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Comment 06 Aug 2015

Mark May bashing OSU is clearly just shtick for ratings at this point.

Voting him #1 enemy of the state gives way too much clout to this gamesmanship.

Comment 07 Jan 2015

Pretty sure TCU's best win was a close loss to Baylor.

Meanwhile, we now have what appears to be the country's best road win (@ Sparty) and the potential to notch back-to-back-to-back wins over Wisco, 'Bama, and Oregon.  Our strength of schedule was better than TCU's before we played 'Bama and Oregon.

I don't foresee a divided AP vote.

Comment 30 Dec 2014

Is this a scene from a film?  If so, I have to watch it immediately.

Comment 16 Oct 2014

bye-weeks  bye weeks

tight-ends tight ends

line-of-scrimmage  line of scrimmage

most-improved  most improved

well-coached  well coached

bed-checks  bed checks

 Save hyphens for phrasal adjectives (e.g. long-term growth) and compound nouns that might otherwise be confusing (e.g. three-and-out).  No need to put a hyphen between adjectives and nouns (e.g. tight ends) or between adverbs and adjectives (e.g. most improved).

Comment 05 Oct 2014

This year will really tell us a lot about the committee's approach and whether they disregard preseason rankings.  The resumes of Alabama and Texas A&M are not impressive.  South Carolina beating Georgia is the only win against a currently ranked team in the entire SEC East.  Think about that.

Further, we were told the playoff would lead to people making more difficult out-of-conference schedules, but I don't see any incentive to do that right now.  MSU went to Oregon and admittedly melted down in the 4th quarter, but they've otherwise been impressive.  Meanwhile, Alabama hasn't beaten a ranked team since the middle of last season and coasts on hype and past glory to the highest ranking of any one-loss team.