitForBrains, life is too short.  I could never walk away from her family.  They are salt-of-the-earth-type people, go to work every day and pay their taxes.  Those nephews and nieces are now in their early 30's, and they make me laugh...and they love to ask 'ol Uncle Mike what it was like back in the day when the 60's and 70's were changing daily...of course, I share my wisdom with them...  8-)  Each and every situation is different, BedHead, you ever need to talk, let me know and we can arrange something.  Good luck to you... 

Comment 23 Jun 2015

My ex sits me down on Monday of Thanksgiving week, and tells me she doesn't love me enough to remain married to me.  Sure, there had been problems in the previous year, and her alcohol consumption was increasing, and I was asking lots of questions, but this is what you want ?  She's moving out, back to her Mom's, and I have the duties of parenting our three, boys, 10 and 6, daughter 4, on a daily basis.  She was smart enough to say that she knew I had dreams and aspirations for them, and in her current state, there was no way she could provide, or do, what I could for them...She wanted to stay through Christmas, you know, for the kids.  And she also wanted to maintain going to bars all over the county every night after she got done bartending at the VFW in her home town, 18 miles away....The day after Turkey Day, I told her, no, that's not going to work for me, so the next day, she left, and a 1/2 hour after she walked out, my ten year old walks up to me and says, "It's my fault, isn't it, Dad?"...No, Son, why would you think that ?...just the beginning of what one has to deal with.  She made one marriage counseling session, but wasn't interested in anything that could save the marriage.  Her whole family, and there were 6 brothers and sisters and all their kids, stood behind me 110%.  We had this wide group of friends, all were in shock when they heard the news.  Life still goes on, the kids are my first and only priority.

In December, I call our car insurance guy, tell him to cancel her off our policy.  If she is going to drink and drive everywhere in her Ford XLT Ranger, I want no part of what could happen to me.  She then tells me after she hears from the insurance company, that Man, I sure acted quick on that, huh ?  Sorry, Barb, have to watch out for myself.  January, she comes back to the house when everyone is gone, and takes the diamond dinner ring my Dad had given her after Mom had died.  I didn't know she had taken the ring, but I changed the locks immediately.  Still parenting by myself, with a tremendous amount of assistance from my Sister, who lived two miles away.  Early March brings the news that she hadn't made one daily deposit from the VFW for the month of February. a sum of $2500 or so missing.  Her mom, who didn't have a pot to piss in, takes $$ out of her savings to pay the VFW back.  A friend of hers from the VFW, who had been told that I was a complete monster, gets in touch with me.  She proceeds to tell me that the ex had been running with this guy, who also walked out on his wife and three kids.  Jeannie tells me, remember when she went shopping in early November, all by her self, and spent the night in Toledo ?  Yea. Well, he was with her, she wasn't alone... I can't explain how hard that affected I knew for sure...she also tells me that some Providian Company sent her a check for $6,000, you all know the deal; cash it and pay us back monthly.  So her and the brute sniff and needle $6K up within 30 days...and she took the dinner ring and her wedding bands and pawns them in Ft. Wayne...her mom and family don't see her for days...rumors abound she is "trading" herself to some really hard-core scum for that next line or syringe of blow...she doesn't show at any of her family's functions.. I finally tell Jeannie, no more, please don't call me...a phone call to her tells her when the court date is, a simple dissolution.  She calls me one Sunday and says her and Brute want to come and get the kids and take them bowling....Naw, that's not going to happen. You can't keep those kids from me, Mike !  Well, yes I can.  I'll get the law involved, Mike !  Seriously, Barb ?  Please, go ahead and call them.  Mike, I'll tell them about you dirty little secret (cannabis)... That's fine, you go ahead.  I'll tell you what, let's go to court and you get some character references, and I'll bring some that can vouch for me, and I will take my chances... PLEASE !  DO it !  I then told her that I had talked to the Sheriff of our county the previous Sunday at Church, and explained what was going on with her and Brute, and was I O-K, in the eyes of the law, in withholding the kids from going with her ?  And this great guy says, Mike, if you were to let the kids go with her, you ought to be thrown in jail for child endangerment.  She slammed the phone on me...

Court day, the judge is reading the specifics of our case, and says to her, You've been together for 18 years, and you don't want anything ??  She says no, he stares at her for 6 seconds, shakes his head and seals the deal.

Did I get off easy ?  In the eyes of the Court, I'd say Yes, Big Time.  But I never wanted it to begin with, I paid for the dissolution, which I didn't want.  I'm the one who would sit with my daughter in the recliner, and would get up to take a leak, and she would ask in a scared and distraught voice, Where you going, Daddy ?  Honey, just to the bathroom, I'll BRB... I'm the one who had to deal with parent/teacher's conferences, school functions, making meals, homework help, scraped knees, bruised ego's, working 48 miles away from home.  It was never easy.

Divorces suck, their tentacles reaching far and wide in who they affect.  I never think joy or happiness when I hear that ugly D word.  I know there is going to be a lot of pain for everyone involved.  Whether it is myself in my situation, or people serving our great country who hear shitty news one particular day, or any of the other millions who have to deal with it and go through it, it is not a joyous time of one's life.  It hurts...and years later, it still does.

Comment 20 Jun 2015

I'm a die-hard Yankee fan, and have been for 50 years.  I have saw many great players through the years, some of them class acts off the field, and many that weren't.  It would be tough to scrutinized on a daily basis the way the media operates nowadays.  The thing with Alex, in my eyes, has been his me-first attitude, especially since coming to NY.  One example would be opting out of his contract with NY 7-8 years ago with the Yanks, DURING the World Series...seriously, Alex ?  You had to get in the news by any means ?  The lying and lawsuit against MLB and the Yanks ?  Denying ever being a user, when it was all one huge !@#$%&* lie ?  How many mulligans do you want ?  The thing is, he loves baseball and the entire history of the game...or does he ?  Is that all a facade, too ?  Does the word integrity, and accountability even register with you ?  Who are you, really ?  

Comment 19 Jun 2015

My late Grandma Davis would look at a picture like this, and say he had a "goiter"....what the hell is a goiter ?....and did you notice his pinky is he can't bend it...they say old Johnny Unitas' ring finger and pinky on his right hand were a ugly mess by the time he passed 50 years on this earth....all the times he followed through on a spiral  to Jimmy or Raymond and his hand ended up smacking a helmet...maybe that's Hairball's situation, too....'course, I don't think Jimmy is in Johnny's class of QB's... 'jus sayin'...personal opinion...and I was a Packer fan back then and Johnny U scared the dung out of me every time we played them...

Comment 17 Jun 2015

NB91, is that the crap brewed in Cinci ?  Back in '80?-'81?, Willie Nelson and family held a benefit concert at the Allen County Fairgrounds in Lima because that city was pretty depressed at the time.  It was July, and we ALL KNOW what those days are like in the flatlands of northern Ohio, i.e., 92 degrees farenheit, 78 percent humidity, and a 2mph wind every other minute...hell, breaking wind created more or an air disturbance than Mother Nature....anyway, Schaeffer, Shaeffer, Shitbrew, whatever, was the ONLY beer sold at the fairgrounds, it was like $2 for a 16 oz cup, and the cups had that !@#$%&* wax coating, so if you didn't chug your beer in under 90 seconds, you'd find your beer with all these wax particles floating in it in no time....5 beers plus the heat and I passed out loooooong before the show was over....haven't had one since...

Comment 16 Jun 2015

NB91, I don't think they even sell Blatz anymore, I may be wrong.  I do know if you were a bit constipated, slug back about 4 of them babies and you'd be experiencing Loose Bowel Syndrome in no time flat.  IF you were going for quantity over quality, a Blatz 24 pack of non-returnables was the way to go....ahhhh, those were the days.... lol

Speaking of cheap beer, a few years back, the Fed Ex driver and I were talking about Natural Light.  He had a cooler full of it, and had went fishing with his relation up in Canada.  This group ran out, and John says, "Hey, I got us covered", so he runs to his Gymmy, and hauls out his cooler, and brings it over to the bonfire.  His cousin opened the cooler in great anticipation, looked at the contents, and tells John, "Hay-Zeus Chrees-tay, John, this is what we drink when we're on the wagon"...

Comment 15 Jun 2015

EXACTLY, Blocko330, couldn't have said it better myself.  I guess if you're draining bombs and appear like your team has finally grabbed control of a series that has been fought tooth and nail for 5 games, it's O-K to turn around after swishing another trey and smile and wink at some boob in the stands and act like your shit doesn't stink...I read about him all year long, and thought, Wow, he's doing very well, but now that I've saw him in the Finals, like B330 said, I don't like his person and how he portrays himself...just my opinion.

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Thanks for that memory clip, NB91...when he hit that 3rd one off of Charlie Hough, the knuckleballer, to dead center, I came flying off the couch screaming like a banshee, which woke up the ex, who likely had 10 Blatz's in her gullet, and was passed out cold...God was she pissed...and I was in Yankee heaven...

Comment 12 Jun 2015

NCB, you have our authorization to kick her while she's down....the nerve of these kids nowadays....

Comment 11 Jun 2015

I just hope that QLA is as jacked as they were two nights ago...LBJ asked for the home crowd to be loud, and I thought, overall, they were great.. They got quiet for periodic moments, especially in the 4th, but I believe they'll come out in force to back the Cav's.

I JUST PRAY that JR or JJ or MM or somebody has an offensive juggernaut tonight !  Lord knows we can use it...what LBJ is doing is beyond words and superlatives, I am in awe of his game and leadership.  If you were to take Scottie and Toni Kucoc away from those Bulls teams, I honestly don't know if MJ could do what LBJ has done so far with his band of brothers.  And MJ was the best I ever saw in my close to 50 years of watching the NBA.  But what the Cav's have achieved so far, it is simply amazing...and to tie it to our 2014 National Champs, it was like after beating 'Bama, that was the anvil we were able to let go of, but Hey, wait, we still have one more, so why not win that one, too ?  These Cav's are so so close, and I want them to win for the State of Ohio and the Cleveland area...Lay it all out there tonight, boys, next game isn't till Sunday at 5:00 eastern time, you can get some extra rest between then...

Comment 11 Jun 2015

Did you all note how she has thrown her left arm back, smiling, as if to say, "Why Delly, go ahead and cop another fee....."   I'm sorry, that was over the line...I should be punished severely....

Comment 10 Jun 2015

YTBI, Mucho thanks for the laugh, I found this funny as hell.  I rarely golf any more; kids, grandbabies, a big yard, work, family and my dwindling hope that I could get up on stage and wail on a Les Paul and have women's lingerie thrown my way...anyways, it reminded me of my own "come-to-Jesus" meeting on a golf course many moons ago...just one of my best friends and I, both of us very competitive. He is one up on me through 12.  The 13th is a par 5, woods on the left and right, and a steep enbankment up about 160 yards out...Todd smoked his drive up on the hill, laying 200 or less from the green, in the middle of the fairway.  I tee it up...slice that son-of-a-bitch high and deep into the woods on the right...GOD I HATE the sound of ball hitting bark...freakin' pissed, laying 2, so I tee up another one, miss-hit this drive badly, it wimps out to the base of the enbankment...fuming...Todd not saying a lie sucks, so I get the 5 iron out, and hit that bastard 300 yards into the air...and 30 yards down the fairway....laying 4, still 100 yards behind Todd's drive, I top the next iron shot, rolls maybe 12 feet past Todd's drive...I'm laying 5, and beginning the slow boil of a pressure cooker....Todd hits a 6 iron, beautiful shot, high...hits the back of the green and spins back 5 feet, leaving him a very makeable 12 foot eagle chest hurts...death is just around the corner...trying to keep it together....I grab the 5 iron, relax, and swing know how those surlyn covered-balls were supposed to be so durable that you couldn't break the cover ? I hit that mothereffer so bad got about 12 inches above the fairway...a worm-burner...finally touches down on the front apron, skims over the green, into the rough next to the river...Todd had walked ahead and was eyeing his putt before I hit this last wonderful shot....I was so consumed by anger, I believe I was totally out of my mind to be honest, I swing that 5-iron as hard as I could at my golf bag, as it rested on the pull cart.  I hit it so hard that I ripped the fabric from the top leather to the bottom leather...huge, gaping tear...Now I'm beyond pissed...slam the 5-iron back into the bag, of course, it comes out through the "new" opening, so I re-do that, and march off towards the green....I can't even think straight....then, where's Todd ?  Did he run and take a piss ?  Then I see his head and ball cap pop up behind the green, then back down I get closer, more of him comes into view, and he has been laughing, laughing so hard he is crying, but trying his darndest not to let me hear him...attempting to conceal his laughter as best he could, he tells me he found my ball, and tells me where it is.  So I go over to it, and that surlyn cover has a smile on it larger than a circus clown, so I try to pitch it up on the green, hit it too full, so it ends up on the other side of the green, on the apron...I pitch it back on the green, I'm still OUT, so I grab my putter, and as I stand over my ball, I realize my putter has a "new" shape, it now looks like an uncooked macaroni elbow....Naturally, I swear...again, and try to straighten it, while Todd is bent over laughing so loud and hard he is on the verge of pissing himself.  He misses the eagle. taps in for birdie, and I say fuck this, give me a snowman plus 2...

The 13th hole played in silence, with me in deep thought and contemplation.  On the 14th tee, I told Todd that if THAT is what this game does to me, then I'll sell the clubs.  Glad to say I've never had fits of rage since then.  Whenever Todd and I get together, he usually brings it up, and we get a tremendous laugh out of the whole spectacle...Kind of amazing to me that 3 decades + later, and I remember it so clearly...

Comment 08 Jun 2015

NavyBuckeye91, Good Lord, I would love to sit around and pick your brain.  Military history, the Buckeyes, guitars, rock and roll and family are my biggest interests, and this blog has been amazing to read.  Thanks for the reminder of the anniversary, and sharing your thoughts and knowledge.  I mean that sincerely...

One thing I heard about the battle of Midway, and maybe they touched on it in the movie, but it was in regards to a squadron (8 ?) of Dauntless or Avenger torpedo bombers.  These planes were sent out to find the Jap Navy, and do as much damage as they could.  They flew to the point of not having enough gas to make it back to base, whether that was a carrier or Midway Island, and still hadn't located the enemy.  Then, they saw them, made their runs, in those slow, cumbersome planes, and I don't know if they inflicted any damage, but I don't believe any of them made it back.

The only reason I bring this up, is because in my eyes, these pilots had to have known that this was a mission that was not going to end well for them.  They are attacking the strongest naval force in the world at that time, with experienced pilots and naval personnel who knew how to shoot their anti-aircraft guns...and they are in these sitting-ducks with wings that could maybe hit 240 mph. It is folks like these pilots, and hundreds of thousands of others who gave the ultimate so that this country could go on.  God bless them ALL ... It seems like these types of stories get lost in today's world.  I saw a teenage punk in the grocery store the other day, with his pants barely covering 1/2 his white ass, f-bombing his mother, and then you read or understand the history of our country, and these bomber pilots who probably had a pretty good inkling of their destiny that infamous day, and it just makes you want to go up and slap the kid on the side of the head...Thanks, I DO feel better...

Comment 04 Jun 2015

You know...I like this list, too....

Comment 04 Jun 2015

Ditto, Elikoob...

Comment 04 Jun 2015

Ditto, Buckeye Jack...

Comment 04 Jun 2015

Hey Hey RK84...just because Toledo is dwindling in size, population-wise, and we've lost Champion Spark Plug, Devilbiss and hundreds of other little factories that provided for families all over the NW Ohio area, doesn't mean we don't have a little pride and honor here.  The mayor who said he thought that all the deaf people should move out by the airport, well, he no longer holds that position....(THANK YOU, CARTY, for ALL the national attention THAT BROUGHT US.....geez...)and we still have the Toledo Walleye, who made it to game 7 of the ECHL semifinals, and our beloved Mud Hens...Who gets us?  The thumb-shaped state up north ?  Kintucky ?  Could we have a say in this before a final decision is rendered ?  I don't want to be a part of any state where it's legal to marry your aunt....