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Comment 2 hours ago

Don't think I've ever had a "sour" beer, per se, but after reading a bit about them sounds like I might enjoy it.

For any stout/porter fans, I had a pretty good one last weekend by The Brew Kettle brewery out of Strongsville, Ahai - Kitka Chocolate Coconut Milk Stout. According to the brewers, "A traditional Milk Stout with additions of milk sugar for added sweetness. We then add cocoa powder and melted belgian chocolate in the boil and "dry spiced" with an organic coconut flakes after fermentation." The name and description sound kinda foofoo, but I didn't find it to really be sweet. Had a good taste with enough stoutness to remain a manly beer.

Comment 22 hours ago

Barring injury or some form of disqualification, I don't think any returning starter loses their job this season.

Comment 23 hours ago

There is some "chatter" that Pryor could grow into a LB. Whether or not that is OSU's plan, I dunno, but could play into things. Even if he stays at safety I think the roster could handle another safety or two in the '17 class. I would guess the final tally in '17 will be 4 or 5. I can understand though why coaches don't like this accelerated recruiting calendar, trying to manage a roster 2 years before the fact has to be kind of a pain in the ass.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Pentagram is a good example. Some good riffs and songs, but Bobby Liebling's vocals are generally pretty lousy.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Not the biggest of Stones fans but Jagger is a pretty amazing performer.

Comment 16 Jul 2015

I watch Netflix quite a bit and then some network/cable programming, in particular HBO and Showtime. My television sports watching has decreased dramatically over the years though. Outside of football and NASCAR I watch very little. I don't have a smartphone and stare at a computer screen all day for work, so I spend little time online outside of work hours.