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Comment 16 hours ago

I also don't think Jones did anything on the video.  But he ran off with York.  They were (I think) both arrested at someone's apartment (York's?/shared?) a few hours later.  As I say, it could be that Jones has a good story for his end of the matter.  It might even be that York has his own side of the story; one that deserves a hearing.  It couldn't possibly excuse what he did; but perhaps there might be some understanding all of it.

Anyway, I'd be a lot more comfortable if I had a clearer understanding of any innocence on the part of Da'Mario Jones.  I'm really uncomfortable with the status quo.

Comment 17 hours ago

It could have been worse.  You could have been at the Bald Mountain Shooting Range.  People wearing "bright scarlet Ohio State t-shirts" are never heard from again.  Something about shallow graves and dental records.

Comment 17 hours ago

Yes.  York had been suspended indefinitely, and news of the suspension hit as soon as team matters became public knowledge with the beginning of fall camp.  The incident happened in July; York was arrested within hours of the incident; my guess is that Hoke found out soon enough after that, and probably suspended York as soon as he had a chance to speak to York privately.

I predicted on these forums that this would happen, and sooner rather than later.  I had only thought that Hoke would wait until York's case came to court officially.  Hoke may have done that, if this weren't a crime of violence with (publicized) video evidence.

Hoke is not soft on punishment, but he is intensely loyal to his players and remarkably dismissive of any rights of the press and public to have accurate and complete information.

Frank Clark (sigh; again) pled guilty to a felony charge based upon the value of a stolen laptop; the plea itself was taken under the applicable diversion law in Michigan such that having successfully completed a year's probation, Clark now has no conviction whatsoever on his record.  And since it was raised by someone else on this site, not me, we should all remember that Urban Meyer did not dismiss Cam Newton from the Florida Gators for an alleged laptop theft.

No  one has said anything about Da'Mario Jones, the other Michigan player seen in the surveillance video.  I think Jones was arrested along with York, but was not charged with anything.

I'm uncomfortable with Jones' status with the team.  There may be a good story explaining Jones' actions that night.  The notion that Jones helped set up the victim for a punch seems plainly crazy to me.  But he ran off with York.  That seems to me inexplicable.

Comment 20 hours ago

Yeah, this is the comment I'd subscribe to.

Does anybody think that the reason that Barrett might be the choice right now, is because he is doing the simple things (running the read-option on the ground, not worrying about reading coverages) better than Cardale Jones?

I've seen a little of Cardale in person; I think he's got a lot of poise and a lot of positives, but I can picture the OSU staff figuring that a ground-based offense with Barrett is the less-risky path, especially with a good defense.

Either Cardale or Barrett are going to face a very tough test in East Lansing when Narduzzi tailors his defense for any offense that doesn't have a deep threat or some other balance.  Unfortunately, I've seen too much of that myself the last few years.

Comment 21 hours ago

This is precisely what is so great about college football.  

No; injuries are regrettable and painful and sometimes even terrible.  None of us has any idea about how much work Braxton Miller devoted to get to this point.

But in the NFL, a QB gets hurt and the franchise trades for a new replacement using a second round draft pick.  Just more cogs in a machine.  In college football, we see real (young) people, developing in front of us.  Some successes, some failures, all human.  We can all appreciate that, even while the traditions that are much bigger than any of the individual players go on.  The team, the team, the team.

Let's all remember how fragile these young players are when they are playing such a tough game and appreciate all of them all the more while they are performing as student-athletes.

Comment 24 hours ago

The first reaction to the news on the MGoBoard was from a long-time MGoMember named "State Street" whose views are often typical of the membership:

This is not good.  Here's to a full recovery.

I can't remember the last time I looked at or even thought about the Scout message board for Michigan.  I don't know when I'd bother to look at the Scout board for any rival.

Now, here is my opinion: This is not good.  Here's to a full recovery.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

The linked article was by Angelique Chengelis of the Detroit News.  NOT to be confused with anybody from the Detroit Free Press.  I really like Angelique; she happens to be the best Michigan beat-writer of them all, in addition to being a very nice person.

Did Angelique even type the name of "Charles Woodson"?  Or are you talking about reader-comments on the website?  Because I never even bother to read those, and there's certainly no reason for any of you to read them either.  Most any public newspaper/radio station comments webpage is going to be a mess in the Great Lakes State, what with Little Brother down the road stirring up trouble.

My prediction remains -- and the evidence is beginning to pile up against me -- that Jabrill Peppers will NOT start on defense.  I think the weakside corner job goes to Ray Taylor.  The field corner should be Blake Countess.  My guess is that Jabrill Peppers' much-anticipated debut will be as Michigan's punt returner.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

Really?!?  I'm not sure I believe that.  Blake Countess is our field corner.  They have given Countess the #2 "Woodson" jersey, and he looked great last night.  

Peppers was playing the weak side corner, and I really don't see him taking that job from Raymon Taylor.  If Peppers has displaced Taylor then he is having one hell of a fall.

[The MGoBlog Unofficial Two-Deep agrees with you, by the way.]

Comment 17 Aug 2014

Upvoted, for quality analysis and showing your work.  I want this to be a good analysis, so you are in on the 2014 bet and we'll have to use your metrics.

Now, as for your analysis that put Hagerup as third among Johnston and Sadler (all three are superb punters); in 2012, Michigan used a two-punter system with Matt Wile doing all the short placement kicks.  (Wile, Michigan's regular placekicker now, did double-duty with punts last year as I already mentioned.)  You might well say that's why Hagerup's total yardage was better.  Maybe.  But it's also why the other numbers are skewed against Hagerup's short kick numbers.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

Personally, I think he's a very high-quality player.  I like him, on and off the field.

I worry how much punishment he may take in a season.

The pre-season fall camps are such innocent times, aren't they?  Who knows but that we could get to November, and Michigan is being led by Shane Morris and Ohio State is being led by Cardale Jones.  Shane Morris, by the way, had a very odd night last night.  He looked really frazzled at times, and it was mostly because the #2 and #3 wideouts were running bad routes and getting assignments mixed up, and the O-line was chaotic.  I'm one of the few people on this whole board who has seen both Morris and Jones live in games.  Last year, I'd have said Morris was well ahead of Jones.  Now, I am not so sure.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

I'll be in Columbus for The Game to settle up.

And yes: "...betting beer is a win/win situation."  With any luck, one beer paid off by either side will turn into 2 or 3 more, and some smart football conversation.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

I'm not dreaming at all!  Certainly a lot less than some Michigan-haters in Ohio.  I'm not predicting Hoke's departure and in fact what I am saying is that there won't be a situation at the end of this year where Hoke is fired for failing to meet some metric, and then an all-new coaching search is undertaken from scratch.

And, I am not holding my breath/predicting/dreaming/pining for/craving that one of the Harbaughs will return to Ann Arbor.  In fact what I am predicting is that it is all unlikely, so that is precisely why I am not worrying about it.  I think Brandon's loyalty to Hoke is solid, and that it will remain so... until something reeeeaaally better comes along.  And in that unlikely case, Brandon would do right by Hoke.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

Dick LeBeau was a boyhood hero to a generation of kids in Michigan too.  It's funny; because I was so young at the time, he was well into his coaching career before I realized that he went to Ohio State.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

You laugh.

Michigan's punter -- Hagerup -- is better than OSU's (very fine) punter, Johnston.  And I'd like to get a small wager on that.

In Hagerup's 2012 season (he did not play in 2013 as noted above), he led the B1G with a 45.0 average.

In Johnston's conference-leading season (2013), his average was 44.0.

So anyone want to bet a beer at Eddie George's, as to whose punter will have a better 2014?

Comment 17 Aug 2014

If the OSU commentariat were interested in anything other than berating Brady Hoke and predicting doom for Michigan (Ha! Not), I could fill you in on a very simple fact.  Brady Hoke is not in danger of losing his job over some x-number of wins in 2014.  If a significantly better candidate (prolly one named Harbaugh) presents himself, Dave Brandon is just the kind of guy to make Brady Hoke the Senior Assistant Athletic Director for Michigan Fergodsakes, and hire that Harbaugh.  

That was the Canham model.  Canham didn't "fire" Bump Elliott.  Bump Elliott became an Assistant AD at Michigan when a young Bo Schembechler came in as the new coach.  And to his eternal credit (there's never, ever been a better Michigan Man IMHO), when Schembechler got tough with all of Bump's kids, Bump gave Bo 110% support and when seniors came to Bump's new office to gripe, Bump told them to take it to Bo.  At the end of Schembechler's historic first season, with a 24-12 win over the #1 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes, that game ball was given to... Bump Elliott.

Of course, Bump was too good to be warehoused.  Iowa hired Bump as its Athletic Director, where he succeeded Michigan's Forest Evashevski.  Bump hired Hayden Fry, Lute Olson and Dr. Tom Davis, as well as Dan Gable who built the best wrestling program in the nation.  Iowa has never had it so good.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

25,000 might be right.  I was there; that picture isn't representative and I think is later in the proceedings.  Play started at 8:00 which is about an hour later than it should have been.  I left early (probably before that picture), and I still got home at 11:30.  

Anyway; yeah it was like a Spring Game crowd and we know that for Spring Games, Michigan draws 20,000 and OSU draws 70,000.  Michigan fans missed a nice night, since the rain very kindly held off until after it was over.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

I was there for the open practice last night.

OL really did look very bad, with some exceptions.  Hoke has been touting Ben Braden (RT) and now I see why.  Braden faced off against Frank Clark repeatedly and held his own.  There were some other hopeful signs, individually (and notably not Kalis), but as a group... not.

You can add another freshman name to "Peppers;" WR Moe Ways looked pretty brilliant.

As for Peppers, he is the #2 weakside corner, and looked fine in sparing work on defense.  We didn't run much nickel-package defense in this session, so we didn't see Peppers as the nickel back which is I think the plan-A for his appearances on defense right now.  I think Peppers is going to be our punt returner and he looked very smooth in that position.  Confidence, technique, moxie; might be our best returner since Steve Breaston.  Time will tell of course.  Peppers was not part of the rotation for kick returns.  That remains Norfleet and Justice Hayes.

Gardner looks healthy and fast on his feet.  He might need it.

Back to recievers: Michigan is going to pose some coverage problems, if we can force teams to respect the run (questionable); because four-wides (Funchess, Darboh, Canteen, Chesson/Ways) is going to be dangerous.

These kinds of practices, going deep into the depth chart, is the only place we will seen inevitable redshirts like Wilton Speight (QB from Richmond, VA).  Speight was simultaneously doing freshman things like fumbling snaps, panicking in the short-lived pockets created by his O-line... and then making throws like a first-round NFL draft pick.

Everybody (rightly, mostly) is hammering OL coach Darrell Funk about Michigan's line on the offensive side.  We've got a lot of questions on the defensive side too, don't forget.  But the difference on defense is that it looks like we've got answers.  Chris Wormley out of Toledo is such a physical specimen; he still looks like a freak on the line.  Like a ninth grader playing with the seventh graders.  Anyway, still a lot of questions there.  And yes, Mattison rotates so much personnel-wise, they will all play so no sense in picking out names.

Running back.  Yow, does Derrick Green look different.  He must be wearing pants that are two sizes smaller.  My guess is that De'Veon Smith (Warren, OH - Howland) will be the starter.  And Green is #2.  And Drake Johnson (Ann Arbor Pioneer) is #3.  All three look like they are fighting hard for every yard and for the starting job, which is a good thing.  I give the edge for effort and intensity to Smith.

Kicking!  Yay, kicking!  Wil Hagerup came back from his year of redshirt probationary punishment and looks like an absolute beast-punter.  This will help Michigan exponentially, because last year's fill-in punter Matt Wile will now be able to focus strictly on placekicking.  That's my daring prediction for Michigan this year; great kicking game.  Yay.

Comment 16 Aug 2014

My theory is simple.  That the OSU Board of Trustees is under massive pressure from the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights and the Department of Justice to respond with some massive reaction to any documented complaint about any "culture" of harassment, even from someone as remote as a single band member's mom.  (In the Gibbons case at Michigan, the complaint was brought by a local blogger, not the purported victim.)

Chris Glaros is an intensely political guy.  Since 2011, sexual assault and sexual harassment issues have become an intensely political battlefield.  The clearly-defined (by any and all accounts) pressure points in the case of Jon Waters are the Department of Justice, the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights, the OSU Board of Trustees, and the OSU Office of University Compliance and Integrity.  And Chris Glaros is a player in each of those arenas.  He is of course the Assistant Vice President of Compliance Operations and Investigations, and the apparent author of the Investigative Report that sank Waters.  His old mentor Richard Cordray is now a senior member of the Obama Administration in Washington, and the federal judge that Glaros clerked for, Algenon L. Marbley, is on the Board of Trustees.  It would be interesting to know if any of the Glaros-contemporary attorneys who used to work with Cordray switched over to any of the following: the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights, the staff of Sen. Sherrod Brown, the staff of Senators Claire McAskill or Richard Blumenthal, or the staffs of any of the Senate committees that have spent the last year working on a new bill to hammer universities with multi-million-dollar funding losses for failure(s) to handle sexual harassment and sexual assault claims the way that the Administration wants.  This is a very aggressive area for progressive political activity.  And one avenue in which Chris Glaros, who went to Columbia and Stanford, might feel would boost his political career.

The New York Times has opened an entire section for debate on this general subject.  I won't vouch for the Times' editorial neutrality -- in fact I'd strenuously deny any Times neutrality -- but it shows you what a big issue this is for the cognoscenti of power Democratic politics.   

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Start with a FOIA of all emails between the Office of Compliance and University Intergrity, and the Department of Education.  Look particularly at all communications involving Chris Glaros, and any possible communications between Glaros, the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights, and also the Justice Department.  Check to see who in the DoJ used to work with Glaros and Richard Cordray, and whether they had any contact with anyone at OSU, and most particularly Glaros.  Glaros at one time worked with Eric Holder; follow that historical connection into the present case.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

If ND vacates a 12-win season, we go back on top of the all-time NCAA win percentage.  We've been on top of the total wins list for a long time.