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Comment 20 hours ago

Here's a non-technical explanation from a New Yorker article

'Most rock drummers, even very good and inventive ones, are timekeepers. There is a space for a fill or a roll at the end of a musical phrase, but the beat has primacy over the curlicues. In a regular 4/4 bar, the bass drum sounds the first beat, the snare the second, the bass drum again hits the third (often with two eighth notes at this point), and then the snare hits the bar’s final beat. This results in the familiar “boom-da, boom-boom-da” sound of most rock drumming. Keith Moon ripped all this up. There is no time-out in his drumming, because there is no time-in. It is all fun stuff. The first principle of Moon’s drumming was that drummers do not exist to keep the beat. He did keep the beat, and very well, but he did it by every method except the traditional one. Drumming is repetition, as is rock music generally, and Moon clearly found repetition dull. So he played the drums like no one else—and not even like himself. No two bars of Moon’s playing ever sound the same; he is in revolt against consistency. Everyone else in the band gets to improvise, so why should the drummer be nothing more than a condemned metronome? He saw himself as a soloist playing with an ensemble of other soloists. It follows from this that the drummer will be playing a line of music, just as, say, the guitarist does, with undulations and crescendos and leaps.'

Comment 22 Aug 2016

I get the impression he was going to where the jobs were and also to better pursue a career in music. But I also read that he supposedly never saw his parents again, so maybe some of the latter too. 

Comment 22 Aug 2016

I saw that movie around the time it came out and a friend of mine had the album but I'm sure I didn't recognize Hooker for who he was at the time. Especially since I couldn't stand the music in that movie back then. 

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Wanted to make sure this weekend TIMH gets some more run, good job WeakSide. I was late to the Pantera/Dimebag party as I didn't really listen to them much until a few years ago but have learned to appreciate some of their stuff. One of my favs:

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Hooker didn't write that one, but rather adapted it to fit his boogie style and added/changed some of the lyrics. It was written by some dude named Amos Milburn. I also knew about the Thorogood version well before I even knew who John Lee Hooker was. The Thorogood version was a medley of that song and Hooker's "Rent House Boogie". 

Comment 18 Aug 2016

This followed up that video, from April 2016 and I'd not seen it, some very raw footage for big Metallica fans only, proly (surprised Lars isn't bitching about it, but he looks pretty happy)....