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Comment 01 Dec 2016

Marvin seems kinds like the Dusty Baker of the NFL. Good guy, like-able guy, successful coach overall, but just can't quite get over that hump.  

Comment 18 Nov 2016

Indeed. I don't think I'd seen that movie until about 10 years ago but watch it every year now. This is probably not politically correct, but....

Comment 18 Nov 2016

The last new CD I bought was their last album. This new one will be the next CD I buy. 

Comment 18 Nov 2016

Just came up in a Google search, thought it was an interesting photo. I think that might be from around the time he started playing guitar too. 

Comment 18 Nov 2016

Worldwide, but that's what I read. The album made it to #2 in the US, and the title track was #1 in 7 countries, including the US. Ya may not like it, but it was a huge album in the early 80s. 

Comment 15 Nov 2016

I'm a little ignorant on the subject, but why do people/videos always ask people to subscribe on Youtube? Do people you get paid for posting stuff or having subscribers?

Comment 11 Nov 2016

junior guard Shawn Anderson. The 6-foot-4 New Castle, Pennsylvania native

He might have played basketball with our own Malik Hooker. 

Comment 11 Nov 2016

Was gonna post this earlier in an attempt to lure the Generalissimo out of his cushy lair, but got sidetracked. And I then tried to find a connection to Leonard Cohen but had no luck. Anyway....KISS released their 5th, and what I consider to be their 2nd best-album, today in 1976 - Rock And Roll Over. The only 'staple' it contained was 'Calling Dr. Love', but IMO, was a really solid rock album. Paul Stanley originally wanted his song, 'Hard Luck Woman', to go to Rod Stewart to record but KISS kept it instead. Criss did a nice job but Stewart woulda sounded great doing that one. It had possibly their coolest album cover too. 

Comment 11 Nov 2016

Never been a fan of his music but he was a giant in Canada. And, sounds like overall he was a solid dude. He ran with Rebecca De Mornay for a while too, not too shabby. RIP, Mr. Cohen. 

Comment 07 Nov 2016

According to 11W's Eric Seger, from Urban's presser today:

What does McCall need to do in order to play more? "Get stronger, better ball security. Just physical strength and experience. Little loose with the ball but his future is bright here."