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Comment 17 hours ago

Also, Lenny Kravitz turns 52 today. Dude was married to Lisa Bonet, and his mom was Roxie Roker from The Jeffersons. His daughter Zoe is an actress who's been been in a bunch of stuff I've never seen. From '89 through about '98 Kravitz put out some pretty fine retro rock, IMO. 

Comment 25 May 2017

Not a gamer, really, but have been playing the Diablo franchise for about 15 years now. 

Comment 25 May 2017

I only listen to the radio when I'm in the car, which amounts to maybe a half hour a day. 

This is where I am, although I'm in the car much less time than that even. Based on the sample size I've heard, Beanie is one of the worst local jocks but he's better than he used to be. Carpenter is pretty entertaining, I think, and can add a little of an athlete's perspective. I've always enjoyed the Common Man, he usually makes me laugh a little. The rest of them are just 'guys' and pretty interchangeable, IMO, but I'll be interested to see if Hawk is any good.   

Comment 25 May 2017

Geddy Lee is a passionate wine collector/connoisseur, with a particular penchant for Burgundies and owns a collection of some 5,000 bottles. He takes annual trips to France, where he indulges in cheese and fine wine. Lee is also an active board member with Grapes For Humanity, a charitable organization that works with the international wine community to raise funds benefiting humanitarian causes around the world, and in 2011, the Geddy Lee Scholarship for students of wine-making at Niagara College was created. 


Comment 25 May 2017

I'm become exclusively a red-wine drinker anymore, although I could probably still enjoy a very dry white. Malbec is my red of choice, but a Merlot, Cabernet or Shiraz will suffice as well. But also, I don't really spend on wine like I do beer. Anything around $10 is perfectly fine for me, typically.   

Comment 22 May 2017

The fact he apparently hung himself is just beyond, whatever, I dunno. Loss of a great talent 

Comment 16 May 2017

Also today, and something I imagine RJD would approve of, Iron Maiden released what many believe (and I agree) to be their best album, Piece of Mind. And perhaps ironically, it was the first album with drummer Nicko McBrain

Released 16 May 1983
Recorded January – March 1983
Studio - Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas
Length 45:18
Label - EMI / Capitol (North America)
Producer Martin Birch

Comment 12 May 2017

A few that I've enjoyed recently.....

Perrin was just mentioned above, and I happened to enjoy a can of their Black a couple days ago. Will be looking for one or two other flavors they produce as well, in particular Black Goat and Poop Your Pants.

Someone also mentioned Jackie O's above and they make a good brown ale called Chomolungma which I tried recently. Had their Java the Stout too and it wasn't bad.

Dieselpunk's Honey Amber lager is pretty tasty as is Columbus Brewing Summer Teeth helles lager. 

Shiner Cold Brewed Coffee Ale and Young's Double Chocolate Stout have been my go-to beers for a while now but looking to mix in a few of the ones I mentioned above. 

Comment 12 May 2017

I've been diggin' on the Cold Brewed Coffee Ale Birthday Beer for a while now, great stuff. 

Comment 11 May 2017

Congrats, I have a 20-month-old at home. Lots of work, but so worth it. 

IMO, honoring the ancestors is a pretty cool thing so I'd probably favor #1. Plus, with that one you also have (us old folks will get it).....