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Comment 22 Jul 2016

Thanks Steveoz, well done. And I personally don't care where the info comes from, Wikipedia, or wherever...pasting is a hell of a lot easier than typing all that...I didn't know much about the pre-Ronstadt stuff. Like you, I could post a couple dozen Eagles tunes but I'm feelin' a bit mellow today so here's an off-the-beaten path track. Henley co-wrote and is co-vocalist on this one. 

Comment 21 Jul 2016

Also, TIMH....Black Sabbath released Master of Reality today in 1971, featuring the classic Sabbath songs – Sweet Leaf, Children of the Grave, and Into the Void. On this album, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler each downtuned their guitars, giving a deeper, heavier sound. For Iommi this was done for comfort - to reduce string tension in order to make it less painful on his partially severed fingers. Consequently this album is widely regarded as the foundation of doom metal, stoner rock, and sludge metal, influencing bands such as Kyuss, Orange Goblin and Monster Magnet. Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) has even said that he considers this the album that "spawned grunge".

The album, Black Sabbath's first and only top 10 album in the US until 13 forty-two years later, was recorded during Sabbath’s period of “Olympian consumption of hashish”, and the cough at the beginning of Sweet Leaf was an actual recording of Iommi coughing after toking on a joint. A little on Sweet Leaf - In an interview with Guitar World in 2001 Butler recalled: "I do remember writing "Sweet Leaf" in the studio. I'd just come back from Dublin, and they'd had these cigarettes called Sweet Afton, which you could only get in Ireland. We were going: "What could we write about?" I took out this cigarette packet, and as you opened it, it's got on the lid: "The Sweetest Leaf You Can Buy!" I was like: "Ah, Sweet Leaf!". Ozzy’s only remembrances of Master of Reality were that he ‘cannot remember much about recording Master of Reality "apart from the fact that Tony detuned his guitar to make it easier to play, Geezer wrote "Sweet Leaf" about all the dope we'd been smoking, and "Children of the Grave" was the most kick-ass song we'd ever recorded." ‘

A little personal story about this album…on a honeymoon stop in San Francisco, the wife and I ate lunch at this café near Haight-Ashbury and while we were there they played the entire Masters of Reality album. Just seemed odd to me for a restaurant to play that, the first and only time I’ve heard it in a restaurant. I think of that place anytime I hear a track off this album.

So you children of the world,
listen to what I say
If you want a better place to live in
spread the words today
Show the world that love is still alive
you must be brave
Or you children of today are
Children of the Grave, Yeah!

Comment 21 Jul 2016

IMO, hair metal is Poison, White Lion, Warrant, Winger, Vixen, Firehouse, Hurricane and a number of others. That said, there were a bunch of metal bands who I would never consider to be hair metal, who took part in the hair metal fad in order to cash in, or try to at least.  

Comment 21 Jul 2016

I've always really liked 'Its So Easy' too....and its the only GnR song I ever sang live. Turn around bitch, I got a use for you. Besides, you ain't got nothing better to do. And I'm bored....OK, so its a pretty sexist lyric but it was fun to sing when you were drunk and full of 20-year-old-male angst. And yeah, Slash in Poison? Somehow that doesn't seem right. 

Good job John, iconic rock album for sure. Once this thread matures a little bit, I have another great album released today, if I don't get beat to the punch. 

Comment 18 Jul 2016

I skimmed through this new album a bit. I likely won't have the time to really dive into it but it sounds like they are returning to more of the old Anthrax sound.   

Comment 18 Jul 2016

Am a few episodes into Season 2 and I agree. I like the premise but its Network TV so the story is kinda thin in places, and dumb in others.

And Elks, 'Bloodline' is a pretty good one on Netflix if ya haven't watched it yet. 

Comment 15 Jul 2016

2) You've raised the expectation bar higher than I'm comfortable with. 

This is where I'm at. After reading what I'd put out there, a chorus of, "That's all there is?" would be sure to follow. And I hear that enough from the wife.... 

Comment 15 Jul 2016

I certainly can understand the time and effort that went into this, its not something I could undertake every day, definitely not to the extent you did. Honestly, this was the one internet topic that I would seek out every day, whether I was able to contribute or not. Music, even moreso than sports, is something I could discuss/debate ad nauseam. And yeah, I could see where it could get overwhelming. I appreciated all that went into while it was here. Thanks, Whoa.