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Comment 12 Jan 2015

...watched it at home with my 13 year old, Luke, and his good friend, Aaron...just so happy to get the opportunity to play in it, and hoping it would be a good game...mid - 2nd quarter, it dawned on me that Aaron was cheering for the U...AREYOUFREAKINKIDDINME? ...asked who he follows and it was Meatchicken...I told him to be careful what he says, he laughed....I was dead serious...I was sick and tired of the U's players' antics and gyrations all season long, and if memory serves me well, I recall by the second quarter, they didn't do much of that....they realized they were in a slugfest...these northern boys could play smash mouth...and we many moments, back and forth, but vividly recall hugging the boy when Cie tackled Dorsey on the last play...for I don't know how long, I remember waking up in the morning, maybe tired, dreading work, whatever, then thinking, Hey,Ohio State is the National Champions in College Football...I also recall in was on ESPN Classic in a day or three....

Comment 07 Jan 2015

...yea, played King Of The Hill in a buddy's barn loft 40? years August air moving...6-8 cold ones in the buddy was just an unbelievably strong farm boy, the other a big, sinewy, tall-drink-of-water, the 4th was a red-haired 5'8" dyanmo...huge stack of bales...went on for a 1/2 hour until we were all soaked with sweat and chaff and breathing hard....some wussy went outside and puked in the homeowners vegetable garden...o-k, it was me....

Comment 23 Dec 2014

Frank, that would be the Mealer boy...absolutely tragic...the boy's father, Dave, was killed in that accident, and another son was paralyzed, and still is, to my knowledge.  The mishap occurred on Christmas Eve, on a country road outside, or near Pettisville, OH... I went to school with Dave's brother, Tom, and used to bowl in a league that Dave was also in...good family...all the brothers were good athletes in high school.  As I recall, they were all huge OSU fans growing up, but Dave moved the family to Wauseon so that Blake? could possibly get some better recognition playing ball, and ttun recruited him and signed him up, thus the switch of allegiances...that particular Christmas Eve, my wife, three daughters and one son had left my sister's house north of Defiance, and the girls are just adamant about going through Archbold to drive through Ruhle? Park to see the Christmas decorations, which we did...then I heard the news the next day, and realized we were just a few miles from where the accident happened...

Comment 20 Dec 2014

... although born and raised in Defiance, I went to school at TU (what they called it in '72), and have lived in and around the Glass City for two decades...Toledo is O-K, it's life, after all, and you make it what you want it to and good friends, decent restaurants, good amateur sports venues, hey, I'm good with it...we got a Great lake to the east, and one thing about northern Ohio ? It's flat....r e a l  flat... maybe that's why we head south to the mountains or east if we want to see an ocean...a couple of things said to me by Americans who moved here from other states always sort of stuck with was that the wind always seems to blow here, which could be due to all the woods and forests we've obliterated for tillable soil...and another guy told me once he was on 80, the turnpike, and he recalls getting his ticket when he crossed into OH from PA, and 4 hours later he crossed into Indiana, and he couldn't remember one damn thing about the past 286 miles...yep, that's northern Ohio...gotta love it !

Comment 19 Dec 2014

Ragged Glory- Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Yessongs- Yes

Moving Pictures- Rush

Hard Rain- Bob Dylan

The Who- Quadrophenia

It's Only Rock & Roll- the Stones

Physical Graffiti- Led

Foo Fighters....uh..pick one...

Aladdin Sane- Bowie

New York- Lou Reed

Comment 26 Nov 2014

I was confused, then dumbfounded....I peed myself, lost control of all bodily functions, sharded my pants, my nose started bleeding, got a sudden case of the hives, developed pitryasis rosacea all over my abdomen, a boil appeared next to my navel, then suddenly, had a hemmoroid the size of Lafayette Louisiana, which tipped me forward, and then I went blank from that point was scary...

Comment 24 Nov 2014

Hear hear, DLB72OSU....Thank you...your rationale is right, if I could just get my blood pressure to go back down...

Comment 20 Nov 2014

BVTW, that was so hilarious, I erupted with a belly-laugh....then, once, I thought about it, I am now feeling guilty....damn you....

Comment 18 Nov 2014

Thanks, Wargor....and that idiot Emma likes the !@#$%&* losers, TOO....Why I's kind of ironic to me, because if the Bucks were to have a year like the one Meatchicken is having, I might behave the same way, but the 3-4 biggest Dazed&Blue fans I see regularly all tell me the same thing...."It's so painful....I don't even turn them on to watch anymore...did you see what we did to App. State ...?....Ohhhhhh PuuuuuuullllllllllLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !

Comment 18 Nov 2014

1...Neil Young...who was inspired by # 2., Bob Dialated...Jon Anderson (Yes)...Eddie Vedder...John and Paul...Don Henley (solo)....Lucinda Williams...Joni Mitchell...Lou Reed...Neil Peart...David Gilmour...Quality over quantity any day...all of these artists have written and performed music that coincides with the numerous changes in my life...this is the "top shelf" liquor, in my book...

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Kudos, BGIB...The best of luck and wishes heading south from Ohio...My first marriage went something like yours, only it took us 7+ years to get to the point you're at...I/we "practiced" all the time, but the tadpoles were on valium and content to just dog-paddle to the promised land.  Then I read a Dear Abby column and she said to begin wearings BVD's that were a couple of sizes larger than normal know, to let Big Jim and the Twins have some room to breathe....Wa-La !!!...."Houston, we have ignition".... 

ps....I also quit smoking a certain illegal substance 24/7/365....might have had a minor impact, too......  jus' sayin' ......

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Good LORD !  What a train wreck in AA... I, too, appreciate the fact that Hoke jettisoned this piece of crap so swiftly.  Frank has had previous issues with the law, appears he didn't learn from those mistakes...too bad...his reactions are going to co$t him dearly in the one to blame besides that reflection in the mirror...AND it's not like domestic abuse HAS NOT been in the news would have to be a recluse like the Unabomber to not be aware of what has been happening nationwide regarding this topic...If this were a starting DE for an SEC team or FSU, aw...hell....I'm not even going to go there....

Comment 13 Nov 2014

...the son-in-law who was talking on his phone driving home from work and wasn't paying attention to the idiot lights on his '01 Taurus until he noticed smoke belching out the tailpipe and by that time the engine had seized and yes it's a goner so he can't park it at his apartment so let's park it at the end of the in-law's dead end street right in front of their house for three months but hey winter is coming so the wife tells him that he has to get it off the street and I come home Monday night from work and he had pushed it into my yard right under the big evergreen tree where it still sits and we now look like West Virginians no offense to God-fearing Buckeye West Virginians but everyone who walks down the bike path must look in my yard and stereotype me and my family as dead beat meth cooking welfare receiving the government owes me a living pieces of shit human beings and although I realize this may not be all people's perception of my little slab of earth but I still do try and maintain an appearance of white anglo saxon normalcy and let me just add that the son-in law lives and breathes U of Meatchicken sports so now I rest my case in relating things I am tired of...

Comment 10 Nov 2014

...let's see....6:33 pm now, Monday....scribble started approximately 8:17 pm Saturday...scratch off....scribble scribble....    unbelievable euphoric feeling approximately 11:30 pm times down....s u b  t  r  a  c  t   i   o   n   ...............calculating....YES !  The last 43 hours and 57 minutes have been the most enjoyable all year.....sigh....

Comment 10 Nov 2014

...there were so many little things that counted in this V at E.L.....I couldn't stop repeating them to my 25-year-old Buckeye-fan-son last night...but Curtis' block on the corner on JT's first TD run was a classic example of the kids buying in on the coaches plans...running backs ?  you GOT TO pick up that blitzer !  wide-outs, block downfield ! of the wide outs had a huge block on Joe Thomas' 55-yarder in the 3rd Qtr...Love this SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 09 Nov 2014

What a game !  What a Victory for Urban !!  I had this feeling reading 11W a couple of days ago when I read that UFM was approached after Wednesday's practice and he knew something...was confident of the game plan and where the team was at mentally at that point...I just love how we kept responding early, and the two TD's right before half ?  Wow...Devin hung onto everything thrown his way...I will cherish this one for a long least until next Saturday....GOOD JOB, Boys !!!

Comment 07 Nov 2014

...sorry to hear about George...remember that John Wayne western where he had a dog named Dog ?....anybody out there ever have a cat named Dog, ....or dog named Cat ?  always thought that would be unique...well, in my world, anyway...

Comment 07 Nov 2014

Hey...regarding helmets....does the team re-paint them after every game ?  do all the buckeyes come off for a new lacquer job ? to these old eyes, they always look really shiny and new and clean... some players helmets are all gouged and scratched....just anyone with connections to the WHAC, I am available to do this weekly miserable schweaty smelly job, and I can start immediately at $136.5K per year...with bennies....and a free helmet of my choice...

Comment 04 Nov 2014

At this point, I would take a 1-point, nail-bitin', sphincter-puckering, dog-kickin' victory...It's been mentioned numerous times, but for UFM, it's time for a top 10 ranked victory.  I know he doesn't block, tackle, run or throw, but I hope, come 8:11 pm Saturday night, that the boys are as motivated as Seal Team 6 was on May 2nd of 2011...Honestly, Connor Cook scares me...a lot.  The few times I've had the misfortune of watching him play, he has...a presence ?... an idea of what the hell is going on out there... and I think there is a definite chip on his shoulder regarding the lack of interest in recruiting him from OSU... In the B1G 10 Championship last December in Indy, I felt he was the better QB in the second half, AND I love Brax immensely, but he was more efficient, in my eyes anyways...JT has been critical of his own play, and I would love nothing more, than for him to have one of those games we can all talk about for the next decade.

The abuse the Buckeyes get nationally, for the majority, I take with a grain of salt, and even laugh occasionally at the stupidity of it all...but down deep inside, I am sick of it...plain fed up with it all.  I want respect, like anyone deserves in their daily life....I want the naysayers and critics to have to sit a moment, and think about what they're going to say when they have to describe what the Bucks just accomplished, on the opponents turf, in front of their fans, at night, in a hostile environment, in front of millions watching on the tube...a victory that makes them realize that this is a damn good team, on par with the best in the nation, and worthy of recognition on a national scale....that's it, your Honor, I rest my case...

Comment 30 Oct 2014

Thanks, LBJ...what a great message for the city of this current era of moral decline, global, viral outbreaks, war, famine, buttmunch dictators, the power and lust for oil, lobbyists who control countries (Ahem!), racial tensions, religious differences, the decline of the rights of the middle class and 41,318 other things I ain't listing !, watching some small clip like this makes me feel good, if for only a brief instant...just knowing that, as a lifelong resident of northern Ohio, what His return and this season could mean for this area that has seen so much strife and turmoil with loss of jobs and poverty and misery...Thanks, LBJ...Thanks for giving many of us a reason to get excited again....and for coming home... 

Comment 17 Oct 2014

...Practically everyday, I read 11W, the Plain Dealer and the Blade.  I thoroughly enjoy articles about our beloved Bucks.  I am amazed at the number of comments in the feedback and blog sections that dwell on the negative aspects of our team.  I am not exactly what one would consider as an eternal optimist by any stretch of the imagination.  I can be as negative as the next guy, but I take into consideration that we are dealing with a mature group of selected coaches and support staff, whose main goal in their current life, is to try and mold 100+ young men, between the ages of 18 and 23, into a competitive football team...the players come from every type of background that describes all of Americans today.  The coaches are reimbursed handsomely for their duties, but when I consider what a monumental task it is, to get every one on "the same page", to buy into what each one has to do in the classroom and on the practice fields, it is clearly something far beyond what I could ever imagine I WOULD be capable of accomplishing.  So, hats off to this year's 2014 edition of Buckeye football.  Yes, we stumbled early, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.  The future looks much brighter than it did a month ago, and I am thankful we are in this current position.  To the naysayers and grumps who expect perfection every Saturday, ...meh... May God bless and watch over this team, and let us handle the good with the bad...Thanks for prediction for Saturday, approximtely 6:51 pm ?  tOSU 52, NJ boys, 24...................and Seabass...well, here's hoping you don't have to follow through on your post....

Comment 10 Oct 2014

#1 ALL time ; Frosted Flakes...

Current # 1 (for 9+ months running !!)  ...; General Mills Cinnamon Rice Chex....OMG...just adding a couple of shakes of the the small Domino's Cinnamon Sugar over the top before adding the 2% ??? can take me, now, Lord....

#3...Kellogg's Honey Smacks....when the other shelves are empty of my favorites, I can stomach these...for a day...or two...

# 4...Quaker oatmeal...Maple with Brown Sugar....O-K, O-K, not exactly a cereal, but it does satisfy those 10:13 am hunger pangs...and a couple of teaspoons of brown sugar ADDED to the steamy mush makes for a delightful part of breakfast...and keeps one regular...if you catch my drift...nothing worse, at my age, than being bound up like a urinal on St.Patty's Day....jus' sayin'....