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Comment 02 Feb 2016

A year ago, I posted my concern about our WR's, simply because Devin and Evan were going to be impossible to replace.  The skills, and maybe even more importantly, the locker room leadership cannot be measured by mathematical statistics.  Many posted replies that we would be fine...

I firmly believe the talent is still there, however, we didn't use the athletes this past season like we should have.  I was totally frustrated with the passing offense this year, after the VT game. Was it the OC leaving ?  The new QB coach ?  Why is it we can procure the Johnnie Dixons and KJ Hills to fill the voids left by graduation, and watch them never make the playing field.  Honestly, I get jealous when I see what Bama does with that Ridley kid, and I believe he's a true freshman.  Why don't we develop these wide-outs like that ? I can honestly say my outlook for this year is off the maps... in a positive way.  I'm thinking these projected starters are hungry, they want to prove their mettle, they want to make a name for themselves like the '14 team.  Like UFM preaches, 9 units strong.

I haven't commented much lately, with a job change, etc., and didn't read a lot of 11W after the bowl victory, but does anyone think that the '15 team became a bit complacent ?  I will say this; yes, very frustrated at times this year watching our Bucks, but overall, a helluva year.  They provided me with a ton of enjoyment, and I can't wait till this fall,,,

Comment 02 Feb 2016

B17, you could do it that way, that would be an option.  My banker gal told me years ago that building up a good credit score is pretty vital in today's world.  Or, just pay off the loan the old-fashioned way; monthly payments, pay it off early if there is no penalty in doing so. But, BUT...., don't make a late payment.  I have lots of experience in these matters, and those late payments will bite you in the ass somewhere down the road when you least expect it.  This same gal told my 20 yr old daughters that your world can be golden if you do your finances the right true....if only I knew then what I know now........

Comment 30 Jan 2016



3A...Close Encounters...

4A...The Equalizer

5A...The Green Mile

Comment 22 Dec 2015

Thanks for having my back, Bucknut, that was my post he commented and about 37 other fellow 11W folks were supportive in the kindest way...

Comment 22 Dec 2015

Joan Jett and the Blackhawks? do a nice version of Lil Drummer Boy....and Dan Fogelberg's Old Lang Syne is another family favorite

Comment 18 Dec 2015

YTown, an extremely old, but very wealthy man is dying.  You happen to open the door for him at the local Speedway, and smile at him.  He is appreciative of your politeness, and says, "Son, I'm getting old, my family is a bunch of vultures just waiting for me to kick the bucket, and I want to reward you with a little something."  He asks you to follow him home, a 10 minute drive.  When you get there, he opens up his  multi-car garage, and he tells you he wants you to take one, just one of these prized American classic hot rods.  In stall one, you have a '57 Chevy 2-door Bel Air hardtop, 327 cubic inches, 6-speed manual Tremec transmission, Cragar mags, 21 coats of candy-apple red, bucket seats, a/c...immaculate....Stall two has an exact replica of Steve McQueen's '67? Mustang that he used in the movie "Bullitt" (before it went into the ditch), and door number three has the General Lee in it....which do you choose ?

Comment 18 Dec 2015

Earle, I've been to Gettysburg once, and can't wait to go back.  I bet I've been to Gatlinburg 40? times in my life, 8 years ago was the last time, and I have always loved the park and it's benefits, and always enjoyed a day or two in GB after hiking, etc. But...BUT, I could barely stand the place last time.  Practically every !@#$^&* store and t-shirt joint is run by some foreigner who can barely speak our language, they all smell like the wrong end of a donkey, and they act like I'm imposing on them when I walk into their dirty little storefront....eff off, assholes...I can remember the little leather shops on the main drag, and turquoise stores ran by hippie's who gave a shit about the products they were selling and where the stones came from, and wood crafters and signmakers who were proud of their wares... I know that time changes a lot of things, but I don't care for Gatlinburg anymore, the aura that place used to possess is Gettysburg ?  I started getting goose bumps when I saw the Seminary and went past Lee's headquarters during the battle.  I have talked to many people who went there as kids on field trips and such, and were bored out of their minds. I might have been the same way, and maybe it means more now that I am a full grown adult.  Because NOW I know what happened there, and I have so much respect for that hallowed ground... I want to walk the field where Pickett's charge took place...I want to spend more time on Little Round Top, I want to sit down in the Wheatfield and think of the blood and lives lost on that piece of ground....what an amazing much history...51,000 casualties out of 150,000 basically 2-1/2 days....Thank you, History lesson is now over.

Comment 18 Dec 2015

YTown, do you like to read ?  If so, are you a fiction or non-fiction guy ?

Q.2. Have you ever been to Gettysburg ?

Q.3. Have you ever been to Gatlinburg ?

Q.4. Have you ever shot a Gatling gun ?

Comment 10 Dec 2015

I will not underestimate the fighting Irish.  I caught parts of a 4-5 of their games this year, and it seems they are a more athletic team than the squad that Bama skunked in the NCG a few years back.  The QB from Toledo St. Johns has a nice arm, and that Fuller kid on the outside just makes plays, period.  I know they are banged up at RB, but maybe this time off will get them healed up in time for 1/1/16.  It seems like, on paper, we have more overall talent, but I worry about the Buckeyes...i.e., are they "smarting" over getting passed up for the final 4 ?  How many kids have the next level on their minds, maybe creating a lack of focus on their individual assignments, which weakens their group, which devalues the Nine Units Strong that Urban preaches ?

I hope I am just an old worry wart and proven wrong in everything I just typed.  This season, for me, was fun.  Eleven and one, and stomping the shit out Meatchicken ?  Love it... but I also worry about having another MSU game, where...good freakin' Lord, what happened that Saturday afternoon/evening ?  The seniors last home game, a record crowd, THE statement game of the year, and we muster one and a third trips of total yardage over the playing field in 60 minutes of action ?  Are you shitting me ?  AND as badly as the offense played, we still only lost on a long FG as time expires ?  Give UFM and the staff credit for getting the kids' heads and attitudes righted for THE Game, where we showed AA and the mitten state what an elite football program is...

Every game this year was a battle, every opponent marked their game with us with an asterisk...the National Champions.... the OSU... Man, if we could knock off OSU... I can't imagine the difficulty that presented to the coaching staff, to try and meet those expectations and get better every week.  I swear Urban said that the first 10 games of this season, we need to get better.  Honestly, I thought we would be playing on New Years Eve, and I am disappointed that we're not, but I can also honestly admit that I am extremely happy for this year's squad and what they were able to accomplish. We ARE one of the top teams in the country.  BK can say that ND is looking for validation for his team, I can see why he makes that statement.  But to try and prepare for the OSU Buckeyes ?  It has to be scary to watch films of our games and see what happens when Nine Units Strong come to play for 60 minutes. Nothing can compare with 2014. My 6 decades on Mother Earth allows me the wisdom to say that what is going on in Columbus is truly something special, and the last 3-1/2 months of 2014 was the best season to sit back, watch and enjoy what a team could achieve.  God, what a run !  The joy of obliterating Wisky, of slugging it out with Bama, and showing the nation why Oregon didn't deserve to be on the same field with us, memories I will take to my grave with me.  2015 could have been that, but I sensed early this season that it just wasn't the same, and I am OK with that.  They still provided me with a lot of happy Saturdays...

If I had to pick one college coach for one game, he's the guy running the ship in Columbus.  I can only hope he can fire up their spirits one more time, and send the Diesel and Tyvus, Taylor, Jacoby, Joshua and Tommy, Joey, Zeke and Shotgun out on a winning note.  What a glorious way to end this year, and prepare for 2016. 

Comment 03 Dec 2015

Creekman, what is your relationship with her like ?  If I am friends with someone, it's usually the "no-filter" approach, meaning, one better accept that I may not be able to control everything that comes out of my mouth.  Wholeheartedly agree that one needs to be very v e r y careful in these situations.  Having said that, though, are you comfortable enough to say, "Hey Sue, you look sad today. Is everything O-K ?"  That could break the ice, let her know that others are aware of her demeanor.  Would you and the other concerned co-worker consider walking by her cubicle, whatever, chit-chattng "silently" amongst the two of you, about her friend, "Roxanne", who had to flee a similar type environment, and is so much better off today ?

I feel for you, Man....this is a tough thing to deal with.  I have walked away from a life-long best friend for wailing on his spouse, don't understand it, can't envision why he was doing it, and to quote Woodrow F. Call, "won't tolerate it"... You want to be helpful, as so many of us are, yet, you could be in for a tough period yourself, due to just wanting to help a fellow human being out.  Some great advice typed above, and I compliment you for asking what to do.  Good luck, my fellow 11W Warrior, and please keep us posted as to any updates or developments.

Comment 03 Dec 2015

Try to keep the face masks on, as it will be difficult to breathe while blowing in the insulation.  ALSO, make sure the friend on the ground is breaking up the insulation enough so that it doesn't clog the hoses....THAT was a major time hold-up when I did this two years ago.  Good luck !

Comment 02 Dec 2015

Right on, JCL, because it's not like Derrick Green is going to be standing in his way....Geeez.... so thankful that UFM saw what he wanted in that Elliot kid out of the St. Louis area and decided against D. Green.....

Comment 19 Nov 2015

I and a buddy saw Peter at Anderson Arena in BG, OH, right after the double live album came out, then I caught him again two months later at the old Sports Aroma in Toledo.  Both were great shows, a very gifted guitar player.  He was so popular then that he sold out shows everywhere he went.  But FM stations just buried you with the airplay of that album, and for about 3 decades after that, I cringed when I heard certain songs of his on the airwaves.  Ten years ago, for some reason, I had a change of heart, and nowadays I appreciate his craftmanship and longevity.  Two weeks ago, he played at the Ritz in Tiffin, and a friend mine was going.  I don't know what he thought, but his early stuff with Humble Pie and Frampton's Camel is still good music to listen to on the ride home at nights... 

Comment 06 Nov 2015

22, I sympathize with you.  I started a forum a little over a month ago here on 11W, explaining that earlier that day, my young boss told me my job was being eliminated.  The support from all on this site was beyond belief.  The ideas and suggestions on what to do and where to go and whom to contact were appreciated more than I can state here.  These people do care about us, all of us, and their empathy portrayed in my situation reinforced that life is not always fair, but time continues on and it's best to take some time to grieve, if need be, take stock of your life, your situation, and plan for the next step.

Sometime in the next month or two, I will update the 11W family on what I've done, and where I'm headed.  The next stop is still uncertain at this point, but I am absolutely at peace with myself, and where my head is unlike the drama that enveloped me on 10/1/15.  My faith has been a huge helping hand (not trying to sound preach-y, or get in trouble here, but to each his own, right?) and I have amazed my family with my outlook on life and what the future holds.

22, this is tough obstacle to understand and comprehend.  Your whole world has just been tipped on it's side, but your best days are yet to come. Hang in there...get your name out there in the marketplace, and watch what unfolds.  If I can feel this way after 29 years with this company, a younger guy like you should look at this as a premier opportunity to set the world on fire.  Keep us informed on the latest and greatest, good or bad, because you'll always have us to talk to.  We got your back.....

Comment 04 Nov 2015

I work with a couple of guys that are the same way, B4N...It can be staggering (literally, chop-block, knee-buckling staggering) to smell what comes out of the human body...

Honestly, though, a well-timed fart can double me over in hysterical laughter...have always been that way...used to listen to my Father, who made farting an art-form.  The very first time I went through the "new-fangled" automatic car washes decades ago with him, he dropped this sulphur bomb that melted plastic bottles....what could I do ? Open the windows and get the interior of his new Olds 88 wet ? No, I just sat there and bitched for 3 minutes and got angrier by the minute while his laughing increased every time I opened my mouth. I have noticed lots of people who are offended by flatulence...but it's a natural thing, right ?  I think I'm going to create a forum for this topic....

Comment 04 Nov 2015

When my Luke was 3 or 4, his hearing was somewhat garbled, so he didn't hear what normal people did.  R's and S's were somewhat of a problem, but here's a couple of specialties...spaghetti was "sghetty", and "Hey Luke, what's that big green thing out there in the field ?" and he'd reply "Dahd (couldn't say D-A-D, he'd say Dahd, rhymes with Todd), that's a John Deere Bombine", or I'd yell at him, "Luke, why'd you hit your sister ?", "Well, she Reserved it"...

Comment 04 Nov 2015

Man, I've worked with so many ShitFerBrains characters in my life, I could write a volume...

December 9th, 1980, worked at an independent electrical distributor in my hometown, sitting at my desk, working.  This crusty, balding, paunch-y, constantly negative son-of-a-bitch counter man, who despised me for some God-forsaken reason, walks into the office.  My cousin, who was the secretary, has her little radio on, playing soft rock.  Old Bill looks at me, as sober as the year is long, and says, "I figured you would have taken the day off today."  Why, I reply, Because it's my birthday ?  "No, haven't you heard ?  It's a National Day of mourning because John Lennon got killed last night."... I opened my mouth to say...something...but nothing came out.  I couldn't believe the coldness of this man.  People who know me know my love of music, and I grew up with the Beatles, but for him to utter those words of contempt, it left me speechless.

Less than two years later, he was let go because of his attitude and demeanor.  I honestly think he was bi-polar before the condition was as wide known as it is today.  Maybe he was manic depressive, all I know is that every day coming to work, you never knew what you were going to get with him.  AND, it all could change in an hour.

Comment 04 Nov 2015

Thanks, AB, chances are I would have never been aware of this video, except for my association with this wonderful website and it's equally great community members.  Hats off to you, my Friend.  We can NEVER do enough for these warriors that serve and protect.

Comment 30 Oct 2015

The Burmese pythons are taking over Florida, and heading north.  If the State of Florida had open season on killing them sons-of-bitches, paying $10.00 per head, would you head to the Sunshine state to make some extra $$  ?  And, if you did go, what would your weapon of choice be ?

Comment 26 Oct 2015

Gluefingers. Whoa Nellie, J Kozmo, APack, Chapsrock, appreciate your support re: that asinine post.  Being a man of faith, (sorry, had to throw that in), I let that post get under my skin way too much....I found myself being an old grump-ass for the next two hours, before common sense reaffirmed to me that there are assholes no matter where you venture in today's world.  I am somewhat surprised I didn't get some sort of backlash from the 11W guys, but if they read a lot of the forum and posts, I hope they saw where I was coming from.  Thanks again, guys !