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Comment 27 minutes ago

Just above, you quoted me; a post from a couple of days ago.  Go back and look at that.  I was responding to one of your Buckeye brethren who presumed, and wrote, that Mattison called the recruit "stupid."  Quote that guy.

Edit. - Never mind.  Here's the quote that prompted my bet.  In full (emphasis added):

jralvarez 27 Jan, 2015 @ 6:06 PM

Get real M Man....    Ya, just like Withers getting "promoted" to a nobody cares program.... 

We prefer the coaches to be diplomatic.... not meatball shitheads like the last 5 or so coaches you guys have had....

The kids dad hit the nail on the head.  You call me or my son stupid?  In my own home?  That's when I would tell whatever coach from whatever program to get the fuck out.

If it's true, it just happened to be your dumpster fire of a shithole football program..  I have read your posts/comments.  You are much smarter than that.

My $1000 bet is still on.

Comment 1 hour ago

No, actually if you listen to the interview, DaiShon Neal's father said that he felt that whatever it was that Mattison said, it implied that DaiShon was stupid.  "Stupid" was a word used by Mr. Neal, and as I said before, I will bet anybody a thousand dollars that the word "stupid" never crossed Mattison's lips and the idea didn't cross Mattison's mind.

Now you go back and listen to that Omaha radio interview and show me exactly where I am not 100% right in this regard.

Comment 2 hours ago

I just realized; Steve Lorenz is "Tremendous."  I think he and I have clashed before. 

Comment 2 hours ago

This is just such a stupid and unimportant story.  A page of handwritten notes in a spiral notebook?  Are you fucking kidding me?

I interested in, and contemptuous of, much of modern digital social media.  When a story like this spins in this fashion, I like to call attention to the stupidity of the hive-mind.

Comment 2 hours ago

Of course I do.  Especially if the complaints are related to letterheads, spelling, letter form, etc.  These were notes, made (no doubt) in the course of a conversation.  Do you mind if I photograph all of your handrwritten notes, post them to the internet, and open them up to proofreading?  I don't really think Chris Clark cares about this story; I'm sure none of the Michigan football coaching staff will spend one minute today worrying about ElevenWarriors.

The first-rate front-line morons are of course the idiots at CBS (97.1) Radio-Detroit, who called this a "letter."  That is what sent the rest of the world off in the current frenzy.

I hate those guys, and their station, and their whole freaking format.  I love being able to take them down whenever their trashy content surfaces to my attention.

Comment 2 hours ago

It wasn't a letter!

I have a hard time understanding all of the low-grade morons who think that it was, in any way, shape or form, a letter.

It could only have been a reflection of Jay and Chris sitting around talking and Jay scribbling down a few things in one of Chris' own notebooks.  IT'S CHRIS' NOTEBOOK ! And if perchance it was not Chris' notebook, it was at least Chris' picture, posted to his own Twitter / Faecebook page.

But all of this stuff about letterheads and proofreading is embarrassingly stupid.

Comment 3 hours ago

That webpage is from what is basically the web news platform for Detroit sportstalk radio.  Such a cheap, low grade, no-work, clickbaiting story.  Like all of sportstalk radio.  And somebody gets this fed to a Facebook page?

Most of you guys are pretty good about spelling "Adidas."  Although I think Adi Dassler would have preferred a lower-case lead "a."  But does anybody care to search 11W for "Addidas"?

I can think of just one good use for this thread, and that is as the subject of a hyperlink if and when Clark faxes his Letter of Intent to the 734 area code.

Comment 19 hours ago

Wrong.  You're wrong.  Meyer hired [Nov. 29, 2011] in during a full "Contact Period" which began on November 27, 2011, per the NCAA D-I recruiting calendar for 2011-12.  Jim Harbaugh DID hire in [December 30, 2014] during the Dec-Jan Dead Period.  See, it is the mid-December to mid-January period that is at issue. You're just wrong.

Comment 21 hours ago

But I don't have any Buckeye-hate to let go of!  That's the nice thing!  You have no idea, how comfortable I am in my Maize and Blue skin!  If I hated the Buckeyes, I'd be driven mad by ElevenWarriors.  I love college football all over; how can an aficionado of college football not appreciate the Buckeyes?

I just want my team to win every game, and especially every game in November.

Comment 24 hours ago

I'm upvoting you for "AngerDad."  I'm sorry I only have one helmet sticker to give you.  I like AngerDad at least as much as Brian Cook's "crazy helicopter dad."

And why the hell does this have anything to do with Michigan Recruiting, writ large?  I think this is the beauty of social media and blogs.  A serious newspaper is probably not likely to do the AngerDad story at all; what tips it into news is the fact that AngerDad said it all on a radio program, so that the story lede can go: While interviewed on an Omaha radio station, Mr. Neal claimed...

But the blogs are good media to question the story and raise questions about AngerDad.  I'm actually sort of surprised that any serious-minded reader wouldn't have gotten to the part of the radio interview where the Dad contradicts himself and says that "we" had already decided on Nebraska before Mattison arrived and particularly the part where there wasn't any use in Jim Harbaugh flying down to Omaha because it would have been a "waste of money."

And maybe the best part of life on the Web is that with a link to the radio podcast online, we can all listen for ourselves and judge.

I don't expect any discussion in Ann Arbor about how Greg Mattison (one of Urban Meyer's favorite and most-praised recruiters as of five years ago) has lost his touch.  I expect the discussion to be relief that we avoided AngerDad for the next few years.

Ohio State isn't the only school with alumni and fans making a case on social media.  DJ made the original report a story here.  I just wanted to, uh, punctuate it.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

I've destroyed this bogus point once before.  When Urban Meyer was named OSU's head coach, it was open season on recruiting and a prime time (November-December) for commitments. 

When Jim Harbaugh was hired, it was bowl season and a 2-3 week recruiting Dead Period under the NCAA Bylaws.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

You're making a mistake that is common on the 11W Forums.  One that I've corrected previously.

"MLive" is not a University of Michigan news outlet.  It is the online consortium of several mid-market outstate city newspapers.  MLive -- and its readership -- are populated with a lot of folks who aren't beholden to Michigan (University of) and who are instead deep-green Spartans.  Or collegiate agnostics.

Setting aside the source OF the story, and focusing on the source IN the story, he's pretty good; Neal's coach.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

You notice, I don't even make a passing effort to deal with "scUM" or "Jimmy Hairball" et cetera.  Uh, "Meatchicken."  Of course that is what goes on here.  I actually give the MGoModerators credit for, early on, attempting to arrest any exploitation of the pathetic "O$U" moniker.  "Ohio" was beyond their control, just as "ttun" doesn't faze me since I am old enough to remember and have enjoyed Coach Hayes.

I try to pick out the posts which make an attempt at a serious point and, if they are demonstrably mistaken, correct them.  Naturally any correction I make will need to be documented with every i dotted and every t crossed.  I'll be challenged.

Sometimes I cannot resist the less-quantitative analysis of posts claiming to report what "the Michigan fanbase" is thinking/saying/doing.  This was one of those cases, at least at the outset.  In this case, what we now know thanks to my cross-exam is that it was what a couple of guys said at a tailgate or in a gym.  That's a cool story, bro.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

Yeah, you may be right.  Those modern steel frame doors may be the best clue.  Anyway, here's one interior shot of Slow's:

And yes Slow's does have a walled-in outdoor area, on the west side of the building:

Comment 29 Jan 2015

I wonder what it is going to take, to kill off that silly meme.  One of the things I respect about Ohio State is that it is all about winning.  We're just going to have to trounce you on that attendance figure.  And we will.  I hope that does it.  Probably won't.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

No, no; this isn't anything like the usual trashtalk about, like, actually winning games.

It has everything to do with our 2015 Schedule, which features Ohio State, Michigan State, Northwestern, Oregon State, Rutgers, BYU and UNLV at home.  Last year, without a major rival on the home slate, season ticket sales fell off badly.  Then students turned their poor attendance into ridiculously bad attendance.  It was a clusterfuck, entirely apart from the team's losing 7 games.

Our PSD deadline is tomorrow.  We'll have some good early ideas about where ticket sales and attendance will be this year.  You guys barely beat us last year, with (our) worst home schedule in a generation, and a team that performed badly.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

I think that picture looks like Slow's Barbecue in Downtown Detroit near the old Tiger Stadium site.  It would be just about 15 minutes from Cass Tech.  Slow's Barbecue is hot.  If Columbus has anything like it, somebody please let me know.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

What is with the obsession with khakis?  I actually think Urban is pretty well dressed.  But this was not a good pants day for the Coach.  I think I've got about six pairs of pleated khakis and the notion that a bunch of millennials don't like them bothers me not one little bit; anyway, they all look better than these:

Comment 29 Jan 2015

That line is gonna work for about another 200 days.  Live it up.  OSU is going to finish second, or third, or fourth in the national attendance race.  I don't usually make predictions.  I am making that prediction now, and you can hold me to it.  Michigan will be back as the biggest home attendance in the nation in 2015.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

We're offering him $8 million a year for seven years.  It's all private money.  The Tim Biakabatuka Endowed Tailback Position.