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Comment 2 hours ago

Another lesser known band to check out is Roadsaw. They've been active for parts of the last 20 years and while I admit my overall knowledge of their work isn't huge at this point, they do have some good tunes. I'm most familiar with their 'Rawk N' Roll' and 'See You in Hell' albums. Here's a sampling from the latter 

Comment 28 Jun 2015

Another good band that gets lumped into "stoner rock" is Gonzales. They only released two albums in the mid-00s, that I'm aware of, and their debut is pretty darn solid. They did a pretty cool mixed-cover of "Children of the Grave' and 'Call Me', which is how I heard them originally.

Comment 28 Jun 2015

I pulled that off iTunes a while back, great song. Too bad Slo Burn didn't continue on.

Comment 28 Jun 2015

Too funny...this is the exact band I had in my head for SMS this week. I started getting into "desert rock" a few years ago (many years too late). I started with Fu Manchu but John Garcia is my guy. Love me some Unida too, and he put out a solo album recently that has some real good stuff on it.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

Samuel is a game-breaker and will mostly be the backup TB, IMO. My expectation is that when Zeke goes out, Samuel plays TB most of the time. The move to WR/HB, etc is just a way to get Samuel on the field more when Zeke is on the field. Dunn and Weber are both talented kids but seem similar in that they are tough backs, with decent speed. I'm sure each will get reps here and there, and I assume we will blow a few teams out allowing for some extended play.

Comment 18 Jun 2015

I get what you are saying and think its a valid question. We'll find out beginning in 2016 how the recruiting and development has been at DT.

Comment 15 Jun 2015

Neil Turbin. Certainly more "gruff", and more similar to John Bush...although Bush has a much better voice, IMO.

Comment 15 Jun 2015

Ha, indeed.....good one.

When I first started listening to Anthrax I HATED Fistful of Metal, but it's kind of grown on me over the years.

Comment 15 Jun 2015

I may be in the minority but I really enjoy Death Magnetic and Beyond Death Magnetic. Plus, Garage Inc. is one of my fav jam albums as well.

Comment 15 Jun 2015

Agreed. It's too bad they kinda fell apart for a while after Act III, although they've rebounded and put out some good stuff in the 2000s.

And I'll always remember that I first heard of them by reading an article about them in like Time or People Magazine while sitting in Lincoln Tower, the day that I was paying my tuition fees for my first quarter at OSU.

Comment 15 Jun 2015

I got kicked in the face in the moshpit at a Megadeth show at the Newport years ago. Good times. 

And Marty Friedman was a badass. (No, he wasn't the one who kicked me in the face.)

Comment 15 Jun 2015

Exodus is outstanding, but Testament has always been very meh, IMO. Overkill always did more for me than they did. And while Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax comprise the "big four", I add another band - Death Angel - to comprise the 'Hand of Doom'.

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Additional info, sort of:

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Yeah, not sure. From my experience they are both pretty good at what they do so I guess I'll just wait with the rest of the peanut gallery to see what shakes out.

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Bill Rabinowitz is kind of refuting this:

Comment 12 Jun 2015

Keepin my fingers crossed that he doesn't blow that sucker out again.

Comment 10 Jun 2015

Indeed. IMO, we need to get an "impact" DT in this class.

Comment 10 Jun 2015

My guess is that he plays, albeit mostly on special teams.

Comment 09 Jun 2015

Pretty good sound, and any metal band with a female member gets a second look in my book.

Glad I "discovered" this Sunday metal thread, am always looking for new music to listen to.