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Comment 25 Nov 2015

I think I was in 8th grade when 'Metal Health' released and remember how huge that album was at the time. Hasn't really stood the test of time for me but I still jam the title track every now and then. RIP, Kevin.

Comment 18 Nov 2015

I know that they've taken a lot of shit for that album not being 'heavy" and while its certainly not speedy, I've always thought it was pretty damn heavy. I will admit though that out of all their albums, this is one of the ones I listen to the least. 

Comment 18 Nov 2015

Yeah, I never had the talent, patience or both to do much on the guitar or bass. I guess that's why I always did vocals in any band I was in ;)

Comment 17 Nov 2015

I remember I heard about it on my clock radio as I woke up before school, probably in the 7th grade. I don't recall really being upset over it but apparently it made an impression on me since I recall that so many years later. Kinda like when Elvis died.  

Comment 12 Nov 2015

So, whats the over/under on how far into the first show Axl quits and walks offstage?

Comment 09 Nov 2015

During my sonic travels through the lands of stoner/desert rock/metal I've come across Orange Goblin a few times but they have never really captivated me enough to take a deep dive into their library. I do have a couple of their songs but I always have seemed to gravitate toward others who have diverted my attention. Love the 'Rock and Roll Over' t-shirt in that first pic.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

Nice, never new about Attila. And some of Joel's early stuff is really damn good, even for a rocker/metalhead like me (although he completely lost me after the 'Nylon Curtain' album. 'Big Shot' was one of my fav songs when it came out in the late 70s.

And for anyone who may not know, Joel is mad about bikes and owns a shop where they "recreate" classic bikes - 20thcenturycycles in New York state.

Comment 05 Nov 2015

Good stuff from a really solid artist. Seems like the kind of guy you could sit next to on a bar stool and shoot the shit with too.

Comment 29 Oct 2015

Further proof that great guitarists are born, not developed. You either have "it" or you don't.

Comment 27 Oct 2015

Happy birthday to Scott....although from a fan standpoint, given the choice to be celebrating his birthday or Layne Staley's, I'd opt for the latter. The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.

Comment 25 Oct 2015

Not even remotely my 'shot of liquor', but if metal needs some of this to raise the fist of the metal child, then more power to them.