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Comment 11 Jul 2014

Heard from a recruiting coordinator who had talked with the staff that Grant et al were largely held back by a scheme that was too complicated for them.  This year they have simplified everything to just let the kids play.  So we may not have any Narduzzi-like schematic advantages, but at least our LBs should be flying around this year.  And with the athletes we have, letting them fly around on a few basic calls could go a long way.

Comment 08 Jul 2014

Plenty of empty store fronts to go around!

Comment 01 Jul 2014

Rob Ford was my favorite thing for a while, but this new apologetic phase is totally ruining it for me.

Comment 28 Jun 2014
Throughout Braxton Miller's career at Ohio State, however, he's proven he's not that kind of guy.

This can't be overstated.  He may not have brought home the biggest of prizes yet (though he still has time to do so), but he has never brought anything but good press to OSU.  I think sometimes this is overlooked because he doesn't publicly flaunt how good of a person he is like a former UFM quarterback that comes to mind.

Comment 24 Jun 2014

Nick Bosa showers in grain alcohol ... along with every other prospect while visiting SEC schools.

Comment 17 May 2014

I just want some grainy security footage of Jameis with 5 lbs of crab legs stuffed into cargo pockets.

Comment 17 May 2014

Braxton should definitely at least get a trip to New York if the o line comes together.