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Comment 16 Sep 2016

There's always one of them, or a group of them, in every concert crowd. Props to standing up to them, although it sounds like it was more uncomfortable for you than them. Maybe they will think twice next time. Thanks for the story, Meek. 

Comment 14 Sep 2016

Nothing to do with Ludwig percussion, Ludwig Yards was an OSU player in the '30s.

Comment 14 Sep 2016

Another great Free song, definitely. Really like Kossoff's sound in their stuff.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

 otherwise we wouldn't have these two bands.

Yep, that's always been my attitude. Metallica, like many bands, fell victim to their own success, I think. Seems they've tried to get some of that "edge" back but it will never be like it was I'm sure. 

Comment 13 Sep 2016

Also today, Dokken released perhaps their best album - Tooth and Nail. Good songs and terrible videos. And, not sure what that thing on Lynch's head is.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

Well howdy...sorry to hear about the job but glad to hear you are around and doing well. I'd agree that Megadeth has been consistently solid for quite a while. Good to hear from ya! 

Comment 13 Sep 2016

Admittedly, I don't have an extensive knowledge or collection of bluegrass but Gillian Welch and The Steeldrivers are a couple more current acts I know and enjoy.