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Comment 23 Jun 2016

Good stuff. I certainly know of him and some of his work, especially with Pearl Jam and STP, but didn't realize how much stuff he'd produced, nor that he was musician in his own right. (The dude kneeling in that Pranks photo is quite disturbing, btw.) Had no idea he produced that Jackyl album either. A couple of my favorite non-Pearl Jam, O'Brien produced songs:

...rally round tha family ,With a pocket full of shells....

If you should die before me ask if you can bring a friend.

Comment 22 Jun 2016

Can't say I'm not a fan of Rundgren, but I just don't know much of his work other than 'Hello, it's Me' and 'Bang the Drum'. But, in the early 80s this was one of my favorite songs for a bit, and I still rock it from time to time.

Comment 21 Jun 2016

I knew of Lofgren, but before today could not have named a single song he played on or one group he'd played with. Now I can. Thanks WN. Always thought his name was kind of cool.

Comment 20 Jun 2016

I know my fair share of Beach Boys tunes and knew that Brian Wilson was kind of a messed up dude, but didn't know all those specifics. The dude has been epically taken advantage of over the years, and his dad sounds like quite the asshat. Although, Brian found time to sire 7 kids so there must have been quite a few good times in there as well. I have that biopic on my Netflix list but just haven't gotten around to it yet. As far as Pet Sounds, count me in as one who doesn't 'get it'. 'Wouldn't it Be Nice' and 'God Only Knows' are great songs but the rest of that album mostly escapes me. Happy-happy, Brian Wilson. Hopefully you get out, have some Fun, Fun, Fun, and enjoy the Warmth of the Sun today.

Comment 16 Jun 2016

Great stuff there, Whoa. When I get my time machine fixed, this is one of the events I'm gonna go see in person. And to think that the Stones, Kinks and Dylan could have been there too. Wow. That's crazy that only two acts were paid for their appearance too.

Comment 06 Jun 2016

My first thought when I read the headline was that it must be slim pickings if we are featuring a WNCI DJ in TIMH. Glad to see this Jam is a little more accomplished. Not familiar with this guy but I know I've heard some of the some stuff he's been associated with....some huge names in that genre of music. 


Comment 03 Jun 2016

Due to several degrees of separation it's gonna take a bit to bring this one home, is also the birthday of bassist Chris Doliber. Who is Chris Doliber you say? Well, he's 'nobody' really, but was an original member of the '80s glam rock band Madam X. Madam X was signed to a record deal by Don Arden, Ozzy Osbourne's father-in-law, and their debut album was released in 1984, produced by Fort Recovery Ohio native, Rick Derringer. (Also, Madam X's second vocalist was an unknown Canadian named Sebastian Bach.) And of course in the '60s, Derringer was in a little outfit named The McCoys who made popular a little ditty called 'Hang On Sloopy'. Incidentally, circa 1965, my mom remembers seeing them, then called Rick Z and the Raiders, in a little place in Greenville, Ohio. Ya'll have a good weekend.

Comment 03 Jun 2016

For those interested, The '24 roster (to the best of my knowledge):

Bruce J. Blanchard So 5-9, 145 QB Columbus (OH)
Parker Zaner Bloser So 6-0, 175 E Columbus (OH)
Robert Thomas Bradley Jr T Woodstock (OH) Woodstock HS
George 'Jake' Dana Cameron Sr 5-10, 155 QB Cleveland (OH)
Herbert Carlson Jr Cleveland (OH)
Laddie Frank Cervenka So Lorain (OH)
Myers 'Algy' Algernon Clark So QB Gettysburg (OH) Gettysburg HS
Harold 'Cookie' Brewer Cunningham Jr 6-3, 210 E Mt. Vernon (OH) Mt. Vernon HS
Keith Ethelbert DeVoe Jr Lima (OH)
Carl 'Doc' A. Dreyer So G Toledo (OH)
Walter Jason Firestone So Middlebranch (OH) Middlebranch HS
Malcolm H. Galbraith Jr Columbus (OH)
Charles 'Flop' V. Gorrill Jr 5-11, 175 E Fostoria (OH) Fostoria HS
William 'Bill' Norval Griffith, Jr. Sr G Bluffton (OH) Bluffton HS
Henry Clay Harrison So 6-0, 175 T Columbus (OH)
Edwin A. Hess So 6-0, 190 G Chardon (OH)
William Paul Hunt Jr 5-8, 160 HB Toledo (OH)
William Jenkins Jr 6-1, 190 T Columbus (OH)
Andrew Daniel Jones Sr Columbus (OH)
Norman Karl Jones So London (OH)
Martin 'Marty' Gregory Karow So 5-10, 170 FB Cleveland (OH)
Ollie Chester Klee Sr 5-9, 160 HB Dayton (OH) Steele HS
James Julius Kreglow So 6-1, 220 G DeGraff (OH) DeGraff HS
Rudolph 'Rudy' John Kutler Sr 5-9, 190 G Cleveland (OH)
Frederick C. Mackey So 5-10, 180 Galion (OH) Galion HS
Timothy 'Tim' J. McCarthy So Columbus (OH)
Arthur V. McNamer Jr 5-6, 160 QB Columbus (OH)
Loren Austin Murphy Sr 5-11, 185 C Columbus (OH)
John Howard Nichols Jr 6-0, 200 T LaGrange (OH)
Paul Ort Jr 5-7, 150 QB Columbus (OH)
William 'Fairy' Fred Potthoff, Jr Sr G Sharonville (OH) Sharonville HS
John F. Royer Jr Grandview (OH) Grandview Heights HS
Bernard 'Bernie' Hubert Schulist Sr 5-9, 180 T Cleveland (OH)
Harold William Schweinsberger Jr 5-10, 185 C Columbus (OH) South HS
Ralph 'Red' E. Seiffer Jr 6-0, 170 E Evansville (IN) Central HS
Donald F. Shifflette So Columbus (OH)
Robert Slemmons So 5-8, 150 C Columbus (OH)
Herbert Reed Slough So 5-11, 180 QB Mansfield (OH) Senior HS
Sanford S. Sobul Jr 5-10, 145 FB Cleveland (OH)
William E. Stewart So Columbiana (OH) Columbiana HS
Edward H. Watkins Jr 5-8, 1175 HB Mansfield (OH) Senior HS
Robert 'Bobby' Smith Watts Sr C Columbus (OH)
Harold 'Hal' 'Windy' William Wendler Jr 5-10, 175 HB Fremont (OH) Ross HS
Burke B. Wentz So 5-8, 165 HB Kenton (OH) Kenton HS
John 'Johnny' B. Wilson Sr 6-1, 175 E Milan (OH)
John Moore Wisterman Jr 5-8, 160 T Galion (OH) Galion HS
Grant Stout Woods Sr Port William (OH)
George William Woerlein, Jr. So 5-11, 170 HB Groveport (OH)
Francis 'Frank' 'Tee' D. Young  C Sr 6-0, 180 C Toledo (OH) Waite HS
Cletus M. Zaenglein Sr 5-7, 160 HB Botkins (OH) Botkins HS

Comment 03 Jun 2016

Slayer is a band you either love or hate, IMO. I have friends who listen to Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth but can't do the Slayer thing. The perception of them as anti-God or devil worshippers certainly plays into it. When I was young I thought all that evil and death imagery was cool, but ultimately I enjoy Slayer because of the riffs and energy of the music.