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Comment 19 Nov 2015

I and a buddy saw Peter at Anderson Arena in BG, OH, right after the double live album came out, then I caught him again two months later at the old Sports Aroma in Toledo.  Both were great shows, a very gifted guitar player.  He was so popular then that he sold out shows everywhere he went.  But FM stations just buried you with the airplay of that album, and for about 3 decades after that, I cringed when I heard certain songs of his on the airwaves.  Ten years ago, for some reason, I had a change of heart, and nowadays I appreciate his craftmanship and longevity.  Two weeks ago, he played at the Ritz in Tiffin, and a friend mine was going.  I don't know what he thought, but his early stuff with Humble Pie and Frampton's Camel is still good music to listen to on the ride home at nights... 

Comment 06 Nov 2015

22, I sympathize with you.  I started a forum a little over a month ago here on 11W, explaining that earlier that day, my young boss told me my job was being eliminated.  The support from all on this site was beyond belief.  The ideas and suggestions on what to do and where to go and whom to contact were appreciated more than I can state here.  These people do care about us, all of us, and their empathy portrayed in my situation reinforced that life is not always fair, but time continues on and it's best to take some time to grieve, if need be, take stock of your life, your situation, and plan for the next step.

Sometime in the next month or two, I will update the 11W family on what I've done, and where I'm headed.  The next stop is still uncertain at this point, but I am absolutely at peace with myself, and where my head is unlike the drama that enveloped me on 10/1/15.  My faith has been a huge helping hand (not trying to sound preach-y, or get in trouble here, but to each his own, right?) and I have amazed my family with my outlook on life and what the future holds.

22, this is tough obstacle to understand and comprehend.  Your whole world has just been tipped on it's side, but your best days are yet to come. Hang in there...get your name out there in the marketplace, and watch what unfolds.  If I can feel this way after 29 years with this company, a younger guy like you should look at this as a premier opportunity to set the world on fire.  Keep us informed on the latest and greatest, good or bad, because you'll always have us to talk to.  We got your back.....

Comment 04 Nov 2015

I work with a couple of guys that are the same way, B4N...It can be staggering (literally, chop-block, knee-buckling staggering) to smell what comes out of the human body...

Honestly, though, a well-timed fart can double me over in hysterical laughter...have always been that way...used to listen to my Father, who made farting an art-form.  The very first time I went through the "new-fangled" automatic car washes decades ago with him, he dropped this sulphur bomb that melted plastic bottles....what could I do ? Open the windows and get the interior of his new Olds 88 wet ? No, I just sat there and bitched for 3 minutes and got angrier by the minute while his laughing increased every time I opened my mouth. I have noticed lots of people who are offended by flatulence...but it's a natural thing, right ?  I think I'm going to create a forum for this topic....

Comment 04 Nov 2015

When my Luke was 3 or 4, his hearing was somewhat garbled, so he didn't hear what normal people did.  R's and S's were somewhat of a problem, but here's a couple of specialties...spaghetti was "sghetty", and "Hey Luke, what's that big green thing out there in the field ?" and he'd reply "Dahd (couldn't say D-A-D, he'd say Dahd, rhymes with Todd), that's a John Deere Bombine", or I'd yell at him, "Luke, why'd you hit your sister ?", "Well, she Reserved it"...

Comment 04 Nov 2015

Man, I've worked with so many ShitFerBrains characters in my life, I could write a volume...

December 9th, 1980, worked at an independent electrical distributor in my hometown, sitting at my desk, working.  This crusty, balding, paunch-y, constantly negative son-of-a-bitch counter man, who despised me for some God-forsaken reason, walks into the office.  My cousin, who was the secretary, has her little radio on, playing soft rock.  Old Bill looks at me, as sober as the year is long, and says, "I figured you would have taken the day off today."  Why, I reply, Because it's my birthday ?  "No, haven't you heard ?  It's a National Day of mourning because John Lennon got killed last night."... I opened my mouth to say...something...but nothing came out.  I couldn't believe the coldness of this man.  People who know me know my love of music, and I grew up with the Beatles, but for him to utter those words of contempt, it left me speechless.

Less than two years later, he was let go because of his attitude and demeanor.  I honestly think he was bi-polar before the condition was as wide known as it is today.  Maybe he was manic depressive, all I know is that every day coming to work, you never knew what you were going to get with him.  AND, it all could change in an hour.

Comment 04 Nov 2015

Thanks, AB, chances are I would have never been aware of this video, except for my association with this wonderful website and it's equally great community members.  Hats off to you, my Friend.  We can NEVER do enough for these warriors that serve and protect.

Comment 30 Oct 2015

The Burmese pythons are taking over Florida, and heading north.  If the State of Florida had open season on killing them sons-of-bitches, paying $10.00 per head, would you head to the Sunshine state to make some extra $$  ?  And, if you did go, what would your weapon of choice be ?

Comment 26 Oct 2015

Gluefingers. Whoa Nellie, J Kozmo, APack, Chapsrock, appreciate your support re: that asinine post.  Being a man of faith, (sorry, had to throw that in), I let that post get under my skin way too much....I found myself being an old grump-ass for the next two hours, before common sense reaffirmed to me that there are assholes no matter where you venture in today's world.  I am somewhat surprised I didn't get some sort of backlash from the 11W guys, but if they read a lot of the forum and posts, I hope they saw where I was coming from.  Thanks again, guys !

Comment 23 Oct 2015

You're driving down the interstate, getting ready to get off at the next exit.  Traffic is slowing down...major congestion before the exit.  You have noticed this white Audi weaving in and out of traffic the last couple of miles, obviously in a big !@#$%&* hurry. You do the polite motorist thing and get in line to get off the exit, it's bumper to bumper.  The Audi pulls up next to you, and this absolutely gorgeous hunk of femininity is driving, and motions to you that she would like for you to let her in, as her vehicle is still hanging in the fast lane and she is getting honked and screamed at.  You look ahead, and all you see is brake lights, nothing is moving.  So you turn back to her, and point forward, then proceed to give her the Joey Bosa shrug.  Her face contorts, she begins screaming obscenities, and flips you off..............  What do you do ?

Comment 23 Oct 2015

Do it, AirBuck...I lost my ex-brother-in-law a year ago this past July.  He was in the Army, Central Highlands, '68 to' 69, and had been exposed to it a number of times.  Close to 20 years ago, he started to lose his peripheral vision, but he could get shots into his eyes to bring it back.  Then 10 years later, the teeth started started to get loose, so he ended up getting them all pulled, and went the denture route.  John loved a good steak, and it was hilarious to watch him "gum" a piece of beef.  He'd bitch at the family for watching him, but he said he's rather do it that way than with the falsies.  Two years ago it was prostate cancer, which went into remission for 6 months, but then the C came back with a vengeance.  Doctors gave him 2 weeks to 2 months, but he toughed it out for almost 7 months.  Long enough to walk his oldest daughter down the aisle, but missed his youngest daughter's by 9 days.  The Sheriff of Defiance County gave his eulogy at the Church, and said John fought three battles in his life; Vietnam, alcoholism, and Agent Orange, and it was the last one that killed him...he was proud to have served this country, and I'm a better man for knowing him. 

Just get it done, AB, and let us know.  The 11W community is behind you.

Comment 21 Oct 2015

I just read your reply, 3 weeks later... wow...the reason I posted this was because I have felt always felt this website provided an outlet to discuss our beloved Buckeyes, but it also gives one an opportunity to discuss matters outside of Columbus.  This was posted as "Other", a non-sports related topic.  Do you have a heart ?  Do you know what compassion is ?  Why would I NOT tell my wife about the livelihood we depend on ?  What, you suggesting I hide it from her, then a week or three down the road, just not go to work, and say "Oh yea, my job was eliminated ?"   There were tons of responses from people whom I respect, and plenty of opinions and ideas, which I have read and contemplated. I am still in this whole sordid mess, and it isn't a lot of fun.  But, in regards to my work and family, I have not let this affect me in my duties at home or work.  How true is anything you said ?  Seriously ?  I'm lying about all of this ?  I have never, NEVER, down-voted anyone on 11W, or typed a harsh word against anything I have read.  I don't know anything about you, nor do I give a rat's ass, but I am going to say I think you're the biggest motherfucking horses ass I have ever come across on this site.  I hope you rot in fucking hell, and if your head was on fire, and someone was kind enough to rip your fucking head off, I still wouldn't piss on it. 

Comment 21 Oct 2015

Me, too, B3M...remember that movie 4-5 years ago about that couple that went out on a boat with a dozen others to snorkle, and when they came up, the boat was gone.....Good Freakin' Lord, my absolute worst nightmare... I've stood on the highest deck of Carnival Cruise ships at night, having a smoke, 10 alcoholic drinks in the gullet, looking at that water passing by, and thought, you know, if I fell overboard, and I screamed, would anybody hear me ?....Or would my beer belly keep me afloat until the boat passed from sight ?  I can't count the nightmares I've had over decades, dreaming about this.  I just read another book about the U.S. Indianapolis....why do I punish myself like this ?  What sicko dwells on such morbidity ?  What is wrong with me ? 

Comment 09 Oct 2015

TNB, great find !  My albums are stored in the garage somewhere and I believe I had this and another StarCastle album...I haven't heard them, or OF them, in years....Thanks !

Comment 08 Oct 2015

I heard it this morning on the way to work on Sirius...a live version, and it wasn't James Dewar singing, but Robin's guitar work was incredible...

Comment 08 Oct 2015

You're backpacking on the Appalachian Trail through the Smoky Mountains, and the blizzard of the century is upon you.  Through the driving snow and blinding flakes, you vaguely see a shelter up ahead, with a glow of a fire inside this rustic, stone building.  You are frozen to the bone, and know the only way you make it through the night is to get naked and crawl into your sleeping bag with whomever is currently inside the shelter. The two of you spooning and generating body heat is your only chance of making it through this brutal night... Who do you hope it is ?

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Dontre seems motivated...the way he tracked that interception down and prevented a score...don't think I've seen him drop a ball yet...and can we try 83 or 82 on a fly pattern ?  Can we at least try one ?  I want to see that burning speed we have all heard about...air that bitch out and let them run under it...

Comment 06 Oct 2015

re: handing the ball to the ref, years ago, that never happened.  Players would drop it and let it roll, the ref's had to track it down.  I like how the players today look for an ump to give it to...any brown-nosing points may be beneficial in the 2nd half.

another major peeve is announcers making the wrong yardage calls, i.e., where a player got tackled.  I swear I heard a play-by-play man today who was doing the IU/tOSU football game make at least three of these bone-headed excuses...maybe if this certain announcer didn't have a "teepee on the prairie" in his pants for the "upset of the decade", he could get his facts straight....the sniveling weasel...his voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me....God he looked pale...He could play Casper in a movie and they wouldn't have to apply make-up he's so white....

Comment 03 Oct 2015

Yes, it was ugly, but we did win.  I don't understand comments like UFM not showing emotion...what do you want him to do ?  Get upset and rant and rave ?  He'll leave this game and coaching before he does that again.  I don't want that...does anybody ?  IU has played us lights out for the past 3 years, every opponent we meet is playing with house money, they have nothing to lose, so why not throw the book at us ?  We DO make great halftime adjustments, and we did gain 500+ yards.  The announcers (is anyone else ready to vomit on Mike Patrick's shirt ?) commented on our last couple of drives that it appears the coaching staff didn't want 12 Gauge to put it in the air, and I have to agree...It's like we were playing NOT to lose....put a ton of pressure on the defense.  We ever get this offense in gear, with the way the D is playing, we could be very dangerous in the next couple of months...we lose the turnover battle AGAIN....commit 100+ yards in penalties, 7? MAJOR ones, have the ball for 10 minutes less than IU....AND WE STILL WIN...Good job, Bucks, remember, you got to win the battles to win the more down, just keep grinding to get better....

Comment 30 Sep 2015

OB, close, but not quite.  The sad thing is, at this age, without medical bennies, you're one catastrophic illness away from bankruptcy.  I am in pretty good health for 60, but my wife, who is 16 years my junior, is a mess.  Then, I also have my two step-daughters who rely on my insurance, too.  The youngest one is preggers, also.  Many years ago, I was given the opportunity to move from one branch to the "main" branch, 55 miles away.  That meant moving from family, all of our best friends, the hometown, etc.  I was really torn about this decision.  I decided to "clear" my head for a couple of days, and just let all thoughts flow freely, pros and cons, and hopefully a decision would be decided upon.  And it did, so I moved...I left that asshole company within three years to begin with who now employs me, but I have no regrets, none.  Seems like it's time to clear the head again and see what happens...but still, today, what a blow to one's self-esteem...

Comment 29 Sep 2015

Worst sales call ever...trying to earn some extra buck$ at college, year 3, got my Associates, heading for the Bachelors...take a job in Toledo with this firm who sold Channel 100, a box that was the precursor to cable TV.  Earlier that same week, I pounded on doors for 3- days trying to sell this lil' gem....doors slammed in my face, one lady even hollered at her neighbor who was raking her yard, and said, "Alice, what do you think ?  This kid is trying to sell me that porn channel !! "  It started to get personal with me...across the street from that old bitch, I knocked on a door, no answer, but there was a humongous German Shepherd that wanted my buttocks bad, so I headed over to the picture window, where he jumped up, leaning on the window, barking and slobbering and growling beyond belief, so I teased IT a bit, where he knocked the lamp off the table, shattering it on the wood floor...this was full commission job; don't sell a box, don't get paid.  I get a call to go to Oregon, Ohio (suburb) on Saturday night; these folks wanted Channel 100 bad!  A different tv hook-up than I had ever seen, so I clipped the wrong probe on the round connector trying to make things work, and now they couldn't even get the local channels....GOD were they pissed...I didn't get the sale...I quit Monday morning...