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Comment 11 hours ago

Thanks, Nellie. I knew Mick Ronson played with Ziggy/Bowie but that was about it. Wasn't aware of his influences elsewhere. I've always loved the guitar sound of those early 70s Bowie records. And yet another life claimed by cancer. Happy birthday, Mick. 

Comment 24 May 2016

I guess I've never really considered myself a "fan" of Dylan, but I sure own a lot of his songs, so maybe I am a fan after all. Dude was sure pumping out some good folk-rock in the 60s and early 70s. The first one just shuffled through my playlist. The second is another of my favs by Dylan.


Comment 20 May 2016

Very cool. Thanks for the background on that album. I really learned to appreciate Dave Grohl, and consequently Foo Fighters, more after watching the Sound City and Sonic Highways rock-docs. Really great stuff packed into each of those. Probably safe to say I like Grohl more than I like the Foos but they have some really great songs to their credit, and I like Taylor Hawkins as well. Not only one of the last true rockers still around but Grohl seems like a pretty solid dude. Hard to believe THIS album is almost 20 years old though.

Comment 19 May 2016

Good stuff, thanks. As always, love seeing pics of these guys as lads. And as in many cases it seems, one or more parents/family members were musicians. Maybe if my parents had been musically inclined someone would be doing a TIMH about me some day. I was too young to see The Who in their prime years but I imagine it would have been a good show. As far as Pete's solo work, I remember getting this green K-Tel record in maybe 1980 that contained 'Let My Love Open the Door', along with 'Misunderstanding', 'Heart of Glass' and I think 'Funkytown'. Never was a big fan of his solo work but 'Rough Boys is a real good tune, and it has a real Who feel to it. I never really gave much thought to his guitar playing, other than the windmill and guitar smashing, to be honest. Clearly an iconic song writer.

Comment 17 May 2016

Interviewed her few times when I worked for the Lantern. She scared me at first but was a nice lady. RIP Coach Rallins :(