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  • SPORTS MOMENT: A very impressive comeback win in a JV football game against Tiffin (i was the starting QB because of injury) or my teams intramural basketball championship. They are equally awesome.
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Comment 17 Dec 2014

This kid was an absolute stud at the state championship game! In person against great competition he looks quick and went hard every snap. A non stop motor is something that you can't teach and is a huge factor for a D lineman since they get smacked around every play IMO. He always came back for more. He also seemed to have a great attitude and supported his teammates. I thought West Virginia was getting a heck of a player and I'm pumped that he is joining the good guys! 

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Fantastic piece Michael! We sometimes act as if these kids don't want to be Buckeye Legends that go make millions in the NFL during a Hall of Fame career. That is what we as fans want and I think they have a more vested interest in their future than we do!  The ones that lack toughness and effort weed themselves out but that doesn't make them bad people. Of course, that doesn't stop me from yelling like an idiot during the games and saying so ridiculous things at my TV. Passion and emotion are tough to control but I think all Buckeye fans want the best for the players and coaches that represent our university. Very cool open with your iPod story!

Comment 31 Dec 2013

Hey coach remember when you guys used to beat Ohio State, Michigan State , and you had the best winning percentage in college football? 


Those were the good old days Orlando. Time for us to find a new rival!

Comment 28 Aug 2013

Schutt up!! That sucks. Our youth and depth will both be tested in full force this season. Good thing we have the most capable coaching staff in the country. Next man up!!


Comment 27 Aug 2013

What an amazing woman and an amazingly written story. 


Comment 12 Aug 2013

I say Braxton . Most important position in football and the type of hard working and intelligent person/player that he is makes him the best prospect. I don't think talent is an issue either. 

Comment 21 Jul 2013

I live in Upper Sandusky and they were a fun team to watch! Not much defense but they scored and won a lot. Talked to them all and they are good people that love basketball. Witnessed them playing golf at our local 9 hole course and that wasn't very pretty. This small town was obviously proud of Jon and made what was a big Buckeye town even bigger. Happy to here Jake will continue their association with the program!

Comment 05 Jul 2013

Looks like a great kid. You can see how much bigger Braxton has gotten since he arrived in Columbus when you see him standing beside a high school quarterback. Side note- Is that grass on Les Miles plate?

Comment 18 Mar 2013

Great write up! My favorite Buckeye of all time. He continues to make Ohio State proud on and off the field. Since the Browns left when I was a kid, my passion for the NFL is greatly diminished, and have no favorite team I just root for all the former Buckeyes.


Comment 23 Jan 2013

Sounds like an amazing class! Hopefully Bell decides for the good guys but I like the secondary class without him. Meyer and Co. are relentless . I love it!


Comment 03 Jan 2013

Bill Snyder is an amazing coach. K-State has great fundamentals and few penalties. Perhaps he could have a talk with Christian Bryant! Looked like Oregon was going to blow them out, now it has all the makings of a great game.

Comment 03 Jan 2013

Late hits and helmets shots all around . If this was the NFL there would be some major fines come tomorrow . Not even a flag today . No QB protection for Klein.

Comment 11 Dec 2012

Washington was my vote. His frame is incredible for such a young guy(or for any human being of any age) and he moves so well. When your that big and can play basketball like he did lookout. Has the early makings of a high draft pick just like big Hank IMO . He and Spence will undoubtedly make each other look good. Oh yeah, the other 10 guys that will play are pretty good too. 

Comment 18 Nov 2012

That's a lot of teams! Being called the Big 10 with 16 teams would be pretty ridiculous, although I understand why the name will never change. Interesting way to look at it though...makes for an interesting debate.

Comment 23 Aug 2012

Funny how everyone seems to only care how much he will contribute as being the only reason why he should or should not be let back on the team, I'm not sure why that matters. If you don't want him back on the team because of what went down that's one thing but just saying that Urban should toss him aside because he's not that good isn't right. He has given 4 years of his life to Ohio State and he has started and played a lot. That's more than many highly rated recruits ever accomplish . The kids a senior I say let him back with Urban's conditions and I don't care if he plays or not he can finish his career with his football brothers.



Comment 15 Feb 2012

What stood out to me was Buford's rebounding and he had some really nice passes to set up easy baskets. I wonder if he can ever get that fully engaged in a game when his shot is NOT falling. Past evidence says no and he is running of future in terms of being a Buckeye. Let's hope he plays at this high level and we can make a deep run. We can lose to anybody and we can be anybody. Don't tell me Kentucky is invincible, that was us last year.

Comment 04 Feb 2012
Great win Bucks!!! How can they allow Hightower to continue to officiate ? He does know people aren't there to watch him right ?
Comment 17 Jan 2012

Keep these lineman coming!!! No Walrus to make them worse.

Comment 18 Dec 2011

Awesome. This recruiting class is headed to top ten maybe top 5. Who could have imagined that a few months ago?